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Our company manufactures our ribbon pet collars, leashes, harnesses, pet beds, toys and many other of our products in our East Providence factory, all hand made and hand sewn with .
Located just outside Providence, Rhode Island, Up Country offers high quality dog collars, dog leads, dog harnesses, cat collars, cat harness and leash sets, and other pet products with style.
Compatible with Sony’s HD Action Cam, this device mounts to medium to large size dogs exceeding 33 pounds, creating a nice action video from a dog’s point of view.
This shower stall is designed for all size dogs (thanks to the removable shelving system), features two integrated leashes, and a relaxing 16 water jet nozzles for a deep clean.
It stays powered down until your pet drops the ball into the bowl at the top, and shoots out the other end, letting him/her play fetch while you’re M.I.A. It was designed for smaller breeds.
Isn’t it time that your pup starts living the high life? These made to order, high end luxury dog houses are crafted from top notch product including varnished wood and window glass that is nearly unbreakable.
Every dog needs some nice R and R, and what better way to do that than in a stylish bamboo constructed hammock? Equipped with a high quality, stain resistant suede cushion, this thing will knock your pet pal out for hours on end.
These saddlebags are equipped with plenty of stash pockets for carrying everything from a leash to pickup bags, and thanks to the reflective trim you will even be able to find Fido in low light conditions.
PROTECT YOUR DOG FROM HEAT STROKE Dogs cannot cool themselves efficiently, they need your help.
Protect your best friend from heat exhaustion or stroke with KoolCollar.
Now isn’t that fun?! Choose your nylon color, choose your side release buckle, choose whether you want a classic black buckle or maybe want to upgrade to a trendy color buckle that matches your pup’s personality, or maybe your special K9 prefers a martingale collar…it’s all up to YOU! No restraints here.
Simple! Instead of us choosing the nylon and buckle color, here’s where YOU become involved! You get to play designer for a day and create your very own unique dog collars.
We are proud to offer private in home lessons, one on one phone consultations and training products recommended by our certified professional dog trainers.
We carry a complete line of products guaranteed to satisfy the biggest chewers.
The Whistle Activity Monitor is an on-collar device that measures your dog’s activities including walks, play, and rest, letting you keep tabs on day-to-day and long-term health trends.
This special water bowl has a lining that you can place in your freezer, keeping the water cold for a longer period of time.
Within one week of purchasing the size Large, the fabric seams had unraveled along the sides of the collar, and I sewed them up, as I didn’t want my dog to be without the cool collar.
I did not want to buy the Kool Collar, as it has their logo printed in large white letters across the collar, and I wanted a collar in just solid blue, which is why I bought the DBROTH item.
I then purchased a second identical collar for my cousin’s dog in August in size Medium, with an extra set of 3 ice pack inserts.
Adjustable web collar includes a nylon and mesh pocket that will hold the included freeze pack to ease the heat – great for strenuous activity or just plain hot weather.
The DBROTH cool dog collar products are not well made, and although the idea is great, they do not last long at all.
This greatly decreased the effectiveness of the cool collar, and made it difficult to slide the gel inserts into the collars.
I ended up buying the original Kool Collar, which is well made and has seams which have not split.
And don’t forget an important ‘accessory’ an ID tag! That collar looks wonderful, but it won’t help your pup find his way home if he gets lost…. but an ID tag with up-to-date contact information will.
For fastest response to questions, concerns, or comments, you can contact us here and we will respond within 1 business day.
Our focus is on you and your pet with our exceptional, in-house, customer service team here to support you.
It is our ability to handle these issues to and beyond the satisfaction of our customers that sets us apart.
Each of our dog collars can also be made into a super cool martingale style collar.
Home of the coolest Personalized Dog Collars! Our designer engraved buckle dog collars are super unique and each one can be personalized just for your dog.
Because our collars are custom made, please allow 7-15 business days.
Please note that we cannot provide a proof or photo of your collar prior to shipping.
**INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING INFO: If your package is shipping internationally, delivery is currently taking anywhere from 2-7 weeks.
Martingale Collars, Buckle Collars, and Freedom No Pull HarnessesHere you will find custom, high-quality, comfortable designer dog collars, velvet leashes, and we are the exclusive manufacturer of the Freedom no-pull harnesses.
All of our collars, leashes and harnesses are proudly made in the U.S.A. with careful attention to the safety, functionality and comfort for your dog, as well as a keen eye for design.
We specialize in colorful handmade leather collars and leather dog leashes / leads and harness for the cool dog and puppies.
Nerds need not apply! We love bright colors like pink , blue, yellow, red, green etc.
They are durable, easy to wash, and hold no stink! Demo likes the cool skull and cross bone and camo designs.
Looking for cool, bright designer accessories? Find the perfect modern leather collars and leashes for your dog.
Check out the Designer Cool Leather Dog Collars , Dog Leashes and Harnesses in Bright Beautiful Colors.
The Delilah Dog Collars mix an array of girly pink flowers with two toned colors and handstiched stems, as well as the sun yellow mixed with hot pink and blue flowers.
Flower Dog Collars, Rasta Dog Collars, Yellow Dog Collars, Pink Dog Collars, and our unique Dog Tux Bowties for a special night out.
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10% of earthdog profits go to kody’s fund, a non-profit organization that funds spay and neuter programs.
enter our decorative line – something perfect for every dog in your life (if we do say so ourselves) – and who’s to say they shouldn’t be comfortable at the same time.
personality – dogs ooze it & their collars are the perfect opportunity to reflect it.
Howdy… welcome to CCC (Cowboy Cool Canine), the coolest place in town for western leather dog collars and leashes, custom handcrafted for your best-in-the-west friend! Browse my 75+ concho studded and tooled leather dog collars and leashes by designer collection or leather width.
Trendy Cool Designer Dog Collars, Cat Collars, Leashes, Harnesses, and Pet Accessories.
Keep your pet trendy and cool with designer dog and cat collars from GwenGear.
We lovingly craft our dog collars, toy collars, harnesses, leashes & cat collars in San Francisco, California.
COOL PUP HARNESS The innovative design of our Cool Pup Harness exchanges the dog’s body heat with the coolness of cold water stored in the harness to keep pets comfortable.
The Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Large Drinking Fountain for Dogs provides your dog with a continuous source of fresh-tasting, cool, filtered water.
Made of a lightweight and heat-releasing SPF fabric, this practical harness stays cool for up to 6 hours! Simply soak the harness in cool water and place it into the freezer.
The COOL K-9 cooling jacket for dogs can help your dog stay cool on hot days.
Polar-Products cool vests, neck coolers, cool ties, back, wrist and ankle wraps are worn on key pulse points for maximum effectiveness.  The combined endothermic and evaporative cooling processes actually cool the blood as it flows close to the surface of the skin.   It is an amazingly effective process that works in harmony with the body's natural cooling system!  This comforting process safely lowers internal (core) body temperature to a maintained level that reduces the heat stress on the heart, leading to increased stamina and energy, while increasing the users comfort level – even on the hottest of days and on the most extreme jobs.  Efficient cooling can lead to happier working and playing!  Check out "Our Product Line" at the top left of the page for all our cool gear.
Smart, Handmade, Color, Texture, Modern, Smile, Collar, Cool, Solid, Original, Design, Fun, Style, Happy, Dog Lovers… We could find more than one thousand words to explain you what you can feel with Brott Barcelona but we prefer to show it because a picture is worth a thousand words.
Do you know what ParaCord is? It is parachute cord! How cool is that for a collar? These super durable collars are great for dogs who really get into a lot of stuff, as they’ll definitely hold up for a while.
All right, so this first one isn’t technically a full collar, but it does attach to a collar, and I think all dogs should have a Whistle GPS! If your dog gets loose, his collar will help you track him down.
Leather is a great option for dog collars, and can be purchased as a flat or rolled collar.
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Big dog collars suitable for your large breed dog are not always easy to find.
Here is a selection of collars for dogs larger than 100 pounds with 21" necks and larger.
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