best korean romantic comedies

Being from Europe we don’t watch Korean cinema or TV because Europe has so much to offer but I’m going to continue seeing Korean movies and shows that I fell in with.
Wow! Nice lens… In addition to English-language movies, I’ve got Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, Spanish, Italian, and Tagalog movies … haven’t gotten any Korean ones or other languages (although I’ve watched some Bollywood (Hindi) movies).
My Sassy Girl is just the best Romantic Comedy Korean movie I have watched ever! Although the guy is not that cute, he sure is adorable too.
I’ve watched my first Korean movie 2 weeks ago and I loved it, so much in fact that I’ve seen 5 after that and that show called The King 2 Hearts it’s perfect.
I love watching Korean Drama for the past 5 months and I’m done with "The Heirs", see my review – and I’ve just finished "Prime minister and I", which the leading man here starred at "My wife is a Gangster 3", then as of today I’m still watching the ongoing K-Drama "Love from the other Star" a very funny romance com.
I really like Korean movies! :)) Watching this kind of movie is very relaxing, keep up the good work.
Clocking in at almost two hours that you never want to end, My Little Bride is simply just what Korean romantic comedy needs at a time of trite formula and My Sassy Girl rip-offs.
just two days before Christmas i broke my leg, so i stayed home.Bored to death, i was searching for a hallmark christmas movie and i ended up watching Seducing mr.Perfect.Since then i ‘ve watched allmost every k comedy on youtube, but Seducing mr.
I love the passion, humor and charm that we can find in Korean movies.
Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho star in this trendy high school drama about chaebols as they form friendships and fall in love for the first time.
Song Hye Gyo and Rain star in this classic, popular Korean drama that set the benchmark for all romantic comedies in the Hallyu Wave.
Rain makes his comeback in this drama as a president of an entertainment company who lost his girlfriend in an accident and finds himself falling in love with his girlfriend's younger sister, an aspiring songwriter.
A sitcom starring K-pop idols, six young people live together in a mysterious owner's boarding house unaware that they're part of the owner's schemes to find his child.
Adapted from the classic manga, Itazura no Kiss, the director of Goong brings a fresh look into the ups and downs of falling in love through the course of high school and college.
This drama follows the relationships between four different couples, whose stories are centered around a news anchor, Cha Ki Young, who voluntarily becomes a single mother.
In this Korean adaptation of the original, a case of mistaken identity one fateful, intimate night conceives a whole new love story for two complete strangers.
I didnt like its ending very much, but the movie worth watching.
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Everything is this drama perfectly fits! The storyline is well written and carried out, details of acting in each scene touches the heart of viewers! And of course, all the casts in this drama is perfect in their roles! Main characters, kim so hyun & jeon ji hyun do have great chemistry and have outstanding acting skills that match well with each other.
I love this drama very much so cute this drama is my all time favourite I love both cha and him their chemistry is so beautiful and awesome I love cha swung won very very much he is a such a cute perfect person I expect lot from you cha do well god will bless you and always with you.
Never get tired of this drama! Its HILARIOUS! And super cute! Definitely recommend watching this if you like romances where the girl tries to get the guy but the guy doesn’t want her.
This drama is AMAZING! I legit sobbed when I finished it! THE BEST acting! You will immediately fall in love with this drama after the first episode.
Watch it for Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won’s sparkling chemistry and their wonderful acting! The whole body swapping drama is hillarious and romance is really touching.
Not sure what’s so hilarious about this one but it’s still a great drama, so you should definitely watch it, even if it means less comical value.
The 30-year-old pâtissier played by Kim Sun Ah, is different from the typical Korean drama heroine mold! The actor Hyun Bin plays the man-child boss.
I love this drama so much! Its one of my favorites! One thing I like about yoo rin is her attitude and her hilarious side that made me breathless laughing so hard.
An adaptation of classic manga Itazura No Kiss, Playful Kiss is a warm, bubbly drama about falling in love and growing up along the way.
Amazing drama, very cute chemistry and laugh out loud comedy.
[Newest]The first Korean drama I watched that got me hooked.
The first Korean drama I watched, and I got hooked.
Mutual love is a miracle, and this drama is a perfect portrait of this feeling.
Directed by Eva Jin, One Night Surprise (a play on the term One Night Stand, obviously) is awesome not only because Chinese actress Fan Bingbing and Korean American actor Daniel Henney star in it, but also because it reworks the overused trope of the career-oriented woman who’s too busy to seek love.
My top picks for the best Asian romantic comedies of 2013 therefore consist of films with young, up-and-coming actors, actresses and directors (including Korean American heartthrob Daniel Henney!).
Directed by famous actress Zhao Wei, So Young made its U.S. debut at the New York Chinese Film Festival earlier this November.
Tracing the lives of four college girlfriends in the 1990s, the film explores the themes of youthful love and loss of innocence as the characters get sucked into the materialistic world of 21st century China.
A Story of Yonosuke has also made appearances at the New York Asian Film Festival and the San Diego Asian Film Festival.
While Asian cinema was once considered to be only Chinese kung fu movies and Japanese horror films in the Western imagination, some of the best Asian films of 2013 have been romantic comedies.
If we can get over the questionable rape aspect of the film, the storyline is actually really funny as we watch Michelle try to figure out the identity of the baby’s father and chase after true love at the same time.
How to Use Guys with Secret Tips premiered early this year at the New York Asian Film Festival.
A love story between a city girl and a country boy (past), and the city girl’s daughter and a guy in the drama club (present).
A Korean love story about a young couple’s enduring love, which is tested when 27 year old Sun-jin is diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease.
A love story between two friends since childhood which are Forced into an arranged marriage by their parents.Broom is a kind guy but bride is only 15.
A teenage girl tries to continue her normal social and school life, after her grandfather forces her into an arranged marriage with a man in his twenties.
A middle-aged man who lost his love for life rediscovers it by assuming a new identity in order to rekindle the romantic spark in his marriage.
“ A love story between a 30 year old man and a high school student, and a 22 year old man and a 29 year old woman.
“ A love story between a firefighter and his girlfriend; a girl and her unemployed boyfriend; a mother and her son (motherly love); and a deaf girl working at a theme park and a guy she meets there.
“ A love story between a rich, struggling male high school student and a poor female university student.
“ A love story between an engineering student and a girl he meets on a train.
“ A love story between a city girl and a country boy (past), and the city girl’s daughter and a guy in the drama club (present).
“ A love story between a city boy and pretty country girl.
“ A love story between a rich boy and a country girl.
“ A love story between a buoyant photographer and a girl with a chronic illness and a deformed hand.
“ A love story between a country girl and a wild boy.
“ A love story between a baseball player and a girl who has loved him from afar.
“ A love story between a former renowned dancer and girl from China that knows nothing about dancing.
“ A love story between a 30 year old virgin and a woman with a split personality.
“ A love story between moderately mentally disabled man just released from prison and a woman with severe cerebral palsy.
“ A love story between a woman learning English and a man in her English class.
“ A love story between a woman looking for the perfect man and a man that has helped her numerous times.
“ A love story between two people that live in the same house during different time periods communicating via mailbox.
“ A love story between a grieving woman and a special man.
“ A love story between a Physics teacher and a young female police officer.
“ A love story between a woman and her new boss.
“ A love story between a male photographer and a female parking agent.
“ A love story between a painter and two guys: an Interpol detective and a hitman.
“ A love story between an ex-convict and a naive country boy.
“ A love story between an ex-boxer and a blind telemarketer.
“ A love story between past lovers: a veteran secret agent and a rookie.
“ A love story between a university professor and a death row prisoner.
“ A love story between a pianist with stage fright and the village fool.
“ A love story between first loves.
“ A love story between a boy and two girls.
“ A love story between two orphans.
“ Pretty good movie about a boy in love with a girl who tells him many outrageous things to cover up for her true situation.
About a tragic love triangle story involving young painter Hye-young, Interpol detective Jeong Woo, and professional hitman Park Yi.
Now and Forever tells the emotional journey of a playboy who finds true love in his relationship with a beautiful girl he met at the hospital.
Two department store window display decorators find themselves to be perfectly matched professionally but, as they gradually fall in love, it becomes increasingly more difficult for them to work well together.
A struggling for love, Baseball players discovers he has terminal illness and meets a girl who has had a crush on him since times immemorial.
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Again i just love Kim ki duk techniques of symbolism..the seasons denoting the five stage of life (young, teenager, middle aged, old etc)Anway i could go on for ages..not writing a film review.
the one with Jang Dong gun in it…i think he’s one of the best korean actors! it’s about four young boys…basically the movie is about the transition of becoming an adult.
what korean movie now a days isn’t all about beauty n plastic surgery.
The Cyrano Agency consists of four people from a theater troupe and offers an unique cupid service with helping people who can’t date to have a love life.
Xiaofei, the perky province girl newly arrived in Beijing, gets a job in a prestigious fashion magazine thanks to chief editor Zoe who is best friend of her aunt.
December of 1945, a Japanese teacher was forced to leave Taiwan and his beloved Taiwanese girl when the repatriation of Japanese nationals began following the end of Word War II.
Legend about ancient treasures of past dynasties buried beneath the northwest desert in a famed lost city attracted treasure-hunters and tomb rides for centuries.
The story begins in 1983 on a rainy afternoon with So In-wu meeting In Tae-hae by chance and offering her shelter under his umbrella while they wait for her bus.
Less predictable than most, there’s still a message of true love conquering all in there, but the efforts of main man Cal Weaver ably played by Steve Carrell, keep it firmly in the comedy category and Ryan Gosling as Cal‘s wingman Jacob Palmer provides some seriously laugh out loud moments.
Their journey to love via the chaos of Bridget’s friends, family and sleazeball boss played by Hugh Grant spawned some great and iconic scenes, and still provides a thoroughly modern journey of Cinderella meeting Prince Charming.
Crazy, Stupid Love (2011) scores high on the recommended romantic comedies movies chart for it’s refreshing contribution to the genre.
Owner description This beautiful museum, once a railroad station, now houses a staggering collection of Impressionist art, as well as other items created between 1848 and 1914.
The Heirs Episode 1, The Heirs Episode 1 English Sub, The Heirs Episode 1 Korean Drama, The Heirs Episode 1 Full, 그무게를 견뎌라 – 상속자들, 왕관을 쓰려는자.
This drama actually makes you root for the high school 19 year old boy to get with the 26 year old girl which in real life would be ridiculous, am I right? Still, I loved this drama.
Synopsis: A tomboy-ish girl who consistently gets mistaken as a guy winds up working for a coffee shop that only hires males.
The owner also winds up having confusing feelings towards the girl, but thinks he’s becoming a homosexual because he doesn’t know the guy is a girl.
Synopsis: Pastry chef 김삼순 (Kim Sam Soon) somehow gets into a contractual dating relationship with a cold restaurant owner for money.
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1985′s Clue showed that you can make a good movie based on a board game, and Pirates Of The Caribbean was based on a theme park ride, but this seems sillier because it’s not being played tongue in cheek.
Lockout is the first feature for the directors, co-written by Luc Besson and produced by his Europa Corp who have been responsible for good, sometimes great, action titles like District B13, Taken and The Transporter.
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Top 5 korean romantic comedies of 2013 2014 top 5 fridays on category video.
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