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He said that Alien Ware is a good laptop because it has the processing power needed to handle which must run at very high frame rates and will have no trouble at all rendering programs such as inventor and solidworks.
Note: The new Toshiba Satellite S75 is a newer and advanced series which has a wider display size of 17.3" diagonal and it comes with Mobile Intel HD graphics card.
I am going to school for mechanical engineering and was thinking of buying an ASUS Q550LF-BBI7T21 laptop from best buy.

The majority of engineering used in the School of Engineering is Microsoft Windows based and will not run on the Mac operating system.
Engineering students may print their work in the Learning Center computer labs during operating hours.
To this end, the School of Engineering provides five computer labs on campus with all software used in Engineering courses.
The School of Engineering provides a FREE license to VMWare products to all engineering students.
For either method, students can retrieve a FREE copy of Microsoft Windows 7 Professional through our MSDN program.
These methods are not officially supported by Engineering Services or the University of Connecticut, but many students have used them successfully and without issue.
I currently am using a laptop and I HATE IT.  I’ve had this computer for a few years now and everything is just falling apart.  I originally took iteverywhere and I loved it but now my mouse stick is broken, my speakers don’t work sometimes, and now my monitor looks like it’s ready to die on me.   On top of that, for the money that I paid to get this computer I could have got a much better desktop with money left to spare.  I highly recommend purchasing a desktop.  As for the hardware, I recommend a computer with plenty of harddrive space (considering harddrive space is very cheap nowadays).  Also, the video card should be good for the CAD programs.  Don’t forget about the memory, get a computer with a lot of RDRAM.  As far as the monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc..just pick something in your budget.
There are two aspects to the usefullness of a computer on campus.  For academic use, I would advise a computer with an ethernet card already installed.  One of the latest versions of windows would be helpfull because setting up a computer on the network can be a bear sometimes.  Microsoft Office is also essential; they will need ‘Word’, ‘Excel’, and ‘Powerpoint’.  For personal ‘Dorm life’ type activities, a frosh would want plenty of memory (20GB-40GB), external speakers (and maybe a sub-woofer), and a CD-RW drive.
Lastly, the programs.  For my major (mechanical engineering) I’m using mathCAD, matLAB, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Unigrafix, and ABAQUS (a VERY costly program).  I recommend having all of the above programs on your computer (except for ABAQUS which is very memory demanding and is very difficult to find).  As far as Excel and Word, those came with my computer.
Students who will be running graphics-intensive engineering software on their personal computer should consider a video card with 1 GB (or more) of dedicated video memory, This consideration would apply to MNE students who want to run SolidWorks; BAE students (Machinery Systems option) who want to run Creo (formerly known as Pro/ENGINEER); ArE/CnS students who want to run AutoCAD, Revit, or other Autodesk software; and CIS students specializing in computer game design.
Basically buying a laptop is a one time investment in life and cost of a good laptops are also high now these days mainly for someone from engineering background.
With a gorgeous aluminum design; a 15-inch, 1080p display; and an Intel Core i7 CPU, making charts and reading spreadsheets have never been so enjoyable.
The 2.4-GHz Intel Core i5 CPU with Intel Iris graphics make the MacBook Pro an excellent choice for art and design students.
That’s why the 14-inch, 1920 x 1080p display and excellent tactile feedback offered by the Lenovo ThinkPad T440s make it a top choice.
Sure, the student bookstore probably has some good discounts on computers, but will any of those be the right laptop for your studies? Start by reviewing our recommendations for the best laptop for your college major, and then check with your specific school to make sure its configuration meets the minimum requirements.
Creative pros prefer Macs, so film and animation students should start off on the right foot with the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display.
If you purchase a laptop with other specifications, it will still work! If you find your laptop can’t handle a particular Engineering application, we have remote options available to shift that burden from you to us.
Engineering students, as soon as classes start4, are eligible to download the following software titles at no cost for their personal computer.
If you leave an item in one of the computer labs, please visit our Lost and Found locations in 2071 Black Engineering, 2215 Coover Hall, 2220 Hoover Hall, or 1200 Howe Hall.
For Windows computers we recommend Windows 8.1. While none of the major engineering applications specifically mention Windows 8.1 support, they do support Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 doesn’t differ significantly.
Examples of educational activities with wireless computing might include: remote control of robots built as projects for design classes; individual student use of computer models in the classroom; real-time simulation of load and strain for structural designs; immediate feedback on performance during exams and exercises; and classroom analysis of statistical data sets.
The College of Engineering does not require a specific wireless laptop because of the dynamic and diverse character of the computer marketplace.
Several key first- and second-year courses in engineering, computer science, and science are using wireless technology to improve education through a more "hands-on" learning environment.
Because laptops are now required for incoming OSU engineering students, the cost of a wireless laptop will be automatically considered in the financial aid package offered to new freshmen.
The Oregon State University College of Engineering is pleased to announce a commitment to using state-of-the-art wireless technology to enhance and expand our teaching-learning environment.
Students with wireless laptop computers will have instant and continuous access to the Internet, email, and engineering curricular materials.
In time, additional courses will incorporate wireless technology to enhance learning as part of every engineering student’s classroom experience.
Thanks to generous gifts from Intel, Hewlett-Packard, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the entire College of Engineering and a number of other buildings on the OSU Main Campus now offer wireless connectivity.
I will be studying Mechanical Engineering and I will be requiring a new laptop.
Best Laptop for engineering students.
From what I’ve experienced from my FX-8350 computer i can say that AMD processors are the best when it comes to gaming, but not when you have to run a software like Maya or AutoCad.
So I will prefer going with an Intel processor in my laptop.
The issue occurs when running large Statistical analysis, Malwarebyte scan, Database conversion or analysis, software installs, upgrade/updates, programming & compiling error prone code, long downloads, and other such real world Workstation tasks.
In my company we standardize on Dell, and two Precision 15.4 inch models bought within a year of eachother with only a minor change in spec increased the # of usable monitors from two to three (two external + the built-in one — not sure what happens if you take the clunky docking out of the equation, nor do I know what resolution to expect as we’re still battling with old-school 1080p displays).
While Dell’s flagship Precision M4800 goes head to head with beefy models like the ThinkPad W540 and ZBook 15, I’m focusing here on the new, lighter Precision M3800.
2) Dell had a wonderful offer with the Latitude E series, which I still recommend as the best engineering laptop for people who hate Thinkpads, but the XPS and Precision line keep suffering from low quality builds.
Oddly for a Windows machine, the W540 doesn’t offer an HDMI or Displayport video output, opting instead for VGA and Thunderbolt ports.
I have had engineers crash laptop pc’s just by utilizing excel… that said, to me, a system must have a stable OS with minimal background noise (unnecessary OS software ad ons performing actions while you work) running during use.
Gorilla Glass covers the screen — it’s still a bit of a novelty in the mobile workstation category, but valuable if you order the machine with Windows 8.1 pre-installed.
For everyone else, fortunately, the W540 offers plenty of USB ports (2x USB3.0 and 2x USB 2.0). Automatic switching between integrated and discrete graphics helps the W540 claim a more-than-respectable 6+ hours of battery life (users are reporting around five hours).
The ZBooks also don’t offer the ultra-high-resolution display of the ThinkPad W540, but their 1080p displays are top notch and feature HP’s DreamColor technology.
It has many of the newest bells and whistles, including an option for a QHD+ display, fourth-generation Core i7, Nvidia Quadro discrete graphics, and an mSATA slot to go along with its spinning hard drive.
The tradeoff is a slightly heavier and larger machine (6.2 pounds for the 15-inch version) than the similar ThinkPad W540, even though specs are similar.
"Is an Apple computer a good choice for engineering students at Tufts?" This is often the first question I am asked by entering students about choosing a computer to bring to college.
The following are sample Windows and Apple laptops I configured at the Dell and Apple websites (from the Tufts Support Center site click Computer Help → What to buy and scroll down to the Dell and Apple logos).
Parallels has the advantage that it runs simultaneously with the Apple operating system OS X whereas Boot Camp requires the computer to be restarted to switch between Windows and the Apple operating system.
If you choose not to install Windows on your Mac (a feasible option) the Tufts computing labs are available for those instances when you need access to software not supported by Apple.
As the instructor for the introductory computer courses EN 2 Computer Aided Design (CAD) and ES 2 Computing for Engineers, I am often asked to recommend a personal computer configuration for Tufts engineering students.
If you are making a new computer purchase, the Tufts University Information Technology (UIT) group recommends Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit version.
Many specialized engineering software products do not have a version that works with the Apple operating system.
For future software developers, software engineers or programmers, a graduate degree in computer engineering combines training in electrical engineering and computer science.
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They highly recommend you purchase this model and starting next year it appears to be a requirement.
The Gigabyte is a really good board, for the price, I also saw the GA Z77X UD3H board from gigabyte, also good, but $20 extra with only a few extra internal I/O connectors.GIGABYTE – Motherboard – Socket 1155 – GA-Z77X-UD3H (rev.
1.0). Stuff like power and reset buttons, Clear CMOS button, Bios Switch and Voltage Measurement points, point as well as one extra fan header.
For small parts or assemblies you don’t need a lot of performance, but the problem comes in when you want to manipulate very large assemblies with a few hundred parts, then processing and graphics becomes important.
It has PCIe power connector, 4 fan headers instead of 3, (internal I/O) power , reset buttons, Clear CMOS button instead of jumper, voltage measure points, BIOS switch.
A mother board with support for more than 2 video cards, could prove useful, because I am not sure how many screens I will need to run in the future.
Not sure if in computer engineering you get into the more technical electrical stuff like programming PICs, or dealing with GPS clocks (i.e. for real time databases, security, network synchronization) and whatnot, but if you’re willing to spend that much, you may keep your eye out for one with a serial port.
I used to work at the IT Help Desk for my uni back in the day (I mean… a year ago…  ) I can’t tell you how many times dumb engineering profs would recommend Macs to their students only to find themselves faced with the obstacle of buying a copy of Windows anyways to run their applications, something that a lot of students can’t afford after plunking down $1500 on a new MacBook.
With Intel Pentium 2020M, 2.4GHz with 2MB Cache Processor, this laptop promises enough power to cater everyday living needs of any student.
15.6″ diagonal display comes with it powered with Intel HD graphics so decent graphics is expected.
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Not so much is on 15.6-Inch screen powered by Mobile Intel HD graphics but this is actually enough to cater the needs.
2.4GHz 4th generation Intel Core i3-4000M Processor with 3MB L3 Cache comes with this system.
Capacitors has been one area Samsung has a known history of going cheap causing units to fail early leading to repairs that should not have been needed.
Apple makes a good quality laptop.
They even makes Dell customer service look good.
Asus has many models which are going really good in the market these days because of their superior performance.
They bought IBM PC division and proceeded to drive the quality of the system into the ground.
Dell once made a good system and fell from grace.
They are far worst then laptops of any kind to service and they have a higher failure rate.
They are designed to catch your eye but they are not any more special then other laptops except for the fact that they are slim or thin.
Most engineering courses now utilize multimedia-based software, expecting students to have and use laptop computers, connected to the wireless network, in both the classroom and laboratories.
A laptop, coupled with the wireless network available in all engineering buildings, allows students to access web-based course materials anywhere.
I find the following list of laptops to be among the best laptop 2014 for engineers and engineering students because they are neither over the top nor on the bottom of the performance scale.
Some of us are students on tight budget and therefore may seek best engineering laptop 2014 that can promise to deliver engineering work as well as cost less.
The greatest attraction for you in terms of an engineer or an engineering student in this laptop is definitely the mid end Intel Processor.
This latest laptop of 2014 for engineering students also features a more than ample 4 GB of DDR 3 RAM.
Here is why I believe that this is the best laptop 2014 for engineer and engineering students.
If you are already an engineer, then chances are that you still have similar demands from a laptop, i.e report writing, CAD or software engineering depending upon your field of study.
After all, engineers should roll with style and this best engineering laptop 2014 will help you achieve that.
The reason I have listed this laptop here from the plethora of budget laptops available in the market is due to the fact that is has a good mid end processor.
The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Purdue University offers both undergraduate B.S. degree as well as M.S. and Ph.D. graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.
U.S. News & World Report ranks Purdue’s Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering 9th and 11th respectively at the Undergraduate level [America’s Best Colleges 2011].
The Birck Nanotechnology Center has its birthplace in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University.
The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) has a history of research and education that dates back to 1888.
Other laboratories are specialized for nanophotonics, crystal growth, bio-nanotechnology, molecular electronics, MEMS and NEMS, surface analysis, SEM/TEM, electrical characterization, RF systems, instruction and training, and precision micro-machining.
Additionally, students can access the Whitacre College of Engineering Remote Lab to access software that cannot be installed on Mac OS.
For these cases, we recommend using bootcamp or VMware Fusion which is available for Whitacre College of Engineering student use.
The following is advice from Engineering Computing Services (ECS) on computer purchases for academic studies in engineering.
University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering includes roughly 50 faculty members, 50 staff members, 375 graduate majors (200 in the Doctoral program and 175 in the Professional Master’s Program), and 600 undergraduate majors (200 graduates per year) in Computer Science and Computer Engineering programs.
Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering at the center of the UW campus in Seattle, Washington – a national and international technology center in software, biomedicine, the health sciences, and other fields.
Complementing recent game-changing hires in Machine Learning, “Big Data,” Computer Vision, and other areas, this year’s hires build upon existing strength to create a world-class Natural Language Processing Group at UW and provide outstanding new talent across already strong core areas.
The New York Times identifies UW as providing "a road map for how colleges can help produce a more diverse group of computer science graduates.” UW awards bachelors degrees to women at a rate more than double the national average for research-intensive universities.
UW CSE professor Pedro Domingos has received the KDD 2014 Innovation Award, the highest award for technical excellence in the field of data mining and data science.
We wanted prospective students to have access to questions such as "Why CE and UCSB?" and a Frosh-to-Senior Year Timeline and our current students to have better access to advising information, and CE’s curriculum including the 4-year-plan, senior sequence courses, and Sr.
The Computer Engineering Program at UCSB starts with a foundation of hardware and software fundamentals and extends that foundation with advanced elective sequences.
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The Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, first offered by the EECS Department in the 2011-12 academic year, is a professional masters and is designed for students who plan to join the engineering profession immediately following graduation.
The EECS Honors Degree Program is designed to provide very talented undergraduate students with more flexibility at the undergraduate level.
In addition, students receive a special faculty advisor, engage in research, receive official notation of the honors degree on their Berkeley transcript, and are invited to special events with faculty and EECS Honors alumni.
It is possible to complete the M.S. degree in a single academic year, but most students take three to four semesters while they are also filling in undergraduate prerequisites they may be missing, preparing for PhD preliminary exam, and becoming involved in a research group.
Honors students select an academic concentration outside of EECS, and are allowed twenty extra units beyond the B.S. degree requirements to explore this "breadth" area.
The Berkeley EECS major, offered through the College of Engineering (COE), combines fundamentals of computer science and electrical engineering in one major.
The Master of Advanced Study in Integrated Circuits (MAS-IC) is an online part-time degree program focused on developing an in-depth and advanced knowledge in the field of Integrated Circuits, including but not restricted to the digital, mixed-signal and radio-frequency domains.
The L&S Computer Science program does not admit students to the major as freshmen.
Instead, students intending this major are admitted as undeclared majors and must later declare the Computer Science major upon completing the technical prerequisite courses with a GPA of 3.0 or better.
It is a five year combined Bachelor/Master’s program geared toward outstanding and highly motivated students who desire a program of study that offers greater breadth than is practical in the B.S. or B.A. programs alone.
The school features a wide range of undergraduate research opportunities and the computer science programs are designed to give students the skills they will need to be successful in this competitive field.
Ohio State University is a massive research university, and conducts some of the most cutting edge computer science research in the world.
Examples of the cutting edge research taking place at princeton right now are their computer science research projects in computational markets, economics, game theory, and bioinformatics and computational biology.
Another public university among the top ten computer science universities in the world, UCSD is a hub of computer science research.
Purdue is a major research university that engages in some of the most cutting edge research in the field of computer science.
The school engages in some of the most cutting edge computer science research including: distributed systems, computer architecture, and computer science education and diversity.
Students will have a wide range of options when attending UCSD as the school features research projects that span the field of computer science.
Research taking place at UT Austin in computer science is cutting edge and features research projects like: automatic programming, virtual reality, and Randomness in Computation.
The only public university ranked in the top five universities in the world for computer science by the Academic Ranking of World Universities, U.C. Berkeley stands as an example of high quality but accessible higher education.
The school conducts top level computer science research, has a strong 30 year net ROI, and features one of the highest acceptance rates on this list.
These centers each house numerous cutting edge computer science research projects, each of which is intended to move the field forward in significant ways.
The University of Massachusetts is one of the best public schools in the United States and is ranked among the top computer science universities in the world.
The school features several of the top computer science research groups and labs in the world.
This ranking list is designed to showcase the top ranked computer science programs, and consists of the 25 most highly ranked programs in the United States according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities.
Because respected research is an important component of any high quality computer science program, this article will highlight notable research taking place at each university as well.
One of the top ranked public universities for computer science programs, Purdue University is one of the most accessible schools on this list with an acceptance rate of 68%.
The computer science research taking place at Cornell is driven by these individuals and represents the cutting edge of the computer science industry.
Students looking to maximize their earnings in the field of computer science should be concerned not only with attending a university highly regarded for its academic programs, but also should try to find computer science degrees with the best return on investment (ROI).
Computer Science may not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Yale; however, Yale is one of the strongest schools worldwide for undergraduate computer science programs, and computer science research.
The school is engaged in groundbreaking computer science research in areas like: databases, high performance computing, numerical analysis, and much more.
Yale features some of the most unique computer science research going on in the industry at this time, including research into Computer Music and Social Robotics.
The purpose of the list is to highlight the top computer science programs in the United States and rank them according to their greatest future earning potential in order to allow students to make informed decisions about which higher education options afford them the greatest earnings opportunities.
UCLA is ranked among the top ten computer science programs in the world at the undergraduate level by the Academic Ranking of World Universities.
The school does high caliber computer science research and its undergraduate program is renowned worldwide.
The University of Maryland College Park is a public university, and one of the fifteen best computer science universities in the world.
The computer science programs at Princeton are some of the most advanced in the world, bringing the intellectual might of some of the most illustrious minds in the field to bear on the biggest issues in the industry.
The EECS GSA is a group designed to bring graduate students in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology out of the many corners of campus in which we sit to share experiences, strengthen our communication with faculty and administration, and improve student life within the department.
Deniz Yorukoglu, a third year PhD student in the EECS Graduate Program at MIT has been selected as a finalist in the nations IBM PhD Fellowship Awards Program.
Texas Instruments has selected MIT EECS student Samantha Gunter as the 2014 Texas Instruments Graduate Women’s Fellow for Leadership in Microelectronics recognizing her leadership and performance among women researchers in the field of Microelectronics.
Current EECS Graduate Student Sergey Gorbunov has been awarded a Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship.
Andrea Colaco, MIT Media Lab graduate student and EECS graduate student Ahmed Kirmani were one of five finalist teams in the ACM Student Research Competition at SIGGRAPH 2012 held in Los Angeles, CA, August 5-9, 2012.
EECS graduate student, Cody Gilleland has been named as the first a recipient of “The Regeneron Prize for Creative Innovation by a Graduate Student.” The national award is a new initiative by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
As a prospective MIT EECS graduate student, you can explore on this website the depth and breadth of research carried out by our world-class faculty and research staff members.
A Masters of Engineering is only available for qualified EECS undergraduates.] The application website is available on September 15, 2014 for students who wish to apply for graduate admission in September 2015.
EECS PhD candidate Faraz Najafi together with another student (Qingyuan Zhao, Visiting Graduate Student) won first place for the Best Student Poster at the Applied Superconductivity Conference that was held Oct.
The EECS Department is the largest in the School of Engineering with about 700 graduate students in the doctoral program.

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