christmas gifts for someone who has everything

We already gushed about how much we UncommonGoods’s unique art collection, but now that it’s -giving season, we can’t help but also highlight some of their offbeat (and affordable!) ideas for both men and women that will certainly surprise even “the-people-who-have-everything” types.
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Aquafarm, $60 – You might remember we featured this fish tank garden on Design Milk back when it was just a wee Kickstarter.

Everyone enjoys having their favorite photos collected in one place, and personalized photo products are a great way to give life to those JPEGs! A custom photo-book, canvas print or photo calendar will enable you to create a truly unique and meaningful gift.
We Find It.
From a boyfriend who took allergy shots so he could give his girlfriend a puppy to the book that helped one girl (finally!) find the right shade of foundation, Cosmo editors and readers told us about the presents they’ll never forget.
Find the Perfect Gift for AnyoneWhether you’re looking for a nice gift for your boss or a naughty present for your hot hookup, these affordable — but awesome! — gift ideas are guaranteed to please.
Want a unique gift idea? Get her something she has seen on the silver screen! Imagine the look on her face when she gets to own a piece of memorabilia from one of her favorite movies.
Occasions Holidays Expressions Anniversary Sweetest Day Best Friends Baby Shower Halloween Cheer Up Baptism Election Day Congratulations Birthday Thanksgiving Crazy for You Breakup / Divorce Chanukah Get Well Dating Anniversary Christmas Girl Power Family Reunion Kwanzaa Good Luck Graduation New Year’s I Love You House Warming Valentine’s Day I Miss You Midlife Crisis Mardi Gras Let's Party New Baby St.
iWatch concept design that we wish to become reality iWatch is rumored to be release in late 2014, and Apple is initiating a new process of hiring engineers to be part of the team that develops the product.
Giant Knife: 87 Implements / 141 Functions – Designed to fit the contours of the human hand perfectly which creates a firmer grip and makes every knife safer and more precise.
With a food tour gift, you’ll let him experience his favorite city from a completely new perspective as he enjoys the unique foods and famous restaurants that make his favorite city the greatest city.
It’s a great gift for anyone who loves and appreciates unique designs and décor.
Great for birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, and other milestones, a skydiving experience will be a gift he’ll remember for the rest of his life.
It’s the perfect gift for anyone who lives and bikes in the city, where storage space at home and work is in short supply.
It’s an exciting new experience and a gift he’ll never forget.
Whether in his favorite city to visit or in his own backyard, a city Segway tour makes a great gift for men.
Give him a gift that lets him enjoy his favorite city from a completely different and breathtaking perspective.
Choose from several hot air balloon ride options to give him the perfect experience and the perfect gift.
For the collector or the enjoyer of nostalgia, choose an old time candy box from his favorite decade and watch the joy on his face as he opens his gift.
Gift him with a Molecular Gastronomy Kit, and he’ll have fun using unique cooking agents to create original dishes and add a new spin to his favorites.
It’s a great gift for dads, groomsmen, new homeowners, and all guardians of the grill.
It’s a great gift for the environmentalist and the “live off the land” types.
This hilarious and handy book makes a great gift for guys who can appreciate the function and art of fixing and creating things with duct tape.
It’s an ideal gift for campers, hikers, and all manner of outdoorsmen.
The list goes on, so you’ll always be able to find him a great, unique gift for any occasion.
This leather bound Story of a Lifetime book gives him the unique gift of preserving his memories and stories from the most important and meaningful times of his life.
If you’re looking for a gift for the winelover,the Corkcicle Wine Chiller makes a perfect addition to his bar or kitchen.
We at redditgifts have watched complete strangers put together, send, and receive hundreds of thousands of gifts in our online gift exchanges, and we’ve learned a thing or two (or nine) about what makes a great gift.
Comedy Central blogger Mike Pomranz of Tosh.0 participated in one of our gift exchanges and sent his giftee one hundred trillion dollars–and it was real, it just also happened to be a now-defunct Zimbabwean currency.
Get creative with the packaging! Rather than just handing them a gift in regular wrapping paper, think of the gifting experience as an event–and you want to make sure they enjoy it.
One guy who suffers from depression, loves science fiction, and is also interested in male fashion got a potentially life-changing gift that was perfectly tailored to him.
Be inspired by one of our handmade picture frames, they are always a big hit! We can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t appreciate a little more pampering – so be sure to take a peek at our fabulous selection of shower aromatherapy items.
They Own Everything! Buying a gift for a person who appears To Own Everything is not easy, which is why we have brought together our most unusual and Wacky products to hopefully give some good ideas and provide the recipient with a present which is exciting and Upmarket.
When was the last time your photographer friend got frustrated over a full memory card even before the start of the event he wanted to cover? With this card, his photographs can be uploaded automatically, via Wi-Fi, to a safe storage space (his laptop, Android device, iPad or even his photo-sharing account online) to immediately free up valuable space.
The contains a wide range of editing tools such as for noise reduction, contrast, colour tune, lens correction among others; video file support; organized and elegant web galleries that are integrated with online photo-sharing sites – ideal for the photographer who aims for perfection and nothing less.
What the world needs is love yes the world needs your love.
Give Love On Christmas Day lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
Give love on Christmas day No greater gift is there than love.
Gag gifts are very common and expected at many parties and events such as: (40th birthday parties, 50th birthday parties, birthday gag gifts, white elephant parties, bachelor parties, bridal showers, weddings, retirement parties, and Christmas).
Take a look around our store to find that Christmas or Birthday Gift for someone that "Has everything" and we are sure you will find something that will be fun and entertaining for the whole family.
An ideal gift for wine aficionados, lovers of unusual ornaments and refined heavy metal fans (of course they exist), the Chain Wine Bottle Holder is destined to become one of the most talked about items in your home.
The Chain Wine Bottle Holder is one of the most eye-catching vino accessories we’ve ever seen! Magic forces collude with this nickel-plated iron chain to create a quite astounding illusion because your bottle appears to be floating in the twisted chain’s vice-like grip.
Suitable for all standard wine bottles, the Floating Lasso Wine Bottle Holder is guaranteed to cause a stir at any dinner party and will be a huge talking point.
Made of durable stainless steel, this wine bottle holder features a stand that pushes easily into the ground, and spiral cylinder in which to set your bottle in, holding it firmly in place.
Perfect for picnics, backyard BBQs, outdoor concerts, or a day at the beach, this SteadySticks wine bottle holder is a great solution to holding your open bottle in place while outdoors.
The real wool caddy – made from an authentic all-American red-heeled sock slips easily around any standard-size bottle of wine, champagne, sparkling juice, or other favorite beverage, protecting it from damage while lightly insulating its contents between loosely knitted layers.
No more spillage while picnicking, this SteadySticks wine bottle holder makes a fabulous gift.
The Lasso Wine Bottle Holder is crafted from chromed iron metal and then covered with the rope.
The Wine Knot is a seven bottle wine rack for six regular sized bottles and one oversized magnum or champagne bottle.
Inspired by a truly timeless and beloved icon, this adorable wine caddy’s cheeky sock-monkey design places it right at home at any uproarious dinner party, picnic, backyard barbecue, or other casual soiree.
Blomus solves the problem with this super stylish and space-efficient wall-mounted wine bottle holder.
The wine thermometer only need be attached like a belt around the bottle, and within minutes you can read the temperature on the digital display.
Ever been at a party and wondered how you’ll balance you wine glass, hors d’oeuvres and scintillating conversation all at the same time.
A wine stopper with adjustable month and day display easily reminds you of when you last opened that bottle.
DH 43 TTC:18 yrs DX: stage 4 endo @ 20 yrs old.FSH- 10-12DH – fine 7 corrective surgeries for endo & blocked tubes open 5 ectopics (natural) (cilia in tubes do not work) IVF #1 … 2 Grade C 8cell – one healthy baby boy!! 2 frozen 4cell and 6cell- Grade BEctopic (natural)2004 – 8 weeks pg – tube exploded – internal bleeding – surgery – other tube closed Feb 2012 – FET – no transfer IVF# 2 (OFC) March 15 2013- 300iu, cetrotide, hcgONE mature follicle – no fertilization.
Transferred two day-3 embryos, had severe OHSS, lost one twin between 7-13 weeks but was expecting one little one October 2013.
<p>Jan 2013 – Sept 2012: ttc on our own…not ovulating.Jun 2013 : Diagnosed with low iron…prescribed iron supplementsJul/Aug 2013: Late ovulation with iron…BFNSept 2013: 1st round of Clomid BFNOct 2013: 2nd round of Clomid – chemicalDec 2013: 3rd round of Clomid – BFN…moving on to ivf…not sure which clinic to go with.  Advised DH has poor morphology.Jan 2014: Changed clinics – advised I have a hydrosalpinx and must get lap procedure before moving to IVF.
Found out at 6 mos that our little one had died weeks earlier and had to induce and deliver stillborn, July 25, 2013.
Lucky me, only 34 similar cases recorded in the world! Tumor removed May 2014.
Gotta be honest here, as a 22 year old I’ve only been getting “man” gifts for a few years now (as opposed to “boy” gifts) and I’ve always been pleased with what I’ve gotten.
Print the picture, and stick it in their cards with the sentiment, “Look what you did for some sad little shit!” It’s the one time of year my family is charitable… you know, because I don’t give them a choice.
I get to pick the gift, so you know I’ll like it, it’s a “store” that carries virtually everything, so regardless of what I need, I can buy it.
What do you buy for the woman who has it all? Well you have to go down the luxury route, and here at Find Me A Gift we’ve loads of great gifts for women who have everything.
With much encouragement and bravery, Samantha took her skills as a agent and coupled that with her marketing skills and her huge heart for making others happy and Sammyg*s was born.
After taking a year off from real estate, Samantha worked in a placement agency for the elderly and the young and this opened her eyes and shaped her heart to provide products and services that would make others happy.
Really? Give me some direction here!! My kids are so easy to buy for but my husband on the other hand is terrible! I have been married to this guy for 15 years and I still don’t know what to get him each year! I am determined to find some really out of the box gifts for my family this year, I just don’t know what to get.
Samantha created a pajama pant that combines two very different yet complimentary fabrics and joins them together and viola, you have Samjams! You can choose from a ton of fabric choices and can ask for cotton, polar fleece or flannelette as well as long pants or shorts.
Each Christmas, I try to find some cool clothes for cool kids because my kids are just that; cool! When I first heard of Sammyg*s, I was unaware of just how diverse the product line is.
Samantha cares about each and every item she sends out, be it 100 blankets or 2 pairs of Samjams, Samantha will make sure you get the most perfect item you could want.
Included in the Sammyg*s line are elegant and personalized corporate gifts, the plushest blankets you have ever felt and my favorite; Samjams.
She asked me about the kids favorite colors, hobbies, what their personality was like and several others and she took that information and sent is the perfect gift for each of the kids.
Gardener’s Supply employee-owners are encouraged to learn about all aspects of our business, be active participants in our future and contribute to its success.
Check back often to view new articles, videos, blog posts and Facebook updates and join our online community.
Backed by our 100% guarantee and a wealth of horticultural knowledge, our employee-owners are happy to assist you.
Looking at those cookies reminds me of the Punselie’s Stroopkoekje I had on a Dutch airline I flew when I went to Spain.
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This post is beautifully written- We love the joy, imagination and magic of Santa in our home and we love, celebrate and worship Jesus and we don’t even have any kids! You raise a lot of very good points about consumerism, ethical shopping and giving, so much giving which I LOVE! Most of my friends do not ‘do Santa’ with their children and I support that decision just as they love me despite my secret ‘Santa wrap’ that only turns up on Christmas morning in the stockings! I think my favorite part of your post is about the five gifts you give your children- I think that is definitely a take away from this post.
Like other foster families we’ve had a hard time figuring out what we were going to do for our other kids… and sort of ended up just wrapping a couple and packaging some up for shoeboxes, and dispersing the other toys quietly in their rooms etc etc,.. It was pretty hard… For one thing, if/when foster children return to their homes they can develop this huge sense of expectations for christmas (and in general)… sure doesn’t seem to be what the kids need…. Not that I’m ungrateful that churches picked up a bit of interest, but like the great ‘nursing home’ comment earlier, the kids are here all year.. and toys aren’t what they need.. They need love, homes, security, mentoring etc etc.
One thing I want to do with my kids every year is leave a plain, brown box under the tree; on Christmas day, we will each write what our "gift" to Jesus is for that upcoming year: More time spent volunteering, pledging to give more money to charities, trying to be nicer to siblings, etc.
I am known to make Christmas a little different every year and this year my husband and I gave the choice to our 4 children to receive "One Excellent Gift" or "Many good gifts"…we have been talking a lot this year to them about having to say no to good things in order to experience the great things.
Our daughter is the one who makes the other kids in Kindergarten cry when she screams, "SANTA’S NOT REAL, PEOPLE!" So maybe we need to work on that…..but since my husband’s a pastor and Christmas is on a Sunday, we have the opportunity to REALLY focus their hearts on Jesus before we do any of the gifting.
If you are looking for a Christmas gift, birthday present, or a “I’m your grandma and just want to spoil you rotten gift” for a baby born with Down syndrome (or any child 0-12 months old) it’s my pleasure to present to you the following list of toys that made it to the top of our “awesome toy stack” this year.
This is a great list! We just found out that our son will be born with Down Syndrome and I’m re-evaluating some of our toys and baby gear that are from our first 2 children.
And I’m glad I did! We forget to include this on our Four Cheap But Effective Child Developmental Tools post, but we should have! I only paid 5 bucks for this, and it is without a doubt one of Noah’s favorite gifts ever! You press the button and the lights inside the globe spin around in brilliant, bright colors! It’s a sensory party! You can buy them on the link I posted above for a great price, or from Babies R Us in their five dollar bins at the front of the store.
I was hesitant to include the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case on this list of great Christmas gift ideas because you have to have an (or touch) to use it, but it’s so much fun that I couldn’t leave it off! This iPhone / touch case for kids is especially great because it comes with 3 free iPhone developmental apps that are a ton of fun! Another great thing about this iPhone case is that you don’t have to worry about your precious Apple product getting damaged because it’s completely protected in its own little baby friendly vault! Totally safe from slobber, buggers, snot, runny noses, or anything else your cute little baby may throw at it.
I hope this list helps any of you out there who are looking for Christmas gift ideas for babies with Down syndrome (or for any baby 0-12 months! ) There are a ton of great toys and gift ideas out there and this list is by no means comprehensive.
… I used to work for a small software development company that was hit hard by the 2001 economic crisis and was forced to shrink quite a bit (no one was fired but as people left they weren’t replaced, we crammed in half the office space, etc.) During this time we weren’t always paid on time, no new software, hardware or furniture was bought, and all sorts of “bonuses” and “perks” disappeared… and I’m not talking about “Dot-com-era-style” perks… I’m talking about a free lunch, tickets to the theater, a bottle of champagne for Christmas, or any other small gesture which wouldn’t have represented more than 2% of the full salary.
I would much rather buy gifts for my friends & family throughout the year if I see something I think they would particularly like, and I certainly don’t want ANYONE to feel obligated to try to find a gift that suits me perfectly just because the calendar says that “that day” is coming up.
My family is doing a starter version of the “No Xmas Gifts”… we are giving small gifts to each other, but are focusing on donating to charity with the money that we would have otherwise spent.
I’m going to save some by not giving Christmas gifts to my pets this year.
Never doing that again though… And I have already told my family that I can’t afford to buy any Christmas gifts for them this year.
I plan to think of a way to make gifts for the family, because frankly I don’t think my family really wants me to go into debt for the sake of a few moments Christmas Day and a full junk drawer/jewelry box/china cabinet/closet/wherever these things end up.
To everyone who thinks their children just wouldn’t survive without Christmas gifts – are the kids really that excited about the presents, or do they want you to think they are excited because it is polite and appropriate for them to be excited by that thing you got them that they will use once and then it will sit around their room for years.
They are for things like “getting to decide where to eat on karate night” and “being mom’s lead helper.” These coupons are extending into Christmas gifts, because they are popular and what the children actually value and want.
Today’s tip is to skip the expensive Christmas gifts this year — which cost the average American over $850 last year — and instead give something more meaningful this year.
But don’t we depend on each other for our jobs? Won’t more people lose their jobs if we spend no money on Christmas? Maybe you don’t work at a department store.
Packed lunches, no eating dinners out or drinking, no x-mas gifts, buying generics… I’ve been doing them for the past couple months already, but I have noticed a change in the money going out.
(This was frequently the case by myself and my cousins, I clearly remember discussing it when we were kids – we were raised not to be rude, and therefore acted completely gracious, but we really didn’t care for our gifts about as often as not) Tiny children like ripping off paper and don’t care what the present is, and older children (if they have been raised not to be greedy and completely self-centered) would often prefer one or two gifts that they would really enjoy instead of a dozen things they may or may not ever use.
Even making gifts costs money and often PPl end up feeling their time-spent, specially created, filled with love, homemade gift isn’t enough they end up spending more money last minute by buying additional items to go with it.
Because I don’t have kids and my family and I all have enough “stuff” we’ve been more and more focused on experience gifts.
Buy Christmas gifts throughout the year at sales, keeping in mind that if an item is less than 50% off, it’s not on sale.
People often buy ridiculous gifts for themselves, they travel, they entertain and because they have so much time off, they spend a lot of money just trying to find something to do.
Maggie is appreciative of her monther’s well thought out, handmade gifts — but following the logic of the statement quoted above, wouldn’t her mother’s time be better spent volunteering at a shelter, or performing some other sort of charity? And if Maggie is worried about her aunt being “ok in the event of something awful”, then her aunt really _isn’t_ in a financial position to buy a gift like this.
I agree that it’s the thought, not the amount of money, that goes into a gift is the most important thing, but with that said, I disagree with the author’s suggestion that a better gift would be to spend less on the material presents and to stash the “left over” money into the niece’s inheritance! One should except all gifts with genuine appreciation (and a thank you note!) – not chastise the giver about their spending habits.
Does she feel “less than” because she can’t reciprocate at that level? Is there some sort of underlying relationship or interpersonal problem with her aunt, as in Maggie perhaps doesn’t feel as close to this aunt and maybe feels guilty about receiving this kind of gift? It seems to me that there is more going on here than the cost of any gifts.
Are you like that aunt, giving sometimes over-the-top gifts to the people you care about? You might be surprised to find out that sometimes the gift isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be, like the gifts from Maggie’s aunt.
If you take anything from the “love languages” maybe this great aunt is loved through gifts and thinks it’s how she can greatest show love to her friends and family.
I generally don’t spend an exorbitant amount per gift, but I tend to buy gifts to show appreciation, especially for those who support me and my family – day care providers, babysitters, relatives who help out.
sometimes, when i find a spectacular gift that i know is perfect for someone, I’ll send out a message to various friends and family and say “I think X is perfect for this person, wanna chip in on it with me?” Usually I get such a great response that I end up buying some accessories to go with the original gift.(ie. Extra track to go along with a giant lego train) It turns out that the fun and excitement of watching someone open a great present isn’t diminished by having shared the purchase, so everyone comes out happier and richer at the end.
Don’t forget another reason to avoid gifts that are notably expensive- it screams “I’m insecure with my gift choices so to be sure you would like it I spent more, after all everyone likes a bigger better gift, don’t they?”.
Her aunt loves buying the perfect gift for everyone in her family and, because she’s well off, she can afford to spend the time and the money in order to find that gift.

If you’ve got some around $200 to spare, one of the best coin books appreciated by any collector of United States coins is Walter Breen’s Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins.
From individual coins to coin sets, you can register the recipient to receive new coins as they’re released from the United States Mint, you’ll be billed for each purchase — and you can stop the program whenever you like, too.
Do some shopping online or at your local coin dealer and see if there any coins that seem to speak to the other sides of that special coin collector.
Even if the coin collector in your life isn’t much into collecting bullion, bullion coins are great for holding value in coin form.
Besides being a coin collector, is there anything else that numismatist likes? Baseball? Military history? Historical figures? Well, there are dozens of commemorative coins that honor all those things and more.
The coin collector can hang onto the bullion coins for personal investment purposes or enjoyment or, instead, may choose to sell the bullion coin to buy more coins for his or her coin collection.
Be sure to check out the different subscription options and see which may suit you and that coin collector you’re shopping for.
These coin gift ideas range from the cheap to the expensive, but they all should do a fine job in satisfying the recipient and helping you feel like you really bought a gift sure to be loved.
Check with your local coin dealer or a major online coin dealer and see what they have to offer for special coin gift cards you can give.
Take a look at these 10 gift ideas sure to please a coin collector who’s special to you.
Check listings of local coin shows and see what’s going on in the recipient’s neck of the woods — then find out what you’ve got to do to get tickets.
Basic membership costs $28, though I suggest springing for the regular membership, which costs $46 and delivers monthly issues of The Numismatists, a highly informative color magazine that dives deep into the hobby and always teaches even the most advanced coin collectors something new.
Forget the ties and the fruit cake — these 10 coin gifts will let that beloved coin collector in your life know how much you like them.
These help organize coin collections, track the coins in them, and even help in tracking coin values.
If you can’t decide on a coin book, then consider giving the gift of a coin magazine subscription.

Armed with this list of inexpensive and incredible gift ideas, you will have no problem buying the perfect gifts for all of your friends and family this Christmas.
However, gift cards can be an ideal Christmas gift and people generally love to receive them, because gift cards can be used to purchase whatever they want.
Also, you can simply purchase the person new charms as gifts each and every Christmas, making them a budget-friendly and prudent gift option that will provide years of enjoyment.
The majority of people are genuinely happy receiving their favorite movie or TV series as a Christmas gift.
Many people purchase gift cards as a last resort, because they are not very creative or personal.
For the women on your Christmas list, charm bracelets can be an emotional and personal gift.
DVD’s range in price, but they start as low as a few pounds, making them a terrific gift if you are one of many Britons on a shoestring budget this Christmas.
There are a myriad of creative gift ideas that will put a smile on everyone’s face this Christmas holiday.

What do you give the girl who has everything? Kate Middleton landed her prince and now lives a life of royal luxury — but she still needs Christmas presents.
With Prince William off saving lives — not to mention his upcoming military tour to the Falkland Islands — Kate has quite a few lonely nights ahead of her.
While we appreciate Kate’s dedication to keeping a slender physique, a little cushion on the hips wouldn’t kill the girl.

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