cons of beauty pageants

Child Beauty Pageants are teaching children at a young age that fake beauty is more important than natural beauty.
The purpose of this blog is to argue our point that child beauty pageants can cause the children physiological problems once they grow up.
When thinking of child beauty pageants the first thing that comes to mind are little girls dressed up acting like princesses.
There are other things children can participate in that are positive and a better way to spend their time that could make a difference in their lives, I think they support outward beauty instead of inward beauty, and the costumes are not age appropriate.
Boys in child beauty pageants are becoming more prevalent.
Among the negative there might be some positive aspects to child beauty pageants.

Child abuse is defined as exploitation of a child, are these parents exploiting their child beauties? On a study done by Levey who researched child beauty pageants of the two to six age group for the Harvard University Gazette, she interviewed forty-one pageant mothers who participate in an average of five pageants per year.
Most people would say there are very few pros to children’s beauty pageants, but for some children they can be a positive experience.
Another con about adult beauty pageants is their glamor appeals to teenage girls and it teaches them that they should be judged by their looks and bodies instead of their intelligence and personality.
The cons of children’s beauty pageants are that they encourage superficial looks instead of inner beauty.
When the contestants are over the age of 18, we worry less about the negative impacts of beauty pageantry, but there are still pros and cons to these pageants.
Are the children geared up to match the standards that most beauty pageants outline? Are child beauty pageants harmful? Let us have a look at child beauty pageants pros and cons.
While the discussion on child beauty pageants pros and cons are getting hotter day by day, one can imagine the intensity of destruction, this could do to a child’s self esteem.
An organizer of child beauty pageant states that pageants should be treated like extra curricular activities, and should not be interfered with academics.
The whole education system is a failure in the US as the interest of the child is diverted to some irrelevant beauty pageants.
The first child beauty pageants in the United States started in the 1960’s.
Aren’t we oblivious to those needs? Child beauty pageants facts are sometimes more horrifying than the most horror movies.
The episode has brought out the good, the bad and the ugly face of child beauty pageants.
The death of JonBenét led to harsh criticism of child beauty pageants.
Child beauty pageants effects are disastrous on the child’s body and mind.
The death news of a 6 year old Colorado girl, who participated in a child beauty pageant was flashed on every news channel.
Technically it is the parents choice what their children wear and what they do for their routines so sexual clothing, dance moves are entirely the parents choice.
Beauty pageants do more harm than good, im speaking against it.
It develops a self confidence in a person.
The concept of a beauty pageant for children is meant to bring out those qualities in children and hopefully promote positive thinking for the rest of their life.
Child beauty pageants are a way to promote self-confidence and a positive body image to those girls and boys who enter.
A child beauty pageant does bring a set of rules and discipline that each child entered must follow.
Most children enter into beauty pageants by the hand of their parents.
Parents will have to pay for travel, specialized training (such as a vocal coach) and for each costume or talent prop their child needs in order to compete.
Children are under extreme pressure to perform their best by parents and peers and with the wrong motivation can feel as though they failed when they do not win.
A negative aspect of this situation is often parents are pushing and forcing their children into these events.
The way a parent teaches her child about competition and loss can affect how the child reacts to the outcome of each pageant.
Though the costs are high, a pro to this situation is when a child wins they are often offered monetary compensation, but also a college fund is set up in their name and may be something parents could not afford to do on their own for their child.
The Pros and Cons of Beauty Pageants Created by Sophia Gulati 1) Young girls are beginning to think that physical appearance is equivalent to worth.
I need to lose weight…. Are the little girls doing it for themselves or their moms? Normal Little Girl Makeup Crazy mothers 3.) Pageants come with negative health issues such as eating disorders, self esteem issues, and depression.
Who could explain to those young immature girls that true beauty comes from the inside, that their talents and personalities are more important than attractiveness and outside beauty? They shouldn't be focused on beauty and full glitz at a young age, but truly the influence of child beauty pageants will have extremely harmful effects on the contestants' bodies & brains and these effects of pageants may haunt the contestants' lives forever.
From giving young girls a boost of self-confidence or an eating disorder, and turning her into a well-rounded individual or a spoiled & vain brat, child beauty pageants are harmful and helpful at the same time.
For example, some parents believe that young girls shouldn't enter pageants and the competitions should be banned; they're thinking that pageants will teach their daughters that the only things to succeed in life are attractiveness + physical appearance and that wearing inappropriate stripper outfits along with being flirtatious in front of the judges to win a competition is something they should be doing at a young age.
Several years later, over 25,000 child beauty pageants evolved across the U.S. and girls at the ages of 2 & above enter pageants.
Beauty pageants have become dominant part of culture, and based on statistics about 5,000 child beauty pageants are held every year and about 250,000 child contestants are participating.
With the help of child beauty pageant statistics, individuals especially pageant organizers and planners are able to analyze data relatively quick.
Your knowledge and awareness about child beauty pageant statistics also helps you to be aware and familiar about primary statistical concepts of child beauty competition.
Child beauty pageant statistics will then be made available for individuals who are looking for reliable statistical record.
Based on statistical record presented by Women’s News verified last year, in 100,000 beauty pageants held in the U.S. each year, about 72% hire pageant coaches.
Understanding child beauty pageants is important because this helps you identify and understand data trends.
As years passed, the child beauty pageant statistics is expected to change.
Child beauty pageant pertains to beauty competition that features contestants aging 2 to 18 years of age.
Every aspect of child beauty pageant is being analyzed before data is completely set.
Some individuals foresee child beauty pageants as grounds for bullying children but some believes these to be a safe haven.
Because of the pros and cons of joining beauty competitions, child beauty pageants have been subjects of debates and arguments.
However, these events are no longer limited to grown up ladies because at present, child beauty pageants are on the rise.
Child beauty pageants are just one in the long lists of events that are being evaluated and recorded.
In general aspect of beauty pageant, more than two million girls are competing in beauty pageants every year in the U.S. alone.
If statistics have been properly used, clear and comprehensive representation of beauty pageant data is expected.
Based on statistical data presented by the same source, about 6% of beauty pageant participants have suffered from depression.
These are also helpful in convincing children to join child beauty pageants.
And while the placement in a pageant may not matter to most kids and may not have long standing effects, why would you put your child in that situation in the first place? I don’t think the arguments for child pageants have any legs to stand on.
Although, the new evolved pageants are trying for a basis of judgment that encompasses the beauty as well as other important necessary features of wit and talent.
The structure of the modern day beauty pageants is based on the May Day celebrations of the olden times where a king and a queen were chosen from amongst the crowd on the basis of their beauty.
Child beauty pageants have been on my mind lately.
So are beauty pageants exploitive? Yes, they are, but the responsibility for such a catastrophic, sad situation does not lie with the pageants alone.
Whereas the beginning of these pageants might have been more for the fun and revelry, with time they have started becoming coveted and celebrated titles.
The cost includes entry fees, training program, accommodation and hair and make-up services by a professional." The article ends saying that child beauty pageants will always be something to debate over.
The pride of standing and modeling in front of an audience instills self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment." An coordinator of beauty pageants says that it should be treated like an everyday extra curricular activity.
SUMMARY: This article’s main points were just bases on the pros and cons of beauty pageants.
SUMMARY: This article is mainly based on parents entering their babies into beauty pageants.
It says that beauty pagents "promote self confidence and a positive body image" Some of the girls get too caught up with the pressure and can develop problems like depression or anxiety because of the competitive atmosphere.
"Women who participate in beauty pageants have a once in a lifetime chance to earn a lot of money which they can use for many things and one of them is college." This describes one of the pros of pageants.
"Malnutrition sets in their body sometimes at the young age of 14 or 16." Most beauty contestants should be healthy role models but that is rarely the case in pageants.
This is a very competitive pageant because state winners get to compete for the Miss Teen USA title, which among other prizes includes being part of the nationally televised National Pageant.
The judging criteria for this pageant is 25 percent GPA (scholastic/academic achievement past and present), 25 percent Community and School Involvement (volunteer work, civics, and club positions, etc.) 25 percent Interview (communications skills, including articulation, knowledge of yourself, your views/beliefs, and current events, etc.) 15 percent Evening Gown (walking in evening gown and answering an onstage question), and 10 percent Personal Expression (modeling and/or dancing in a jean and t-shirt outfit you decorated that expresses yourself).
I was Miss Alaska Teen American Coed 2003 and wrote about my American Coed National Pageant experiences in PHS issue 58.
Kristin’s other sponsor—Alaska Airlines) For younger girls interested in a program like America’s National Teen-Ager, the Miss National Pre-teen and Petite Pageants are a wonderful option.
Professional Photo from 2003 Miss Alaska Teen American Coed Pageant (L.I.P.S. of Anchorage Alaska, gown by Stephandales Bridal.
If you win your state pageant you will receive the opportunity to compete in the National competition in Atlantic City, NJ, which is nationally televised.
Another question to ask yourself is, "Where are my strengths?" Whether it be talent, speaking, communications skills, GPA, volunteer work, or another category, the best way to do well in a pageant is to pick a pageant that has areas of competition that you will really shine in.
While women take the center stage in these pageants, many people argue that these beauty contests actually do not champion the rights of women.
Many beauty pageant contestants believe that such competitions inspire them and other women to be more independent, free when it comes to their choices, and to live a healthier lifestyle.
Instead of making these women feel better about themselves by promoting beauty that goes beyond skin deep, these contests oftentimes zero in on physical than over all beauty.
However, despite the criticisms thrown against beauty contests, many women like to see things from a different perspective.
Since time immemorial, many beauty pageant alumnae have found success in different industries, from beauty school and fashion industry to media, many have landed on reputable careers.
Some of the people who benefit from these events include hairstylists, fashion designers, makeup artists, fitness coaches, dressmakers, marketing and advertising professionals, events planners, beauty therapists, and even beauty school graduates.
In a nutshell, beauty pageants are not without criticisms and flaws, but they provide so many benefits to people and different industries as well.
Given this rather shallow interpretation of beauty, some experts say that these contests are defeating their very purpose and are responsible for disempowering women.
Beauty pageants do not only benefit the contestants themselves as they help a whole industry.
The organizers of these pageants believe that these contests are made to help empower women by making them feel good about themselves.
Such puts pressure on the contestants to try and conform to standards of beauty, spending their time and resources on fashion, cosmetics, hair styling, even with cosmetic surgery.
We acknowledge that pageants have had a reputation for contributing to the objectification of women, for pressuring girls to uphold unrealistic ideals of physical beauty, and for focusing on outer beauty only, thereby lowering self esteem.
Whatever the reason, pageants are meant to offer much more! When approached in a healthy way, beauty pageants promote the development of strong communication skills and provide an environment to enhance job interview techniques.
Therefore, parents must be aware of the various pros and cons of child beauty pageants before enrolling their children into such competitions.
Children as young as 18 months are forced into participating in beauty pageants, because parents think it’s the right thing to do for their child.
I think beauty pageants should what it says beauty and to me children are natural beauties so they should be able to be in a beauty pageant based on just that natural beauty not fake eyebrows and hair and makeup.
The children are made to undergo preposterous sessions of grooming, wherein their eyebrows are plucked in order to be shaped, their hair is styled and colored, and their teeth are bleached! The child’s natural beauty is often hidden and her/his innocence marred beneath plastic smiles, tanned skin, and false eyelashes and teeth.
Most child beauty pageants are well-organized and cater to the needs of children by arranging recreational activities, games, and snacks at the backstage.
Parents often enroll their children into beauty pageants in order to encourage them to dream bigger, want and expect more from themselves.
The ‘Most Beautiful Child’ contests were already being held all over America in the 1920s, until an organized beauty pageant was held in Atlantic City in 1921 by a hotel owner as a means of boosting tourism.
i mean pagents arent so bad ,some children to be in them and i think that its better that way than having to force you child to be in a pagent.some parents are just wanting to gain poupularity and relive there live in thre children.i think that its really amazing that parents are out of there mind and not paying for sports and aducation.
Parents should be the ones to decide whether or not it is safe for their children to participate in a beauty pageant.
Child Beauty Pageants – Pros and Cons Grooming a child to face the competitive world and coaxing a child to join the bandwagon of beauty pageants are two different things altogether.
Let us take into consideration the pros and cons of child beauty pageants and whether these competitions serve any purpose other than showcasing the beauty of a child.
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I’m sure there are some children who are natural’s for the pageants &/or Acting…. but I Totally agree that it’s Only a Good thing as long as the child enjoys it…. but too many children Loose their childhood from parents who think they can "CASH IN’ on their kids…. kinda like Dogs in a Dog show…. except the dogs feelings aren’t hurt when they don’t win… and if they do, they get big bucks for their puppies…. not that they know the difference…. like all of us, all we need is to be loved and appreciated for Who We ARE.
there are different kinds of pagents, all natural pagents are one of the greatest thing to boost your childs confidence! of course they are going to be upset if they don’t win, but thats another life lesson, you can’t always win and your child has to know that and you need to teach them, but as far as pagents where they have to have 2 tone of make-up on, hair extensions and be ‘perfect’ go all your teaching them is that you need all that to be beautiful! yes it’s a fact that life is easier on those who are ‘attractive’ but childen should learn to be confident within themselves no matter what they look like.
If you’ve ever been intrigued by the world of Toddlers & Tiaras, or even just tempted to enter your baby and her winning smile in a Baby Gap modeling contest, should you think twice? Whenever the topic of children’s pageants and professional modeling comes up on Circle of Moms, there are passionate defenders and detractors.
JAMMU, Oct 4: Sahil Mehta from Government MAM College, Jammu, was adjudged first in the Elocution (Extempore) event conducted under the aegis of Inter-Collegiate/Departmental ‘Display Your Talent’ 2012-13, being organized by the Department of Students Welfare at Brig Rajinder Singh Auditorium, University of Jammu, here.
In symposium Junior standard, Sonali Verma of class 8th of Krishan Academy Sudhmahadev, Kajal of class 7th of Government Higher Secondary School (GHSS), Sudhmahadev and Rehan Fasial of class 5th of Government Middle School, Bachhal secured first second and third positions respectively, whereas, in senior standard, Radhika Sharma of class 11th and Muneeshwar Sharma of class 9th of GHSS, Sudhmahadev shared first position, while, Simran Verma of class 10th of GHSS, Sudhmahadev claimed second prize.
JAMMU, Oct 4: Anubhav Bhagat from district Doda claimed gold in U-19 boys .177 Air Rifle 10m event of the Divisional Level Inter District Competitions in the discipline of Shooting for boys Under-17 and Under-19 years, which got underway at Shooting Range, Delhi Public School, here today.
Interesting topics for the Elocution (Extempore) were ‘Leadership & Indian Youth’, ‘Corruption in India’, ‘Youth and Identity Crisis’, ‘Youth Violence in India’, ‘How is glamour affecting our daily life?’, "Use of Steroids in Bodybuilding’, ‘Sedentary lifestyle effects’, ‘Effects of cell phone radiation’, ‘Responsibility towards Elders’, ‘E-governance–Is it necessary?’, ‘Internet and the shrunk personal relationships’, ‘Are we too dependent on Internet?’, ‘Best things about Life’, ‘Reservation – Bane or Boon’, ‘Checking female foeticide’, ‘How to set goals and achieve them’, ‘Do cheer leaders make sports more fun?’, ‘Beauty pageants– pros and cons’, ‘Should Media be controlled by the Government?’, ‘Positive effects of technology on society’, How can you make this world a better place to live?’.
Jammu, Oct 4: With an aim to create awareness among the students about protection and conservation of biodiversity, Sai Shyam College of Education, Gou Manhasa Jammu organized ‘Go Green’ Mitra Hand Print Pledge Campaign for Biodiversity Protection and Conservation and Sustainable use of Environmental Resources in Sai Shyam Public School, Gou Manhasa, here.
JAMMU, Oct 4: To participate in 30th Sub-Junior National Taekwondo Championships to be held at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh from October 4 to October 7, the Jammu and Kashmir State Taekwondo team left for the venue, here today. Earlier, the J&K Taekwondo Association conducted 14th J&K State Taekwondo Championship for selecting the State team and those who won gold medals have been picked for the Championship.
And then I get asked if I know their friend of a friend who lived in Oklahoma, or if I’ve been to New York or Florida – the only places folks around here have visited if they have traveled to America.
I live in an area where grandmother/mother/daughter all went to the same primary school (elementary school) built in the late 1800’s – many folks around here haven’t left and don’t plan to anytime in their lifetime.
So after my family ate a good hardy English fry-up (eggs, thick bacon, beans, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast and tea), I took a few pics of signage around my stomping grounds .
“How To Look Good Naked,” which will also air in January on Lifetime and is based on a successful British reality show, will explore a different kind of makeover – one that involves no diet, exercise or plastic surgery to make a woman’s perception about her appearance shift dramatically, as Kressley explained.
But, there is truly more than meets the eye here; as we found out when I spoke with one integral cog in the “Queer Eye” machinery, fashionista Carson Kressley, about the end of the show that made him a household name and what the future holds for this queer guy with an eye for looking good.
It might take u 5, 10 or even a year for success to cum, jes be very ready for whatever perks this decision is gon cum with, but make sure it does not affect ur family in any way… The major league in the entertainment world is filled with so much negativity and scandals and senseless compromise to get to d top.. its like a good christian trying to become a president of Nigeria(its not impossible), but d question is always, will u still be dat good christian wen u finally bcome d president? So u rilly nid to pray bout this.
Candid advice, be sure 2 have established for urself a firm foundation in the arts u want 2 go into b4 leaving ur bank job so that u won't be stranded cash wise cos being an enterpreneur is a cash intensive business.
While alcohol has many harmful effects, some people believe it’s their choice to drink. Some believe it’s an individual’s choice to drink or not. This position is weak because alcohol has harmful effects on those who are not drinking.
It changed because everyone still kept drinking it. The people who drink alcohol start craving alcohol. A lot of people get killed from over drinking. For example it makes your brain slower down and kills brain cells.
    Alcohol should be illegal because there are many cons toalcohol effects. Alcohol kills many people because for example drunk drivers that get in car accidents because they’re not controlling their driving. It kills innocent people.
Likewise, alcohol should be illegal because people get sad and depressed when family members get killed from any harmful cause of alcohol.
Most accidents from alcohol are from drunk driving. It’s very dangerous when people are on the road. When people are driving and drinking you think you are driving straight. But when you hear crash you realize you weren’t driving good you were probably driving all over the place.
Something could happen to a loved one and they may have never seen it coming.  In 2010the U.S the percentage of people who had a concealed weapon in their household was 40-45%.
                A lot of people may believe that they feel the need to be safe once they are in their household.
        To begin with, children are too young for beauty pageants.
        Beauty pageants are destroying little girls’ childhoods.
There are many pros and cons of carry a concealed weapon in or outside the house.   When we live in a world where everything and anything could happen it really does help to be happy knowing that you have something to defend yourself with in almost any situation.
When you want to drink alcohol try to stop your self. Have other drinks instead like coke, water, sprite, juice and kitty cocktail. They are great suggestions.
Thousands die from drunk drivers because of car accidents. Now you see and hear do not drink and drive because it’s so dangerous. Brain starts to become slower every time you drink it.
We just know its happening but we just stand around and do nothing. Our whole life is a cycle.The plants grow to feed the animals, the animals grow and eat so we can fee and hunt the animals for nourishments. A dolphin named Flipper committed suicide by holding her breath in and sinking at the bottom of her tank.
No braindamage, better health. Not abusing your family if it’s caused by drinking alcohol, there’s more love and happier families.
She committed suicide. What if more animals started to committee suicide in zoos, then what? The zoo owners are just going to replace them and bring in new animals of the same species.
Motivation is the most important differentiating factor among persons who could be called, at least in some loose sense, “crossdressers.” Why does a genetic male put on women’s clothing? Those male-to-female “crossdressers” who could accurately be called “transgender persons” do so primarily to express a feminine aspect of themselves.
The fact that “crossdressing” is a vague term with different meanings to different persons makes it easy for us to talk past each other; however, I think that “transgender” crossdressers are the vast majority, and that the negative stereotypes of crossdressing are based on other kinds of “crossdressing” (including some that are of legitimate concern to mental health professionals).
Although most crossdressers never take that next step — my best guess is that about ⅝ of American crossdressers dress only at home or by themselves in hotel rooms — those who want to go beyond dressing in secluded settings, but insist on complete anonymity and guaranteed safety, may seek out organized conferences (see the “Transgender Conferences” table above and to the right).
While figure proportions are one very important area where transgender women can learn a lot from genetic women, another significant but very different area is grooming and hygiene, where the choices involve what I think of as a “part-timer’s dilemma.” That dilemma is discussed on a separate page.
Interwoven with the more common (and more negative) media images is a notion that transgender persons are driven by aberrant sexual urges, which probably rests on what psychologists call “confirmation bias” (a normal human tendency to search for or interpret new information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions).
Each of these degrees of “getting out and about” has its pros and cons; however, if you are among those who want it to include sexual activity, then please read some of the literature written for genetic women, which is better researched and more credible than most of that written for transgender persons.
When some persons and groups assert that crossdressing is a terrible fetish, that it’s going against God, etc., etc., their listeners or readers should ask themselves: “What are those persons’ or groups’ motivations?” They must hope to gain something from their stance or they would find other things to do.
My advice would be to stay away from the “conversion therapy” support groups and their counselors (the latter being most notorious for their claims that they can “cure” homosexuals), because they don’t respect our transgender qualities as legitimate; and their aim is to “convert” us — to make us just like them — not to help us cope with social prejudices, resolve issues associated with any internal conflicts we may feel, and lead happy and satisfying lives.
Let’s ask: What kinds of persons actually practice fetishes? Who are they? Are they disproportionately crossdressers? Also, are they motivated by an allegiance to Satan? As crazy as the latter claim might sound, it is essentially the accusation hurled by certain vitriolic haters, who consider it their “mission” to “stand up for God.” And as everyone knows (or at least so they seem to think), God taught that we should love ourselves and hate our neighbors, especially those neighbors who aren’t quite like us.
While I do not have an advanced degree in psychology, I know from my reading that the famed Swiss physician and psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, recognized that there is a feminine orientation in the male psyche that he named the “Anima” (from the Latin word for spirit), and a masculine orientation in the female psyche that he called the “Animus.” From Jung’s observations while working with his patients, he concluded that the Anima and Animus are unconscious elements of the human psyche that need to be developed by an individual in order for that person to have a healthy, balanced outlook on life.
There’s a rather large benefit to this taut mechanism though as it holds the screen firmly in place when it’s in laptop mode.
The Duo 11 uses a sliding mechanism to transform from tablet to laptop form with the screen sliding upwards and away from the keyboard.
It’s quite a stiff mechanism requiring some force but there’s nowhere to grab the sliding lid so your first few attempts will feel rather clumsy.
  From: Sony's convertible notebook sacrifices good looks to deliver a much stabler touch experience.
The hinge locking mechanism might not win any beauty pageants but it more than makes up for that with usefulness making it one of the nicer convertibles to use in laptop mode.
The hardware combination requires good cooling resulting in a weight of 1.3kg. It also chews through battery life with the Duo 11 scoring a PowerMark result of a meagre 140 minutes slightly less than the bigger 12.5-inch convertibles.
The included stereo speakers are barely worthy of playing the Windows chime sound effect let alone music or movies so you’ll need to invest in a set of headphones if you plan on consuming your multimedia collection here.
Why I finished it: Hart shows how to make a garden tepee using poles bought at stores or just sticks in your yard, while giving consideration to the best materials based on what you’re growing (beans can get heavy).
Dungeon is a series of six interrelated, humorous sword-and-sorcery, graphic novel series created by French comic greats Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar (and often drawn by other French artists).
Gillian, who favors a single-payer health system like Canada’s, because the Canadian L’Arche community where Walker ends up has serious philosophical differences with the United States regarding long-term care.
I’d give it to: My college friend Jayson, who has five daughters, all born in an eight year period! There’s gotta be something in here for both him and his wife, Julie, although, with five girls in the house, I think they have a book to write, too.
Orenstein discusses how the cult of the princess has taken over American girls: pink is the only acceptable girlie color and gender-specific toys are marketed to younger and younger girls.
Why I finished it: Orenstein clearly wants a certain outcome for her daughter, but finds herself bumping up against keeping her daughter from what she wants because it might be damaging or programming her.
Why I finished it: The tensions between Korea and the American military forces are evident in nearly every aspect of life, and the political agendas on both sides threaten the progress of the investigation.
After explaining the importance of watering, she shows how to water smartly by going over the pros and cons of different methods like drip irrigation, aqua spikes, and milk jugs buried under ground.
Why I finished it: Brown shows that Walker may have a for living entirely in the now, and suggest that it might be good to emulate him.
Why I picked it up: I’ve read mysteries (mostly about serial killers) from around the world, set in different times, but I’d never read one set in South Korea in 1974.
Why I picked it up: I’ve been thinking about how to grow more veggies in my garden and where to plant more fruit trees without moving into a new house.
In the first story, after Herbert (a duck) sells the Dungeon’s backup lighting system for a fortune, a cloud of frogs lays siege to the dungeon.
Why I picked it up: ReMIND was one of the books picked for YALSA’s 2012 Great Graphic Novels for Young Adults list.
Why I picked it up: There are severely impaired children at my school, and for several years my wife worked with physically impaired children as a school nurse.
Peggy Orenstein travelled the United States giving lectures to women on how to raise daughters, including dealing with their budding self-esteem and issues.
★ Elmira Abdrazakova*/Эльмира Абдразакова: Russia’s representative to Miss Universe 2013 beauty pageant (14 photos) ★ ★Elmira Abdrazakova: Elmira Rafailovna Abdrazakova (Russian: Эльмира Абдразакова; born October 7, 1994) is a Russian beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Russia 2013 and will represent her country in the Miss Universe 2013 and Miss World 2013 pageants.
The top five contestants of the Miss Universe 2013 pageant were from these countries: Ecuador, Brazil, Spain, Philippines and Venezuela Miss Universe 2013 Great Britain, Amy Willerton, was one of the top contenders for semi-finalists in the pageant but couldn’t make to the top five.
Born: (1994-10-07) October 7, 1994 (age 19), Zhelezin District, Kazakhstan Hair color :Brown Eye color :Green Title(s): Miss Russia 2013 Major competition(s): Miss Russia 2013(Winner), Miss Universe 2013, Miss World 2013 ★ Personal life: Born to a Tatar father Rafail Abdrazakov and Russian mother Olga Pshenichnikova, Elmira is currently a student of Economics at the Siberian State University of Railway Transport.
★Miss Russia 2013: Elmira Abdrazakova from Mezhdurechensk was crowned Miss Russia 2013 at the 21st edition of Miss Russia beauty pageant.
A Russian beauty pageant contestant is catching heat in her homeland after she blasted her country as a “beggar” during the Miss Earth 2012 competition in the Philippines.
Philippines beauty, Ariella Arida, an early favourite among fans and one of the most anticipated Miss Universe 2013 winners, did not disappoint her country, making it to the top five semi-finalists.

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