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they seemed like businesses, not individuals.

3) On Amazon, all the items sold at a discount were from third-party sellers.

4) At supposed “outlet” stores, the items were much much cheaper than retail, but the shipping was a flat rate of $40.

As the products started rolling in, the first package arrived from China.  The waybill on my MAC makeup package showed the originating city as Beijing.  When I opened it up, the foundation and lipstick looked like authentic products, but when I compared them to the same items I’d purchased in the MAC store, there were obvious defects and graphics differences on the packaging. The mirror on the compact was chipped and the overall weight of the foundation seemed less.

Of all nine products I ordered online at Amazon and eBay, four seemed suspicious or certainly different in graphics and looks from the authentic products: the Benefit mascara & pore minimizer and MAC foundation and lipstick.

We sent the Benefit mascara and the MAC foundation to the labs of the nonprofit health group NSF International to be tested. NSF found the Benefit Mascara was not comparable to the one purchased at an authorized retailer– the packaging and chemical formulations weren’t the same.  NSF said the chemical differences were just slight and not of concern.

The more staggering result was the MAC foundation we bought from a third party vendor outlet site.  NSF said it contained 260 micrograms of lead per gram compared to the authentic version’s 0.27 micrograms per gram– that’s nearly 1,000 times as much!

Dermatologist Dr. Gloria Graf says depending on the contents of these knockoff makeup products, there is a risk “they can permanently scar you if you get a reaction on your skin that is severe enough”.

So how do you spot a knockoff online?

*The prices on brand-name makeup products are highly regulated by the manufacturer.

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I bought this as a for a freind. The color palette was flashy for Lancome and I thought it would be toned down, but its bright blues like the picture show-if not brighter than expected. On the othe other hand, regardless of color these are perfect purse size with every cosmetic necessary for every occasion-and it stays flawless til the day its used up. It doesnt get funky, or smelly despite the amount of use, and includes small brushes comparable to their full size brushes.

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For any girl on a tight budget, it can be painful to browse Sephora and gaze longingly at a $50 foundation you could never afford. And who knows, maybe you will find that one product you’ve been crushing on – for less!

As a note, I do recommend checking out reviews on Make Up Alley before purchasing any beauty product. The majority of the products on these sites are cheap, but it’s still good to know what you’re getting into before you spend money!

1. (Here’s a quick foundation review by one of my favorites, Goss!) As well, La Femme makes gorgeous blushes in every color under the sun that are highly pigmented and long lasting (And here’s another review for anyone interested.) There are lots of great products on this site and it just goes to show you don’t need to pay a lot of money for quality!

3. All Cosmetics Wholesale

All Cosmetics Wholesale screenshot

All Cosmetics Wholesale has been operating out of the U.S. since 2002 and they specialize in providing discount, high-end products as well as hard to find rarities. They do note that their discounted retail products are shelf pull items and cannot guarantee they will be “retail perfect.” In short, they buy these items directly from the manufacturer at wholesale prices and pass the savings on to the consumer.

I will say, this site has the best selection of brands I’ve seen so far! I think their sale section of the site is the best because you get deep discounts on skincare, makeup, and even some beauty accessories like makeup brushes.

Some of my picks from the sale section are this Laura Mercier eye shadow (discounted to $8.99 from $22.00), an Estee Lauder Signature eye shadow quad (discounted to $14.99), Smashbox Halo Color Boosting Powder (discounted to $18.99 from $59.00), and Tarte Cheek Stain (discounted to $9.99 from $30.00).

There are 250,000 different makeup items on the website from budget options to premium makeup brands like Revlon, Maybelline, Estee Lauder, Dior, Guerlain and more…

Discover cosmetics essentials or explore the latest make-up trends from top brands like Real Techniques, Bourjois, Max Factor, Barry M, Dr.Hauschka and more.

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Last weekend I went to the flea market and there were a ton of vendors selling MAC.

Me: Are any of these authentic?

Lady: Some of them are, some aren’t.

Me: Which ones are authentic?

Lady: These, these and these. Because none of my MAC shadows that I’ve bought in my 27 years of existence have never came with mirror and an applicator.

Lady: Oh… Some have it and some don’t, but they’re real.

Me: Ok, I’ll buy this $5 lipgloss so I can compare it when I get home.

The lady takes my $5 exuding no conscience whatsoever!