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Apple’s sky-high prices mean those wanting a more affordable tablet experience will have to look elsewhere, although the original iPad Mini has seen a price cut since its successor, the iPad Mini with Retina display, came onto the scene.

Here we have compiled this list on the basis of many expert review ratings and Amazon customer ratings, tablet price in between $200 to $300 and tablet screen size in between 10 inch to 10.9 inch.
Most of the tablets under $300 run on Android or Windows operating system and are very good for internet browsing, e-book reading, playing movies, videos and , editing images and documents, social media and more.
Convertible laptops with detachable keyboard options are available in 10 inch tablets but very few are there under $300.
10 inch screen size and price range under $300 for a tablet is perfect.
Our budget of $300 is enough for buying tablet with specifications – 1 to 2 GB of RAM, 7 to 10-inch display, 16 to 32 GB internal memory capacity, fast processor and camera ( contains front facing camera too ), Wi-Fi and many other cool features Hope my tablet buying guide – 10 best tablets under 300 dollars helps you in selecting one for yourself.
I would recommend this tablet if you are planning to buy tablet for your kids and being world’s sharpest display it is worth to be in list of best tablets under $300.
This is the tablet which will fulfill all of your needs from editing documents to playing games and thats why it is here in list of Best Tablets Under $300.
The thing which makes this tablet stand alone in list of Best Tablets Under $300 is its battery as said by Lenovo this tablet has battery backup of 18 hours.
If you are planning to buy android tablet than there is nothing better than nexus in this list of best tablets under $300.
Starting at $229 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version and progressing to $279 for the 32GB edition, the tablet has a dazzling 1920 x 1200 resolution IPS display (323 pixels per inch), a punchy, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and 2GB of RAM as well as Android 4.3 (never fear you can instantly update to Android 4.4). It’s also extremely light at just 0.64lbs, can last for 9 hours when watching HD video and has stereo speakers and dual-band WiFi (4G LTE is optional).
The tablet has an excellent 1920 x 1200 resolution display (323 pixels per inch), a powerful quad-core 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM and runs Android 4.3 (with the slick Kindle Fire OS 3.0 over the top).
The tablet is super slim at 7.9mm thick, has a slick aluminium silver bezel design, and offers Android 4.2, a Mediatek 1.2GHz processor and a reasonable 1280 x 800 7-inch display which promises high brightness at 350 nits.
And though it runs an alternate version of Android OS, since it was released Barnes & Noble added support for Google Play, allowing it full access to all the apps and content available to other Android tablets.
The Nook HD+ also provides a nice compromise between a more expensive 10-inch tablet and a relatively cheap 7-inch model: it provides almost the same screen size as a high-end device, and wondeful screen resolution: 256 DPI, very close to the 300 DPI maximum that the eye can see.
And when you add in Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) running on a 1.6GHz intel Atom dual-core processor backed with 2GB of memory, you end up with a big-screen device that is well suited for watching video or playing high-end games.
It runs Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) on a 2GHz Intel Atom processor, backed up by 2 GB of RAM, specs that would beggar the high-end tablets of a couple years ago.
Packing a desktop OS, the Venue 8 Pro doesn’t need much more to recommend it given its price, but it still features a goodly amount of memory and solid other specs.
Nearly matching the Venue 8 Pro for price, with less memory and “just” the Android OS, you might mistake it for a lesser value.
Another model by Dell, the Venue 8 Pro isn’t as cheap as some of the devices on this list, but it offers something they can’t: Windows 8.1, an operating system that allows it to run desktop-class applications, including the Venue 8 Pro’s bundled copy of Microsoft Office 2013.
We round up the all the latest Android tablet PC reviews to help you decide which is best and what Android tablet you should buy.
A solid update to the original Tablet S, but there are better Android tablets for the money.
An 8-inch tablet version of the super-popular Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone.
Update: Five months on and Apple's first 7-inch tablet is still leading the way.
A 10-inch Android tablet that sells for under £300.
Epic battery life and a top quality screen set this tablet apart.
A bigger screen makes viewing movies better, and is also a big plus for anyone with poorer eyesight! Thinking of getting a tablet for Grandpa and Grandma? Consider this new, larger Kindle Fire HD.
I am on a fixed income and i really want one so when i go threw treatments i have it to take my mind off of things.I really wish i had enough money to get a nice tablet is there any way i can get one somehow to help me/ i am on a fixed icome and i barely barely make it!!! Please if possible send me some ideas on how i might work a little to save for one.I am not a scam but poor please help with some ideas.
These tablets are ideal for surfing the web, video chatting (for example, with Skype), playing games (Angry Birds and more), reading books, watching movies, listening to music, editing photos and documents, reading email, and more.
Since this is Google’s very own tablet, it features the Android operating system without any extra .
Although you can get Google All Access, unlimited music, for $9.99 a month, but there’s no equivalent to Amazon Prime and you can’t watch Amazon prime video on this tablet.
My family owns a couple of Samsung tablets and I use a Samsung phone and my experience is that Samsung software is better than most competitors.
Samsung tablets have extra features like multi window feature for true multitasking, kids mode, universal remote control ability, and more.
When it comes to upgrading to your first tablet, the options for the best cheap tablets under $300 might seem overwhelming, but if you take a look at some easy research you will be able to narrow down the options based on what you are looking for in your new tablet.
Some of the things that you might be looking for include the display size, what the resolution of the display is going to be, what processor is offer, the amount of RAM inside the tablet and whether or not you get 16GB or 32GB of internal storage.
If you have a smartphone powered by Android, or Windows Phone, that might be the first place that you look for a cheap tablet under $300.
Android 4.4: Kit Kat is a far more robust operating system than Amazon’s Fire OS, with more apps, greater customization options, and access to the Google Play Store as well as Amazon services like Kindle and Cloud Drive.
When it comes to gaming, Android’s Google Play Store has better titles than Amazon, even if the Kindle Fire HDX has slightly better specs for playing them.
Bottom line: If you just want to watch movies and read on your tablet, get a Kindle Fire HDX, especially if you have Prime.
But while there’s obviously plenty of reasons to go with Amazon’s newly announced tablet, don’t forget about the new Kindle Fire HD.
An under-$200 price usually means a compact, not full-size, slate, but those models are getting better and cheaper all the time. Of course, with budget tablets like these, you can’t always expect the build quality of an iPad or a premium Android like Sony’s Xperia Z2 Tablet. (Then again, you could buy two, possibly three, budget models for the cost of one of those.) But for basic Web browsing, media playback, and e-reading, as well as enjoying the Android-app bounty of Google’s Play store, these tabs below are all able picks.
The ASUS MeMO tablet makes use of the Android Jellybean OS so that you can enjoy thousands of Android apps.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 can support a microSD card of up to 64GB, giving you plenty of room to store your pictures and movies on the this tablet before having to worry about getting more memory.
The Thrive tablet is powered by Android Honeycomb and allows you to browse the web, watch HD videos, play games, and so much more.
Urges to purchase branded and trendy tablet under $300? Stretch your hands to obtain Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, comes with 7 inch screen at $230 only.
Dell has unveiled Venue 8 Pro is priced at $300 that runs on Windows phone 8.1. It is packed with 8 inch screen display, 5 MP camera, 2 GB RAM and packed with 1.8 GHz Intel Atom CPU.
It runs smoothly and robust which is dipped with 10″ inch display size of 1280x800p resolution, 5 MP camera specs and long lasting battery for 18 hours.
Seeking for 10″ display screen size at affordable price tag? Then, clutch Toshiba Excite AT205T16I tab that exactly provides great features at $300.
Own best tablet under $300! Google Nexus 7 II comes with 7″ Android model at $230 with 1920 by1080p resolution.
The device comes with massive screen display of 10″ display with 1280×800 pixels resolution.
I implore you to go for the Dell Venue 8 Pro 64 GB Tablet (Windows 8.1), it has similar performance to the nexus 7 with a quad core processor, 2 GB RAM, it has a bigger storage (64 GB Flash Memory) and importantly, it has windows 8.1 which I think you will need.
the nexus 7 is generally considered the best "low cost" android tablet around… I have one myself, it’s fine for what i do with it, but i’m not sure i’d type any papers on it.
The Nexus 7 (7-Inch, 32 GB, Black) would be a great choice , but unfortunately it is just 7 inches and you wanted a little bigger tablet.
I need a great all around android tablet that I can take with me to school and type papers on, and also use around the house for media consumption, gaming, internet browsing, and social media.
Donald Bell has spent more than five years as a CNET senior editor, reviewing everything from MP3 players to the first three generations of the Apple iPad.
No matter how small or how affordable Apple can make the iPad, nothing can change the fact that it’s a newcomer to the market of mini tablets.
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Other downsides of the Kindle HD 8.9 are that it lacks a rear camera and its browser, called Silk, remains in my tests a bit slower at loading Web pages than either the iPad or standard Android browsers.
The Kindle Fire HD 8.9 scored 8 hours and 16 minutes in my test, nearly two hours less than the iPad, yet better than many tablets I’ve tested.
On the other hand, the bigger Kindle offers a crisp, sharp screen, and can also be purchased for just $30 more with twice the memory, and for $399 with a cellular data option in addition to Wi-Fi.
The new, awkwardly named, Asus is a standard Android tablet, replete with built-in apps from Google, which makes Android, and a few from Asus.
The Kindle Fire HD 8.9, like its popular $199, 7-inch sibling, is technically an Android tablet.
I ran my usual rigorous tablet battery test on each, turning the screen brightness to 75%, keeping Wi-Fi on to collect email in the background, and then playing videos until the units shut down for lack of power.
Introduce:As I was doing extra research for the range of best tablets under 200/300/400/500 dollars, I discovered there were so many good-price tablets on the market, some of them seemed low-priced and good features, but I want to say there are an increasing number of tablets fans who had ended up buying a bad tablet that do not fit for your need and its price.
So please remember that you have a right to pass this report along to those who might find their best value tablet on their budget, and if you are the one just like those 78% of consumers, you have a right to take an action to make a purchasing decision by comparing the best tablets in the comparison chart step by step.
And that’s exactly why I have created a special, must-have tablets comparison report to be included to help any of you who want to buy a best tablet when you spending your hard earned dollars.
You can pick up the Wi-Fi only 16GB Nexus 7 2 model for £199.99 from PC World and the 32GB version for £239.99. The tablet features a gorgeous 7-inch (1280×1920) display whcih has one of the best pixel densities around – 323ppi.
Amazon’s latest Kindle Fire HDX tablets retail for around £199 and come in two size varieties: 7in & 8.9in. The HDX 7 is the cheaper option, with prices starting from £199 for the 16GB version.
Acer has moved quite aggressively in the mobile market, manufacturing pretty much everything from laptops to tablets and smartphones, and keeping true to being early adopters of new technologies, they provided users with a cheap and stylish Windows 8.1, 8-inch tablet, powered by an Intel processor.
The same form factor and general style doesn’t stray too much from one device to another, but when it comes to the Yoga Tablet from Lenovo, the norm changes and we’re left with a different looking device.
As with most Windows 8.1 tables, the Lenovo IdeaTab Miix2 comes with Microsoft Office Home & Student, which is particularly useful since the device offers all-day battery life.
Long battery life, stereo speakers and expandable memory make it a good, albeit unremarkable, choice for those who want to pick up a cheap 8-inch Android tablet.
The device is slim and lightweight, making it perfect for travelling, and thanks to its generous 8.3-inch screen and HD resolution, watching movies, mobile gaming or web browsing will be a delight.
Nevertheless, the device looks clean, but its plastic build, although cutting down prices, shows it for what it is: a simple and cheap 8-inch tablet.
The bottom part of the device, apart from the speakers and power button, has a rocking stand which allows users to lay the tablet vertically and watch video content.
The minimalist and stylish design go well with the slim body, and the specs of the device, while not overly-impressive, do make it a good enough device for students or for those who don’t practice too much mobile gaming.
If you feel these devices aren’t suited for your needs, you are most welcomed to search the market for one that fits like a glove, but be sure to keep in mind our tips on how to choose a good tablet.
In terms of software, the device comes with the always present Office Suite, as well as with 30 days of free unlimited worldwide Skype calls, which is kinda nice, but more would have been better.
One day, when I was browsing on, I found a list of folks choosing those tablets under $200 ($300 or $500) dollars for work and play, they said they were relatively good value but still work well on lots of APPS, In fact, it is not so easy, there are so many tablets under 200 dollars (or with price ranging from $100 to $500) on the market, and in case you take it for granted to buy one, you may be spend more money or miss what you should get for your hard earned dollars, then I did this alone to do research on those affordable and value tablets on to find best tablets under $200 0r $300 or $500.
Undoubtedly, Tablets are really taking the world by storm, It is easy for you to get overwhelmed by all the options on the market when you are seeking for a tablet, Sound pretty good? I think you are in the face of difficult decisions among such lists of tablets in the world, however, you might get excited about my in depth top ten tablets comparison chart, which shows you how to get the best quality, budget, and coverage tablet for your hard earned dollars.
The Lenovo Idea Tablet S2109 is also one of Lenovo’s first Android tablets, at a time when they were trying to compete with the iPad, and wanted to make it as close as possible in how it looks.
These are some of the best 10 inch tablets with Android, and my recommendation would be to get the Asus Transformer Pad TF300T or the Sony Xperia Tablet S, if you want a better designed tablet.
The Toshiba Excite AT205T161 doesn’t exactly have a name to remember, but it’s another decent 10″ Android tablet for $300 that you can check out.
But the price has dropped to about half that now, which makes it pretty good value for your money, if you want to get one of the best 10 inch tablets around with Android.
The Asus Transformer Pad TF300T had quite a big launch, and it was quickly declared the best Android tablet for $400 at the time.
So if you prefer a tablet that can be used in portrait mode like the iPad, but comes with Android, for only $300, then this is the one to get.
There haven’t been a lot of 10 inch tablets being released this year, but the ones that have been released a while ago have dropped to around $300 or less, which makes them pretty good deals now.
But if Google can make a few more developers fall in with the Nexus 7’s high-res display and start building great tablet apps for Android, I won’t care if Apple has a Retina display-equipped iPad mini up its sleeve.
Xiomara Blanco of CNet says the Tab Pro 10.1 “delivers everything casual tablet users will need” but “$499 is an expensive starting price for any tablet” and “performance significantly lags with random freezes and unexplainable app crashes.” She suggests looking at the Google Nexus 10 or the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 if you want a large Android tablet that is a better value.
Like we talked about earlier, small tablets are great for reading, gaming, movies and some light productivity chores, but if you want an Android device to use for some serious mobile productivity work, you’ll want to consider getting a 10” tablet instead so that you can take advantage of its larger display real estate.
Seriously, if you’re looking for a tablet to do a bit of gaming, run a few apps, play music, check your mail or watch a few movies on a trip and you haven’t already invested deeply in Apple’s Store, you’ll want to consider buying an Android tablet instead of an iPad or iPad mini.
You could buy a high-end Android tablet like the 32 GB version of Samsung’s Nexus 10 for $500—a full $100 less than a fourth-generation iPad with the same amount of internal storage.
CNET‘s review indicates there’s no reason to get this over the Nexus 7, saying the Tab’s “silky smooth performance, even when multitasking, can’t distract from its remarkably low screen resolution, plastic build, and mediocre performance speeds.” Each model comes in black or white for $200 (7-inch), $270 (8-inch) and $350 (10-inch), which is especially hard to justify when the older-generation iPad Mini with the same size, resolution, better apps is $200 at some places now.
Priced at $269, the 32 GB Nexus 7 is the cheap tablet we’d buy, thanks to its decent build quality, pristine OS, powerful internal hardware, HD screen and the glowing reviews it’s received from trusted editorial sources.
The other tablets, iPad 3rd gen, original Nexus 7, and Barnes and Noble 9″ HD+ tablet (not to mention my 5) all feel like they have the rigidity of a soda cracker and the grip of a greased up pig.
That’s significantly fewer tablets than the 22.9 million iPads Apple was able to move in the same period, but for an Android tablet, in a market where there are so many different variations for people to buy instead, that’s a huge figure—one big enough to make it worthwhile for developers to ensure that apps will be compatible with it.
In a Geekbench test against last year’s Nexus 7, a Nexus 4 smartphone and a Nexus 10 tablet, the 2013 Nexus 7 proved to be significantly faster, which for tasks like gaming, checking your email, browsing the web or planning a trip with Google Maps translates into fewer frustrating pauses between the time you give a command and the time you see a result.
A higher-resolution screen and front-facing speakers would add even more appeal, but if you’re looking for a budget tablet and have been considering the Tesco Hudl, Kindle Fire HD or even the Nexus 7, it’s worth investigating the Asus Memo Pad 7, too.
Look out for a tablet’s screen resolution and pixel density (quoted in ppi); the internal storage (GBs); expandable storage (typically via a microSD card slot); and other features you might want such as cellular (3G or 4G) connectivity, GPS, Bluetooth, video outputs (such as HDMI) and more.
Other tablets – including the Prime, which is expected to drop in price once this model gets into the market – may provide better value, but no other Android tablet will give you the full package that the Infinity does.
Meanwhile the iPad remains a cut above for £100 more than the Tab 2 10.1. If you absolutely require a 10in Android tablet, you could do a lot worse than the Tab – especially at this price.
The Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2 is a seriously impressive tablet that blows away the vast majority of Android tablets and leaves them eating its dust in terms of power.
A great screen, decent processor and microSD card slot make this an excellent tablet.
If you’re after a budget Android tablet, the Tegra Note 7 is a great choice.
this turns the Kindle into a great tablet for kids, allowing you to create separate user profiles and limit screen time.
The iPad mini is a premium small tablet, with a price to match.
Even when my tap was registered, it sometimes took a second or two for the tablet to reactThe Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10 inch tablet is completely a best seller on the Amazon.It is designed for those of you who want to experience a range of enjoyable mobile amusement in one handy, interactive tablet PC.
You might be tired of using a tiny and costly cell phone,Or even you might be bored of carrying a hefty notebook anywhere you go, then it is time to end up your annoyances and find a good cheap tablet on the market.
You will be getting a a large 10.1 inch touch screen letting you quickly navigate through the internet, through its included apps, and numerous others.Additionally it features a Dual-Core 1GHz processor so that you can get smooth operation and interaction .
Note: You possess a right to pass this report along to others who might end up buying a best value 10 inch tablet for under 300 dollars.
TABLET is nothing but bigger than the cell phone contained a flat display screen and also handled by touching this display screen.
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The Tegra Note 7 is a popular high performance tablet from EVGA which, although lacking the premium feel found in some metal-backed tablets, is packed with high-end hardware to run any resource hogging apps and games you throw at it, a high-resolution responsive screen, and a great stylus input to boot which will be a selling point for many users.
The Apple iPad Mini is one of the most recognizable tablets on the market thanks to Apple’s legacy as the original modern tablet pioneer and their rock solid craftsmanship combined with Apple’s custom tailored iOS operating system.
However, the 7-inch tablet segment is packed with a ton of rivals like the ASUS MemoPad 7, which offers similar performance for a low price and the Nexus 7 2013 which offers the best price/performance ratio for only slightly more.
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Processor – for this kind of money, we are talking about Dual-Core and Quad-Core processors RAM memory – you can get 2GB for your money Resolution and pixel density – go full HD with $300 Graphics – in case you want to play games, check which tablet has the best graphics processing Battery life – your shiny new tablet is as good as any other junky tablet if its battery life is miserable Design – a good looking device that performs well will always have more buyers Price – in the end, if you find two good tablets under $300, and one is cheaper, you may feel better about the choice that will save you some money All things considered, it is pretty clear that for the amount of money you have in mind, you can find a superb device that will perform fast and enable you to do everything you wanted: browse the web, watch videos in HD, listen to your music, play video games, draw, paint, write, video chat, and so on.

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