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This planner covers a different theme each week to keep students thinking positively about themselves and planners assembled with plastic coil binding, laminated front cover w/ rounded corners, and rigid poly back cover.

The “recipe” is a sequence of commands that executes when a particular catalyst is selected: for example, “If I’m tagged in a photo on Facebook, then send me a text message” or “If it’s raining tomorrow, then send me a reminder to leave early for class.” Since IFTTT can sync with many, many apps, the recipe possibilities are numerous.
Using your smart phone’s locator services, this app can locate your phone if it’s ever lost or stolen, ping a sound to help you find it, and allow you to remotely wipe data from a connected device.
Its calendar feature supports time, block, and period-based schedules, while the homework setting lets you schedule a due date and reminders under a particular class.
Unlike a paper planner or school diary, My Study Life integrates all areas of your academic life – see homework due and overdue for classes, classes which conflict with your exams and even add revision tasks for a specific exam – all in a free, easy to use application.
Automatically populated from your school timetable so you don't need to enter any of your classes, and teachers can push homework directly to your planner.
My Study Life allows you to store your timetable, homework and exams in the cloud making it available on any device, wherever you are.
Student Planner integrates with your school's Firefly Learning Platform so you can access your timetable and homework from your Android phone.
This homework helper contains additional features that make it easy to use for high school students with a block class schedule.
Keeping track of assignments has never been better! The myHomework student agenda is today’s students favorite way to focus and reduce anxiety.
To download the free app myHomework Student Planner by Rodrigo Neri, get now.
Using myHomework as a school organizer makes keeping track of what assignments to do easier than ever before.
For a fraction of the cost of paper planners, schools can offer myHomework ads-free to their students.
myHomework helps students at any level improve their organization and become better students.
myHomework syncs across devices so you can easily access your classes and assignments anytime and anywhere.
A great, inexpensive school or homeschool planner with plenty of space, pleasing colors and aesthetics, and excellent overall design.
It was purchased for my middle school aged son, The inviting color, monthly overview calenders and easy to use daily columns just suck you into being organized.
My kids’ school used this exact planner, but the company customized it for their school.
All in all, this is a good planner for the student and the home school parent/teacher.
All of our planners feature full-color pages, high-quality construction, engaging content, study resources pages, college planning, and more! 128 Full Color Pages Key Features: Year round Monthly and Daily Layouts.
One the same as a public school student would use it as… for the student to keep track of his assignments.
This blog is a great way to print out your own college planner / organizer for free! A great way to get organized for the school year.
INTENSE STUDY TIPS – excellent tips from a girl in college – great for kids in middle school and high school who struggle with studying and organization.
Graduation Gifts – College Prep ~I'd definitely need the planner/journal, coffee container and professional wear.
Just ordered this monogrammed planner in Aggie colors for this school year.
College and high school organization tips: how to use a planner.
Want to see more? Browse Etsy for awesome items.
The college student will need to keep their scheduling of classes, long term and short term assignments where they can keep track of them but there is more for them to keep organized.
The weekly and monthly grids will allow her to keep track of those exams, assignment deadlines, study group dates along with her social dates like coffee with someone special or the upcoming Sorority parties and anything else she wants a reminder of.
A college student can hang this calendar on their dorm room wall and keep track of one semester at a time.
There are so many great and stylish Moleskine Planners about, the only thing you need to look at is size: How large or small do you need your planner to be? In each case you’ll have at least a page per week.
The calendar industry has come with some really good planners geared to helping students in general keep their classes and assignments in one book so that they can keep on task.
Don’t fall for one of those even smaller monthly planners: there’s just not enough room in them for everything you need to keep track of, I’m sure.
Some of them might even want to plan visits home while others need to keep track of both classes and a work schedule.
While we at College Lifestyles think you’ll the level of personal customization and functional value of Melvedy Designs’ fashionable planners, we KNOW you’ll appreciate the fact that Melvedy planners are handcrafted right here in the USA! Currently based in northern Vermont, Melvedy Designs ensures that planner production is 100% domestic without any element of the creative process taking place overseas.
From trendy personalized covers to the bold couture Signature Collection, planners by Melvedy Designs are not just fabulous organizational tools….they are this year’s must-have fashion accessory.
A planner can serve as a playbook for their life by helping students play offense to manage their homework and to make time for "fun stuff" that they want to do.
Common transition points include: Sunday evening (see below), the time in each class to record assignments and due dates as they are announced, at the locker as they are packing up at the end of the day, at home to track the assignments they need to do, and a before-bedtime final check, ensuring that all of their assignments, books, and supplies are in their book bag.
A Simple Plan for Student Planners Kids with attention deficit may resist getting organized with a student planner — but our expert tips for using this tool will help even low-key learners.
Students with ADHD have the most to gain from writing in their planner, taking pressure off their frontal cortex.
3) KEEP A PEN IN THE SPIRAL BINDING to avoid the "pen hunt" that often brings use of a planner to a screeching halt.
Students should keep their planner in the front pocket of their book bag or a binder that they carry to their classes.
Many students — especially those with ADHD — don’t like using a planner.
A meeting at the beginning of the week (on Sunday evening) works miracles in improving the use of a planner! Everyone in the family grabs their planners or calendars to discuss the week ahead.
To share more tips on helping ADHD students succeed in the classroom, visit the ADHD at School support group on ADDConnect.
"You need to use your planner several times a day, but every time you need it, it’s difficult to access.
Now, I know we all know how to plan, but this User’s Guide had a lot of really good information in it and it all comes from a seasoned homeschooling expert! She gives a lot of great information on planning sessions, prioritizing your school year and how to get the most out of your planner.
And those pages were just perfect for my fact-loving son.  One of Debra Bell’s goals is to help kids become independent in their learning, and using a planner like this is one step along the way to becoming responsible for their studies.
The Bottom Line:   Page for page the Ultimate Homeschool Planner has just about every page I would normally print out for any given school year and then some extra.
The Ultimate Homeschool Planner is actually pretty ultimate and covers almost all the bases you might need to cover to plan a successful homeschool year, or even to plan a successful year of life.
It’s set up similarly to the Homeschool Planner with blank month pages and blank weekly pages.
Other pre-planning pages include a family priority list and student resource list (and yes, a resource list was something in my planning pages as well).
So when I was asked to review Debra Bell’s Ultimate Homeschool Planner, I was interested to see how my planning system would compare to hers.
Students: Have a Mac, or iPad? Don’t miss these essential apps for homework, organization, note taking, communication, budgeting and even avoiding procrastination.
Careers in science communication include work for science writers and communication directors of scientific organizations.
This flowchart helps me to keep clear and moving forward, even if I don’t write it down the same way he might suggest.  I also am a total fanatic about the 2-minute rule.  (If it takes less than 2 minutes to do something, just do it now.  It will take you longer to put it into your system then to just get it done.)  So in many ways I am still using the core of the system, but my lists look a bit different than what David recommends.  That’s OK.
Binder: I am using a disc-style notebook that allows me to easily add and remove pages.  These are binders that use discs instead of rings to hold the paper.  They do require a special punch, but have some advantages.  Here’s a picture.
These tabs allow me to create a section for each project that I am working on with as many pages as necessary.  I write the name of the project on it and can add or remove as necessary.
I chose to do this in a binder that takes 5.5″x8.5″ (half letter-size) with room for tabs so that the whole thing fits in my bag.  The rest of this will assume you are doing the same.
Key things to note is that this is only my hard landscape, holidays and my husband’s schedule.  Exercise, soft landscape, and anything else that is discretionary aren’t on the printout.  I punch these 3 pages and put them into the binder.
I’m not even really task driven, since most of my tasks are big-uglies (like “write conference proposal”).  I am project driven.   That needs to be the focus of my organizational scheme.
Forms: Some people like blank pages, but I prefer structure.  In putting this system together I made heavy use of a great site called DIYPlanner.
You can bring the cover around to the back and the book still lays flat; this means it takes up less room on my desk.  (see the 2nd picture above)  This was the most important selling point for me.
You basically just need to create categories first before creating a new to-do, much like how you do in the Notes section.
The tooltips of the icons actually showed information in what I believe is Czech, but otherwise, the Notes section is truly a godsend as it displays links to note files on the computer while still organizing them by categories.
The best part about Student DOG Organizer is that the program brings together what could be several different applications all in one package and so it offers a sort of dashboard where you can see an overview of everything you’ve inputted in one view.
Think of it as a digital student planner, complete with contacts, calendar, tasks, grades, notes and schedule sections.
The Tasks section allows you to create a simple to-do list sorted by categories.
Included is a list of 12 subjects that you might need to edit if you’re using the tool for college.
As usual when I need a new task management online application (FOR FREE!), I went looking through the MakeUseOf directory and found Toodledo.
What makes this program a gem is also the Overview section, which is actually the first one, so you can see a summary of the most immediate appointments, classes, tasks and even birthdays.
The Notes section lets you create notes and place them in specific categories, which could be certain classes or even random notes.
The best way to go about creating notes would be to first create a category and then the note, which will ask you for the note title before opening Wordpad, with the file saved according to the title you provided.
In the Settings tab, you’ll also be able to choose between high school-style and college-style schedules, which differ in that high school classes run in consecutive periods while you set your own schedule in college.
What I would love to see in this application though, is the ability to export or backup the data should my laptop ever get stolen while all my work is on it, or should I need to use another computer in a university lab and need access to my data.
Finding a task manager that works without sucking the little time you’ve got (because of its complex inputting syntax or what not) may be a challenge, but not for long.
Student DOG Organizer (version 2.1) is a popular download that contains a handy digital interface for organizing tasks that most students get day by day.
Most likely, you need to integrate task managers with other programs, such as your calendar application.
Available as a digital download (linked to the graphic) or on CD, you get over 160 printable planning sheets! Lesson plans, checklists, calendar blanks, scouting records, library tracking, help sheets for math, spelling forms, unit study planners, I could go on! I love my Master Planner.
Available as a dated download or hard copy, it contains lesson plan space for up to four students, time schedule tracking for high school, menus, to-do lists, prayer requests, field trip planning, and even a schedule to read through the Bible in a year.
The nice thing about these is that you can type your own headings, names, and even basic lesson planning that is repeated, before you print out your planner, thereby eliminating the need to spend lots of time doing it by hand.
I'm so glad I found your post! I'm homeschooling for the first time this year and will definitely need a planner to keep track of everything though I only have 1 kiddo to worry about.
The Homeschool Mom Planner by the Homeschool Mom that even includes shopping lists and menu plans! Free to download and print, it is very basic but will get the job done.
Donna Young’s Homeschool Planner is several very large sets of printable planning pages for household and homeschooling.
The Master Planner by WestVon Publications is just that: A huge set of master planning sheets that will take care of your kids’ and your homeschool and household planning needs.
So many publishers have tried to create “the ideal planner” for homeschool, the choices are mind boggling! Come with me, and we’ll take a little walk through the myriad of choices that you have in the area of lesson planners and you’ll get to see which one I prefer too! This post contains affiliate links.
You write in all of your monthly recurring appointments, all of your weekly recurring appointments, and then all of your specific day appointments on different folded-in “flaps” of the calendar itself, so that you can view them all at once and have no need to rewrite things.
Some people will always prefer an electronic calendar such as Outlook, but it’s nice to know that we have more creative paper solutions available for those who prefer a low-tech option.
One of the common drawbacks of using a paper calendar is having to write recurring events repeatedly, and then, of course, you have the hassle of erasing and updating all of them when something changes.
The Whomi (as in “Who, me? Organized?”) helps people who are managing multiple schedules, such as a mother with her various children’s activities.
Paper planners provide the benefit of immediate gratification—there is no waiting to boot up or fumble around with “toothpick typing.” You can just write something in and keep going.
Many times, even though people are very digitally-oriented in their work, they still prefer having a paper calendar.
Lots of people are familiar with the FranklinCovey® planners, Day-Timer®, or Day Runner® brands, but there are other paper calendars out there that deserve mention as well.
Many bank accounts now give you tools that help you manage your money better and a Barclays Student Additions account  gives you access to some really useful digital tools.
There are plenty of websites packed with tips if you’re not much of a chef – try Student Recipes  and the BBC’s recipe tips for students for a start.
Further details can be found at Barclays Insurance Services Company Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register number: 312078).
You can also download the NUS’s Student Discount app  for iPhone and Android so you’ll know where to save money when you’re out and about.
Plans Part Time Full Time School Sponsored Courses 2 Unlimited If you would like to enroll a school or class in please contact us through our Help Desk for more information.
It’s easy to invite other users to your shared course and tasks can be viewed and modified (depending on the privileges you assign) by all members.
Our online planner includes a fully featured planner table to help you filter and sort through your tasks.
Simply enter your marks from returned assignments and online student planner will calculate how well you are doing in the course as well as your gpa.
I'm absolutely in love with my Lilly planner! I had one last year, loved it, and not only did I preorder a planner for myself, I ordered one for my brothers girlfriend as a graduation from high school present.
I just started using my new Lilly Pulitzer planner and love it! It won't be of any academic use until January, but it's just darling.
Erin Condren makes THE BEST planners! They're definitely more expensive than your run of the mill day planner, but I think they are so worth it! I just ordered the "My Favorite Things" planner, which allows you to personalize the cover with all of your favorite things (hence the name, obvi).
I love my Lilly planner! I used one last year for my freshman year of college and it really helped me stay focused and meet deadlines.
I'm writing in my Lilly planner right now! It helps keep me so organized, especially once my classes begin.
I started with an "agenda" in elementary school and I've been hooked on planners ever since! I used to invest in the super expensive planners, but as I've gotten more Google Savvy, the cheapy cheap ones from Target do well to.
StudyMinder LITE free student planner for Windows helps students get organized and get better grades.
Student Planner Informer: StudyMinder LITE free student planner helps students get better grades!.
If you are not VIP member, please buy VIP account or choose non-fast download ways, but we can’t guarantee the speed and validity.
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