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Taurus Raging Judge Magnum Review by Eric R.
Service Auto Supreme: The Sig Sauer MK25 Review by Eric R.
First Look: Taurus View Revolver by Eric R.
Iver Johnson Eagle LR Zombie Review by Eric R.
I’ve been after whitetails with hand-cannons since I shot my first “handgun buck” in Maine with a .454 Raging Bull….
CZ P-09 Duty Review by Eric R.

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I own a S&W M&P .45acp with a 4.5 inch barrel.I bought mine in California so it has the magazine disconnect.I don’t like that safety feature.Though right out of the box it fired straight and when I’m doing my part it hits point of aim.The trigger has become smoother since I put 600 rounds through it at a training course.I’m going to take it to my next training course.My favorite firearm was the Glock 19.Though now it is the M&P .45acp.You get alot of bang for your buck and I like the sights.All I did was black out the white dot on the front sight.I can see why S&W gives a lifetime service policy to this firearm.
SA/DA Trigger System – The Taurus 24/7 OSS features Taurus’ revolutionary Single Action/Double Action trigger system that fires normally from a smooth single action mode, yet, if a primer fails to ignite, it provides a life-saving second try at firing a faulty cartridge a feature no other pistol on the market offers.
So on the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook school house massacre AND one day after ANOTHER high school shooting in Colorado, and just a few months after the Navy Yard shooting here in Washington D.C., I have to still read the NRA/paranoid self-centered nonsense of some "me, myself & I" whiner, whimper about the Second Amendment and their right to bear arms! FINE I own guns too, as did my father, but I do so RESPONSIBLY.
When the safety is in the cocked and locked mode and pushed to the firing position the trigger pull is approximately 6-1/2 pounds; if the pistol has been de-cocked it can still be fired by moving the lever to the firing position, however it requires considerably more than 6-1/2 pounds to fire the 24/7.
However, the laws MUST be aimed at the criminal, and not the guns, or the law-abiding citizens who would own them – whether the individual wants to hunt, shoot competitively, collect, or just feel safe.
The mainspring housing is flat and includes the Springfield Armory® I.L.S.™ The pistol has a Lightweight Delta™ hammer and a beavertail grip safety, which features a raised memory pad for positive engagement.
If you want a competition grade 1911 that conceals better than a full-sized pistol, the Range Officer® Compact from Springfield Armory® offers finely tuned performance in a smaller package.
The beavertail grip safety, flat mainspring housing, Lightweight Delta™ hammer, extended ambidextrous thumb safeties and extended trigger give you all the ergonomic advantages you want in a carry pistol.
The beavertail grip safety, extended lightweight trigger and flat mainspring housing allow the pistol to sit in your hand comfortably for long periods of time at the range.
The mainspring housing is the original arched style found on GI issue 1911-A1s, but it includes the Springfield Armory® I.L.S.™ The pistol also has a standard spur hammer and standard grip safety.
For shooters who need a competition 1911, the Range Officer® from Springfield Armory® offers finely tuned performance without breaking the bank.
The Trophy Match™ also includes a beavertail grip safety, ambidextrous thumb safety and a Lightweight Delta™ hammer to round out the package with the ergonomic experience you look for in a top of the line competition 1911.
The Range Officer® Compact has the same quality forged national match frame and slide as the Trophy Match™ and TRP™ 1911s.
Kimber builds the world's finest 1911 pistols right here in America—something that makes sense, as few things are as American as a 1911 .45 ACP.
On the strength of quality, Kimber has become the world's largest producer of 1911 pistols.
Legendary LAPD™ SWAT tested five major 1911 brands and chose Kimber.
The finest raw materials come through the front gate and Kimber does the rest, the only way to ensure that every part meets unequaled standards.
United States Marines assigned to Special Operations Command chose Kimber.
The U.S.A. Shooting Rapid Fire Pistol Team trains for Olympic competition with a Kimber.
They all chose Kimber for the same reason: quality, dependability and accuracy.
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Price: $355.00 EAA Corp SARSLMZ K2 .45ACP 14rd 4.5-inch BL AS – $355 + $5.99 S/H Sarsilmaz K2, Full Size, 45ACP, 4.5" Barrel, Steel Frame, Blued Finish, Plastic Grips, Adjustable Sights, 14Rd, 1 Magazine SAR K2•SA/DA •Built by Sarsilmaz for the Turkish Military •Cocked & locked carry system •Ergonomically designed grip •Steel frame & slide •Adjustable sights •Removable dovetailed front sight •Accessory rail •Extended beavertail •Elongated trigger guard w/serrations •Fore & aft frame serrations •Upper & lower barrel lock-up •Auto firing pin block •Blue finish •OAL: 8-1/4” •Wt.: 40 oz.
Price: $799.00 Sig Sauer 1911 .45ACP 4.25-inch 7rd Carry Nickel PVD Coated Stainless – $799 + $5.99 S/H QUICK OVERVIEW The 1911 Compact Nickel has a Nitron® Nickel finish and comes with low profile night sights, checkered front strap (25-lpi) and mainspring housing (20-lpi), laminated custom wood grips with steel magwell.
Price: $399.00 ATI GFX45GI 1911G1 SA .45 ACP 4.25" Bar 8 rd Mahogany Grips Novak Sights Blue Finish – $399 + Free Shipping Manufacturer: American Tactical Imports ATIGFX45GIE Item: 6-0216977 UPC:813393013539 Specifications and Features: Caliber: .45 ACP Color/Finish: Blued Barrel length: 4.25" Magazine Capacity: 8 4140 Slide with Rear Military Serrations Military slide stop Military safety lock Matte black military trigger Novak Cut Sights All firearm sales are final.
Price: $789.00 Sig Sauer 1911 Target Pistol .45 ACP 5in 8rd Stainless Adjustable Sights – $789 shipped The Sig Sauer 1911 Target Pistol in .45 ACP features a 5-inch match grade barrel, Stainless finish, Black Wood grips, and Adjustable Sights.
Price: $1,114.80 Ruger 6704 SR1911 Navy Seals Commander Pistol 45 Auto 4.25" Barrel – $1114.80 shipped Ruger SR1911 Navy Seals Commander Pistol 45 Auto 4.25" Barrel P/N: 6704 Ruger RUG SR1911NSF 45AP PST 4.25B T – Model: SR1911 – Caliber: 45AP – Action: Single Action – Capacity: 8+1 – Finish: Black DLC Coating over Stainless Steel – Stock: Unique Fancy French Walnut with Ruger Logo – Sights: Fixed Novak 3-Dot – Barrel: 4.25" – Length: 7.75" – Features: Polished Black DLC Coated Slide Flats/ Spl.
Price: $469.99 PARA ORDNANCE 1911 45ACP 4.25" EXPERT CMDR 2-8RD – $469.99 after $100 MIR PARA ORDNANCE Expert Commander • 45ACP • 4.25" Barrel • Beavertail Grip Safety • Fiber Optic Front Sight • 2-8rd Magazines NOTE: Although all are skeletonized, color and/or style of the trigger may vary.
Price: $449.99 Rock Island 1911 .45 ACP Handgun Match 5" Barrel – $449.99 Still in stock – Centerfire Systems offers Armscor top of the line 1911 Match handgun for $639.99. Rock Island mfg, 5" barrel, tactical sights & style, cast 4140 steel construction, checkered wood grips and matte blued finish.
I’m not sure who this author is (By Survival Life Contributor on March 24, 2014), why he chose this data ( ), or what research they got their results from (did they write down the brands they own?), but a simple quick web search will prove this list wanting by most other surveys.
And what was the basis of the query? For home defense, CHL, or by sales receipt? Last I’ve seen as of 2012 stats was 1.Smith&Wesson 2.Sturm,Ruger&Co. 3.Taurus 4.Kahr Arms 5.Glock 6.Colt 7.CZ USA 8.Beretta 9.SigSaur 10.Springfield Armory.
I don’t know anyone who shoots one and I know a few shooters (cops, Marines, etc.). I bought my Ruger back in 1982 when most semi-autos jammed on a regular basis, even the venerable Colt 1911, which I qualified with in the Corps (I do have to say I’m talking about service Colts that were pretty darned old).
This caliber is associated most with the Colt M1911, logically, as ACP literally means ‘Automatic Colt Pistol’.
This list does not list all of them, just ones that have links to pages on Wikipedia, for further inquiry.
As the military isn’t impressed with 9mm ball ammunition (due to the Hague Convention of 1899, Declaration III, expanding ammunition is illegal for international warfare in most circumstances), this means that .45ACP will once again reign as the Army’s handgun caliber, by default.
As the lead agent for small arms, the Army will hold an industry day July 29 to talk to gun makers about the joint, Modular Handgun System or MHS.
But experts from the law-enforcement and competitive shooting worlds argue that tactical pistol ammunition — no matter the caliber — is incapable of stopping a determined adversary without multiple shots in most cases.
The only real question in the “caliber debate” is whether the Army will return to the old standard of 230-grain ball, or if they’re entertaining the notion of testing lighter, faster, 185-grain flat-nosed FMJ load.
The U.S. Army is moving forward to replace the Cold War-era M9 9mm pistol with a more powerful handgun that also meets the needs of the other services.
The Army wants a handgun caliber that is durable and long-lasting, and which doesn’t beat guns to death prematurely.
It’s been 100% reliable with all ammo I’ve tried, plenty accurate, has a decent single action trigger, has all the goodies – night sights, ambi everything, rail, replaceable back straps, optics and suppressor ready, etc.
The Glock and 1911 both feel and shoot fine for me, but their respective problems are what holds me back from them.
Personally I like 1911’s better for shooting at the range and revolvers for self defense but that is just a plain old personal prejudice and should be considered as the quirks an old guy developes over time.
I still my 1911s and compete with them and carry one off duty but if size isn’t an issue for you and you want a great all around carry/range/house/whatever gun I suggest taking a good hard look at what FN has to offer.
While working up the handloads some worked and many had problems but I always figured the 1911 itself had to be reliable with its tremendous history of use.
When I decided to get a .45acp sidearm I wanted all steel but not a 1911 so I started looking for a 4506 when I found a 4566 in a LGS I snatched in up and I’m very pleased with it.
Everyone that posts 1911 should be banned if they don’t list a make and model.
عرقي , عنصريIf you don’t have the guts to fight them in court you won’t have the guts to fight them in combat.
15+1 capacity, fully ambidextrous, lighter than a 1911, and you can carry cocked and locked or first shot da.
I am currently looking at the Rock Island 1911 Tactical model.
My XD weighs less than either of my 1911’s – even loaded with 14 rounds and a weapon light! XD’s also come in several configurations, allowing you to get 4 or 5 inch barrels, a compact grip size of FS.
Tritium night sights, your option of whether you want an external safety, no grip safety like a 1911 which many feel is a downside to the 1911.
One of my buddies at work does alot of custom 1911 work and he recently redid a RIA 1911 and it turned out almost as nice as my Kimber when he was done, for about $500 less including parts.
Taurus is also making some pretty good pistols for the money, 1911 and poly styles.
I have a 1911 rock island .45, which is a good and dependable gun.
The XD is also set up at the grip angle of a 1911 for 1911 shooters, the capacity is 13 rounds, super easy take down and cleaning, and accuracy is excellent as well.
Holding the front panel depressed, the left index finger over the loader top strap and gripping with the remaining fingers, the left arm is used to press down, depressing the magazine follower enough that the first round can be placed on the tongue with no trouble or force.
Speed up and simplify the pistol loading process with the Butler Creek UpLula universal magazine loader.
Speed up and simplify the pistol loading process with the Mag Lula UpLula universal magazine loader.
Compatible with virtually all 9mm, 10mm, .357, .40-, and .45-caliber mags, the loader/unloader makes filling a magazine as easy as flipping a switch.
The slide stop, magazine release and thumb safety are all moderately extended for positive manipulation, and the beavertail grip safety greatly improves recoil control.
We chose the aforementioned Springfield Armory XD-S, a Glock 36, Taurus PT 745 Pro and a Kahr PM45.
The PM45 uses a traditional, long double-action-only trigger, and the Springfield’s XD-S featured the company’s new Short Reset Trigger with a relatively short take-up and, as the name implies, a short reset.
The pistols were each evaluated at the Piedmont Handgunners Association range in seven categories: reliability, ergonomics, trigger control, recoil control, sights, offhand accuracy and ease of reloading.
Everyone loves the guns they buy obviously, I have no problem admitting the accuracy in Sig has been above any other manufacturer, especially the older original Germany based Sig Sauer (heavy pistol=following shots were accurate and tightly grouped) The original p250 did have issues with trigger and fte issues but Sig quickly addressed and corrected.
The PM45 comes standard with an extended six-round magazine while Springfield offers a seven-rounder for the XD-S and as an option.
The Springfield XD-S narrowly beat the other three in terms of width, measuring just 1 inch wide compared to 1.1 inches on the other three, and was also the heaviest at 21.5 ounces.
I have the Springfield X-DM with the 3.8 inch barrel , the size and weight difference aren't enough to limit my ammo capacity to five or seven rounds .
All four have passive safeties that block the firing pin, and the Taurus also has a key-operated internal safety that locks the trigger and prevents the manual safety from being disengaged.
The flush-fit magazines on the PM45 and XD-S hold five rounds; those for the G36 and PT 745 hold six.
The PM45 has a white bar/dot arrangement, and the XD-S stands apart because it has a red fiber-optic front sight mated to a dual white-dot rear.
Our levels of experience with polymer-frame pistols and their different trigger systems ranged from extensive (Dick Jones and me) to moderate (Butch) and very limited (Gary McDermott and Dick Cole) and would allow for a diversity of opinion and observations.
The XD-S was also Butch Simpson’s favorite, and he cited the ergonomics—especially the checkering on the gun that kept it from moving around in his hands under recoil as much as the other guns did.
I think part of the debate between 1911, Glock, and XD is a mater of personal comfort we are all made a bit differently and firearms will feel different in each of our hands so it will be rare that anyone’s mind is ever changed on the subject.
I’ve had a XD-45, Glock 21SF, Rock Island 1911 Tactical, and have a Kimber TLE/RL currently.
My only ownership experience with the 1911 was a Llama that I bought cheap 15 years ago for $200 and as the saying goes I got what I paid for.
For some reason the Springfield XD’s just feel right in my hand, more so than my Glocks and any other 1911’s I have fired.
Extremely nice trigger, i shoot this gun faster and more accurate than any gun ive ever shot, i can empty the 9 round mag in no time at all with 90-100% accuracy every time on 8X8 steel plates at up to 20 yards, farther away i have to slow down and use my sights, and im accurate at up to 50 yards with it slow aimed fire.
After years of carrying a 1911 in the military, I was a firm believer in it and the .45acp. I was highly prejudiced against any glock… until I tested one.
Now I aint getting rid of my Kimber for a Rock Island but will recommend them to some one that wants a 1911 and just can’t afford the big names.
For a Civilian Concealed carry gun id prefer the Glock, but for a SHTF/TEOTWA id want the 1911 all the way.
My dad swore by the 1911, and Smith And Wesson, but that Glock…it just looked SO COOL.
As a Fireman for the last 36 years and a Gun nut, Everyone has their opinion on what is best, I have into the hundreds of guns, but I have never shot a Glock, I can’t say one way or the other on a Glock, For the longest time I thought my S&W 915 was the best until I got my Sig-Saur 1911 this year, it is now my best gun ever, as for you guy and gals that say .22 are not worth anything, I have gone to more deaths from a .22 cal and the bad guys who were breaking into the house and were shot by a .22 they all said the same thing, they heard a loud sound and then pain, they all were within a block or less from where they got shot if they were a live, my Wife and 16 year old have .22′s my Daughter keeps it by her bed and my wife carry’s hers, their easy to handle and they can unload the clip in seconds with no recoil and they don’t miss, my 3 24 year old Boys all carry .45′s but then again their all 6’3″ and 240 pounds so they can handle them with ease, one has a Kimber, one has a .44 Desert Eagle and the other has a Colt.
Looking at the top concealed carry handguns for deep cover self-defense! Ranging from compact .45 ACP bruisers perfect for pocket or appendix carry, to svelte .380 ACP pocket pistols that defy the physics of subcompact handguns, we take a look at guns ideal for concealed carry and deep concealment from Beretta, Chiappa, Colt, Glock, Kahr, Kimber, Ruger, SCCY, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, and Walther.
Your best choice would likely be proportionate to your threat, therefore we make self defense in numerous calibers and many sizes.
Our goal is to put serious confidence in your hand for any situation where your safety—or your family’s safety—could be compromised.
Now made in the USA, the Sig Sauer P220 has an American style magazine release, and has been tweaked in a bit, but is still basically like the original in design and function.
The trigger pull is very smooth, and the hammer rebounds after each shot, so that it is not resting upon the firing pin.
Trigger pull is listed in pounds of resistance, as measured with my Lyman digital trigger pull scale.
The pistol fires with a long double-action pull when the hammer is down, and the slide cocks the hammer for subsequent shots.
When the shooter is finished firing, the hammer can be lowered without touching the trigger or hammer, by pushing downward on the decocker.
Wearing the famous Sig-style decocking lever, the P220 is as safe of a pistol to carry as anyone would ever desire.
The P220 is a single-stack 45 ACP double-action/single-action pistol with an exposed hammer.
The design incorporates a firing pin lock, which prevents discharge unless the trigger is pulled.
The Sig P220 is the pistol that, over three decades ago, piqued my interest in Sig pistols.
A person is most likely to need a fighting handgun in low light situations, and the Crimson Trace Lasergrip makes it easy to put the bullets on target, whether shooting in almost pitch darkness, or from an awkward position.
If you want another variation of the Sig P220, Sig Sauer lists twenty-seven different variations of the P220 on their website.
The map above displays the winning answer by region.
Cons: Some shooters believe the 9mm is a bit on the light side for serious defensive work, and with lighter bullets there have been concerns about failure to penetrate through heavy, layered clothing or to stop a crazed, determined attacker.
The round offers a great balance between attacker-stopping power and it’s ability to be fired and easily controlled in a smaller to moderate-sized handgun, which is why this caliber is so popular.
Same grip angle as the 1911, 15+1 capacity, DA/SA or cocked and locked carry, trigger guard large enough for a gloved finger, supressor ready w/tall Trijicon night sights, milled from the factory for a Trijicon RMR red dot, and it weighs less loaded than my Springfield duty gun.
Now about two years ago, Marine Corps Special Operations Command awarded a $22.5 million contract to Colt Defense LLC for new .45-caliber Close Quarter Battle Pistols for the service’s elite special operations troops.The Colt 1911-style pistol replaced the fleet of worn-out Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command, or MARSOC, M45 pistols.
“The G30S allows you to get back on target quickly to deliver more rounds against the same aggressor or on multiple threats.” This gun has controllable recoil, faster follow-up shots, 10+1 rounds of the large-bore, battle-proven .45 ACP, excellent concealability, improved frame and slide handling characteristics and fight-stopping accuracy—and the legendary reliability and durability of all Glock pistols.