betta fish tank mates

If you have a single male Betta fish you may be thinking of finding some tankmates to keep him company, or adding him into a community tank environment so he isn’t so lonely.
I hope you choose to keep your Betta fish in a safe environment, whether it’s a community tank, a 10-gallon with tankmates, or a single-specimen tank.
In other words, if you plan to have tankmates for your Betta fish you should establish the tank first, then add your Betta.
Make sure you understand the temperaments of the other fish in the tank before introducing Betta.
Betta fish can have tankmates and even live in a community tank under certain conditions.
It’s far better to have a Betta fish in a single-specimen tank than to have him stressed out all the time in a community tank.
Even in a single-specimen tank you should make sure your Betta fish has a hiding spot where he can escape from the world.
Fish with long, flowing fins such as Fancy Guppies and Lyre-tail Mollies may be close enough to convince Betta there is another male Betta in the tank.
If you already have a Betta fish and you want to add another fish or two to his tank, the first thing you need think about is tank size.
If you currently have your Betta fish in a tank smaller than 10 gallons, please do not add any more fish to his tank.
Never attempt to keep your Betta with other fish without a backup plan in case it doesn’t work out.
Ultimately, your success with Betta tankmates will come down to the temperament of your Betta, and that of your other fish.
If you intend to keep a Betta fish with other fish you need to realize what you are getting yourself, and him, into.
If you find your Betta fish tucked into a corner it may be because he’s getting picked on and can’t find any other hiding spot.
However, you also know that male Betta fish have a fierce reputation for fighting, and you might fear that any other fish he comes across will be in for a bruising.
This reduces the possibility of aggression where your Betta may feel like his territory is invaded by other fish.
Thanks for the kind words, Kevin! I wouldn’t consider crabs or turtles good tankmates for a Betta fish.
You might think the danger is to your other fish, and if you turn your back Betta will work them over like Rocky punching his way through a meat locker.
Much of your success in keeping Betta with other fish will depend on your Betta’s temperament.
The best reaction you can hope for from your Betta in regard to any other fish or critter is tolerance and indifference.

An overly aggressive betta should only housed by itself while a shy/ peacful betta can possibly live with guppies or other colorful fish.
Additionally, adding fish to a betta tank may cause the betta to become aggressive because it thinks that another fish is swimming over his/her territory.
Since they aren’t particularly good swimmers, the betta will usually his own food and then proceed with eating the frogs food before the frog notices that food is ready.
African dwarf frogs make excellent betta tankmates.
Fish listed here are the best possible tankmates you can have with your betta.
Becuase every betta has his or her own unique characteristics, whether or not a tankmates will peacfully live with the betta varies widely.
If a possible tankmate qualifies for all 4 conditions, then they should make great tankmates with a betta.
In this video I talk about the tank mates I decided to choose for my 20 Long Betta set up.
I talk about how the betta fish interacts with my school of neons, otto catfish and ghost shrimp.
I had some neon tetras in the tank with my betta and he bit one in half, I moved them to my other tank to save them and my other betta went them too, be careful some bettas will go small fish so watch them.
@anonymous: My betta fish , Sheldon , has been in a 5 gallon tank ever since I got him and he is doing just fine.
I have a male and a female betta in a 26 gallon bow tank along with a common pleco, a german blue angelfish and a rainbow fish.
I getting a 5 gallon tank for my betta with a filter its realy nice but i thinking getting a gost shrimp or Neon Tetras or maybe a snail and dose anyone have a tip witch one is better please leave a comment thanks for reading.
We have a variety of fish in our established tank, a black gold fish, three neon colored fish, a couple guppies, a bottom feeding sucker fish, a couple tettras and one pan type fish ( sorry I don’t know all the species names) However the point I wanted to make was, the Betta we have is non aggressive and is actually one of the most timid fish in the tank.
Well I’ve had many bettas in my life & always in a bowl because that’s what the "experts" at the shops suggest & of course they scare the heck out of you about what could happen if you put one in a community tank! Well I have a 30 gallon extra high & have had these fish in it for a couple of yrs now…2 plecos, 1 angel, 2 black neon tetras, 3 von rio flame tetras, 4 buenos aires tetras (which seem to be semi aggressive but more with threats than actually doing anything to anyone) and 3 platys.
I have a male betta in a 3 gallon Aquaponic tank (wherein the fish waste feeds the basil and cilantro I have growing on top of the tank; see more at their website backtotheroots .
I have had 2 betta fish in 2 months so far, and they die for no reason! One, I was bringing down to clean his tank out because I don’t have a filter, but he randomly died as I walked into the kitchen! The one before him was a female, and she died after I cam ehome from vacation because nobody red her 🙁 but please tell me why my second one died, and one of my friends had a betta fish and a lionfish or something like that and one of them ate the other, and that one died from overfeeding.
How many ghost shrimp, and tetras could I have in there…and would a dwarf frog be happy with them to? Oh, and I read somewhere that there is a white cloud fish that usually does ok with bettas but is also a top fish so you have to make sure theres enough room/hiding space for mr/mrs betta not to get stressed, sounds like an interesting fish.
Thank you! You saved my fish and I, I have two betts fish both male and obviously they’re not in the same tank but I’m getting guppies soon and was thinking about putting them with a Betta.
hi guys, i have 5 female bettas and 4 common goldfish along with one male betta and 3 algea eaters in a ten gallon tank.
I have a male betta with a dozen or so ghost shrimp in a densely planted ten gallon tank with heater and filter.
He wasn’t bothered by anything we did around him & just to see how he’d react I put a mirror in front of him…normally I wouldn’t do that cause I’m not into stressing out my fish…but I needed to see if he was aggressive or not & he didn’t respond to his own reflection at all LOL so we put him in the tank & it’s been a few days now & I’ve never seen a happier betta!!!! He swims about ALL the time.
before i found this i had, by coincidence but both ghost shrimp and neon tetras in my betta’s tank (4 gal) i put 2 neon tetras in and i watched them for about half an hour and in thaty time the betta lunged at them once but didnt attack them so i left to go have dinner.
While your betta will spend most of his time at the top of the tank, tetras are mid-tank fish, and so they mostly stay away from your betta.
I wanted to get rid of them, but I hate the idea of using chemicals in the tank if it can be avoided, so I tried to find a fish that eats snails, but works well with my betta.
@anonymous: I currently have 1 male betta, he seems pretty timid and likes to float and swim aound in his 5 gallon tank.
cory catfish! i have two with a male betta in a 5 gallon tank, and they leave each other alone.
In a 3 gallon tank, you might put 8-10 ghost shrimp in with your betta, at a cost of about $5.00 for the 10 shrimp.
There are reasons for that… if u want a healthy Betta, keep it in warm, filtered water, test the water parameters regularly, and keep it in at LEAST a 3 gallon alone (preferably 5 gallon) or a larger tank if u want tank mates.
I’m getting my betta fish today and i really am not sure if i should get a male and female betta because i hear so many good stories about Male and female bettas living together i need an answer asap.
I have a 1 gallon tank with 2 ghost shrimp and a betta.
Also, you might want to note that ghost shrimp females get pregnant very easily, but unless you have a separate tank for them, the eggs will be eaten quickly by your betta.
i have 2 male bettas, 1 in a 10 gallon tank on his own (just bought him today) and the other is in a 65 gallon tank with over 50 fish.
If your betta is overly aggressive, you might find that dropping ghost shrimp into your tank will only serve your betta a tasty snack.
Like she said, bettas are different! I recently put one of my black mollies in the same tank with my male betta.
@Bettaluver: Tetras are nippy, when schooled, and in only a 5 gallon tank (which is too small for them anyways) they will definitely cross your betta.
i just got about 12 ghost shrimp to put with my betta but i only put one in there for this week to see if the betta will eat it and i put the other 11 in my other tank and its about 20 gallons.
@anonymous: neon tetras will make youre tank look very nice and compliment your betta nicely.
I’ve heard of people that can’t keep ghost shrimp in their betta tank at all, while I’ve had no trouble, for the most part.
does anyone here know where I can get a 55 gallon tank for my two betta that get along perfect! I want a used one instead of a new one, I live in North Carolina and all the ones on ebay are pick up only and are to far away for me, and amazon doesn’t have the correct sized tank.
One really good tank mate for your Betta is ghost shrimp.
Additionally some mollies may become very aggressive if the tank is not big enough since mollies can get up to around 3 inches so a 5 gallon tank with 1 betta and 1 molly is pushing it.
Tank Mates for Your Betta Although many believe that bettas can only be housed by themselves because they’ll "kill" anything alive in the tank, bettas CAN be housed with other fish/invertebrate.
Cories (panda, dwarf, albino, etc) are another great choice for a betta community tank.
Snails make great tankmates with a betta because of its hard shell which protects it from curious bettas maybe even hungry bettas.
Unless you really want to house a pleco and betta together and are willing to get a tank 30+ gallons, then I don’t recommend getting a common pleco.
The only condition where keeping a common pleco with a betta is even possible, let alone recommended, is if the tank is 30+ gallons, and that’s before they’re fully grown.
Don’t place bettas with other brightly colored fish or fish with large flashy fins like guppies or mollies.
Don’t place bettas with other aggressive fish or fin nippy fish.
If you’re considering adding other fish, be sure to check the tank size requirements for the total fish load and have proper filtration and aeration in place.
Don’t place bettas with other Anabantidae fish such as Gouramis.
Bettas can be housed with other fish under certain circumstances.
Bettas can do great with other community fish.
Some fish that usually work well with bettas are, small catfish like Otocinclus and Corydoras, Snails, ghost shrimp, and Neon Tetras.
For more information about the pros and cons of common betta fish tankmates, check out our articles below.
4 Bettas are tropical freshwater fish and shouldn’t be mixed with cool water fish like, goldfish.
We’ve had a Betta – Voldemort for about 3mths now, we’ve had a couple of different fish with him, (shrimp & neon tetra) both of which sadly died!!, but Voldemort keeps surviving!! He’s being a happy, solitary fish now for about 6weeks, swimming lots, coming to see us at feed times & when we’re near the tank, but the last couple of days he’s seems depressed, he rarely swims around the tank, choosing to stay behind a moss ball, comes up to eat, but not for long.
Hi I have a 55 gallon tank with a variety of fish, guppies, tetras, plecys, mollies and I have one male betta and three females.
After i treated the illness I decided to put mt male Betta in that tank because his heater wasn’t working, one of the fish left is a Glolight Tetra and the other is a Goldfish Danio, they all get along great.
You need perhaps the Neon Tetras in a group of 6 or more in at least a 10 or 20 gallon tank along with your betta fish.
though my friend has a very small tank with her betta fish (sprite)also no filter and her fish has been alive for over a year now but reading these comments people have said that their fish have died in this situation.
Hello l am not sure what other fish I should put in my male betta fishes tank.
Hey, I just got a Betta fish yesterday, along with a 10 gallon tank and decor.I’m afraid it might get too cold and that will harm him.
i just got my first betta fish and i am i little worried because i have a 1.5 gallon tank no filter, and bettainfo have said to have a five gallon tank.
I got a new fish tank 2 weeks ago, added a female betta with 5 tetras in a 5 gallons tank (witch was a bad idea i know).
Hi there!! We just purchased our very first aquarium!! It’s just a 5 gallon tank, with pretty decorations, and we got a little Betta, for our 8 yr old daughter for her birthday, she has called her fishie “Cinderella” (even though its a male lol) anyhow, I set everything up, filled it with water, put the conditioner in it, but kept Cinderella out for the time being.
Hey ive had my betta for about 3 months, his been living in a huge wine glass and he seems happy, his curious and isn’t scared of his new ornament anymore (I guess because he spent his life in a tiny empty jar before I brought him?) it’s getting close to winter here and I’ve been thinking about getting him a 20l tank with a filter and heater, probably rectangle.
i recently got my first betta and all these different betta fish sights are great but they all say to have a 5 gallon tank and i have a 1 gallon tank.
Hey, for Christmas I’m getting a Siamese fighting fish and I went to the betta fish shop and he gave me probably the smallest tank.
The male betta fish are considered very aggressive and two should never be kept in the same tank.
Once your tank features a colorful school you will see that keeping betta fish with other fish is not such a problem at all.
Well, there are plenty of fish that can live with bettas peacefully and this guide will hopefully give you some ideas that will brighten up your betta fish tank.
I have a betta fish named silver abd i had him for 4 years he lived in a small tank (the tank i got him in) for about 2 years so 2 years ago i got a vase.
Will a 5 gallon tank with 6 neon tetras, male betta, snail and 3 ghost shrimps be to full? If so, will it be still to full if I get a ten gallon tank.
The blue gourami makes a great tank mate for a betta fish.
It is possible to have more than one female betta fish in the same tank.
The African Dwarf Frog and a betta fish are a common tank partner.
A bigger betta fish tank may be needed in time.
Armed with this information, you should be able to maximize the visual pleasure of your betta fish tank.
Now, if you prefer to have one male betta or one female betta fish and want some other fish to help keep the tank busy, here are some suggestions.
One main difference on tank mates when comparing to male betta fish is the ability to keep multiple females together in one aquarium tank.
People want the betta fish to be the centerpiece of their aquarium tank with some other species to keep it company.
Using tank dividers is a smart and economical way to keep multiple Male Betta Fish in one tank.
The important rule here is to keep more than two female betta fish in the same tank.
First, lets start off by eliminating one betta tank mate that can never be kept with your male betta fish.
It has also been suggested that if you are interested in augmenting the beauty of your aquarium, sometimes it is easier with betta fish to just add non-living objects to the tank.
If you have a large enough betta fish aquarium, you can keep more than one rumble fish in this tank.
You can also add an array of aquarium plants or cultured gravel that will add to the visual appeal of your aquarium without damaging your betta fish.
Rumble fish tank mates must like the same water conditions as your betta fish.
Betta fish are probably the most challenging aquarium fish to find companions for.
Our experts agree that slow moving bottom dwellers make the best betta fish friends.
Most betta fish owners are in with the color of their rumble fish.
Here are ten betta fish facts that will help you to expertly care for your betta.
Here are seven quick facts about what can coexist with your betta fish.
Thanks for the Betta fish care tips.
Caring for a betta fish is very simple.
2) Avoid mixing bettas with fish species called as Gouramis because these have an organ called as "Labyrinth" which helps them to breathe oxygen from outside air above the tank water.
6) Avoid any other fish that has long fins and bettas will get a lot of stress just looking at those flowing fins and is most likely to attack the fish.
Here are some possible tank mates for bettas, but as mentioned above you must observe of both bettas and the newly added fish so that both are safe in the same tank.
If you are looking for other fish species that can live with betta fish, then there are some simple rules that you must follow, so that every fish feels safe.
1) Avoid mixing other bright colored and fish with big fins with male bettas.
If you see that a particular fish is being too aggressive and biting and fighting with others causing deaths then be prepared to keep him away in a new tank of his own so that others feel safe in the tank.
Each fish species have their own characteristics and parameters for safe and stress free living and it’s your duty to study these before you get into this hobby seriously.
They will never attack guppies, including fries. Male RCS are white and about 1cm, female RCS are bright red and twice as large.
Red cherry shrimps (RCS) are colourful, eat algae, and reproduce like guppies.
Neon tetras are colourful little fishes that will not harm guppies.
Corydoras are peaceful fishes that will eat leftover food and, only if there’s no leftovers left, algae.
Platies, like guppies, have been selectively bred in various strains such as sunset, mickey mouse, etc.
Male swordtails are aggressive towards each other, but swordtails are fine with guppies (1 males per tank).
Barbs will occasionally nip guppies’ fins, but they aren’t able to kill or cause serious damage to guppies.
Angelfishes need a tall tank, unlike guppies, which prefer a long tank.
They are active fishes that reproduce almost as fast as guppies.
Angelfishes are generally peaceful with adult guppies.
Although they won’t intentionally injure guppies, guppies won’t be able to outrun them if they start chasing guppies.
Although many people say that bettas will rip apart guppies within seconds, it depends on the betta’s personality.
Developing these bacteria to breakdown the ammonia and nitrite takes time and is called cycling your tank. This "cycle" can take 1-2 months to get balanced and complete. So in the beginning you will need to do regular water changes to keep the water healthy and prevent stress and disease. For a deeper discussion of what goes on when  you cycle, see our Nitrogen Cycle  page.
A betta sorority is a tank full of females bettas that (Hopefully) can live in peace together.
Make sure not to overstock the tank either, 6 is the max female bettas, 4 is the minimum (but I would really recommend that 6 is the minimum as well).
I have an AC20 on my 10 gallon sorority and a AC30 on my 10 gallon Endler breeding tank and neither the bettas or endlers are bothered by the soft flow.
If you look to use fake plants, I recommend that you use silk plants so they won’t rip the bettas fins (There are a few plastic plants that will work, but you will have to test the plastic plants before you put them in your tank.
If you decide to add more fish, besides bettas, I would recommend that you get a bigger tank and compatible tanks-mates.
You see, with two females, there will be one Superior female and one Inferior female – the Superior female will have the dominance of the tank most indefinitely attack the Inferior female and most likely kill her.
First and foremost, you may ask: "What is a betta sorority tank?".
If you plan on heating your tank simply by room temperature, that’s your choice, but I would not recommend doing it as there is just too much fluctuations (And that will stress your females).
Many fish keepers have a bad experience with mixing Bettas with other species, however the issues are closely related to tank size and number of plants, hiding places, territories, driftwood or rocks.
Ideal tank mates for Siamese fighting fish are peaceful bottom dwellers such as Corydoras, Loaches, Bristlenose catfish or other lazy fish that include Dwarf gourami for example.
Caves and rockworks are a “must add” for every Betta tank since these fish love to hide in shady places.
A Betta tank should be shallow, not exceeding 30 cm (approximately 12 inches) in height which is extremely helpful in case of breeding as males look after eggs, and if they fall from nest, he collects them and puts them back (more information can be found below in the breeding paragraph).
Naturally they tend to breathe atmospheric air especially if level of oxygen in water is too low, thus swimming from bottom parts of the tank to the surface might be exhausting in case height of a fish tank is 50 cm (19.58 inch) or more.
Betta fish (known under scientific name Betta splendens) – also known as Siamese fighting fish – are one of the most beautiful tropical aquarium fish that can be kept in home aquariums, however their demands are often underrated which results in illnesses or compatibility issues.
Bear in mind that if your breeding tank isn’t big enough, it’s right time to remove the female once the mating process ended as the male starts protecting eggs at this stage and any female (or other fish) near his nest is considered threat.
A few weeks ago I got a betta fish in a one gallon tank from a friend.
This is a thing to avoid at all costs as fish have no space to swim, but more importantly water chemistry in a 1 liter (0.26 US gallons, 0.22 Imperial gallons) container cannot be as stable as in a large tank that is say 15 or 20 times bigger.
However you should visit these pages too (will open in new tab/window): Siamese fighting fish – Betta splendens profile with huge forum, 10 tips for a successful Betta splendens reproduction, How to care for Betta Fish, Betta splendens diseases and proper treatment.
Additionally, fast swimming fish that occupy same levels of an aquarium aren’t good tank mates for Bettas as they usually disturb Bettas.
Siamese fighting fish are classed as peaceful towards other species, this might be inaccurate if Bettas feel threatened, or if other larger fish feels threatened by Bettas.
Even fish keepers who visited shared bad experiences such as “My Betta killed my other fish” or “My Betta was so stressed by Tetras that it got ill and died” with us.
As you can see, this is another reason why a planted tank is recommended for Siamese fighting fish – fish can spend countless hours laying on big leaves instead of laying on the substrate.
If you are using a lid on your tank then make sure that a 1-2 inch gap is allowed between the water surface and the lid of the tank, this still allows the fish to breathe and creates a humid atmosphere above the water level.
Betta fish are often kept in vases, small bowls, cups or other insufficient/inappropriate containers.
Answer: Betta fish females can be kept together, they’re not as aggressive as males.
Actually more species can be added to a Betta tank, these include following: Indawgyi stream catfish, Mottled loach, Horseface Loach, Badis, Burmese badis, Badis blosyrus, Dwarf rasbora, Zebra loach, Burmese loach, Banded gourami, Yoma danio, Giant moth catfish, Kuhli loach.
Ideal plants for a Betta tank are as follows: Vesicularia dubyana, Vallisneria torta, Vallisneria asiatica, Synnema triflorum, Hygrophila salicifolia, Microsorium pteropus, Rotala nanjenshan, Hygrophila difformis, Cryptocoryne affinis, Ceratopteris thalictroides, Crinum thaianum, Cyperus helferi, Blyxa aubertii.
If a Siamese fighting fish gets scared or chases other fish (eventually if other fish chases a Betta), it might run into decorations or rocks; Fish may injure themselves, it isn’t unusual when a fish loses it’s eye or if an open wound develops after running into cave or rock.
Avoid sharp rocks used as substrate or decorations, because these fish spend a lot of time doing nothing but having a rest, thus they lay on various objects in a tank.
Male betta, or Siamese Fighting fish, are popular aquarium fish due to their ease of care and their vibrant colors.
True to the name, bettas are fairly aggressive fish and tank mates must be chosen with care.
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Some people think it is a very aggressive fish due to its name but that is not true at all they are not aggressive as long as you don’t put another Betta in the same aquarium and it will get along just fine with other fish but keep in mind that since Betta has a fighting nature make sure you choose fish that are smaller in size from Betta.
White Cloud Mountain Minnow- The White Cloud Mountain minnow is an extremely resilient species of freshwater fish often placed in aquaria.
The Siamese fighting fish or Betta fish is a popular freshwater fish that often found in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam especially in the rice paddies area.
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Even though they may live peacefully with an oscar, I would avoid these fish, especially if you only want one to clean the tank.
Even so, some of you will want to add to your tank and are eventually going to ponder that one question; what fish make the best Oscar fish tank mates? The answer is largely dependent upon a few things.
However, you must choose these fish as Oscar tank mates with caution.
The rating is based upon the premise that the two fish are to be kept in the smallest recommendable size tank together at, or until they reach adulthood.
They add movement to an otherwise lethargic oscar tank, and provide a feeling of security for some of the more finnicky fish.
I am of the opinion that a 6 foot tank can house 3 large cichlids (~12 inches), 5-6 medium cichlids, and between 10-15 small cichlids; all of this barring any excessive aggression or breeding.
The minimum size tank that is universally recommended for one full grown oscar is 55 gallons (4ft).
If you don’t want to deal with the possible territory/aggression problems encountered between two cichlids, then you can always turn to non-cichlid Oscar tank mates.
The most important aspect of mixing any aggressive cichlid in an aquarium is the tank size.
Their size and aggression make them unsuitable tankmates for most cichlids in anything smaller than a 6ft tank.
The bare minimum tank size I would recommend for two oscars is 125 gallons.
Severums are an excellent choice as an Oscar tank mate but, with any cichlid, there are no givens.
Oscars are a large growing fish and mixing others with them can be complicated.
Crossword Dictionary.
Tankmates Definition.
Jurupari are another bottom dwelling South American fish that make superb tank mates for Oscars.  Silver Dollars are mid-water dwellers and are on the move constantly, these make superb tank mates for Oscar fish, in fact they are probably in my opinion in the top five of suitable tank mates for Oscar fish.  A lot of people like to introduce various different species of cichlid as a tank containing different varieties of cichlids can looked absolutely stunning.  However one important thing to remember is that cichlids can be troublesome when mixed together, so if you do want to mix various types of cichlids, please research research research.
One of the successful but not absolute guaranteed ways of choosing suitable tank mates is to look at the natural way they live.  Oscars for instance spend a lot of their time swimming mid-surface and towards the surface of the water.  Oscars are not primarily bottom dwelling fish, although they will explore just about anywhere in the aquarium.  Choosing tank mates that spend most of their time foraging around the bottom of the aquarium will most likely keep themselves to themselves and not get in the way of the Oscars.  Catfish for instance feed on the bottom and hide amongst rocks, whereas these are primarily nocturnal fish, you can sometimes keep them very successfully with Oscar fish.

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