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The Rat Mat series of yoga mats made it’s way into the cheap yoga mats list because of it’s flashy designs and relative comfort.
This is a get addition to our cheap yoga mats list, because unlike some other yoga mats the Gaiam Chai that does exactly what it is suppose to do.
The Harbinger Durafoam Exercise mat has secured it’s place on the top 10 cheap yoga mats by being very versatile, durable and comfortable.
If you are the type of person who tends to double up on your yoga mat when practicing then this entry into the top cheap yoga mats may be the answer to your comfort problems.
Check out the Top 10 Cheap Yoga Mats of 2014, because there is nothing worse than trying to focus on a uncomfortable Yoga mat.
I have put my energy and focus on finding the best Cheap Yoga Mats in this lens, and you will be surprised because they may be the best yoga mats as well.
With that being said it still makes the top 10 yoga mats because of the outstanding comfort it does provide.
With all of the different inexpensive yoga mats on the market it is the little things that yoga practioners rave about when it comes to the Da Vinci extra long yoga Mat.
Overall this is an excellent buy in the world of cheap yoga mats that does it’s job very well.
The prices of yoga mats can vary and this entry into the cheap yoga mats category is right on the border of what is a cheap yoga mat and an expensive yoga mat.
There are not too many cheap yoga mats in the Da Vinci yoga line.
One last note about the ProSource Premium Yoga Mat is that unlike others in its price range it comes with a handy carrying case to accomidate it’s thick size.
Black Mountain Products manufactures their yoga mats using the SGS tested method and have no heavy metals.
So take a few minutes and explore all of the different inexpensive yoga mats that are on the market today.
Now with all of the best budget friendly Yoga Mats reviewed do your body a favor and pick one out.
Starting at $35 it can be a bit of a stretch for a cheap yoga mat but once you read what everyone is saying you will also agree that the Aurorae Yoga Mat Northern Lights belongs on this list.
The Rat Mat Yoga Mats come in two different series: Rat Mat Classic and Rat Mat Pro.
Aurorae Northern Lights/ Impression Yoga Mats.
Black Mountain Products Yoga Mat Exercise Mat- Ultra Thick 1/4" Long 72", Sticky Grip, Cushioned Mat, and Eco Friendly.
For a cheap yoga mat the thickness of this one makes it very comfortable.
First of all the folks over at Natural Fitness focus on minimizing their environmental impact, so you know that mother nature is kept in mind during the manufacturing process of your new yoga mat.
When using a ProSource Premium yoga mat you will feel the difference the first time you start doing poses that involve you needing to rest on your knees.

The patented Skidless design is a super absorbent microfiber towel with “dots that grip so you don’t slip.” Since then, yogitoes has continued to create innovative products that have come from need and inspiration to help yoga practitioners of all levels and yoga styles grow their practice.
The strap is a steal, especially with Zappos free overnight shipping! My yoga studio only uses Manduka yoga props, so I know from experience that the quality of their products is top-notch.
He sought to share this amazing product with others, and in the great yoga tradition, yoga teachers around the world shared with their students, and a true yoga company was born.
A decade ago, Peter Sterios, an architect turned yogi, discovered a simple, elegantly designed black mat offering a unique combination of firm grip and unparalleled support that revolutionized his yoga practice.
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Other good cheap yoga mat choices include the Sunny Health & Fitness Mat (starting at $9) and the Altus Athletic Altus Flower Mat (starting at $13), the former for its reliability and the latter for its soothing design and carry strap — and both for their low prices.
Our two favorite cheap yoga mats are Yoga Accessories Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat (starting at $17) and Bean Products CleanPVC Eco Yoga Mat (starting at $13).
The serious yogi who spends time on the mat every day may want to consider investing in a pricier product, but for the average practitioner who attends a yoga class once or twice a week, a good cheap yoga mat will last quite a while and provide appropriate cushioning.
The less expensive natural yoga mats may be less durable than the regular PVC variety, and, as experts note, some people are allergic to non-PVC materials like latex.
While doing our research we read reports of yoga mats being used as padding for carpets, as a non-slip surface for children’s toys, or as simple cushioning for little ones learning to walk.
At the cheap end, between $8 and $25, names like Yoga Accessories, Sunny Health and Fitness, Gaiam, Bean Products, and HuggerMugger are recognized brands.
The alternative — so-called natural yoga mats made with rubber, latex, jute, or cotton — are increasingly available but pose challenges of their own.
The big difference between cheap yoga mats and the upmarket variety mostly relates to durability.
We’re not enthused about the MiVizu Eco Friendly Anti Slip Yoga Mat (starting at $9) because of complaints about slipping or about the Natural Fitness Eco Yoga Mat (starting at $28) due to durability issues.
Train harder with women’s activewear that fits well, and invest in yoga accessories that enhance your overall workout.
Choose brand name activewear from Everlast, Joe Boxer, Athletech and Aerodynamics, and choose from fleece, knit and woven fabrics ranging in size from extra small to triple extra large.
Kmart offers a wide selection of yoga and pilates accessories such as GoFit foam mats, which prevent you from sliding while performing the upward and downward-facing dog.
Other Wii accessories include Alphaline stereo audio cords, Intect Induction chargers and CTA Digital Balance Board silicone sleeves to reduce slipping while you exercise.
Select from Nature Valley, Kellogg’s and Quaker energy and snack bars, or choose Kashi cereal bars to give you the energy you need for a morning jog.
When combined with Wii accessories such as "Wii Fit Plus" and a Balance Board, you have a complete training system that helps you improve your workouts.
Perform yoga in a teal Athletech scoop neck tank top and gray fitted Everlast active capris.
For outdoor training, select the Athletech women’s ruffled tracksuit or the Everlast women’s wicking fabric track jacket.
Enhance your experience with yoga accessories from Kmart, and improve your routine even more.
Stretch before you begin yoga with a Bally Get Fit starter kit, and improve your overall balance with the Fitness Quest balance trainer.
From kid-friendly yoga mats to extra large and thick yoga mats, our products help customers of all ages, sizes and ability levels to enjoy a safer, more comfortable and effective yoga workout.
Whether you are seeking a yoga mat for personal use or are interested in buying several yoga mats for your yoga studio, gym or organization, we provide a wide selection of high quality yoga mats at wholesale discount prices.
I realize I’m late to the party, but I just caught this article & it is so helpful! I have a mat that I to use for regular yoga classes, but it’s a little too slippery for my sweaty hot yoga sessions.
Mats made of natural rubber smell like rubber (for at least a few weeks), cotton rugs aren’t slip-resistant, and jute or cork mats wear down quickly and will need replacement if you practice regularly.
I’m considering buying the manduka, but I worry about the weight of it considering I walk to yoga class.
Typically found at huge stores like Target or Walmart, less-expensive mats not only wear down after a few months, but they’re typically made with chemically-smelling plastics like PVC, which aren’t good for the Earth or your body.
Pricier mats like the Manduka Black Mat cost a small fortune over $90, but you’re paying for a durable mat made to last a lifetime (or two).
Name-dropping is not my scene, but unfortunately it matters when when it comes to yoga mats.
Seems like there is a much wider variety of yoga mats than there are bags.
Just as there are many types of yoga, there are even more varieties of yoga mats.
There are plenty of mats that costs $20 or less, but you get what you pay for in the yoga mat world.
It’s best to go on a recommendation from a friend or yoga teacher, and if they’re telling you what they love, it probably means they own it.
I’m actually looking for a new yoga mat, so this post sure is timely! The one I have bunches while I’m doing vinyasa, which is annoying.
Avoid mats made for other types of exercise like physical therapy or Pilates, as they can be too squishy or slippery.
Keep reading for more tips on buying your first yoga mat.
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I’m no Yoga expert but this is the 3rd time that I a have bought a yoga mat in a short period of time The first 2 mats I bought were cheap ones because I thought I could get away on the cheap.
Moisture and dust are the two main things that cause yoga mats to decrease in stickiness (you can get the stickiness back by cleaning as I have described above), so sweating on your mat increases the risk of you slipping a lot.
Since I started doing yoga I’ve talked with a few people about how yoga mats respond to sweat.
I did some thorough research and investigation before buying this mat and it seems that all yoga mats lose some of their stickiness after every handful of uses.
World Class Mats for Maximum Yoga Performance.
Jade natural rubber yoga mats for the best grip and comfort.
Since a yoga mat may be the most expensive thing you ever have to purchase to practice yoga, buying a cheap yoga mat will save you the most money.
If you’re just starting to dabble in yoga, then you may not want to spend any more money than you have to.
With that said, here are some of the cheapest yoga mats you’ll find to get you started.
Just know that cheap yoga mats generally won’t allow you to get the most out of your yoga.
So if you’re serious about practicing yoga long term, then you should buy a decent mat.
Yoga Clothing Yoga Supplies Options About the Co.
Barefoot Yoga Co.
These are great for yoga studios, gyms as well as sports and athletic stores to order in bulk and have available for sale for their customers.
If you want to use them as a marketing tool, give them out to potential customers and clients at trade shows, conventions, conferences or other promotional athletic events.
Companies can also order them to use as a marketing tool to promote their business and services.
Order them custom printed with your business logo or any artwork you want to add.
They can be personalized with business logos, unique graphic designs or any choice of text you want.
If you need assistance with shopping on our site, please call us at 1-877-846-9997 and a customer care representative will be happy to assist you.
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I don't want to buy online because I have to start taking my yoga classes by next Wednesday so I need to be able to buy it in a store.
I want a good quality, pretty yoga mat, that is also affordable.
You will get pregnant very fast and give birth to healthy children regardless of your age, how long you tried to get pregnant or how severe or chronic your infertility disorder is.
So by the time you buy 2 cheap mats that hurt your knees and wear out, you could have bought 1 Prolite.
Are there any stores similar to Ross or Marshall's, or even any that specialize in this kind of stuff, where I can find a cheap one? I prefer it to be somewhere in Midtown or Chelsea since that's where I know I'll be spending time.
There are lighter weight yoga mats sold as "travel yoga mats." I have one,but for the life of me can't remember where I bought it.
If you're staying at a Kimpton by any chance, you can borrow yoga mats to use in your room – they have a whole kit and yoga on the TV.
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you can buy travel yoga on line, look through Amazon, there are some excellent ones if you feel like toting them.
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Katie, do the higher quality mats (like the Jade mat) tend to weigh more than the cheap mats? I’m in the market for a Jade mat, and I’m wondering if it might be time for me to invest in a yoga bag as well.
For $20 (or less) you can buy a sticky yoga mat (they sell them at Target, sporting good stores, etc.). A cheap mat will do the trick in terms of providing a safe, relatively non-slip surface for you to practice yoga on.
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I found your no mat class, so that’s what I’m gonna do along with some inversion and arm balance attempts My mat will definitely be clean when I finally will get the soap out of it, but this type of cleaning is not happening again any time soon.
I usually use diluted white vinegar with essential oils, but I can smell the vingar for days (makes down dog a little less pleasant haha), I’ll try the rubbing alcohol.
In a spray bottle, combine one part rubbing alcohol, 2 parts water, and a few drops of essential oil (I like lavender or lemongrass).
I’m a germ-a-phobe so I use lysol to disinfect (I also have a weak immune system.) I hose my mat down when really dirty with soap and I also use essential oils.
Next time I’ll just try your suggestions But no essential oils for me as oils leave stains on my mat.
I Googled all over and came up with a recipe that called for witch hazel, water and essential oils.
I put a few drops of dishwashing liquid in water and using a clean cloth clean my mat with that slightly soapy water.
I’m more into subjecting myself to Jillian Michaels videos at home when I’m too lazy to get to the gym and this mat has been instrumental in softening the blow of crunches, push-ups, and even jumping jacks for my at-home sweat seshes.
"Yoga mat" is my blanket term for any kind of non-towel item you put on ground between hardwood floors and your exercising body, but honestly I don’t do yoga on this thing.
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Toate drepturile rezervate.
Point of Purchase Yoga Mat Display – Now Available! has designed these convenient, attractive Point of Purchase displays for our studio and retail store partners to assist you in merchandising and selling our yoga mats to your customers.
The Point of Purchase Yoga Mat Display easily holds and displays twelve 1/4” YOGAaccessories yoga mats.
Some manufacturers, including Manduka, certify that their PVC is made using an emissions-free process, but these premium yoga mats often cost $100 or more.
A 2008 study by Yoga Journal (the most recent statistics available) revealed that 16 million Americans practice yoga on a regular basis, and they spend nearly $6 billion a year on yoga classes and accessories like yoga mats.
Some health experts and yoga instructors warn against using PVC yoga mats, since this plastic contains a group of questionable chemicals called phthalates.
Consumers who prefer natural products should consider an eco-friendly yoga mat made from natural rubber, dried grass, organic cotton, jute (a fibrous plant) or biodegradable compounds like polymer environmental resin (PER) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).
Yoga mats made with natural rubber or TPE can be purchased as closed-cell or open-cell.
Some of the best yoga mats can cost as much as $100, but the low-priced Yoga Accessories Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat stands out for the rave reviews it receives from users.
The best source of yoga mat reviews comes from Women’s Adventure magazine, which tests and rates five yoga mats in a recent review.
However, even though they are sturdy and durable, plastic yoga mats are often made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
Mats fall into one of three categories: plastic, eco-friendly and yoga towels.
While many yoga studios offer yoga mats to borrow or rent, those who practice regularly prefer to have their own mats for sanitary and comfort reasons.
While these yoga mats are better for the environment, reviews indicate that they are not as durable and can be more expensive than conventional PVC mats.
Made from PVC-free natural rubber, the Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat offers excellent grip and stability, even during sweaty yoga sessions.
Plastic yoga mats are usually the cheapest option, and you can find them in any big-box store for less than $20.
Similar organizations, like Australia’s Choice and Britain’s Which? magazines, also don’t cover yoga mats.
Eco-friendly yoga mats can cost between $40 and $90.
As a result, yoga practitioners now have lots of choices when it comes to yoga mats.
Once a niche product, yoga mats are becoming a big business.
Few professional sources have tested yoga mats.
Health and Yoga Natural Dried Grass Yoga Mat *Est.
Reviewers say the Yogitoes Skidless Premium Towel is a must-have for heavy sweaters or those who practice Bikram or hot yoga.
One drawback: While the best yoga towels are lauded for excellent stability when damp, several reviewers say they don’t have the same traction when dry.
Yoga towels are a great choice for heavy sweaters or practitioners of hot and Bikram styles of yoga.
Designed to be layered on top of a yoga mat, this absorptive towel has silicone grips on its underside to prevent sliding or bunching up while keeping your hands and feet dry.
Liz Arch, a Los Angeles–based yoga instructor and creator of Primal Yoga, a blend of yoga and martial arts, told us, “A great yoga mat is an absolute essential that can prevent a class from turning into a slippery, frustrating nightmare.” She suggested PVC or natural rubber for traction; while thickness is a matter of personal preference, she said buying a large mat is a good investment for yogis of any size thanks to the extra floor space it can buy you in a packed class.
(The company is still operational but it has since founded a branch fully devoted to yoga mats and accessories called JadeYoga.) For many years the JadeYoga Harmony Mat was the only widely available natural rubber mat.
Rubber mats, of course, are a hot market in yoga, and for good reason—they’re better for the environment than many materials and they provide a good blend of traction and cushioning (though we couldn’t get any specific comments about the environmental impact of the sticky polyurethane coating).
The testers and I used each of the 13 mats for at least one full yoga class, paying attention to factors including slipperiness, surface texture, cushioning, weight, smell, and appearance.
I’m a certified yoga instructor and a frequent yoga class student so I was game to test all of the mats; I recruited two other certified yoga instructors to also take the mats to class.
It provides great traction, yet is softer than other premium yoga mats.
This is the site to explore as I share personal tips and guide you on how to choose, use, and care for your yoga mats.
Check out my top picks and my blog for more! When you practice yoga the mat can become very personal, so you won’t regret the satisfaction gained from a quality mat.
My name is Mandy and I’ll be talking all about yoga mats – thick yoga mats, cheap yoga mats, travel yoga mats, hot yoga mats and of course, different brands of yoga mats.
Mandy's Blog – Best Yoga Mat Reviews, Recommendations, Tips and Guide on How to Choose the Best Yoga Mat.
Of course, getting a good yoga mat is just the first step in making sure you practice safely and comfortably.
My yoga mat reviews are highly personal and based on more than 10 years of experience as yoga practitioner, hope you find them useful in your quest for a yoga mat.
Here’s the complete list: Do Yoga the Safe Way – 5 Safety Tips For more yoga related reading, click here.
Thank you for making time to read my tips and yoga mat reviews.
Compare and find the best deals for yoga mats.
Here are a few safety tips for those who are just beginning to learn and practice yoga.
Keep your yoga mat in good condition so that it continues to be a comfortable accessory to your practice.
To learn the complete list, check out How to Keep Your Yoga Mat in Tip Top Condition.
To know the complete list, read my article on How to Choose the Best Yoga Mat.
You will find yoga mat reviews in my blog.
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I hope this clears up any questions that you may have about getting your first yoga mat! If you are a yogi and you have any other great suggestions on brands of yoga mats, comment below and I’m sure the other yogis will find it really useful.
It’s now sitting in my room untouched (unless I’m going to travel), and I am using my $30 brandless yoga mat which provides great grip and cushion, and it’s been with me since my very first yoga class 1 year ago.
Environment: What is the material of your yoga mat made of? Is it made of PVC material that is environmentally hazardous? Although, some yoga mats made of natural rubber may have a strong rubber smell for at least a few weeks, and some cork mats wear very quickly if you are a regular practitioner.
Popular rubber mats include the Jade Harmony Rubber Mat, the Manduka eKO Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat, and the Harmony Natural Yoga Mat.
Many online retailers offer inexpensive or free shipping options on some of the best yoga mats out there.
Cotton mats can cost a bit more, such as the Hugger Mugger Cotton Yoga Mat, but are also available in a more affordable rug style.
Standard thickness mats such as the YogaAccessories High Density Yoga Mat strike a balance at around 1/4”.
Extra cushioning mats like the Prosource Premium Extra Thick Yoga Mat are a luxurious 1/2” thick.
Cheap mats are easy to find at big box stores, but with yoga mats you tend to get what you pay for.
Standard yoga mats are 24″ by 68″, which is the best yoga mat size for most people.
Some of the best selling yoga mats are in the mid $20 range, if you don’t mind a PVC mat.
Rubber, jute, and cotton mats are generally not as sticky as PVC, but can have surface texture that helps prevent slippage.
Thin, portable mats like the Gaiam Travel Yoga Mat are around 1/16”.
Heat or direct sun can cause even the best yoga mats to age prematurely.
The cost of yoga mats can vary quite a bit.
Texture can either be by design, such as raised bumps, or it can be a feature of the material (such as jute mats, which are organically rough).
Cotton is the most absorbent mat material, which is important if you sweat a lot or are planning on doing hot yoga.

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