best 1 year anniversary gifts

Give "your" beach a shout-out with a pair of custom sand cufflinks, set in sterling silver and coated with resin.
Skip the ol’ note; instead slip a flirty hidden message in his shirt before work.

Tradition dictates that first wedding anniversaries merit paper gifts, fifth wooden ones, 10th tin presents, 50th gold gifts and so on.
So cool, right? From bangles incorporating tight stacks of paper disks to pieces with paper chains or beads, there are tons of colorful, creative options on the market.
Before you toss tradition aside and opt for a foolproof piece of jewelry, however, take a moment to click through the 11 surprisingly cool paper presents in the slideshow above.
For a more minimalist vibe, try a paper plane pendant instead (Note: This one makes an equally great for fans of One Direction’s Harry Styles).
The traditional first year anniversary gift is a paper gift.
This is a print of corinthians chapter Chapter about love and a perfect reading for it can be printed customized with any dates you your wedding year is displayed the left the date in center current anniversary this contemporary art version wedding or anniversary just customize print to fit your needs fits standard size x you order it framed real mat through custom framing.
Traditionally the 1st year anniversary gifts are Paper gifts but in modern times this is open to wide interpretation and it includes ticket gifts, coupon gifts but also gifts literally made out of paper.
Jewelry but made out of paper and beads, so perfectly fitting as a 1st year anniversary gift.
Wall clocks or alarm clocks are very modern gifts to express your love at the 1st year anniversary mark.
Great ideas for 1st year anniversary gifts! Experiences are so much better than material gifts.
The gift fits in well with the paper theme too (especially if you chose drawings) and will be a beautiful non-cheesy reminder of your anniversary right there on your living room wall.
I was just looking for some gift ideas for a young couple I know who are fixing to celebrate their first wedding anniversary and I found your webpage here.
This Steampunk Wall Clock Heart Pierced Cupid is a very cute and creative variation on the wall clock theme that is a modern take on the first year anniversary theme.
A perfect anniversary gift for him but a timepiece is also a very modern take on the 1 year anniversary.
A wedding dress sketch is such a clever idea for the one year anniversary gift.
It’s fun to be reminded of your One year anniversary every time you are putting a letter in the mail, and they are perfect within the paper theme.
Fabulous Anniversary Gift ideas! Great job! Fabulously-BLESSED by a little Squid Angel.
I got my husband a gift certificate (paper) for an anniversary sundial (a cool sun clock) and did both gift suggestions in one! I found one that sits on the window sill and makes rainbows in the room – perfect for our apartment.
The 1st year Anniversary is the perfect time to celebrate your new love together.
I really enjoyed all the great ideas for the 1st Anniversary gifts.
Incredibly cute boldloft we belong together pillow cases, that are a perfect gift for your anniversary.
Now, to be honest I’m not the creative type myself… My style is to think of creative things to buy! However, if I had any talent in working with my hands, I’d seriously consider a DIY anniversary gift.
But you don’t have to plan for weeks to have a great celebration; you just have to do two things: Remember the date (yes, mark it in your calendar) and heed my advice for some fabulous tips on planning that perfect night.
1- The three-month anniversary (dating)What it means: For most couples, the three-month mark is the time to realize that they’re headed for a committed relationship.
Does your better half complain that you never celebrate your anniversary properly? Women often look to anniversaries to commemorate and appreciate your time together, so the least you can do is try to get on board (check out Anniversary Gifts for Her for specific gift ideas).
2- The one-year anniversary (dating or marriage)What it means: The one-year mark signifies that you’ve overcome the beginning stages of a relationship and you still want to be together beyond that.
It’s also important to keep in mind that anniversary milestones are different in a relationship and after marriage — not all anniversaries are created equal.
One good way to mark it as such is to build it around mementos of your time together — drink the same wine you had on your first date or listen to the same CD you had playing the first time you kissed.
Want to see more? Browse Etsy for awesome items.
12 Pre-planned, Pre-paid date nights! I made the envelopes and put gift cards for each month in them for my husband's Christmas gift.
So how do you find the right gift, whether you've been in a relationship for one year or several decades? My rule of thumb: Don't give something your partner wouldn't want to tell his or her friends about.
In the upcoming movie Hope Springs, Kay Soames (Meryl Streep) realizes that intimacy and romance have long left her marriage when she and her husband Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones) celebrate 31 years together by getting a new cable subscription.
Walk down memory lane by recreating one of your special first days—your first date, the date you met, or the day you said "I do." Have drinks at the bar where you met and toast to the years ahead and behind (bonus points if you drink wine from the same year).
He knows the best seasonal ales, he makes brewery pilgrimages, and he'll talk about hops and finish forever if you'd let him.
Better yet, he's always happy to play Superman when something needs fixing.
Packing six different tools into a sleek stainless-steel keychain, the Leatherman #5 will allow him to play Mr.
To get your special anniversary celebration off to a good start, begin with an exquisitely romantic opportunity to toast your years together with a personalized anniversary wine – Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Merlot – available through Skilled artisans will create an individually sketched label design for your special bottle of vino, which is also personalized with your own custom message or sentiment below the label design, for a lasting keepsake. offers a variety of diamond, silver and gold bracelets, necklaces and pendants from which to choose that special anniversary gift ideas for women.
Giving a thoughtful and heartfelt anniversary gift is a beautiful way to show your love, and our collection of anniversary gifts by year has something for every anniversary, from the first to the 50th and beyond. makes it easy to browse anniversary gift ideas online to find the special one that is certain to please.
We have collected the best anniversary date ideas to help make your anniversary perfect, special, and full of memories to treasure.
If it’s time to pick out 1 year wedding anniversary presents for women, keep in mind that most wives like thoughtful gifts as opposed to expensive, ordinary gifts that you quickly grab at the last minute.
If it’s time to pick out 1 year anniversary gift ideas for a wife, keep in mind that almost all ladies like thoughtful gifts rather than pricey obligatory gifts that you quickly grab on the way home.
When selecting 1st year wedding anniversary presents for women, keep in mind that almost all women expect meaningful gifts as opposed to costly but ordinary trinkets that you buy heading home.
It’s not so hard to pick out original and romantic one year anniversary gift ideas for women, and keep away from the ordinary and expected stuff.
It would be great to give your husband a special present, something special that commemorates that first year and how you feel for him, but you are still looking for the perfect 1st year anniversary gifts for a husband.
You want to give your man a unique present, something special that captures that first year and your feelings for him, but aren’t quite sure what would make any good 1 year anniversary gift ideas for men.
It would be great to give your guy that perfect gift, something special which commemorates your relationship together and your feelings for him, but you haven’t yet found the perfect 1st year anniversary gift ideas for men.
These are some really great ideas and I’ll definitely print this for next year and years to come! My hubby and I are celebrating our first anniversary with a trip to San Francisco (5 days).
Thanks for the ideas! My first anniversary is coming up soon, as well as our anniversary for when we met – 4 years ago! My husband loves cooking, and the most fun times for him is when we try out a new recipe (me cleaning the dishes while he makes it dirty… by the time the food is done, it’s only our dishes that needs to be cleaned!).
love these ideas, we r not on a budget but we have no one to babysit and decided we would treat the whole family to a new video game console & games, something even the lil ones can enjoy.we have agreed no pressies but he no doubt will do flowers , cant b the only one not doing n e thing so ur ideas r perfect so thank u.
We have searched the internet to find the most common, yet the best anniversary gifts for woman, wife or your girlfriend and here are your top 10 lists of the best anniversary gifts.
Some says that an expensive gift will be the best gift to give, but for poor people like me I cannot afford those expensive gifts.
One way of capturing the heart of every girl, woman or your wife is to give her a gift for a certain occasion.
First on the list, you can select from the following lists of gifts that you can give for your special women.
This list is great! With our anniversary just around the corner I’ve been running my brain ragged trying to decide on what would be a perfect gift for him.
It has truly been the perfect one year anniversary gift, which is paper, but we receive orders for all years.
Yesterday, we posed a simple question to Happy Wives Club members on our Facebook Community page: What is the most creative anniversary gift you (and/or your husband) has ever given for less than $25? And we got back some pretty awesome answers! These are just a few of our favorites.
Please Help! My 10 year anniversary is coming up and I just can’t decide on what to get him…for the longest time we haven’t gotten each other gifts bc we agreed to just spend the money on together time.
How about handmade jewelry or cuff links made of exotic papers? The tradition for the 1st wedding anniversary gift is to give paper.
This is a great list! I came across your article when I was doing research for our upcoming article about anniversary gift ideas.
We are a little more than $25..maybe for the 5 year anniversary gift! My artist is English and lives in the south of France..she can sketch the wedding dress, tux and even bouquet.
On our first year anniversary, my husband gave me a photo album he had worked on the entire year to commemorate our first year together.
Our anniversary is on Groundhog I went to Build-A-Bear and made my husband a groundhog and included inside the stuffed animal a personal message I recorded while making “Phil”.
Have you ever been just a couple days away from your wedding anniversary and trying to figure out what meaningful gift you can get…inexpensively? Yep, been there, done that.
For our first anniversary (which is traditionally the paper anniversary), I took sand from Lake Michigan (where my husband was born) and put it in an old bottle with a stopper top.
Love the ideas but I already planned my anniversary for this year.
So I have gifted him 32 gifts (feeding bottle for year 1, a pair of baby socks for year 2 and so on), with a small love message in each gift and the 33 rd gift, I told him is Myself.
I have designed the perfect first anniversary gift for hundreds of newlyweds.
My husband gave me this Love basket with all my favorite things in it (smell goods “candy” whitebear that smells like chocolate and a red and pink heart with a rose in my name).
THE BOOK: It’s been described as, “Like Eat, Pray, Love but not down on marriage.” Make sure to check out the Happy Wives Club book.
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1 Year Anniversary Gifts For a Boyfriend – Presented by .
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At first Kristen laughed at the photos people took making fun of Danny, but she was pretty psyched the evening of their anniversary when Matt Lauer (Kristen’s celebrity crush mentioned in the flyer) tweeted the photo.
For his six month anniversary with his girlfriend Kristen, 26-year-old student and New Yorker Danny made a huge collage of photos of the two of them (they’ve known each other since middle school).
I'm actually thinking of just getting her a picture book of Italy and a very nice bottle of wine, and nixing the flowers, as we're going camping for the weekend, and won't be around to "enjoy" them.
My theme was "I love you, Mind, Body, and Spirit," and for each there was a little token: 'Mind' was a gift certificate for a psychic reading (just for a hoot, mind you), 'Body' was a Gift Card for a day's la-la @ Nordstrom Spa, and 'Spirit' was a bottle of Cristal, which we shared on the beach.
But what’s in store for newlyweds marking their first year of marriage? The traditional gift is paper, which signifies ideas and symbols.
In case you happen to be celebrating that first, sweet year as husband and wife and are stumped by the paper gift, here are some inspired ideas to get you started.
I love this page and these are some great gifts! I also wrote up a post about anniversary gift ideas.
If you’re looking for a custom piece without putting your faces on display, consider a folded book depicting your initials or anniversary date.
I also love the idea of trying something fun and quirky like a Segway tour around your city (better bring a camera for that one)! If finances stand in the way of taking a trip, make the decision beforehand not to exchange gifts and instead save that money for travel expenses.
So, instead of gifting a tangible item, why not plan an experience? Whether that means buying concert, theater, or sporting event tickets, going to a cooking class, or taking a spontaneous weekend getaway, make sure to choose something you’ll both truly enjoy.
For our first wedding anniversary, I had our wedding band record the songs from our ceremony and packaged them in a cute flash drive that I decorated myself (which could also make a cute “modern mix tape!”).
The tradition may have originated in medieval Germany where, if a married couple lived to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their wedding, the wife was presented by her friends and neighbours with a silver wreath to congratulate them for the good fortune that had prolonged the lives of the couple for so many years.
The historic origins of wedding anniversaries date back to the Holy Roman Empire, when husbands crowned their wives with a silver wreath on their twenty-fifth anniversary, or vicennalia, and a gold wreath on the fiftieth.
These gifts vary in different countries, but some years have well-established connections now common to most nations: 5th Wooden, 10th Tin, 15th Crystal, 20th China, 25th Silver, 30th Pearl, 40th Ruby, 50th Gold, 60th Diamond. is a great idea resource for both traditional and modern anniversary gift ideas which we have listed by year of marriage.
Whether you are planning a 50th anniversary for your parents, enjoying a romantic first anniversary together, celebrating a 25th with friends, or marking a tenth anniversary with your young family, we are here to help.
We also group gifts by categories such as personalized gifts, romantic gifts, last minute ideas, gift ideas for men, and more.
Anniversary gifts for him can be creative like gift baskets that include his favorite indulgences from candy to tools.
All types of anniversary gifts are appreciated when they are given with love, but with a little thought into what your significant other likes or would be surprised by, you’ll be able to find something to create lasting memories that you both will cherish.
When you buy anniversary gifts you can consider both gemstone and precious metals to represent the anniversary year that the gift is for.
Popular anniversary jewelry gifts for men include watches which can have a special inscription engraved into the back of the case as a reminder of the occasion.
While commemorative gifts are often decorative as well, they also include either the wedding date or the date of the anniversary being celebrated.
A complete list of anniversary gifts includes rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.
Many couples and families enjoy giving unique anniversary gifts that are symbolic of the anniversary being celebrated.
These anniversary gifts offer the opportunity for the couple to receive multiple items, some of which are suitable for each of them individually as well as items they can enjoy together.
A list of anniversary gifts for a couple will often depend on their cultural or religious traditions but should always be something they can share and enjoy together.
Personalized anniversary gifts for couples are one way of recognizing that a successful relationship requires two people.
Other top anniversary gift choices include necklaces with the anniversary gemstone and charm bracelets that can have a new charm with that year’s anniversary stone added each anniversary.
When searching for unique anniversary gifts be certain that the present is neither too masculine nor too feminine and is appropriate for them together.
There are many unique anniversary gifts especially for men including the traditional favorites of cologne and aftershave.
Finding the best anniversary gifts is easier if you consult a table that has a list of anniversary gemstones.
Many top anniversary gifts are both personalized and useful such as etched champagne flutes.
Anniversary gifts are presented as symbolic reminders of marital commitment.
Many of the best anniversary gifts for men and women are pieces of jewelry.
The best anniversary gifts are more than reminders of the past and are also commitments for the future.
Anniversary band rings are a great way to say I would marry you again or to reaffirm that your love is as strong today as the first time you said I do.
but what I really like is, u can buy a hard cover journal (a beautiful one), and write things in there, like the first day you guys met, what u love about her, intimate things, funny things u guys did together, hard times u guys went thru and what u did to get thru them, ur worries, what she means to u, and so on.
10 and I need to get her something special but have no ideas (more like ran out of ideas) We are both 19 and have been threw alot.
Hence, the present using paper is an appropriate idea from the list of first anniversary gift ideas.
Love letter or poetry is the excellent one among the list of first anniversary gift ideas.
Apart from purchasing gifts, another best one in the list of top 10 first anniversary gift ideas is treating her to a profligate date.
Another best one in the list of Top first anniversary gift ideas is wedding keepsakes.
Even today, the traditional gift ideas have a prominent place in the list of first anniversary gift ideas.
You can also fill the basket with list of first anniversary gift ideas.
When it comes to searching on first anniversary gift ideas, you will come across many categories including unique, sentimental, creative, traditional gift ideas.
The modern equivalent of the traditional first anniversary gift ideas is the clock.
Photo frame is one of the great first anniversary gift ideas.
In fact, first anniversary is the good time to gift the keepsake to memorialize your recent wedding.
If your loved one likes to receive gifts based on feeling, memories or shared experience, then focus on the sentimental gift ideas.
Some people will be shocked at their gift for sure! I will be deffinately be using this site again thankyou.
For the day to run smoothly you need to make sure your anniversary gifts for her are straight from the top drawer.
If your wife’s a hopeless romantic we’ve got anniversary gifts for her to swoon over for the rest of the year.
These are great ideas and the timing couldn’t be more perfect – We celebrate our 1st Anniversary on Sunday! I really wish I knew about that Line a Day book last year! How wonderful would it be to look back on that in 5 years! We’re going away for the weekend and keeping our gifts at paper and under $25.
Several years ago for our first anniversary, my husband gave me a paper gift certificate for a special anniversary rainbow sundial (a cool clock that uses the sun) that he found online.
And on this article 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Paper Gift Ideas – Two Twenty One.
Great first anniversary gift Ideas Chelsea! My husband dedicated ( ) the day of our wedding to me for our first anniversary.
I hope you found these gift ideas to be helpful in planning your 1st wedding anniversary gift! Keep in mind, these are also great gift ideas for any occasion.
The traditional gift theme for the first wedding anniversary is paper.

Here are some first wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose paper or clock gifts associated with your 1st marriage anniversary.
As you celebrate this special 1st wedding anniversary, reflect on the both the delicate and hardy aspects of your marriage and of your love for one another.

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