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Jumperoos aren’t cheap and this article gives the findings on my research as to which is the best jumperoo for you and your baby taking into account their features, price and quality.
My baby boy has just turned 4 1/2 months old and we have just bought him a top jumperoo, after researching lots of jumperoos including makes by Fisher Price and Baby Einstein.
The reason I bought this jumperoo is that I got a good price for a brand new version on ebay and I kept getting outbid for what was my then first choice of the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo.
I bought an older make of Fisher Price jumperoo from ebay which was the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Jumperoo.
I’ve owned both the Rainforest and the Discover and Grow Fisher Price Jumperoos, and they are both pretty much all the same.
Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo had the best reviews.
You can get the Fisher Price Jumperoos from Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Walmart, and more.
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I saw the reviews on the fisher price one and they looked good.
We have baby Einstein and fisher price and I like the fisher price better.
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As with many of these large pieces of baby gear, we are fortunate enough to own both (one a registry gift, one a hand-me-down) and we have enough space for both (we keep the jumperoo in the kitchen and the exersaucer in the living room).
Both the exersaucer and jumperoo feature tons of toys to entertain baby all over the place (and you can replace toys to keep things fresh and fun).
If we had more space we would want the jumperoo (much more fun for baby!) but I got a really cheap ($10) used exersaucer with the bouncy plate so until next baby–exersaucer wins by default.
I will be getting a jumperoo for baby #2! and I think I might just sell the exersaucer we have because it takes up SO MUCH SPACE and we live in a 1000 sq ft apartment.
While both are large pieces of baby gear, our jumperoo is larger and taller than our exersaucer.
Funny you say that – we only had an exersaucer but I wish we’d had a jumperoo instead! he LOVED the jumping and you’re sooo right about it being significantly quieter.
Parents use jumpers to help develop baby’s muscles, provide a form of physical activity, increase mental stimulation, and reduce physical strain on parents.
When choosing a Fisher-Price Jumperoo for their babies, parents should consider whether their baby is of the proper height and weight, development stage, and that they have enough space in the home.
Many parents should consider using a baby jumper, as it has many advantages, including: developing baby’s muscles, providing a form of physical activity, increasing mental stimulation, and reducing physical strain on parents.
Since babies develop differently from one another, parents need to ensure their baby is at the right stage of development before placing them in a Jumperoo.
While a baby jumper is not a replacement for quality bonding time, it can reduce the physical demands on parents, especially if the parent is unable to play with the baby.
Fisher-Price manufactures a wide variety of items and one of its more popular lines is the Fisher-Price Jumperoo baby jumper.
Before purchasing a Jumperoo, buyers should first learn what a baby jumper is, how it is best used, the benefits of using a Jumperoo, the different types of Jumperoos, and considerations when choosing a Jumperoo.
We found that a jumperoo can be a useful tool for his early age development because they promote motor skills, sound training, all the while providing the baby a safe environment with less parent supervision.
You will find useful information on everything you need to know like reviews, ratings, safety tips, features and buyer’s advice – we make it easy for parents to find the best jumperoo for your baby.
Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper is a high quality jumperoo and overall an EXCELLENT choice.
Also, parents should stop putting their baby in the jumperoo if your child is able to climb out and walk because of potential safety hazards for both scenarios.
This jumperoo is great for encouraging your baby to develop the necessary reaching & grasping skills and motor skills.
Welcome to Jumperoo for baby dot com the complete and comprehensive guide to purchasing jumperoos, activity centers, excersaucers, and jumpers.
What is the difference between the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper and the Fisher Price Jumperoos? – The 2 makers of jumpers share many similarities that you will notice immediately.
According to the manufacturer’s requirement, parents should not use the jumperoo if your baby is able to hold their head up unassisted.
Fortunately, you can just get the best jumperoo for your baby so that he/she can get interacted with colorful toys which can give amusement and excitement.
It has six different toy station and two overhead toys that will allow baby to activate five fun melodies and lights as-well.
It has spinning seats for all around music, sounds, play and lights when baby jumps.
Best Jumperoo is one of the most welcomed gifts that parents can give to a new baby.
It has stylish, attractive and colorful design construction that can encourage your baby to play even more with a lot of fun and excitement.
Parents can also switch on/off the lights, music and sounds if your baby start to cry.
It’s one of the most popular type of best jumperoo on Amazon that has incredible feedback’s.
It has comfortable rotating seat that can provide safe place for baby to play.
Overall, it’s an ideal model that you can give for your baby that will not cause you disappointment.
It doesn’t need any doorway and has comfortable rotating seat that allows baby to look around.
It’s one of the best-selling and popular type of best jumperoo that is available in the market today.
And today’s hint is that other parents debating whether to go with an exersaucer or a jumperoo consider the model style I wish I had opted for instead.
Like many parents-to-be and new parents, I spent an embarrassing amount of time agonizing about whether to get an exersaucer or a jumperoo for my daughter.
[…] What are your tricks for giving your baby exersaucer or jumperoo legs? Share your thoughts below, and if you’re debating whether to buy an exersaucer or a jumperoo, here’s my take on which one to get.
In addition to the swing mentioned above, Fisher-Price also announced a new $69.99 foldable Jumperoo (the Woodland Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo) that will be available in October and that makes me change my tune on the Jumperoo vs.
And we could have left the jumperoo (now in our garage) in our living room and encouraged our daughter to use it as a circular activity table of sorts.
Variety of Fun Activities: It addition to the great sensory stimulation mentioned above, this exersaucer has 7 other excellent “stimulation stations” Noah seems to enjoy all of them, and doesn’t get board while he is hard at work playing.
Evenflo Splash Mega Exersaucer – This exersaucer by Evenflo gets great review’s from parents, and has lots of fun activities to keep your baby entertained.
The Evenflo Triple Fun Exersaucer is a very popular model due to the fact that not only are you purchasing a great exersaucer for your baby, but included in the box is a playmat and activity table.
Also on choice of exersaucer – I was leaning towards the baby Einstein but when I googled it one of the search results was about a product recall due to safety concerns.
Take a deep breath, sit back, watch the super cute video above, take a second to check out our son’s story) and take pleasure in the fact that after you read this post you can check “buy an exersaucer (or jumperoo)” off your to do list.
So for that reason, we opted to bring our jumperoo back and get the Baby Einstein exersaucer.
Before Noah was born I had no idea there was such a heated debate among parents regarding the use of an exersaucer or jumperoo.
I once heard a mom refer to an exersaucer as their baby’s office, and after watching the way Noah handles his (fun and playful) business in his I can see why! Noah really enjoys hanging out and playing in his developmental office and knows it’s his own little space.
We keep our exersaucer close to the kitchen, and have found it’s perfect for entertaining Noah for a few minutes while mommy puts something yummy in the oven.
I cannot say enough good things about the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo!  My son ABSOLUTELY loved it… it was his favorite toy (we are also just beginning to put our second son in it).  For one, he was able to "stand" to view other kids playing, which is something he couldn't do so well in a bouncy seat or just laying on the floor.  There were plenty of attached toys within reach that couldn't fall on the floor.  Spinning sun, tiger that pops out when you push a button, spinning lizard (with balls), chewy butterfly on a bendable stick, two hanging toys, and music and jungle sounds.  And his favorite part of all was the jumping.  I didn't let him play in it longer than 30 minutes at a time because he would be jumping so hard, he would be sweating!  If your child is constipated, this toy may help.  It has never failed that any time I put him in it, he would poop (up the back)!  My cousin also has this toy and this happens to her, too.
He went NUTS!!!!! He laughed and jumped for 15 minutes straight!!!! His expression was hilarious! My husband was put off by the price when I told him what it cost, however, the moment he saw our son in it, he said it was worth every penny! The colors are bold and vibrant, the music is fun and upbeat — gotta the volume control!! The variety of the toys is nice as well as the ability for babies to turn in the unit to play with something else that catches their eye! I that it is self contained – no doorway jumpers for us! Drawbacks: The Fisher Pricer Rainforest Jumperoo is VERY BULKY!! Very difficult to fit through standard doorways, and no way are you gonna want to take it anywhere when visiting.
The Luv-U is also nice, but the rainforest has my favorite music of any baby toy I’ve heard! The Luv-U is more sensitive to the baby’s movements and makes sounds for every movement he makes.
On the rainforest jumperoo, there is a green bar with three animals hanging or attached to it- an elephant facing the wrong way, a red bird, and monkey.
Lastly, instead of the hippo rattle, the rainforest has a smaller colorful rattle that our son played with much more than he plays with the hippo! Partly it might be the colors, but mostly I think it is because he could reach it better.
Now that he is taller, his feet are flat on the ground on the highest setting of the rainforest, but at this age we rarely (never) use the Jumperoo anyway since he would rather explore on his own.
The Rainforest has a pop up tiger whose mechanism probably is too advanced for our baby and it has a rainbow bar that he loves to look at with a sun rattle.
So why the high rating? It isn’t nearly as good as the Rainforest Jumperoo IMO, but it is still a great activity toy for babies! If you don’t have a choice, get this.
$99.99!). Plus, this item ships FREE with Super Saver Shipping OR snag FREE 2-day shipping (no minimum) with Amazon Prime (check out this post for more information on how to score a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime).
Head over to Amazon where you can score this highly rated Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo for the lowest price it’s been of $67.82 (reg.
Print PostRegister to use Hip2Save Hip List! Amazon: Highly Rated Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo $67.82 Shipped (Reg.
Amazon: Highly Rated Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo $67.82 Shipped (Reg.
The play area on the Laugh and Learn jumperoo seems bigger than the Ocean Wonders one (yet they still take up about the same amount of space on the floor) and the various discovery items appear to be geared at an older infant (hence the ABC etc).
The L&L jumperoo that we just got appears to sit higher, so I would recommend that unless your baby is taller than average, you might want to consider one like the Ocean Wonders, or Rainforest Jumperoo as the height adjustment levels appear to be slightly shorter.
The Laugh and Learn Jumperoo arrived this morning and my wee girl was in the Ocean Wonders one getting tired and wondering what on earth I was doing.
The only thing I don’t like with this model is that with regards to the bar, it seems to make for noisier bouncing than the Ocean Wonders jumperoo did before it developed a squeaked.
Seat: There is padding in the seat on the Laugh and Learn that there wasn’t in Ocean Wonders jumperoo.
One may wonder why I opted to get another jumperoo if we experienced squeaking on the Ocean Wonders model after only 5 months of use.
She absolutely loves the vibrant colors, and recently she’s learned that she is able to spin some of the toys (which keeps her fascinated for long periods of time)! Now that she’s a little over 4 months old, she’ll go in it a couple times a day to strengthen her legs and get some quality play time.
We have somewhat of a small zoo who likes to wreak havoc (2 dogs, 3 cats) and at night, we typically put all of her things away in her room, including her swing, her jumperoo, and any other things we may have used that day.
Description : Welcome to the Luv U Zoo! Everywhere baby looks (in the spinning seat, he can look all around!), there’s something fun to do with an animal friend—spinning, jumping, rattling and more! It’s safe jumping fun rewarded with lights, sounds and music! Developmental Guidelines: Use only for a child who is able to hold head upright unassisted and who is not able to walk or climb out of product.
Best of all, the Jumperoo rewards baby’s jumping with lights, sound effects and music so baby is encouraged to keep jumping.
Your very best alternative? Floor time! In today’s busy world, we find many babies have an immense lack of floor play time, not just due to using exersaucers or jumpers, but going from the car seat to the bouncer seat to the swing to the exersaucer to the high chair and back again! Playing on the floor is the the best place for a baby to learn and to stimulate his visual, sensory, gross, fine and cognitive skills.
Because babies tend to jump forcefully in these things they do not learn slow controlled movements needed for walking, some kids develop a tip toe pattern of movement and he jumper does nothing to help strengthen trunk, core & leg muscles needed for balance and walking (San Diego Children’s Hospital).
More and more baby “exercise equipment” becomes available to parents every year and often parents ask us questions during therapy sessions and evaluations such as “Should I get a walker for my baby?” or “Will using a bouncer help strengthen my babies leg muscles?”.
I am passionate about spreading awareness and acceptance for children with special needs, and to compel others to show compassion for their families who love them I advocate for other causes that are close to my heart.
This blog is to give a window into the beauty of Down syndrome and to share our everyday life with all it’s special challenges.
I look to share my perspective of why being a mother of child with special needs is truly a blessing! I also share product reviews, special needs resources and parenting tips.
In this blog I give you a window into the beauty of Down Syndrome, celebrate my son’s accomplishments and struggles, and share the joys of motherhood and our everyday lives as a typical family with a little something "extra".
I’m a proud Mom, Special Needs Mommy Blogger, passionate Health Activist, Parenting Mentor, Social media enthusiast, mompreneur & author.
I just came across this great post by Rick Smith from ”Exersaucer Vs Jumperoo – Which is best for your child?”, and I had to share it with all of you.
The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo allows your baby to stay safe and stimulated for as long as you need them to be in it.
The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo can hold your baby, provide them with fun things to do, and make the most of times when you need to get other things done.
A jumperoo is something that most babies love to be in and parents love them because their babies stay happy and get the stimuli they need to develop.
This jumperoo allows your child to bounce around using the power of his/her legs, spin around, and use their large motor skills to stay entertained.
This jumperoo will last for years and provides your baby with a teething toy, bat-around overhead toys, a spinning toy that features light up objects, music, and motion.
Cribs are generally located away from the parents watchful eye, but with the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo, you can be right in the same room as them so they never leave your sight.
And a whole lot more too! There’s actually five locations on the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo that have toys.
At around $100 on Amazon, you can see how the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo makes a lot of financial sense.
Babies really love the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo.
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If you are looking for jumpers and swings for your lovely baby, then Fisher-Price Adorable Animals Jumperoo is the right product.
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Listed here are a few information for Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo Multi.
Buying guides Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo Multi.
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Fisherprice Rainforest Jumperoo in full working order good clean condition.
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Fisherprice Rainforest Jumperoo, well loved by my baby but still in good condition.
Fisherprice Rainforest Jumperoo, great condition has all parts and batteries just replaced.
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Fisherprice rainforest Jumperoo, excellent condition.
Fisherprice rainforest Jumperoo in great condition.
Fisherprice Jumperoo 'Rainforest themed' baby bouncer for sale.
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Jumperoo Rainforest Theme – Excellent Condition.
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