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There are also a lot of these images with a gun being aimed — it’s not that Tumblr users are suddenly more obsessed with firearms, those shots just work especially well with the 3D effect.
Movies that were filmed in 3D tend to have more things being pointed at the viewer to show off the 3D effect.
Click the gallery above to see each one of the animated pics and then check out the full explanation below, without your browser being weighed down by all those hefty GIFs.
You don’t need glasses, nor do you need to go through some sort of ritualistic staring contest with the picture a la Magic Eye — just watch and be awed.
GIF fans have realized that dropping a few lines into the right animated GIF gives it a startlingly good 3D effect.
The next time you’re in a movie theater and need to strap on cumbersome, uncomfortable 3D glasses, just think how much easier it could be.

Find the best three dimensional artistic photos, movie scenes, far off places, Civil War images and fantastic scenes of Dinosaurs and Dragons rendered as stereo 3D wiggle animation gifs.
A smoother image, more akin to a motion picture image where the camera is moved back and forth, can be composed by using several intermediate images (perhaps with synthetic motion blur) and longer image residency at the end images to allow inspection of details.
That’s cool! I knew combining left and right images created a 3D effect, but I didn’t know all you had to do was flash back and forth between the images to create the same effect.
Basically, you are tricking your brain into thinking that the lines are closer to you than the image itself, so when an object crosses in front of the line your brain perceives it to be coming closer to you.
Here’s how it works: By placing vertical white lines on the image, it establishes a marker for the foreground of the image.
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If people can get over a couple vertical white lines on the screen, maybe we can get rid of those pesky glasses in the movie theaters as well.
Using a simple optical illusion, some clever artists have made your everyday GIFs look 3D — except better, because you don’t need goofy eyewear to enjoy them.
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The best 3D gif creators take note of this effect and tend to choose scenes from movies and clips from videos in which something is initially in the background and makes its way into the foreground, whether it be a person, animal, monster, or projectile object.
Animated gifs seem to be everywhere these days, but some gif creators are taking the visual experience of viewing quick clips of silent motion to another level.
Below you will find a small gallery of 3D gifs with vertical white bars painstakingly added to each animation frame.
See the two white vertical lines dividing the GIF into three panels? That’s it, but just by doing so, it makes the foreground object in a moving image pop out like 3D.
When the foreground part of image breaks the white lines – blocking them by moving out in front – it looks like it’s hurling straight at us.
The reason why it works is due to how our brains interpret the scene; our eyes view things in 2D, but it’s our brains that put things into three dimensions.
While our brains can discern the 3D qualities of a 2D photo or video, this simple trick just enhances it by telling the brain to see things slightly differently.
For those of you who just want to pop your product in and shoot 6 views, for the quickest Ebay slideshow spin, just use the six special marked dots printed on the outer edge of the turntable, and forget about counting degrees.
The possibilities of spinning your small subjects are endless.  If your more advanced and want more views for a smoother spin, we’ve fully labeled our turntable in 10 degree increments up to 360 degrees.
Or if your using Photoshop you can save your animation as a  Flash file or animated .gif.  Or use Image Ready (a standard part of Photoshop) to save the animation as an animated .gif file.
It’s easier to work with just 6 images for your first 3D spinning object.  The hula box is a great example of a 6 image spin.
The different types of the nebulae has typical structures, pillar like formations must point to the source of ionization, the radiation pressure forms kind of hollow area, inside of the nebula, around newly born stars, dark nebulae must be at front of the emission ones to show, etc… rest of the missing information is then replaced with an artistic vision.
Oh man I've been trying to do this as a 2.5D using the Horse Head Nebula in After Effects, I think I'm going to have to breakdown and Use Nuke, and split up the imagery more.I'm only working from one image so I have to use a little create license to create the planes.
Unfortunately GIFworks is no more, but we have built GIFmagic to include all the popular editing and GIF optimization tools made popular with GIFworks.
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A new 3D turn-based Japanese style RPG, inspired by the classics of the genre such as Final Fantasy 7 and Breath of Fire 5.
We are proud to offer thousands of free gifs, image galleries and colorful animations including moving backgrounds, animated graphics, buttons, templates and website flash intros.
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To download a Objects 3D .gif oder .jpg file for free click on the image with your mouse with a right click and than choose "save as…". Choose a directory on your hard disc drive and click OK to save the file.
In our funny GIFs category Objects 3D from our cliparts collection you will find funny animated GIFs, images and graphics to download.
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Kim is a self-proclaimed “paper cup artist.” Lately, the Seoul-based illustrator has been demonstrating his talents using the iconic Starbucks cups you see nestled in people’s hands every morning.
Whenever you’re in New York City and you’re hungry, it’s a no-brainer to make a trip down to Katz’s Deli and pick up a pastrami sandwich.
Using a simple visual effect within the vertical lines and no 3D glasses whatsoever, these simple GIFs effortlessly transform themselves into visually striking animations.
the GIF file format was subject to patents for really long time and the graphics industry has not a really good support for this format since it's not a really good format for this purpose ( animation ) and there are other ways to do almost the same thing with some simple sprites putted in series in a single image and used in sequence when you want to animate your character.
This movie of the File>Open Samples>Fly Brain example stack (in ImageJ 1.42 or later) was created using the 3D Viewer’s View>Start animation and View>Start animation commands.
gif-5.blogspot.com. Awesome Inc.
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Many 3D packages probably create animated gifs.
This can make the total image size much smaller, because the animated chunks are smaller.
As for the first question, I think what you might be looking at is an animated gif built into a table.
2.I’m searching for some software to create 3d animated gif.
Slices of image are used, and HTML code puts them into a table.
Digging your 3D TVs, video game consoles and laptops? Thank the past — the New York Public Library is here to remind you that streographic entertainment has been blowing minds for over 100 years, and has the animated gifs to prove it.
The Library recently introduced Stereogranimator, a web app that taps into the institution’s large collection of historical stereographs and allows user to convert them into wiggling GIF animations and 3D anaglyphs.
Simón del desierto, Luis Buñuel, 1965.
I am trying to create a video that includes a Logo (currently a JPEG image), and have that rotate on its vertical axis to create a rotating image.
For a logo containing text the rotation needed is where the text stays on the same horizontal plane, but rotates on a vertical line in the center of the image.
You may be able to create an animated image in Powerdirector by placing a series of still images on one of the pip tracks and rotating in 3 to 5 orientations and producing a movie.