authentic german sauerkraut recipe

Then you keep adding layers of five pounds shredded cabbage, mixed with three tablespoons of salt.
I am a home schooling mother of three, cheese maker, organic gardener, fiber artist and life coach.  My family home steads on five acres close to the North Cascades, where we teach cheese making, goat raising, bow making, archery, and nature classes.
 How many pounds of cabbage you need depends on the size of the cabbage and on how much kraut you want to make.
You should walk into my house right now, with all the fermenting cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, and cheese drying before it’s packed.

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Also if you grow you own cabbage using the Mittleider gardening method your cabbage will be very sweet and have a mild flavor.
I know because we have made it with store bought cabbage and Mittleider garden cabbage.
In Germany's Pfalz region, cooks braise sauerkraut with onions, apples, seasonings, a touch of sugar and a little of the region's Riesling wine, creating an addictive accompaniment for juicy weisswurst or bratwurst.
Add the onion to the casserole, cover partially and cook over moderately low heat, stirring occasionally, until very soft, about 20 minutes.
Add the bacon and cook over moderately high heat until the fat is rendered and the bacon is crisp, about 5 minutes.
Poke the sausages several times with a fork and cook them over moderate heat, turning several times, until golden and heated through, about 8 minutes.
Reduce the heat to low, cover and cook until the apple is very tender, about 45 minutes.
Add the wine, apple, juniper berries, bay leaves, sugar, 1 teaspoon of kosher salt and 1/2 teaspoon of pepper and boil for 3 minutes.
Bring to a boil, then turn heat down to med., and cook 10 – 12 minutes, turning occasionally, until water evaporates and bratwurst begin to brown.
Over medium heat, brown the apples and onions in the melted butter, until they are nicely caramelized and tender, stirring constantly.
The water will cook the brats through, and then all boil out, but the butter will cling to the brat skins, and brown them nicely.
Cook the sauerkraut/apple/onion/brown sugar/beer mixture over very low heat, stirring occasionally, until it’s caramelized and a nice, golden brown color.
Place bacon pieces, onions and vinaigrette in pan and cook 5 – 6 minutes, stirring frequently, until onions are caramelized.
Sprinkle the brown sugar over all, and toss well in the browned butter that’s in the pan.Turn to LOW, add the beer, black pepper and [optional] caraway seed.
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My mom was born in Blanzko (sic)…but just before Hitler came along, omi took a job cooking and running the trout hatchery at the Konigsee Hotel in Berchtesgadin, right under Hitler’s nose 🙁 At any rate….I grew up with wonderful pork roasts, schnitzle (made with pounded, boneless pork chops), sauerkraut (made almost just like yours) and buchteln and zwetschgenknoedel (oh my…how wonderful those are!!) One thing I can’t find and miss terribly (Omi passed away in ’81 and my wonderful mom two years ago)…is a tomato gravy that was served as a soup with rice.
Her son, your chef, has his own interpretation of sauerkraut Bohemian/Bavarian style, and that is what you will find on this page: The recipe for a rich and filling sauerkraut preparation influenced by my Hungarian Czech Austrian Bavarian heritage.
In a large bowl, combine bacon, white onion, oil, mustard and vinegar.
Heat sausages and sauerkraut according to package directions and serve with potato salad and extra mustard.
And since product formulations change, check product labels for the most recent ingredient information.
Boil potatoes (with or without peels) in salted water 15 to 20 minutes.
To continue preparing the cabbage for rolling, remove the leaves, layer by layer and set aside, blotting any excess moisture with a kitchen towel as you work.
It may be helpful to remove the cabbage midway through the cooking time, remove a few of the most tender outer leaves and return the head to the pot to finish cooking.
Once you have completed rolling all of the meat mixture, take the remaining cabbage centers, trimmed veins and ends and chop them roughly.
Using a paring knife, trim away the sides of the cabbage leaf, leaving about 1/2-inch of unfilled cabbage on either side for tucking in (see photo).
To roll the cabbage, place a leaf, inner side up on a towel.
To use the freezer method of softening the cabbage leaves for rolling, rinse the cabbage, peel away the two outermost leaves and discard them.
To ensure easy rolling, it’s best to pare away the thickest portion of the center vein of each cabbage leaf.
You can also freeze raw heads of cabbage in advance and defrost them to soften the leaves for rolling.
Using your thumb and middle finger, gently tuck the ends of the cabbage into the meat mixture, forming sort of a dimple on each end.
Bring the water to a boil and place a head (or two if the pot is large enough) of cabbage in the pot.
Remove the cores from each head of cabbage and remove 2 or 3 of the toughest outer leaves.
The only point we would like to add is that you need to allow the cabbage time to defrost before attempting to make the rolls.
( about to re-start with chicken and pork)…  At present, I "mine" and process local agates and jasper..  I’m thinking of doing a recipe, for here, but most of the ingredients are difficult to obtain in Maine (??)  Do you have an instructable on how to write an auto-biography ? I had a "sad-happy-life-changing-all-about-a-girl-and-international-travel" experience in the late 70’s, …as time flies, the LESS serious it seems, retrospectively..some parts now REALLY hiarious! ( Youth wasted on the Young??  Oh yeah! )   Recipes..  Pimento Liquer, Mango Chutney, guava jams..etc any enquiries abt Ja.
If you want a similar dish to sauerkraut that you can make in Jamaica, you can check out my instructable on Tsukemono, which is a Japanese fermented cabbage that is done in days rather than weeks and can be made even in tropical climates.
I haven’t actually found dissolution in cold water to be an issue, since I don’t "dissolve" the salt in water… I just mix it with the cabbage and it dissolves itself over time as the cabbage juices out.
If you want to try good sauerkraut as your first experience, try to get some either homemade or else handcrafted artisanal kraut, or failing that, some of the refrigerated fresh deli type.
Sauerkraut made at home has live probiotics for your GI tract health, good source of Vitamin C (or why Viking raiders didn’t get scurvy on long sea journeys, despite having no citrus), has no nasty phthalates or BPA from can liners because it isn’t canned, and is very economical.
The nicest thing about making it yourself is, you can customize it to your own preference by tweaking the salt, adding a little sugar and caraway if you like Sweet Bavarian Style Sauerkraut, adding dill seeds for a more dill pickle taste, etc.
Turn the heat down to low (the pot should be lightly bubbling), and allow the cabbage rolls to cook for 2 hours until the meat is cooked through and the cabbage leaves are tender.
Stuffed cabbage rolls are common throughout Eastern Europe, and they’re the perfect expression of the type of woman my grandmother was–resourceful, labor-intensive, warm and tidy, with a slight bite.
My German grandmother, known best to me as Oma, never made me her recipe for stuffed cabbage rolls, though I’ve probably eaten them a hundred times.
Place the cooked cabbage rolls and a few spoonfuls of sauce in airtight containers in the freezer up to 3 months.
We usually visited my grandparents in summertime, and stuffed cabbage rolls–filled with bacon, beef and rice and slow-braised in tomatoes and sauerkraut–are best saved for chilly winter nights.
To assemble the cabbage rolls, pull one cabbage leaf off at a time and place it on the cutting board with the inside facing up and the root end closest to you.
Cover the bottom with a layer of sauerkraut (and extra chopped cabbage if you have it), then a layer of cabbage rolls.
The fermentation of sauerkraut occurs when natural bacteria in the environment ferments the cabbage in the salty brine.
All that is required is cabbage, salt, and a container to store your fermenting sauerkraut in.
This should weigh the plate down and keep all of the cabbage underneath the surface of the brine, under the plate.
Put the plate on top of the cabbage and brine, and put the glass container on top of the plate.
Make sure your work area stays clean through this process; you’ll want the right culture growing in your sauerkraut, so it’s best not to introduce any weird organisms off of your hands or your working surfaces.
Sauerkraut is made when naturally occurring bacteria in the cabbage ferments the cabbage through an anaerobic (oxygen-less) reaction.
After 2-6 weeks, your sauerkraut is ready! It’s done when there are no more bubbles coming up from the cabbage.
Whether you’re throwing an Oktoberfest party or just craving authentic German recipes, get our top recipes for traditional German food, like schnitzel, brisket, dumplings, soup and more.
@kalaba – I’m really sorry that your batch didn’t work! Can you give some sources for your information on the pathogenic bacteria? The method described here is the traditional way to make sauerkraut, and as long as the cabbage is fully submerged in brine, there is extremely little risk of any kind of harmful bacteria taking up residence.
All you need to do is combine shredded cabbage with some salt and pack it into a container — a crock if you have one and want to make a lot of sauerkraut, but a mason jar will do just fine for small batches.
Submerged in this liquid for a period of several days or weeks, the cabbage slowly ferments into the crunchy, sour condiment we know and as sauerkraut.
When making sauerkraut in a crock, you usually place a weighted plate over the cabbage to pack it down and keep it submerged.
Besides preserving the cabbage, this fermentation process also transforms it into something incredibly tasty and gives it additional health benefits — fermented sauerkraut contains a lot of the same healthy probiotics as a bowl of yogurt.
Ferment the cabbage for 3 to 10 days: As it’s fermenting, keep the sauerkraut away from direct sunlight and at a cool room temperature — ideally 65°F to 75°F.
If you see any mold, skim it off immediately and make sure your cabbage is fully submerged; don’t eat moldy parts close to the surface, but the rest of the sauerkraut is fine.
It is possible that you might find mold growing on the surface of the sauerkraut, but don’t panic! Mold typically forms only when the cabbage isn’t fully submerged or if it’s too hot in your kitchen.
I don’t know if you are still looking at comments for this, but when I made sauerkraut, I filled a ziploc bag with some extra brine and used that to weight down the cabbage.
When life gives you cabbage, you make sauerkraut — and homemade sauerkraut is a world apart from the stuff that comes from the grocery store.
So you don't like sauerkraut? Is this because you didn't eat it as a child or because you did? Have you tried it baked with apples and brown sugar? Have you had it in a seasoned wine sauce? Did you ever try it mixed with hickory-smoked bacon and served smothered over pork chops? The following recipe combines all of these delicious flavors into one dish, humbly named: Sauerkraut Pork Chops.
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German potato salad p astry chef: johan dejong (dutch) dessert: apple strudel the official website for the most authentic oktoberfest west of munich.
Edelweiss german deli homemade strudels and sauerkraut north the potato salad and sauerkraut are homemade with authentic recipes, and the bakery turns out tempting strudel.
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Savor an authentic german lunch of sausage (wurst), mauser custom kitchens potato salad and germany s world-famous apple strudel while unwinding in a modest gasthof or caf.
Mahalo s guide to sauerkraut ; recipezaar: oktoberfest spinach strudel; all recipes: authentic german potato salad badische schupfnudeln (potato noodles) work: braised.
Picnic dinner picnic dinner: 00am-7:00pm authentic german platter-brats, red cabbage00am-7:00pm authentic german platter-brats, mauser custom kitchens red cabbage, sauerkraut, german potato salad.
German recipe, try international food from travel around the world,authentic german delicious when eaten with a portion of german potato salad maya loves cooking with.
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Germany it can be served with kartoffeln salad (german potato authentic german home style recipes.
Authentic german dishes are available: – sauerbraten, red cabbage, and spaetzle or – bratwurst, how to make zip sauce sauerkraut, and potato salad specialty items are available – homemade.
German potato salad p astry chef: johan dejong (dutch) dessert: beverages (tickets are offical website for the nation s best authentic oktoberfest.
Adrienne toomer was looking for a recipe for german potato salad many readers enjoy germ t s not low-fat, low-carb or low-salt, but it is authentic german deborah stark s.
How to prepare an authentic oktoberfest meal oktoberfest to plentiful and filling, and best of all, many german sauerkraut, red cabbage cooked with apples, warm potato salad.
Salad australia style – the down under way; salad – potato salad with green beans and turkey – sliced turkey used in this quick recipe ; potato salad – german – authentic from the old.
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Make currywurst at home with this easy recipe tastes like the authentic currywurst german potato salad recipe cooked in the crockpot this german potato salad recipe is made with.
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Authentic bavarian cuisine in a fun atmosphere reasonably priced the sausages are the best deal, served with german potato salad, winekraut and rye bread.
The german potato salad served with my schnitzel was both tasty and authentic my wife had the galumpki and loved it the pastries are scrumptious.
German potato salad authentic german recipes sponsored links germany s official site everything.
Many german firms located in india years ago, among them noodles, pekins cochins chicken eggs usa kilogrammes of potatoes for a swabian potato salad the swabian regional youth association provided an authentic.
Hot pale pink dressing and lots of fresh dill makes this authentic russian potato salad a this interesting variation on hot german potato salad can actually be relatively low.
Served with german potato salad for authentic american and german foods for breakfast.
Served With German Potato Salad For Authentic.
Authentic German Potato Salad.
Lbsauthentic german potato salad served hot or cold sliced lithu an rye bread from silver bell bakery lb karl ehmer butter sweet or salted.
Get delicious.
In Germany you would buy the Sauerkraut in the so-called “Reformhaus” – this is a store which has special diet, all natural and organic products; they sell normally home made Sauerkraut which is not canned, but is sold in a plastic bag or fresh from the barrel.
German Sauerkraut tastes really good together with mashed potatoes, or “Bratkartoffel” or just boiled potatoes.
– Click here for the Mashed Potatoes Recipe Slice the Kassler roast and serve with gravy, Sauerkraut and potatoes.
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According to WikiPedia, a runza (also called a bierock) is a yeast dough bread pocket with a filling consisting of beef, cabbage or sauerkraut, onions, and seasonings.
I have found a recipe I think might have been the origin of our recipe in a book titled “German Food and Folkways (Heirloom memories from Europe, South Russia and the Great Plains)” published by the North Dakota State University as part of their Germans from Russia Heritage Collection.
The small connection is that the recipe I’m about to mention is one handed down by my grandparents who were Volga Germans that immigrated to the US from Russia in the early 1900’s, similar to others who have commented here regarding the runzas.
grandma made her dough and then used ground beef, a head of cabbage (chopped), onion (chopped), and salt and pepper.
A version of this recipe was bastardized, commercialized and Runza restaurants have popped up all over Nebraska, one in Kansas, and a few in Colorado now, too.
Using an egg-dough recipe, roll small balls of dough thin to make a 5×5 square.
Muffin Recipe Dutch Oven with lemon mascarpone and almonds.Also works in the kitchen Oven.
bake about 25 minutes at 350 ° -375 ° Dutch Oven or Oven.
I probably can’t get much more German genetically, but I generally hate all kinds of schnitzels and other encased meats, generally hate to eat intestines (yes, that’s the “natural casing” on your sausage), and most sauerkraut tends to make me wretch.
Anyway, since I don’t particularly want to give you a recipe for the actual sausage (how many of you have pig intestine, a meat grinder, and a sausage filler lying around?) I thought I’d give you the recipe for this stomachable sauerkraut.
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I consulted the internet! Despite sauerkraut’s "real" creation process of taking more than just an hour or two (pickle it! jar it! can it! wait for it!), there were cheater ways to get my fix so I employed the tactics and ended up with a worthy, tasty and quick homemade sauerkraut.
Authentic German Bread (Bauernbrot) – All Recipes Here is a great recipe for authentic German Sourdough Bread.
Recipes By Cindy: German Offers classic recipes including brötchen (german bread rolls), roggenbrot (rye bread), spätzle (german style egg noodles), and kartoffel klöße (potato dumplings).
German Brötchen Rolls recipe – All recipes UK These rolls are chewy and similar to the ones you’ll find in Germany.
German Rye Bread – All Recipes Nothing smells better than home-baked bread–this is a hearty bread, great with mustard, corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut.
Recipe Hound: German Offers a large index of authentic recipes.
German Bread Recipes Bread occupies, without a doubt, the largest place in German cuisine and the Germans have become master bread-bakers.
German Recipes German Recipes, make these simple and delicious german recipes such as german chocolate cake recipe, german salad recipes, german cake recipes, german .
German Style Hamburgers, Frikadelle, Frikadellen, Buletten Sauerkraut baked with barley and sausage There are also lots of links on this page to other recipes and german culture.
German Bread Dumplings Recipe – German Bread Dumplings recipe.
My German sourdough rye bread recipe has made it into THE GOOD .
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Curry wurst – grill a GOOD frankfurter, slice it up into bite size pieces, then cover it in ketchup, and then add a nice dose of curry powder and paprika then "heat it up" with powdered cayenne pepper to as hot as you can stand it, tabasco or srirachi sauce is also fine for this.
For the spaetzle, flatten out the dough and cut the smallest strips you can cut, I’ve also used a cake icing piping bag and the THINNEST tip I could to press it out, and cook them like any noodle in boiling water with lots of salt and some sort of oil to help it not stick.
place wraps into slow cooker with sauerkraut, onion, smoked garlic sausage and smoked ribs and more salt and pepper to taste.
Eat it with a good piece of German bread and of course, a nice dark German beer to battle the heat of the peppers.
Candy Corn Pebbles™ are a new limited-edition version of Pebbles cereal.
Homemade authentic spaetzle with sauerkraut and breadcrumbs sauteed in butter.
This recipe for Kielbasa with Sauerkraut, by Doris Vesel, is from Vesel’s Specials, one of the cookbooks created at We help families or individuals create heirloom cookbook treasures.
After bubbling stops, check container and top off with salty (1 teaspoon salt per cup of water, warm slightly to dissolve completely) water if level falls below rim.
Add filtered, or non-chlorinated, salty (1 teaspoon salt per cup of water) water to rim of jar and cap loosely with a sterilized canning lid.
More: German sauerkraut is made using salt, whereas Kimchi is made with rice wine.
Sauerkraut came to Europe via Asia, where people have been pickling cabbage for thousands of years.
In a clean, non-metallic bowl, mix cabbage, juniper berries, caraway, mustard seeds, and salt.
You will need between a 0.6% and 2% salt concentration, which equals 3/4 to 2 teaspoons of table salt per pound of prepared cabbage.

The bacon for this recipe can be used in the Sauerkraut Mashed Potatoes recipe included in this German meal.
Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Grilled Bratwurst with German Potato Salad recipe from Emeril Lagasse.
Here is a site to find some German food recipes, purchase a German cook book , learn about your Geman-American heritage, if you have a German Name and what it means.
This is authentic! I lived in Germany for 3+ years, and this is the way my German neighbor taught me to make delicious sauerkraut.

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