best headphones under 100

Another beauty of a bargain on our list, the NS400 offer excellent sound quality, and (dare we say) premium construction, crafted from aluminum housings with titanium coating to provide solid durability.
They offer a robust over-ear design that throws down a smooth, natural sound that’s built to play back your music collection with a steady hand.

It’s of course not perfect—the design is ancient, in summer your ears will quickly sweat if you haven’t swapped out the earpads, the soundstage is merely good, and I’d to see a replaceable cable—but the MDR-7506 will shame headphones several times its price.
The build of the 8323 is impressive given the price, but its audio value is even more striking: Put simply, no $25 full-size headphone should sound this good.
It’s not a headphone for audiophiles or those who prefer balanced sound, but for bass fan who also want to make a fashion statement, The Rise Up is worth a listen.
Sony’s MDR-7506 Professional Headphones enjoys almost mythical status among headphone geeks, as it’s been on the market since 1991 and has earned a reputation among professionals and amateurs alike as an audio workhorse.
The metal headband is covered in a brushed-metal-like plastic with thin, black padding around the top section—again, because the headphone is light, this thin padding isn’t uncomfortable, and I was able to wear the AH-D510R for extended periods.
(Velour earpads, available from third-party vendors, improve the 7506’s comfort dramatically.) The headband pressure is a little on the high side, but that pressure makes for a good seal and good sound isolation—and it does loosen up over time.
The single-sided cable is terminated in a standard 1/8-inch plug, and though it’s detachable, the connection to the headphone itself uses a non-standard bayonet mount, which means you won’t be able to easily swap the long (and heavy) coiled cable with a shorter straight cable.
The headband is a bit tight, even on my average-sized noggin; the resulting pressure on the ears might make extended listening sessions uncomfortable, though the tight fit does keep the headphone in place—a plus for mobile use.
(Monoprice’s prices change frequently, so you may find that when you visit the product page, the price is $23.51, or $25.17, or $22.84.) More important, the sound and build quality is good enough to include in this group, despite the headphone’s low cost.
The AH-D510R’s faux-leather earpads aren’t especially soft and don’t provide much noise isolation, but they fit nicely over the ears and remain comfortable thanks to the light weight of the headphone.
The soft, well-cushioned earpads fully envelop the ears, and, with help from ample pressure from the headband, offer great sound isolation.
The Rise Up headphone is about average in weight for a full-size headphone, and the earpads are firm with a soft-cloth covering that’s comfortable on the ears.
It doesn’t sound as good as the best full-size headphones that squeak in under $100, but the 8323 embarrasses many costing much more.
Slotted near the bottom of Shure’s headphone lineup, the SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones lists for $125, but has a street price of $99.
I know there are serious bass fans out there, and the Rise Up offers powerful lows that are much less boomy than you usually find with bass-heavy headphones, but as someone who prefers a more-balanced approach, I personally felt as if there were cotton stuffed in my ears when listening.
The HD 280 Pro sits at the lower end of that range, but it’s no cheapie, and the Pro in its name isn’t merely marketing—this rugged headphone is equally suitable for home and studio use.
Still, as long as temperatures are low, the headphone is comfortable for long listening sessions—as with many headphones of this type, and especially those with “pleather” earpads, your ears will get warm after a while.
Looking for the best cheap headphones for under £100? Whether it’s on-ear, in-ear, over-ear, Beats by Dre alternatives or noise cancelling on a budget, here’s a selection of cheap earphone and headphone options to convince you that you don’t have to spend big to get a great sounding pair of cans.
The good news is that at the more affordable end of the headphone-buying scale, things are getting much better and you can now get a good-looking pair of in-ear or over-ears that delivers rich, detailed sound to rival more expensive headphones.
Since there are literally thousands of models available, we’ve most likely missed some great deals, but we’re determined to find as many headphone bargains as we can, so feel free to offer up your own nominations in the comments section below.
Looking for affordable headphones that sound really good for the money? Here are CNET’s top picks.
Headphones are among the most popular products on CNET, and, not surprisingly, many of you are looking for a pair that delivers a lot of bang for the buck.
With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of our favorite headphones that offer good — and sometimes excellent — performance for the money.
It’s a bit of a hodgepodge of products, with a mix of in-ear, on-ear, and over-the-ear headphones, and even a few Bluetooth models.
Earphones can provide a good sound thanks to noise isolation, but for truly impressive and immersive sound reproduction, on-ear or over-ear headphones are the way to go.
I’ve tried most of the above and my vote would go to either the Sony MDR-V6 or the Audio Technica ATH-M50X, a new kid on the block is the TakStar Pro80 which is a kind of BeyerDynamic DT 770m clone but in all honesty is a great set of cans in its own right, the only difference is like the DT770 it doesn’t fold but sounds 10 times it’s price tag.
The QC25s build on the QC15s long running success by improving sound quality and design to be the ultimate noise-cancelling package.
They replace the K451s as the best portable on-ears up to £100 thanks to a new, refreshing style and an all-round solid performance for their size and price.
The sound quality of this model is vivid, it makes certain tracks sound livelier, and the tuning makes the mid-range and higher range vocals and sounds get more attention due to the V8 sound engine.
The Bose AE2 model comes in sleek and light in black or white, and the earpads are made of luxuriously soft leather, making it a comfort and breeze to wear.
This model is highly recommended for its overall great sound quality and comfort, and lastly, the very efficient noise isolation.
This model, despite being large and made for extended use, makes use of the semi-open design to ensure long lasting comfort free from hot sweaty ears.
These provide the best quality that Bose has to offer, great sound and comfort, reliability, and at a lower cost than usual for Bose.
The matched cord with a 3.5mm jack also makes this model street-worthy, making it compatible with the iPad, nano (4th generation or later), classic, touch (2nd generation or later), 3GS, and 4.
This model of the Bose AE2 has only one cable running from one side of the headphones to your audio player, making it more convenient.
This model boasts a very clean sound reproduction with no high range tinny audio reproductions, and very accurate lows and bass.
Seeing that this model comes in light at 8.1 ounces, you can also take them out and they won’t feel heavy after extended use, and the numbered notched grooves make them adjustable and comfortable for any sizes.
Sol Republic has come up with this beauty, it’s hardy, along with giving you great sound quality; you can rest assured that this set won’t be spoilt anytime soon.
or specific production quirks especially in the treble, it took me 2 weeks to “rumble” the Sony sound, there are worse headphones don’t get me wrong, however i feel these cans are best suited to speech based applications in my view.
The MDR-7506 have been a studio staple for years, and there’s a great reason why: Not only do they have an even response across the entire frequency range, the 7506 have better sonic depth and dexterity than many headphones twice their price.
Having compared them to most other “modern” headphones over the course of a year and on the fence about what to replace the V6’s with after A > B testing with every other can I could get my hands on theres VERY few that I can honestly say sound “good” sub $150 even $300 most are pure crap with exaggerated bass end and muddy – everything else.
Since we had such a great performance from our $88 retail Sony MDR-7506 last time, we expanded the price range to include headphones with a retail value from $70-$190 in the hopes of finding another hidden affordable gem.
I have bought this headphones and I’ve been loving the sound but it has a major drawback that is not mentioned in the article, they are TINY! If you have medium to big sized ears you wil have a really tight fit that will do 2 things: one it’s uncomfortable after an hour and two is that it feels that there isn´t enough air between the speakers and your ear so the sound lacks space and doesn’t seem natural.
Sony MDR-7506 are a studio staple for a reason: They have an even response across the entire frequency range and have better sonic depth and dexterity than many headphones twice their price.
I’ve listened to a lot of headphones in the $200-400 price range and find A-T to be superior to anything Sony has to offer.
In fact, Brent was the only panelist that didn’t have the Sony MDR-7506 as his first place; he chose the ATH-M40x instead, saying, “if I had to go buy a pair of headphones to mix with right now, these are what I’d buy.
To be perfectly honest, I’ve always considered closed headphones to be niche products, for users who want to sacrifice comfort for sound quality… as a result, I’m a bit confused by statements indicating that open headphones are for specialty use only.
The idea behind our panel is this: listen to all of these headphones back-to-back to get a sense of sound, build quality, comfort, and features as compared to each other.
I listened to as many as possible that I could get my hand on in the price range, ended up choosing ATH-M40X because Sony-7506 sounded little to “sharp” for me, but over my journey of listening to ~10 headphones, I always refered back to this article to see what I was missing, which was helpful.
Really, I’d just like to see them compared to other headphones in a Wirecutter review to be able to better judge the more fun options in this price range.
Sound fidelity arguments aside, even glowing reviews of the Monster DJ headphones on Amazon complain of poor build quality.
I tend to put audiobooks/podcasts on a lot during my commute and while I work (distracts me enough to get into a good zone), I’ve been using a pair of decent gaming headphones for a while, but I’d like to know your opinion.
The faceoff panel consisted of: Brent Butterworth, Wirecutter A/V writer with decades of experience in the field with publications such as Sound & Vision Magazine, Home Theater,, and many others; John Higgins, a session musician and music and audio teacher at Windward School; Phil Metzler, a musician/keyboardist in the band Just Off Turner; and me, Lauren Dragan, a writer for Wirecutter and Sound & Vision and a professional voice actor with a dual bachelor’s degree in music and audio production.
After researching every pair of over-ears in this range that is currently available (around 75 units in total), reading countless professional reviews and Amazon reviews, and conducting two separate listening panels consisting of audio professionals, the Sony MDR-7506 are the clear winner yet again.
I think the main reason these headphones have done as well as they have is that they came out when Sony was peaking with regards to its brand status, and at the time there was almost no competition for the price.
While I agree these headphones are good, especially for the price, I think saying they’re the “best sub-150$ headphones, period.” is a little too far.
If I wanted to buy over-ear headphones for about $150 or less, the Sony MDR-7506 are still the pair I would buy for the second year running.
Open-backed headphones aren’t for everyone, but if that’s what you want, we were impressed by the sound of the Grado SR80e.
So, when you can get the winners of this faceoff, which sound fantastic and are built solidly, for $111 less than the cheapest Monster or Beats headphones, we’d prefer to save you the money.
The isolation from outside noise provided by closed headphones changes the “type” of sound completely.
At work and at home, as a television producer and editor (and podcast producer), for over two decades I’ve used Sony MDR-7506es as my recording monitor and mixing headphones.
We’ve rounded up 10 of our favourite pairs of budget headphones, from in-ear, to on-ear, to over-ear, all available for under £100.
We’ve mentioned these AKG headphones several times before in our best product round-ups, and there’s a perfectly good reason: the K451s have won our Product of the Year title for the past two years (and the K450 predecessor won in 2011).
More suited for home listening due to the coiled cable and chunky design, the M50s deliver a sound packed full of detail.
Prefer a pair of budget in-ear headphones? These Beyerdynamics were the 2013 Award-winner and offer fantastic performance-per-pound.
The best headphones around cost hundreds of pounds, but there are plenty of earphones under £50 and £100 that represent brilliant sound-per-pound value.
I got these because my previous earbuds, a pair of JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs which were great while they lasted, started losing sound in the left side.
The deserved winners of a What Hi-Fi? Award for the past three years, they produce a sound that belies their price.
Basic in the best sense of the word, the MM70s are an unfussy, utterly reliable upgrade to your smartphone sound quality.
The first PX100 was one of the original Sennheiser mobile headphones that revolutionized portable listening, delivering sound quality previously unheard in the category.
The SE215 are the starter level for Shure in-ears which translates to beyond-belief sound quality when compared to lesser known ‘entry-level’ in-ear headphones at this price.
Excellent in-ear headset + mic with pristine audio performance from the original inventors of audiophile in-ear monitor [IEM] headphones.
Superlux HD668B are designed for professional level and near-audiophile quality performance at a fraction of the cost of most top-tier monitoring headphones.
The Beyerdynamic MMX 2 are ‘on-ear’ dedicated gaming + multi-media headset headphones from the German audio leaders with superb audio performance and great features.
Widely regarded as the top affordable headphone, the Grado SR60e is a superb choice for listeners seeking amazing sound at a great price.
The Sennheiser CX300-II Precision in-ear earphones extend upon the legacy of the highly successful original CX300 models by improving fit ergonomics and delivering slightly clearer overall sound.
Holy smokes, what a splendid and affordable headphone! Shure has done a very high quality job of blending terrific performance with reasonable cost in the SRH440 model.
The Superlux HD681 represents some of the top sound quality performance at this price available in the headphone industry.
We’ve long been a gigantic fan of these little open-back ‘earpad’ (on-ear) style headphones for listeners wanting a compact, good-sounding upgrade for portable and mobile use.
Wired reviews Editors Michael Calore (@snackfight) Bryan Gardiner (@BSGardiner) Photo Dept Keith Axline (@kaxline) Jim Merithew (@tinyblackbox) Ariel Zambelich (@azambelich) Josh Valcarcel (@JoshValcarcel) Contributors Mat Honan, Christina Bonnington, Alexandra Chang, Roberto Baldwin, Tim Moynihan, Christopher Null, Joe Brown, Billy Brown, Michael S.
Dissect these cans and you’ll find a big part of why they sound so great — the CAL is equipped with the same famous (to headphone geeks, at least) drivers that graced the now-defunct Denon AD-H1001, another closed-back budget-friendly headphone in the $100 realm.
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The exoskeleton is rugged and durable, the wood wears well, and the plastics used for the frame and hinges of the WoodTones are scratch resistant and have a flat and silky feel to them. From the heavy duty, fabric-wrapped audio cable to the lightweight materials and reinforced stress points, these over-ear-headphones shine in a field crowded with fierce competition.
Having evaluated a wide range of headphones, I’ve found that wooden speaker enclosures really do live up to their hype. The acoustic resonance and warmth that comes from using wood that is a thing of beauty.
The Griffin WoodTones also incorporate a 6-foot, heavy-duty, detachable iDevice-compatible audio cable, which conveniently allows you to use the headphones as a microphone-enabled headset for high definition iDevice conversations.
This doesn’t diminish the quality of the headphones per se, but it was a bit of a surprise, especially considering that their smaller siblings, the WoodTones in-ear earphones, do come with a handy natural fiber carrying pouch.
Do you love the natural beauty of wood? Do you want a break from all the metal and plastic of today’s mobile gadgets? Or maybe you are a true audiophile, a person who appreciates pristine audio reproduction when using your iDevice and its apps.
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I do a lot of studio production and hours of prep before I DJ, and I use SONY MDR-XB500 and they are freaking awesome, on stage I use Technics RP-DH1200 headphones but at home SONY is where its at, they are literally the most comfortable headphones that have ever graced my head, they also have a 40mm driver which is insane for headphones SONY also makes a 50mm driver version called the XB700, but I actually value my eardrums so im going to stick with my 500’s.
sorry buddy your gonna need to spend way more than 250 dont be cheap! if your going to use headphones like you say you do i whould spent in the 400-600 dollar range get pro beats by dre they are well worth it.
If you want a great sound balance and a tight bass, I’d recommend getting the Sennheiser HD555.
Im not sure if they’re good because Ive never owned a pair of headphones other than them but they work like a charm for me.
Just a quick update guys, I haven’t bought the headphones as of yet but I’ve decided to up my budget to £280 at this time I’m prob gonna be going for the V-MODA M-100 which should be coming out in a few days! Just wanted to thank you guys for the help.
You can pick up some seriously phenomenal headphones for that budget, and while V Moda have taken strides towards establishing a place as a reputable manufacturer, they won’t compare to the sort of audiophile grade cans you can for such a large amount.
I haven’t used Skype more than a few times, but it’s important to understand that Skype and other VoIP can offer better sound quality than POTS (and possibly cellular), since they can (although may not be) using more bandwidth and therefore better frequency range…so POTS-class headsets may not be what you want.
I’m comfortable with single-ear headsets like the Plantronics Audio 920 bluetooth headset; but other people might prefer dual-ear headsets like the Sennheiser PC 151 or perhaps one that fits better on your left ear.
The headphone manufacturers lost market and had to fight back, but they were caught somewhere between the dog and the fire hydrant; headphones always sound much better than earbuds, but all they served to do with electronic portables was make awful sound even worse by bringing out all the shortcomings that earbuds missed.
Other than that, there isn’t much to them against the other two here and the sound quality isn’t brilliant either, with so much emphasis on a powerful bass line that detail is lost higher up and the thump can become a bit tedious.
This is fine if you like bass-heavy sound, and plenty of people do, but if you listen to music that places as much emphasis on female voices as male, that has the occasional burst of violins along with the bass guitars, if you like music with airiness and delicacy, you’re up for another $50 or so.
So you can get seriously good sound quality out of an electronic portable, and lots of people are replacing their earbuds with headphones to make the most of that.
There is a strong bass line in the sound but definition remains good through the entire range.
GALAXY S5 Telstra from $72/Mth Mobile Accelerate Plan with Telstra for $72/Mth: Min.
Introduce: Best sound quality headphones under 100 is coming! As our electronic equipments are increasingly advanced, why we don’t purchase a high quality headphone to match them and give ourselves an all-sides enjoyment.
Introduce: Two months ago, my third headset in this year has been abandoned by me due to its sound quality unworthy of the introduction and affecting my game competition seriously.
Introduce: Do you want to get best sound quality when using headphones? It’s not difficult as you thought.
Introduce: Recently, Tom which is one of my friends wants to buy a pair of PC gaming headphones under 100 Dollars.
Introduce: Where to buy headphones with the best bass? Keep reading and you may find a satisfied answer.
I’m a headset collector and the time collecting headsets has given me lots of experience to easily get a practical, beautiful and budget headphone.
Polling conducted by Vanderbilt University in May found that 71 percent of state voters oppose amending the constitution to place abortion rules solely in the hands of the legislature, but people don’t turn out for midterm elections in the kinds of numbers that will necessarily defeat this measure.
There is no question that this measure goes far beyond the proposed “personhood” language in other states to ensure that legislatures could pass any future legislation, including regulations that could ban abortions even to save mothers’ lives or to protect incest victims.
Supporters of the amendment also claim that allowing the state to promulgate simple abortion laws like those in neighboring states will make the procedure safer for women, claiming that currently state clinics are almost wholly unregulated.
The court determined that “a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy is a vital part of … the Tennessee Constitution,” and it held that Tennessee could only pass very narrow restrictions on abortion as a result.
They are just handing the power back to the legislature to decide whether you have a right to an abortion and removing any worrisome constitutionally protected abortion rights from judicial review: “You’re saying yes to making the constitution once again neutral on the issue of abortion,” Sharon White of the Yes on 1 campaign explained this week.
Opponents of Amendment 1 are quick to point out that “let the people decide” actually means putting the whole issue of abortion into the hands of legislators who have shown themselves to be something less than “neutral” on the issue of abortion in recent years.
The people retain the right through their elected state representatives and state senators to enact, amend, or repeal statutes regarding abortion, including, but not limited to, circumstances of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest or when necessary to save the life of the mother.
As all the states surrounding Tennessee passed more and more anti-choice legislation in recent years, Tennessee came to be the state that neighboring women turned to to obtain services denied to them in Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky.
How likely is the amendment to pass? As Molly Redden at Mother Jones has shown, the ballot campaign has turned into one of the most expensive in state history, and so far opponents of the measure have outraised and outspent its supporters.
As Stacey Campfield, a Tennessee senator from the 7th District (Knox County) told the Family Action Council of Tennessee: “After [Amendment 1] passes, I have several ideas but for fear of those ideas being used to help defeat Amendment 1, I will refrain from talking about those at this time.
This is the Nexus device I’ve always wanted and frankly, if it means that the cost is higher than previous Nexuses so that I get complete top of the line specs with great software, I’m willing to pay that higher price.
Sell a product (the Nexus line) for a low price point, get followers who realize this is a quality phone over the years even though it may not have the most high end specs.
If this was any other phone, no one would bitch about the price but people are used to getting Nexus phones for nothing.
The price difference of the Nexus 6 Vs the OnePlusOne is less than $50 in materials, thus please tell me how the OnePlusOne can sell for sub $400 and the Nexus 6 needs to be $650, unless google wants a profit margin closer to Samsung & Apple.
My hope by going this route for Google is able to really push the Nexus brand at the carrier outlets and have people sign up for a 2yr contract and get the phone at a good discount.
I saw the Nexus line as being phones made by Google without any vision of profit: just for the geeks and developers and as a guideline for other phone makers.
To me it goes to show that nexus fans actually acknowledge that fact that STOCK ANDROID is less featured and has less bells and whistles that it doesn’t deserve a premium price.
The Nexus 6 is definitely a new direction for Google and the success of it at this price point could well depend on carrier promotion.
The price is justified, but I’d prefered if the Nexus line stayed budget-conscious.
But remember what was the main idea of Nexus line – near top or top hardware with pure android experience and competitive price tag.
Its more than what previous Nexus owners want to pay but the device is worth its price as much as any other flagship.
So Google changed strategy, and went back to offering the expensive Nexus “developer/enthusiast” phone and abandoned the lower pricing.
the price and size its not helping, no update for nexus 5 its good to me since i got it at launch and its still a very capable device im waiting for a new nexus 5 or whatever they call it.
For me the whole point of a nexus device was the top end specs low price tag optio .
They compare the price do the note 4 in dollars but Samsung has different numbers in dollars and euros, nexus is 650 dollars and 650 euros, lol.
I’m surprised by all the clueless people here blaming Google and Motorola for the pricing of the Nexus 6.
I’m interested in the nexus 9 but not until it drops in price.
I think Google wanted a premium flagship Nexus smartphone to compete in the market and I think it’s appropriate for them to have that.
Much better price via multiple vendors, thus those that need a low price device have Nexus 5, OPO, slightly older LG devices, etc.
@KosugiGaming @Sips_ What? It's a common way of saying a statement was so obvious that everyone already knew it.
@Sips_ "I'm so cool – I use the same headphones as Hat Films.
@Sips_ @YogscastLewis Yeah, fine, Sips is slacking.
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