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The Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor is another great buy, at $99 (with free shipping at It looks more attractive than the Big Mouth Juicer and works like a charm.

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It has an enormous advantage over every other leafy green juicer – it’s the only leafy green juicer to have a full sized 3″ feed chute, big enough to juice whole fruits and vegetables.
Its footprint is smaller – taking up 8.2″ x 9″ of your kitchen worktop (vs 14.5″ x 6.5″ of the Omega 8006), making it the best juicer for leafy greens in the space saving best juicers 2014 list.
The Green Star GSE-5000 Elite uses a different mechanism to get even more juice from leafy greens than the masticating juicers above – it uses a twin gear system instead of a single auger:As produce meets the metal end of the twin gears, it is juiced in three stages – crushing, mixing, then pressing.
For this reason, I have chosen the 8006 as still the best juicer for leafy greens of 2014 – you can switch your brain off and use it, and it’s proven itself to be a powerful workhorse.
It has the same great performance as the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer, except the Omega VRT350 has a narrower feed chute, and it’s not as easy to clean.
Similar to the Big Mouth Juicer, the Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain is also fast and powerful, and quick and easy to clean (the plastic parts are dishwasher safe too).
Money Saving Tip: If you’re looking for the best space saving juicer for leafy greens but have a smaller budget, the Omega VRT350 might be a better choice for you.
This is what I was looking for – a juicer that doesn’t leave a lot of juice in the pulp.
i had another juicer years ago and the cleanup almost made be not want to juice.
If you’re looking for a juicer to handle your greens well, this is your juicer! I’ve been using it daily for about 3 weeks now, and it’s been great.
After receiving my juicer I made my first batch of juice.
I noticed that most of the reviews mentioned how fast it makes juice, how beautiful it looked on the counter and how easy it is to clean.
It is a quick and powerful juicer but it spits out a lot of fruit and vegetables chunks that are not juiced.
Although cleanup is relatively easy, I recommend always using mild soap to remove juice ‘staining’ that could easily build up over time.
There are a LOT of juicers out there so choosing one was becoming a very stressful decision–too many options! A friend recommended this juicer to me, and I am so, so pleased with it.
It has a great pitcher attatchment that makes it easy to make large quantities of juice.
I would recommend this juicer over the other brands on the market.
this juicer is great and cleanup is a snap.
I juice every morning before work so an easy clean up is important to me.
We have used the juicer several times now and it works great.
This juicer has been great so far.
I have used the Breville Juicer for a couple of years and bought this juicer for a second home.
You must keep re-placeing the grinder disk in the other cheaper juicer.
I have tried EVERY juicer on the market from the least expensive to the most expensive $1600 commercial juicer.
You really have to use the most popular juicer on the market to fully appreciate the Breville.
This is by far the best juicer on the market and the only one that I know that also makes smoothies as well.
Great juicer with lots of power.
I did quite a bit of research before choosing this particular juicer and definitely used others’ ratings to finalize my decision.
So after 2 uses I am now looking to find a stronger faster powered juicer.
I’ve been juicing for three years and I think this summarises the things a newbie juicer should consider before starting very well.The tip about adding some of the pulp back in is also very good (although not very appetising) if you don’t have a blender to blend in some extra insoluble fibre to add to the soluble fibre in your juice.
Sugar found naturally is NOT bad for you, should you go and juice 20 apples a day, probably not, but I will say this, I spoke with a WHOLE foods nutritionist about my cholesterol levels, and I went juicing for 8 weeks, once for breakfast and one glass with a healthy lunch, I dropped so many double digit points on my cholesterol, heres the best part, most of my juices based on what I like, were 2 large apples and 1 large carrot.
Man people need to start having kids and realizing that everyone does life in their own way, either its workin for them or not, but typically they will figure it out, they don’t need the whole world telling them they are juicing wrong! Just beacuse you saw a documentary does not mean you have the right to make vocal damnation upon ones juicing (or blending) practices.
Get your smoothie on as well as juicing! Great way to get healthy fats/herbs/roots…avocados, maca, nut milks, chia seeds, hemp seeds, raw honey, nut butters, cacoa, among a ton other great nuggets you don’t get in juice.
While whole fruit does not typically pose a problem because of its high fiber content, concentrating fruit by juicing it increases the fructose per serving dramatically.
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Here you can discover the best Juicers in Amazon Best Sellers, and find the top 100 most popular Amazon Juicers.
Masticating and triurating juicers, on the other hand, are pricier but more efficient in juice extraction, so you might make your money back by having to buy less produce in the long run (see below for a more detailed breakdown of the three juicer types).
Like all centrifugal juicers, this model isn’t the best for juicing leafy greens and other veggies so if that’s what you are looking for try a masticating juicer.
In many cases, the masticating juicer also produces more juice, which is something worth keeping in mind when considering the price–the efficiency of this model may make up for its initial cost by requiring you to purchase less produce over the course of its lifetime.
The centrifugal juicer is a nice beginner’s choice if you’re not an experienced juice drinker and aren’t quite sure what you’re looking for.
If you’re looking for a simple, affordable juicer to complement other food and perhaps introduce more juice into your diet, this is a great option.
They also can juice rougher objects more easily–carrots for example will be easier to break down using the high RPM cycle of a centrifugal spin (anywhere from 5,000-15,000 RPMs, depending on your model) than in almost any other type of juicer.
The juice quality from a masticating juicer is definitely a step up from the centrifugal juicer.
Whereas with a centrifugal juicer the distinction between your juice and your pulp will be a little less dramatic, the masticating juicer’s pulp is almost completely dry and tasteless.
The centrifugal and masticating juicers are the two most common types, but the last type of juicer worth bringing into the discussion is the triurating juicer (sometimes known as the “dual gear” or “double auger” juicer).
Its slower speed and torque ensure a greater extraction rate of juice, and its twin augers make it a more powerful tool than a single-auger masticating juicer.
Overall, the juice produced by centrifugal juicers is lower in quality and less rich in nutrients than juices from other types.
So you’ll have your juice ready quickly, but it may be missing some of the nutrients that a slower-moving masticating or triurating juicer would have dug out from the crevices of that beet.
If you think this will be a problem I would suggest paying an extra $50 to get the Breville JE98XL which is a pulp ejection model and has a more powerful 850 watt motor too (it also has two speeds, the BJE200XL only has one).
I strongly recommend buying the Breville BJE200XL (under $100) or paying a little extra for the Breville JE98XL (under $150), but if you’re looking for something cheaper then check out my Hamilton Beach 67601 review.
Breville has managed to create a great juicer for everyday juicing at a great price.
The Breville BJE200XL typically retails for just under $100 and is a great juicer for the money.
The juicer he used in that movie was a Breville, although it was the slightly pricier Breville JE98XL which costs around $150 (well worth the extra $50 if you can afford it).
Fortunately the Breville BJE200XL comes with a well made 700 watt motor which rotates at 14,000 RPM, making juicing a blast.
It’s common when starting juicing for the first time to be a little overwhelmed by all the different juicer models available.
You may also like to read my Breville JE98XL juicer review.
Assuming that you are ready to begin your quest for a juicer, the first thing to know is that there are different types of juicers depending on what it is you want to juice.
I will usually do enough juicing to handle 2 days worth of juice, so I need to be able to continue feeding the vegetables into the juicer.
Wheatgrass juicers are not suitable for juicing other types of fruits or vegetables, except for maybe soft fruits such as grapes, blueberries, strawberries and the like.
Masticating juicers are more efficient than centrifugal juicers in that they yield more juice from the same amount of raw food.
However, I have found that with a larger feeder tube, some of the smaller food pieces fall down inside the tube and never get ground up properly, so there is more waste and hence less juice.
If you think you may want to juice other things besides wheatgrass, you may want to consider stepping up to a multi-purpose juicer.
For example, citrus juicers are typically designed exclusively for juicing citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits and possibly pomegranates.
Large size allows for juicing in bulk, and includes numerous accessories such as a fine screen, a glass pitcher, plastic and wooden plungers, cleaning brush, drip tray, bread stick maker set and strainer.
1/3 HP single-phase induction motor, dual stage juicing system, and 80 RPMs provide you with nutritious, foam free liquid full of nutrients.
Heavy duty appliance designed to be used in commercial juicing settings such as juice bars and other commercial facilities.
Single gear motor and 80 RPMs make this model perfect for industrial settings or the home of the avid juice enthusiast.
Comes with a 15 year guarantee, 5lbs of certified organic wheatgrass seeds and complete growing accessories for the avid wheatgrass enthusiast.
This type of appliance typically works at low speeds and does not have any spinning action, like a centrifugal model, therefore it is significantly more efficient than other products of its kind.
Triturating, or twin gear juicers like a Green Star Juicer, are known to produce the best quality juice.
If you want the best quality juice from a juicer that will last for years under normal use, get the Green Star! We also own this juicer and have been using it off and on for over 10 years.
Most often, we will use the Green Star Juicer as it provides the best quality juice and is the most economic juicer as it extracts the most juice from the produce we are juicing (driest pulp).
This juicer is for you if you want a juicer that is super easy to use and clean as well as fast and efficient while still giving you a high quality juice.
This juicer is for you if you want a juicer that is fairly easy to use and clean as well as efficient while still giving you a high quality juice.
This juicer has a wide mouth for easy juicing of most whole apples and makes it easy to juice multiple pieces of produce at once.
This juicer is easy to use and clean and will give you a good quality juice.
If you want a juicer that is fast, easy to use and clean and a workhorse, get an Elite! We own this juicer and it! We have had ours since it came out in 2005 and it is still going strong! Marvelous! The Green Star Juicer has been our #2 best selling juicer of all time.
This juicer is for you if you want the best quality juice and want to extract the most juice from your produce.
If you are someone who has limited time to juice or who needs to juice for many members of your household in a short amount of time, then a centrifugal juicer like a Juice Fountain Elite would probably be the best juicer for you.
This juicer juices slower than a centrifugal juicer (as is the juice fountain elite) and about the same speed as the Green Star.
This juicer is used widely by participants in the Gerson therapy and by people that want to feed their body with the absolute best juice money can buy.
If you are a super health enthusiast or someone who is in the process of healing a health condition, then a juicer that produces premium juice will be most important to you.
Though the Norwalk Juicer produces the most premium juice of all juicers, it’s not the easiest juicer to use.
SAVE $90.00 The Juice Fountain Elite Juicer has been our #1 best selling juicer since 2005.
This is the best juicer choice for those that do not mind spending extra time and energy for the best juice.
Twin gear juicers require more time to use and clean than a centrifugal juicer.
If you don’t want to spend the extra money on a multi-purpose juicer like the Green Star, this would be a very good second choice.
Forgoing the cart full of veggies and that tedious cleanup; these six juices are packed with detoxifying benefits to get you back on track after a splurge.
An introduction to juicing at home and help picking the best juicer to buy.
As someone who has been drinking fresh homemade fruit and vegetable drinks on a daily basis for nearly 10 years, and has used a number of different styles of juicers, I am confident that you will find this juicer buying guide useful.
Once you start to experience the health benefits that juicing brings, it’s then easier to justify purchasing a more expensive device such as a Breville Juice Fountain Elite or an Omega VRT350HD (both round about $400).
Masticating juicers work by chopping and grinding fruits and vegetables (between the auger and juicing screen) that are fed into them.
They’re cheap and effective – but if you want to make juices from anything other than citrus fruits, this type of juicer would be the wrong choice.
The video above features three juicers, they are all high quality products: the Breville Juice Fountain Elite, the Omega VRT350HD and the Omega J8006.
Fruits and vegetables fed into this type of juicer are ripped apart when the come into contact with the cutting disc that forms the base of the filter basket.
The Fat Sick and Nearly Dead juicer belongs to this category as it saves a lot of time because it only needs feeding of the fruits or vegetables into the chute as many times as it takes to make enough juice without having to stop and clean it.
Versatility – This refers to the other functions that a juicer can perform a part from making juice such as making pasta shapes, nut butters, baby food and juicing wheatgrass.
The Fat Sick and Nearly Dead juicer is the most ideal choice for those who are just getting into juicing and it’s also been a good buy according to those who are juicing for many years.
Many people reported that the juice made by the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead juicer tastes really excellent.
Time factor – Consider a juicer that makes a lot of juice within a short time and doesn’t require removal of the pulp after every juicing session.
Known for enabling separation of juice from leafy greens, fruits, vegetables and even herbs, the juicer is one must have kitchen tool for every household.
Many people have been searching for the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead juicer that was used by Joe Cross in his juicing movie.
But there are also a few different Breville juicer models to choose from but if you take a good look at the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead juicer and the Breville JE98XL, you’ll find out that they’re one and the same.
Next concern is that some people weren’t satisfied with how the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead juicer handles green leafy vegetables.
Still there are testimonies that the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead juicer does a good job of juicing leafy greens such as kale and spinach.
Every phone of this caliber deserves a large battery, don’t you agree? That’s what we find behind the Nexus 6’s non-removable back plate – a 3220mAh juicer capable of lasting through 24 hours of mixed usage, according to Google.
The Nexus 5 was the first Google phone with a camera that we could actually call "good".
The screens on the Nexus 6 and LG G3 have a resolution of 1440 by 2560 pixels (the highest on a phone so far) producing pixel densities of 493 and 538 pixels per inch respectively.
Given its hardware configuration, the Google Nexus 6 is better prepared for the future and should prove to be the faster phone overall.
If it wasn’t for the screen’s high resolution, this hardware combination would have been sufficient for the G3 to provide a smooth experience, but having 1440 by 2560 pixels to push around takes a toll on the phone’s performance.
From the looks of it, the times of dirt-cheap Nexus phone is gone as the sixth iteration will carry a $650 price tag (unlocked, without a contract).
I reccommend u buying a lg g3.grt screen,grt camera,good perfomance,light weight,handy,value for money.negatives-battery drains so fast coz of its screen resolution,some lags here and there.screen heats up while uhd video recording.otherwise gem of a phone it is.
Does it stand a chance? You betcha! Inside the Google Nexus 6 you’ll find nothing but cutting-edge hardware, while on the side of things, Android 5.0 is running the parade.
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and so how much cash when you devote to have this kind of juicer? usually do not worry Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain Multi-Speed and Biodegradable Juicer Bags value is pretty low cost when comparing the standard supplied.
By studying about this Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain Multi-Speed and Biodegradable Juicer Bags evaluation, it will be easy to know a lot more about this juicer.
The actual Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain Multi-Speed and Biodegradable Juicer Bags juicer is one yng quite popular that you can buy.
Thankfully this juicer is specifically designed to meet using your needs when you’d like a quick, straightforward in addition to hassle-free juicing practical knowledge in to your own kitchen’s.
If you want to make the juice yourself then you should keep in mind few basic points which are important in buying the best juicer for you and your families which can be cost effective, take out maximum from the fruit and be power efficient also at the same time.
While buying the best juicer always try to choose the one with very simple design and not which is technically complicated to handle because it feels good in the starting but becomes irritating as the time passes and slowly you will stop using it just because of those complication only.
While buying the best juicer, the most important thing is that it should occupy least space and is easy to handle with the sole task of juice extraction being fully accomplished and fulfilled successfully.
Also get ones that are recognized by critics or users that contribute to juice extractor review sites talking about their experience using particular products that they find really satisfying and its worth their money spent on something that is really efficient especially when making their juices and there are no wasted ingredient due to efficiency.
An example of which is a centrifugal juicer, which can’t be used if the fruit is still intact or have some parts that cannot be part of the whole juice that’s going to be consumed, in which only reamers can do or any other juicers for a specific fruit.
And since there are many brands and types of juicers out there in the market, it is sometimes hard to choose the right kind of machine for someone who might need juices from a specific fruit that at the same time can’t get juices that efficiently from other fruits since the size might be smaller or larger than what it is.
A juice extractor must be able to be as flexible as possible – this is because there are fruits that need a special type of extractor to be used, and it can’t sometimes juice other type of fruit because the machine is not made specifically for a type of fruit.
It is not only beneficial in terms of financial but also in safety, because we never know what a machine can inflict when it malfunctions, either it is mechanical or just a manual juice extractor (yes, there are manual juicer that can inflict pain when used improperly).
Juice extractor review pages can help consumers decide better than just taking guesses when getting a juice machine.
There is a good reason for this, and one of the examples here that could be of danger to the consumer usually is a centrifugal juicer, in which this juice extractor uses a spinning blade to do its job.
"Received my Angel [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] last week and have been using it daily since – tried lots of different things including nut milks & coconut cream.
Through precision engineering, the: 1) three stage twin gear system, 2) powerful motor and 3) three stage screen system, the Angel Juicer can crush cellulose fibers, breaking up cells in vegetables and fruits – releasing the nutrients locked inside, which results in a darker, richer colour of juice and a sweeter, richer, more full bodied flavour.
"We are so totally in love with our angel [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] since we purchased it through you a few months ago (amazing quick delivery by the way!) that we made a funky little video to pay homage to its daily colourful health promoting powers.
Taken from KAFRI (Korea Advanced Food Research Institute) Centrifugal – high speed juicer 4.9 mg / kg of Magnesium and 2.9 mg / kg of Calcium Single Auger – (single gear) – cold press juicer 11.5 mg / kg of Magnesium and 4.4 mg / kg of Calcium Greenpower Kempo / Hippocrates – cold press juicer 11.9 mg / kg of Magnesium and 5.5 mg / kg of Calcium Angel – (twin gear) – cold press juicer 82.8 mg / kg of Magnesium and 15.0 mg / kg of Calcium Summary: the Angel Juicer is a superior juice extractor as it is able to extract over 700% more Magnesium and over 300% more Calcium than the Greenpower Kempo Juicer & Greenpower Hippocrates Juicer.
"As per our phone conversation yesterday, my wife Candice and I are contacting you because we have been using our Angel Juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] for quite some time now and it is has become an integral part of our way of life.
"Also, we would like to thank JA for the excellent service, particularly in answering numerous questions on the Angel 5500 [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] .
Angel Juice extractors are designed to juice carrot (1 litre in approximately 5 minutes), wheatgrass, spinach and similar greens with the Vegetable Screen (which comes with your juicer.) You can also juice fruit such as apple, pineapple etc with the optional Soft Fibre Screen.
"We have an Angel Juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] which we have had since September 2007, and it has served us very well.
"I just dropped and broke the juice container of my Angel Juicer that I purchased in 2007.
"I bought my Angel juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] about two years ago and am still as happy today as the day I bought it.
"Hello, Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the Angel juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s].
"Hi guys, just tried my new angel juicer [AG-5500] a few days ago.The juice extraction is phenominal.
"Hi, Just want to say how much I love my Angel juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500].
"I purchased an Angel Juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] approx.
"Our Angel juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] arrived yesterday.
"..Also the angel 8500 [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] is amazing we have just upgraded from the hurom 500.
"ive had my new angel juicer [Angel Juicer Deluxe 8500] for over a month now and am so over the moon.
"I purchased an Angel Juicer about a month ago, and it’s the greatest thing since sliced home-made wholegrain organic bread." 2007, September.
"I have an Angel juicer [Angel Juicer Deluxe 8500].
"I purchased an Angel Angelina juicer from you when I was living in Brisbane three years back and still happy with it.
"This [Angel Juicer] is A Birthday Present For my brother up in Qld, I already own a Angel juicer and am very pleased with it.
The manufacturer (since 1982) states that the Angel Juicer is the most advanced juice extractor with an all stainless steel construction (where it counts), capable of extracting live enzyme calcium that is mostly contained in the cellulose within the stems of the plants, which is one of the most important ingredients in the human body.
"It has been 12 months since we purchased our amazing Angel Juicer [Deluxe 8500s].
as i don’t want to make another kind of expensive juicer mistake… i see that the angel juicer seems to consistently beat it’s competition in terms of it producing the maximum amount of juice and minimum pulp.
A Vegetable Juicer (using standard Vegetable Juicing Screen that comes with juicer) that superbly extracts juice from wheat-grass, barley-grass, parsley, celery, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, sprouts, all leafy greens, carrots, beetroot, kale, ginger, garlic, broccoli, beans etc.
EXCEPTION: The only acceptable method of juicing sugarcane with a cold press juicer is to cut the outer husk etc off the sugarcane, then blend the sugarcane in a blender such as the Omniblend V Professional Blender, until it has become a smoother consistency, then slowly pour through your cold press juicer so that it can separate the juice from the pulp.
"just a quick email indicating that the angel juicer has arrived in good condition and appears to be working well.
The Angel Juicer’s twin gears are designed to operate at a slow RPM in order to keep almost 100% of the enzymes and nutrients alive during the juicing process.
The standard screen that comes with the Angel juicer is not designed for juicing soft fruits.
A Fruit Juicer (using optional Fruit Juicing Screen) that can extract juice from oranges, lemons, tomato, rock melon, water melon, pears, Granny Smith apples & grapes.
Juice backing up the chute? In 99.9% of the cases where the juice backs up the chute and the juicer is not operating as good as it once was, it is because the tiny holes on the juicing screen have become progressively clogged after repeated use, and normal washing is not always sufficient to remove the pulp.
Summary: The Angel Juicer has some quirks and requires some skill to use; otherwise it has an amazing extraction rate and ultra quality juice.
"Good morning Sales, have picked up Angel Juicer this am.
These nutrients are mostly intact after the Angel Juicer delicately crushes the vegetable fibres and extracts the living juice.
This past weekend I received my angel juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] and I am very happy with it.
"..Have purchased Angel Juicer approx.
"Hello Juicers Australia, I have had the pleasure of juicing with the Angel for a month now.
what kind of replacement parts am i looking at for the angel if i bought one now – in the future (i didn’t realise i’d have to replace hte champion parts every couple of years, such that it’s actually a more expensive juicer than i anticipated, for not such good quality juice).
"Hi, Thank you the parcel [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] was received at 8.00am this morning.
"..Noticed the price of the Angel juicer has dropped, I’m still very happy with mine.
A friend introduced me to the Angel juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s]…… She must be one of the best representatives of the juicer… She not only tells everyone how good it is but also demonstrates it straight away.
"We recently bought an Angel Juicer.
I have bought an Angel juicer [Angel Juicer 5500] and have received a confirm / order number.
"The order [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] has been received.
"I am extremely pleased with the Angel Juicer.
One of these positive changes includes the addition of the Angel Juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] to our lifestyle.
The Angel is by far a much better juicer in terms of its construction and the quantity (and probably the quality) of juice obtained.
Wow …….My Angel juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] arrived already this morning at my doorsteps.
I am looking forward to using the juicer and will recommend the Angel juicer [Angel Juicer 5500] to my friends that are looking for a juicer.

Discount Juicers Com – 954 results like Breville Compact Juice Extractor, Breville Ikon Juice Fountain, Hamilton Beach Juicer, Black Decker Black and Decker Juice Looking for discount juicers? We have them! Masticating, Centrifugal Triturating Juicers Juicers and Health Appliances at Discount Prices.
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With Pulp Ejection Cheap Breville 800JEXL; Green Star GS-1000; Hamilton Beach 67650; Hurom Slow Juicer; Juice Books; Magimix Le Duo; Omega J8003; Omega J8003 vs Omega J8005 Comparison Find the best and worst Juicers for Walmart.
Discount Price Finder – Calibex – Find Lowest Prices, Reviews and Store Ratings at Calibex While juicing, you may notice juice escaping between the plastic juicer cover and the stainless steel filter bowl surround.
Compare Prices on Jack lalanne juicer cheap Juicers top brands such as Jack Lalanne and Star at Sunday 22 July, 2012 : 8377107 requests since Saturday 24 September, 2005 : click to verify.
Check out our discount juicers reviews and comparisons and get into juicing TODAY! There is just no point in buying a cheap juicer which doesn’t juice well.
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Umm.. what do you mean a cheap way to juice? I truly for the life of me can’t think of how you would expensively do a juicing as the price of fruit and veg is.. the price of fruit and veg – conventional v organic $$.
And I love juicing as it gives me the nutritional benefits of lots of veg per day without the digestive distress which the extra fibre gives me.
And I love juicing as it gives me the nutritional benefits of lots of veg per day without the digestive distress which the extra fibre gives me.
Are you kidding me-none are big bucks? Not for a little, but for 1 day of juice, you could end up needing pounds and pounds of produce-I just calculated the cost for a 3 day juice cleanse where you are drinking 5 juices a day for 3 days-it would cost $80 + for 3 days of produce.
I still use the regular juicer for the rare occasion I make carrot or apple juice, and of course still use the juicer for making apple cider and vinegar.
Even though i personally advocate eating real food, there are times when juices/smoothies are easier to consume/digest (like when my wisdom tooth was giving me hell) and I would just juice whatever is cheap at the 99 cent store.
So why juice? Are you looking to get a faster sugar rush? The healthiest part of the fruit or veggie is the fiber.
Juicers are one of those things people get really excited about, and then lose interest in and want their cupboard space back.
Juicers are one of those things people get really excited about, and then lose interest in and want their cupboard space back.
Juicers are one of those things people get really excited about, and then lose interest in and want their cupboard space back.
Oh, and a good book with lots of juice recipes is "The Big Book of Juices" by Natalie Savona.
Most of the time I find 100% juice to be too concentrated, so I like the extra water.

Innovative, patented Quadra-Fin™ cone maximizes extraction of all citrus fruits, from limes to grapefruits.
Makes juicing easy with innovative active-arm press – a power-assisted lever that makes it effortless to press fruits.

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