best power supply for gaming

If you don’t need a modular power supply, then Rosewill’s Fortress power supply gives you quality components, platinum efficiency, and a super low price compared to its competitors.
For the 70% Efficient power supply you would need to draw 571.43 watts in order to achieve the average of 400 watts your computer needs or a total of 4.571 kWh in an 8 hour day.
The 90% efficient power supply would need to draw 444.44 watts in order to achieve the 400 watts of power your computer needs on average.
Keep in mind that efficiency pays for itself in the long-run and that an efficient power supply draws more effective power from the wall.
Picture: Seasonic’s platinum 1000 watt power supply is expensive at just over $200, but may well be worth the high cost in long-term savings.
However, the professional series is solid and this particular model gives you decent value by combining a modular platinum power supply with a great amount of capacity.
Seasonic’s platinum 1000 watt power supply is expensive at just over $200, but may well be worth the high cost in long-term savings.
At the same time a 500 watt power supply which has 70% efficiency will only give you 350W of usable power.

The Raidmax Hybrid 730 watt atx12v/eps12v power supply rx730ss is reflected on your list of "Top 700-750 watt power supplies for 2012" but nowhere can I find a detailed review of this product.[I would buy it tomorrow if I could get more detail of it]..One is for example concerned whether there are the standard built in voltage safety features which are present in the big name brands.
Specifications include Intel standard ATX 12V V2.3 compliant, EMI noise filter, 70% load efficiency (those looking for 80 plus look below), green power design, OVP/OCP/OPP/SCP protection, 1 x 120mm fan, 20+4Pin main connector, PCI-E connector 1 x 6-Pin, support for dual +12V1 and +12V2 outputs.
Or, you technically could put a high-end video card in a system with a low-end power supply, but it probably won’t work and it’s possible that you could damage your system and destroy your other components.
So, if you’re not looking to run 3-way or 4-way SLI/CrossFire and overclock your CPU and video card to record-breaking levels, there really isn’t need for such a large power supply.
While the wattage may seem a little low and it isn’t modular, don’t be fooled into thinking this PSU isn’t a good choice for you… this power supply can definitely handle some of the bigger named video cards (GTX 660, GTX 660ti, HD 7850, etc.) and will give you more for your money that you could have ever imagined.
While 850W is overkill for a single video card setup, this power supply is a great option for anyone looking to run 2-way SLI or CrossFire configurations.
If, however, you want to run a 2-way SLI/CrossFire setup with two high-end video cards, then a solid 850W power supply will do the trick.
However, even if you do want to use a high-end video card like the GTX 780 Ti, a quality 550W power supply will give you enough power as well.
If you choose a low-end power supply you won’t be able to put in a high-end video card.
A quality 700W-750W power supply will allow you to run two moderate video cards in SLI/CrossFire configuration.
These power supplies will also give you quite a bit of headroom for system tuning if you’re building a high-end single video card setup.
Again, unless you’re planning on running multiple video card configurations now or in the future and getting into some extreme system tuning, there really isn’t a need for this much power.
With the PC Power and Cooling Mk III 750W PSU, you will not only get extremely high quality from a tier 1 power supply, but you will also get a modular design and as close to a silent PSU as humanly possible.
So, the bottom line is that, unless you’re building an extreme setup that utilizes multiple video cards (or plan to in the future) the power supplies in this list are probably the route you want to go.
It doesn’t matter how awesome your gaming computer is, if you pair it with a cheap power supply you’re asking for trouble.
Do you want to run quad GTX 780 Tis in SLI configuration and laugh at the extra headroom you still have? Or, would you like to move off the grid and power your small log cabin using a wind turbine? Either way, this PSU could probably be used in both scenarios… With all joking aside, this power supply is likely the result of two Greek Gods having a baby together.
In this article I’m going to take a look at the best gaming power supplies available so that you don’t make the mistake of choosing a cheap low-quality power supply.
There are multiple options for each wattage range, but know that this list doesn’t include every quality power supply out there.
There’s nothing like getting a modular 600+ watt 80Plus Bronze PSU made by a tier 1 power supply manufacturer for under $100.
So, even though your power supply won’t give you a higher framerate or increase your screen resolution to 1080p, it’s still one of the most important components in your system.
And, your power supply is also important because the quality of the PSU you choose now will dictate what other components you can put into your computer right now and down the road.
The power supply is well put together and I really liked having the modular cables (there are plenty of different cables and they are all wrapped in nylon mesh).
I bought this power supply for my first computer build and I am very pleased! I have been using it for over two weeks now, non-stop, and it has not failed me once.
If you’re building a budget system, a 450W power supply will more than do the trick.
Sure, it’s a little ridiculous for a power supply, but if you’ve got the money to do so, then you might as well get as ridiculous as possible.
I’ve broken down the categories into wattage mainly because there are a ton of different power supply “tier” lists out there and I feel like it would be easier for builders to search by the wattage they need.
I will be upgrading my graphics card soon and I plan on updating my review saying if there are any differences when the power supply is under load.
This is a great power supply, and I that it’s 90% modular.
600W-800W Power Supply Comparison Chart Picture Power Supply Watts Mod.
800W-1000W Power Supply Comparison Chart Picture Power Supply Watts Mod.
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Discussion in ‘System Builder's Advice’ started by IAMSAM, Feb 1, 2014.
Building a High end Gaming pc.Need Advice on Psu.
I mention here for gaming PSU/Power supply, because most of time people are upgrade there systems for gaming purpose and very less time for other professional working purpose.
PSU/Power supply is One of the most important hardware on your computer, basically for gaming.
Check out them, these PSU/Power supply has lots of good reviews from users and they are happy and experiencing better performance while using their computer/systems.
PSU/Power supplier are Categoried into various categories like 400 to 450 watt, 500 to 550 watt, upto 1000 watts.
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Here you can discover the best Computer Power Supplies in Amazon Best Sellers, and find the top 100 most popular Amazon Computer Power Supplies.
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I need a PSU with enough power connecters to power the harddrives and blu ray drive with spares for future upgrades, a decent wattage and certification, long cables to fit around my case and also a longer gap between connecters (current PSU has too short of a cable between the connectors meaning not everything reachs.
Available in 850W, 1000W, and even 1200W models, the high-end Aurum PT line boasts super high efficiency (over 92 percent), enough wattage to run the most demanding gaming systems, flat-ribbon modular cables to help keep the inside of your case nice and clutter free (as possible), and a neat looking design, in case the opportunity to show off your PSU ever presents itself.
If only hitman Chev Chelios had access to EVGA’s latest power supply in the Crank: High Voltage series, he wouldn’t need to go looking for sources of electricity to keep himself ticking.
That’s why we’re a little excited to see Corsair announce its new HXi Series of power supplies with 80 Plus Platinum certification, which is only achieved when reaching greater than 92 percent energy efficiency.
Corsair calls the AX1500i the most technologically advanced and efficient power supply on the planet, a claim we’d have a hard time debating after glancing this beast’s spec sheet.
If you’re willing to pay for the luxury, EVGA will now sell you individually sleeved cable sets that support all SuperNova G2 and P2 power supply series.
If you’re looking for a beefy PSU to power a high-end rig with multiple graphics card, this looks like a candidate, at least based on the spec sheet (and EVGA’s reputation).
Over the past 6 years the folks over at the NewEgg community forums have been breaking power supplies down into tier lists based upon their part quality, load testing, ripple and noise measurements, build quality, and more.
Cooler Master V750: This high quality 100% japanese capacitor power supply is a top tiered option for those looking for a quality PSU that will last a long time.
Corsair CX Series 750 Watt: Just like above you’re not getting the absolutely highest tier with the CX series, but this is still a good value option for those doing a budget build or even a mid-range build that still want a high level of wattage and may not be worried about setting any overclocking world records.
If, for example, you’re constantly running two GTX 780 TIs in SLI, then more than likely you should shoot for a power supply that’s rated the top end of the scale in energy efficiency by the 80 Plus program.
For each capacity of power supply I’ve included my favorite Tier 1-3 picks.
You don’t want something so expensive that it takes away from your key components, but if you’re spending a lot on your rig already, then it’s probably a good idea to go with something that’s better quality to help your components last a long time.
Tier 1: At this level there’s not a lot of difference between a tier 1 and tier 2 gold certified power supply.
It’s tempting to want to skimp on your power supply when building a computer; however, there’s a few important reasons not to.
The FirePower Silencer MKIII is a platinum option (formerly PC power and cooling) I threw into the mix for this level; however, it’s very pricey compared to the other two models.
Over the past year I’ve been able to find several budget Power supplies in the under $30 to $40 range that meet this criteria.
The price per watt of power increases exponentially with efficiency and those who don’t constantly run their computers may not find they save money beyond a certain efficiency level.
But considering how important a good power supply is to a system’s stability and long-term reliability, it’s a shame that PSUs get so little attention in comparison to sexier components like graphics cards and SSDs.
A power supply with an efficiency rating of 80 percent provides 80 percent of its rated wattage as power to your system, while losing the other 20 percent as heat.
If you have 300 watts’ worth of components in a system, the system will consume 300 watts under load, regardless of whether the system is outfitted with a 500-watt power supply or a 1000-watt one.
Technically, a power supply with hard-wired cabling is optimal because it requires no additional connections between the unit’s internal PCB and the connector that will ultimately be plugged into one of your components.
For example, if you connect 25 amps’ worth of components to a +12V rail with a 20-amp maximum rating, the mismatch will trigger an overcurrent protection (OCP) mechanism and shut down, even though other rails my be available with plenty of power to spare.
A “single-rail” power supply has a single, high-power +12V rail for feeding power to hungry system components.
Consequently, with a multi-rail PSU you must pay attention to which components you’ve plugged in to which rail, a mild nuisance that you don’t have to worry about with a single-rail power supply.
Higher-quality power supplies almost always use bigger and better capacitors, chokes, and other internal components, and they come outfitted with larger heatsinks for superior heat dissipation—all of which translates into more weight.
A power supply’s efficiency rating is important because higher-efficiency units tend to have better components, waste less power, and generate less heat—all of which contribute to less fan noise.
Again, a PSU’s wattage rating indicates the maximum amount of power the unit can provide to your system’s components, not how much power it consumes from the outlet.
In a single-rail design, all of the power from the supply will be available to any component connected to the unit, regardless of the connector or cable used.
The OCP mechanisms in a multi-rail power supply monitor each rail and will shut the whole unit down if they detect an overload on any of the rails.
In the event of a failure, however, a single-rail power supply has the potential to shoot much more current into your components.
When searching for a power supply, keep your eyes on three crucial features: power output, rails, and efficiency.
For example, if the maximum power or combined TDP (total design power) of your system’s present components is 300 watts, a 600-watt PSU would be a good fit.
Ideally your unit will delivers plenty of power to your components and offers some extra headroom in case you want to attach additional components later.
Many users choose a power supply based on total wattage alone, assuming that higher is always synonymous with better.
Smaller units and units specially designed for enterprise and server applications are also available; but for common desktop systems, ATX power supplies are it.
Whenever you introduce an additional connection between the PSU and your components—as happens with modular power supplies—you add more resistance and another potential point of failure into the line; and any increase in resistance translates into lost efficiency.
Desktop power supplies have a power output rating of from 200 watts to 1800 watts (for ultra-high-end, enthusiast-class products).
In modular power supplies, you can add or remove cabling from the PSU as needed to avoid case clutter.
Corsair provides a thorough overview of power supply efficiency and of the 80 Plus program, if you’d like to learn more.
All else being equal, a 500-watt power supply won’t consume any less power than a 1000-watt unit.
Most power supplies hit their peak efficiency levels with loads in the range of 40 to 80 percent.
The computer power supply (also known as the PSU) is an often-overlooked yet important part of your custom gaming PC.
Return to Building Gaming Computers from Computer Power Supply for Gaming.
The computer power supply is a vital part of your computer and provides the power to the components in your system, and also cools your computer with a fan.
The power supply gives out three different DC voltages to your computer, 12VDC, 5VCD, and 3VDC.
The main purpose of the power supply is to convert AC power from the mains to usable low-voltage DC power for the internal components of the computer.
Common wattages range from 300W to 500W, although for a high-end gaming power supply wattages of 600W, 700W, and even 800W are common.
For a typical gaming computer I would recommend at least 500W of power, although you may need more or less depending on your system.
In a PC, the computer power supply is the metal box usually located in the corner of the computer case.
Without a power supply, your computer would just be a box full of metal and plastic without power.
Although this is an entry level model, Corsair doesn’t cut corners on its build quality – CWT manufacturing, sleeved cables, ball bearings fan and decent Samxon capacitors produce a reliable power supply with stable voltages.
It hails from a reputable brand – Antec, Corsair, Enermax, FSP, OCZ, PC Power and Cooling, Seasonic, Silverstone and XFX are well recognized as the best computer power supply brands.
Considered by many to be the best computer power supply for gaming and high end systems, let’s find out what makes Corsair AX760 so popular with gamers and enthusiasts.
Frequently recommended by satisfied users (4.5 stars rating by 400+ Amazon customers), Corsair CX 430W is easily one of the best computer power supply that you can get for under $50.
– A mid range computer is expected to handle a wide range of tasks, so this all-purpose machine needs a versatile power supply that can power a large assortment of hardware… and be durable enough to last for years.
Computer technology has progressed to a stage where even the lowest end PCs will suffice for basic users, so what we want here is a low cost power supply that doesn’t cheap out on energy efficiency and reliability.
If those are your needs, then Seasonic G Series 550W will serve you better – See our pick for the best computer power supply under $100 below.
For higher end models, you can expect 5 years of warranty (or more) from the best computer power supply manufacturers.
The best computer power supply for a HTPC needs to have two key qualities: One, it has to be space saving so that it can fit inside a small form factor case.
And let’s not forget its impressive 7 year warranty, so it’s not just the best computer power supply in its class… but also the only one you’ll need for a long, long time.
With six 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors, eight Molex connectors and twelve SATA connectors, this unit is able to power 3 high end graphics cards, 12 hard drives (or optical drives) plus all the cooling and accessories you will ever need.
While most mainstream power supplies are only able to achieve 80 Plus Bronze at best, Seasonic has outdone the competition by giving us a 80 Plus Gold unit (rated at 88 to 91% efficiency in real world tests).
Of course at this low price point, even the best computer power supply will have its limitations.
Commonly found in higher end power supplies, these flat power cables are favored because they take up less space in a computer case.
What is the best computer power supply for the money? No matter what type of computer you have, learn what’s the best PC power supply to buy today.
While most budget power supplies do make with warranties from 6 months to 2 years, Corsair is giving a 3 year warranty for this unit.
Corsair trumps the competition by offering consumers this 80 Plus Bronze model (82+% power efficient), which cuts down on your electricity costs and saves you even more money in the long run.
This is obviously NOT a complete list of quality power supplies so if you are interested in a power supply not on this list or you are unsure how much wattage your system needs, please visit our forums at .
Every power supply on this list has been verified to be exceptional power supplies by highly reputable review sites such as JonnyGURU and will perform very well.
The different power distribution between rails is one reason older power supplies don’t always work on newer motherboards, despite being able to deliver the watts on paper.
The rise in awareness of power consumption brought on by the eco movement has meant that the overall transforming efficiency of a power supply has become news, with stars and awards for being good.
The extra four pins your PSU may have supply more power for motherboards that need it.
Most decent PSUs use modular connectors, so the power supply has a set of sockets rather than permanently connected wires.
Modern PSUs are switched-mode power supplies, which use switching regulators to flip between full on and full off at very high frequencies (50KHz and up).
However, this wasn’t enough, so ATX 2.0 added a second 12V rail to help power those graphics cards.
Like with the motherboard power cable, you’ll often find PSUs that split the 8-pin block into two for compatibility with old processors.
An ATX power supply has a 12V, 5.5V and 3.3V rail, plus an additional rail to supply stand-by power.
You’ll want lots of PCIe power connectors so you can swap and upgrade cards and allow for dual card setups.
Plus, with the amount of power some of these graphics cards draw, a single wire would quickly turn into a heating element.
Some power supplies boast more 12V rails, which is great, but there’s no advantage other than the higher overall output.
Like most machinery, a power supply has sweet spots where it’s most efficient.
In the past most power was required at the lower voltages, so the 5V rail took most of the load.
Later, 8-pin connectors were introduced, which delivered 150W of extra power.
The first rail, 12V1, is used to power the processor, and the second rail, 12V2, powers everything else.
Why run so many 12V lines? The voltage drop rises as the current rises, so it’s better to have more low power lines than tax a single one.
For me, the protection of the power supply is one of the most crucial aspect because who really likes to burn their PC components due to say, voltage surge? The types of protection schemes include: Under voltage, over voltage, over-current, short circuit, Over power protection, Over Temperature protections, surge & in-rush protection, no load protection, and brown-out protection.
One of the most intriguing features of this budget power supply is the addition of power protection schemes that include Over voltage protection, Under voltage protection, Over current protection, Over power protection, short circuit protection and over temperature protection.
Another great feature of this power supply is the protection schemes which include, under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current and short circuit.
This power supply does not have protection features, it has a semi-modular cable management system.
However, high end power supplies usually are quite expensive and to see the return on your investment on high efficient power supply, you would have to use it for quite many hours for the extra efficiency to translate into savings.
The high end series of power supply (Gold or Platinum) from brands usually have a flatter efficiency curve so that when supply is off the peak efficiency level, the damage will still be minimal.
This series of high end PSU come with modular connectivity, thermal and heat management system, and complete and one of the most comprehensive protection scheme including over current, over voltage, under voltage, short circuit, over temperature, over power protection, surge & in-rush protection, no load protection, and brown-out protection.
The quality of the PSU for gaming in the market varies a lot and there cost is usually based on how curvy the power efficiency curve of a power supply is.
A high end power supply from Corsair that has the 80PLUS Gold standard, which means that it has the potential to save up energy bills thanks to its efficiency.
This Power Supply has almost the same price tag as the CX Bronze series of Corsair but this one goes further by including some sweet new features.
The more protection, the more heavy duty and expensive a power supply.
However, you need to realize that at 550W, the power supply will mostly be running at full capacity and it is not recommended to run power supplies at full capacity for a few reasons.
This means that power supply is running at 50% of rated supply and therefore at highest efficiency.
This is a Platinum grade power supply unit of 2014 for professional gamers and enthusiasts.
i.e at 60% efficiency, a 500W power supply would be most efficient for a 300W PC.
The selection of best PC power supply unit 2014 for gaming is regularly changed depending upon the latest edition and interest of people.
This is perhaps the most recommended series of power supply of 2014 for gaming.
It depends upon a lot of factors ranging from power efficiency curve, modular/non modular design, double ball bearing/single ball bearing fan, and of course the protection system installed.
However, if you do not care much about the savings on energy bills, then you may be interested in some other features of this power supply.
Power Supply Unit is a component of a computer that governs the power supply, and the thus the performance of the every single component such as RAM, Harddisk, optical drive, motherboard, and graphic card etc.
The only edge that the CX series of Corsair has on this power supply is the brand trust.
This is a staple power supply for enthusiasts and gamers who do not want to spend a lot on power supply and do not care much for extra features.
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With today’s launch of the GeForce GTX 750 Ti and GeForce GTX 750, NVIDIA has redefined the definition of “entry level gaming”, creating graphics cards with stunning performance, unmatched power efficiency, and access to NVIDIA’s latest and greatest innovations, like G-SYNC, GameStream, GameWorks, and ShadowPlay.
Starting at $119, first-generation, Maxwell-powered GeForce GTX 750 Class GPUs offer incredible value, are up to four times faster than previous-generation entry-level GPUs, and are officially the world’s most efficient graphics cards, requiring no more than 60 Watts of power, delivered directly via motherboards without the need for costly PCI Express power supply connectors.
With unmatched features, efficiency, power, and value, the new GeForce GTX 750 Class GPUs redefine the definition of “entry level”, giving price-conscious gamers an experience equal to that found on medium and high-end graphics cards.
With up to four times the performance and double the power efficiency, the GeForce GTX 750 is therefore a far superior proposition, granting access to the GeForce GTX ecosystem, featuring innovations like ShadowPlay, G-SYNC and GameStream, and opening the door to more demanding that may take your fancy in the future.
This combination of incredible value, class-leading performance, and unprecedented power efficiency make the GeForce GTX 750 Ti and GeForce GTX 750 the perfect GPUs for system upgrades and new, affordable DIY PCs.
No other GPU offers the same level of performance, power efficiency, and value as the GeForce GTX 750 Ti, and only it and GeForce GTX 750 enhance games and your experience in a meaningful manner in the "entry-level" marketplace.
If you’ve followed our GeForce GTX 750 Ti Mini ITX build guide, you now have a powerful yet affordable system, capable of playing the latest games at an excellent level of detail.
To avoid some issues like system instability, reset and shutdown caused by energy-insufficient power supply,we suggest you should use the following calculator to figure out the power supply that best suit for your need.
The result is a recommended figure added by the components you choose, and you should buy a power with higher wattage.
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The HCP series have received an upgrade (High Current Pro) and this 850W model WAS their gold model but is replaced with this version, Platinum certified, meaning the PSU can pimp and show off its most efficient power supply label available in this bizz.
So who are we to argue with that, in this review we’ll have a look at the LEPA G1600, a 1600 Watt power supply that is labeled with a Gold certification, and if you are on 220V it will reach close to Platinum levels of efficiency.
We review the Corsair HXi Series 750 Watt PSU, this beast has moved from Gold towards being 80plus Platinum certified.
 Being the more ‘regular’ non CX model these power supplies are a bit more affordable, yet remain high quality and high performance and 80 Plus Bronze certified. 80 Plus Bronze, semi-modular, and the fan doesn’t really spin up beyond its minimum speed until around 50% load.
It was with much surprise a couple of weeks ago when I noticed availability of a new model PC Power & Cooling power supply, their Silencer Mk III Modular PSU series had launched.
It’s the ‘bloke’ PSU series again with a simple design, and hey — nothing is modular so the PSU certainly is a squid inside your system with all the tentacles (wires), but yeah .. lots of you don’t really care about cable management, they just want the best of the best and sure …as you’ll learn you can’t really complain about the essence that is the Mk II Silence 750W power supply.
Being the more ‘regular’ non AXi model these power supplies are a bit more affordable, yet remain high quality and high performance and Platinum rated.  I also now have the 760W and 860W versions of the new AX power supplies (the non-digital models).
Carrying a 80+ Gold certification (90% efficiency at typical load) , being modular, with included fan controller and having good looks yeah the Silent Pro Hybrid promises to be an excellent product series.
The end result ass such is enticing alright, a very nice power supply rates 80+ gold, that comes with a modular design and one big massive 12V rail, which we all like so very much.
We review the Corsair RM650 GOLD power supply.
We review the Corsair HX 850 GOLD power supply.
This 760 Watt Power Supply is grand in performance, the one massive 12-volts says it all really.
The 860 Watt Power Supply is grand in performance, the one massive 72A 12-volts says it all really.
We specialize in clean, efficient and stable power supply design with flexible production capacity to fulfill your needs.
With expertise in power supply design and manufacturing, Sunbeamtech offers a comprehensive line of power supply for your OEM needs.

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