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View a Clue engages toddlers in an interactive and stimulating game of “hide & seek.” Featuring a cadre of adorable characters and playful graphics, “View a Clue” challenges and inspires toddlers to help Spencer find his school supplies through a series of visual & audio “clues” specifically designed for their stage of development.
Now you can find the Rules and Score sheets to all of the Winning Moves and puzzles.
Printable clue score sheets in Microsoft Word, Works, PDF free for download.
This score sheet works with standard editions of the clue board game, if you have a special edition, you can modify the text as needed.
Inspired by the Clue Master Detective Notebook by Brian Sinclair, my CLUE Notebook has extra columns for keeping track of each player’s suggestions and a nice big space for freeform notes.
Updated to the same size as the Clue game cards (57mm x 89mm), last version was for the standard size.
Free printable Clue game sheets, print your own score sheets to keep your case information.
Harry Potter Clue – Fun family game recommended by my family and by Hagrid.
1986 Clue Score Sheet and Confidential Case File Envelope by Parker Bothers Co.
1997 Clue Score Sheet and Confidential Case File Envelope by Parker Bothers Co.
2002 Clue Score Sheet and Confidential Case File Envelope by Parker Bothers Co.
2008 Clue Score Sheet and Confidential Case File Envelope by Parker Bothers Co.
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Available in Acrobat (.PDF) format, just download it, open it in Acrobat (or another program that can display the PDF file format,) and print.
If another player shows them a card, secretly watch where the first person writes the X down on the paper.
If you are not allowed or do not want to cause suspicion, take out your cell phone or blackberry and pretend to be texting while you are actually writing notes on who has what cards.
For example, if you admit to almost know who did it, then in your next turn you ask to see the Colonel Mustard card, people will believe you think it is Colonel Mustard and you were checking to make sure it was him.
Do this only occasionally, they may become suspicious and make sure that they never actually see your cards, even after the game.
This can often give away answers to what cards you have, and how far along you are in winning the game.
You know that if a person throws their cards down, they don’t have any of those cards the other person needs.
When it comes to the wikiHow community, he loves how everyone is genuinely concerned for each other’s wellbeing, and he appreciates the advice he himself has received from articles like How to Approach a Girl.
Be sure to not let any body language give other players clues.
Lastly, (and this is actually a good idea) if a player’s character is called into a room for a "rumor" (the game’s clever name for a suggestion), the player may choose to draw a card.
For some reason, the game cards only list the suspects by their colored last name which is strange given that they have fleshed out their bios in the instruction manual (which is cleverly designed to look like a gossip magazine).
On a player’s turn, they may play a card from their hand onto the discard if the card being played has a matching image or number to the card on top of the discard pile.
Once all players have an action card, the destination markers are shuffled face-down and one is dealt to each player.
Each player starts the game with a hand of five cards dealt randomly from the deck.
If none of their cards match one of these two characteristics, then the player must draw a card from the deck and add it to their hand.
Action cards allow the player to gather clues from other players in various ways.
The game starts with the dealer separating and shuffling the different cards (6 suspect, 6 vehicle, and 9 destination) and choosing one of each for the "solution." The remaining cards are then shuffled together and dealt out as evenly as possible to players.
Action cards allow a player to perform different actions on their turn.
If a rope card is played, the player playing it gets an extra turn.
For example, if a player plays a dagger card, they choose a player and that player loses a turn.
In this game, the goal is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards.
Lastly, if a player play a revolver card, they choose a player and exchange their hand with that player.
The player names off the suspect, vehicle, and destination, then secretly looks at the solution cards.
Once a player thinks they have the solution, they can make an accusation on their turn (you may do it without playing an action card).
The caller reads out the clue card and the player with the answer to that particular clue covers the relevant square with a counter.
Printed out the clue cards on 2 sheets of paper and then cut out each clue card.
 If they are not correct, then they are out of the game, and the game continues until a Team selects the correct suspect, weapon, and room.
 If they do Team#2 will need to show Team #1 one card they have…if they do not have any cards, then the play continues to Team #3 to show any cards they might have to Team #1.
 This will help when teams need to show cards to another team, so you know who shows to whom.
 If the Team wishing to make an Accusation is correct they win the game.
 Put several into each team envelope depending on the number of players that you have.
 And on Team#3's turn, Team #3 will start by asking  Team #1.
 On Team #2's turn, Team #2 will start by asking Team #3.
 Leave some for ALL players to see and mark on their Detective Note sheet (the game can get a tad long without this option).
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  Slickdeals Forums > The Deals > Freebies Free printable score sheets for games like Yahtzee, Uno, Clue, etc.
Free printable score sheets for games like Yahtzee, Uno, Clue, etc.
The next accusation was answered by clue player "B" that revealed a card about an accusation: Clue suspect Miss Scarlett, with clue weapon Rope in clue room Library.
You can for sure put a check mark under column "C" in the clue room "Library" and if you look back at accusation number two, you will find out that you now know what was answered to this accusation.
I choose those three card to illustrate that we can already figure out that clue player "A" was holding the clue weapon card "Knife" since we already have the clue room card "Kitchen" and the clue suspect card "Professor Plum" in our hands.
In this picture we can see that from the first accusation answered by clue player "A" we solve the card shown by this player to another player.
The question marks and the numbers under column "A" means that clue player "A" shown one of the three card of the accusation.
This third accusation tells us that player "C" shown the clue room card Library.
The next clue accusation answered by clue player "C" will reveal the power of my clue game strategy.
Player answered to accusation number 3 with one of three clue card.
So clue player "C" answered something to the accusation: Clue suspect Professor Plum with the clue weapon Wrench in the clue room Library.
The picture on the left shows that an accusation was made with the following clue elements: Clue Suspect Professor Plum, Clue weapon Knife and Clue room Kitchen.
It was the clue weapon card "Knife" and this is the reason why we have a green check mark there now instead of the previous question mark.
You were previously wondering which of the "Library" or the clue weapon "Rope" was shown, now you know exactly that it was the rope since the library clue card is in player "C" possession.
My clue strategy here is to not lose a single piece of information exchanged during an accusation done by me or any other player.
Let’s make a more complicated example to show how you will get an edge on the other player around the clue game board.
Clue memory refresher, remember those detective notes… this post is kind of an introduction to this old time classic board game.
The same check mark will be used when I figure the cards hold by other clue player.
The most comprehensive list of baby shower charades words and free printable cards to entertain party guests and the new mom-to-be.
Kids charades is a great game for birthday parties and any other time when you have to keep the kids busy.
KIDS CHARADES – The perfect fun game for kids parties, kids camps and keeping kids entertained at basically… any event.
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SILENT CHARADES – The quick charades game, ideal for parties and groups.
If Green asks for Peacock, Wrench and Kitchen in a turn, and he is shown a card by Peacock, you know that Peacock showed the kitchen because the other two cards are accounted for.
If Peacock asks for Peacock, Wrench and Dining Room in her next turn, and Plum shows another card, you know he showed the Wrench card, as you have the Dining Room already and you know that White has Peacock.
If Mustard goes to the dining room and suggests Peacock, Dagger, Dining Room, and White shows him a card, you know that the card he showed was Peacock.
GAME DAY STAT SHEETS (FOOTBALL) – Defensive Stats Sheet DEFENSIVE STATISTICS All columns are for Tally marks, except Ret Yds.
platinum blonde on the bonnet of some primeval Holden, and the alarm clock, evidently been reading, for the morning Age lay askew across his chest stories of Leibush Peretz, along with papers, pencils and fragmentary notes.
For students playing the game "Guess Who?" to practice asking about people’s descriptions, I give students a laminated copy of this sheet for them to remember the correct vocabulary including: hair colors, eye colors, size of hair/nose, if they are man/woman, if they have a mustache or beard, etc.
Your students will playing this fun game!! (*Please note that the actual game Guess Who? isn’t included in this product, only a "cheat sheet" for students to use when playing the game).
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It will automatically eliminate items and solve categories for you by cross-referencing known card locations and the cards it knows are not held by each player.
The app will automatically eliminate a card if it is shown to you or, when entering another player’s suggestion, if a card is shown and it’s known that the other two cards in the suggestion are elsewhere or not held by that player.
You will ask the player to your left, if they don’t show a card to you press ‘No Cards Shown’ and move onto the next player, if they show a card you select the card from the wheel and press ‘Card Shown’.
You can manually enter that a player holds a particular card, for example if you are shown it thanks to an intrigue card rather than through a traditional turn.
To enter your suggestion you pick the items from the table and press the ‘Your Suggestion’ button at the bottom of the screen.
To do this you press menu and then select the name of the card and the player holding it.
Here you can find readable scans from the original Detective Casebooks, including equipment lists, instructions, and suggestions for playing the games.

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