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Our Verdict: This mature-looking aluminum chassis (available in black or silver) delivers a clean design, surprising storage capacity, and unmatched water-cooling flexibility for a MicroATX minitower.
Our Verdict: Shoppers looking for an understated chassis with quiet cooling, room for multiple video cards, and lots of metal will find a lot to like in the FT05.
Shopping for a new PC chassis for your next computer building project? Computer Shopper’s expert reviews of PC cases will guide you to the best computer case for your needs.
Whether you are looking for a large tower case for a fast gaming PC or workstation, or a compact PC case for use in a media center, our detailed reviews of the top cases will show you the features and specifications to look for when shopping.
Our Verdict: The Thor is a snappy-looking, excellent-value chassis for enthusiast PC builders who need maximum room for parts and expansion—without burning down their budget.

The case comes with 3 installed 140mm fans, air filters, a large side window, watercooling support, tool-less design and more.
There is excellent cable management and the case comes with some fans.
The best HTPC case or home theater case, and one of the only mini/micro ATX cases with water cooling support.
Our second Corsair case, the Carbide 300R, comes in at number 5.
Expect great cooling, ease of build, and features with this excellent case.
If you have large components and need good airflow, this is your case.
This is a case for large components and massive cooling potential.
The only downside to this incredible case is that it has something of a plain look, but for those who don’t need LEDs and just want performance this case is for you.
This Rosewill case comes with two gigantic 230mm fans.
When building a PC, despite the emphasis on pure power and overall value, sometimes we will pick the option that looks not quite as good on paper or shell out those extra bucks just because it is more pleasing to the eye.
Are you feeling sick and tired of looking at your old computer case or want to change your case for some damage? Or you want to upgrade your system configuration and your computer case is not support that one for no place avaiable inside your case, At that time you might looking to buy new computer case what suitable for you.
This top 20 Coolest Computer Cases list is for gamers, system builders and Daily desktop PC computer users.
The gap between the cases is about an inch tall, so we have plenty of room for this Corsair H100i CPU cooler to blow exhaust out the top of the larger case.
To find out, we had three distinctly different unconventional cases delivered to our Lab: the Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935, the In Win D-Frame, and the Corsair Carbide Air 540 that are pictured here.
The larger case ships with two 120mm intake fans in the front, and one 140mm exhaust in the rear.
You can swap drive cages freely between the big case and the small cases; they attach with four standard screws.
The stock 915 comes with a front 92mm fan, and the mid-tower ships with dual 120mm intake fans and one 140mm rear exhaust fan.
Cooler Master recommends quick-disconnect couplings for such a setup, so that the two cases can easily detach from each other even after the loop is installed.
While you’re free to arrange your Stacker cases in any order, Cooler Master recommends that you not add more than two smaller 915 cases to the basic 935 setup, lest the tower tip over.
Our combo of choice, pictured for your amusement, is a 935 and a 915, which Cooler Master sells as the "945." For comparison, a Corsair 900D is about 27 inches tall, and the inside of a Cooler Master Cosmos II is about 22 inches tall (the external handles add some extra height).
The mid-tower’s intake fans can fit inside the front bezel, to maximize room inside the case.
Featuring a large assortment of PC cases available in a variety of colors and styles, is the #1 place to shop for all your PC cases and cool computer case mods.
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Speaking of airflow, the front and top of the case both support up to 360mm cooling radiators (or just normal fans) and the rear supports up to a 140mm radiator, in some configurations.
Stock, the 760T ships with 3x140mm fans (AF140L) on an included fan controller (12V & 7V settings); aftermarket air cooling options include a total of 3x140mm top fans, 2x140mm front fans, 1x140mm rear exhaust, and 1x120mm bottom-mounted fan.
Most of the major manufacturers have some sort of flagship case staking claim to the enthusiast market, and this year’s coverage extends to Corsair, Antec, Cooler Master, and Thermaltake.
Almost partially resembling Corsair’s Carbide Air 540—a case we jokingly called a ‘double-wide’—Cooler Master’s HAF XC features a massive, wrapping glass side panel with extra width for unique system installation.
Other than Thermaltake’s T81 — obviously gunning for a cheaper 900D market — Antec’s Nineteen Hundred ships with competitive drive support, concealing panels, basic padding for vibration and sound absorption, and plenty of space.
Like last year’s RV-04, this year’s NZXT H440 is our true innovator in the gaming case market.
In this gaming case round-up, we’ll look at some of the highest-performance PC enclosures on the market for 2014; all the cases featured were unveiled at (or around) CES 2014.
Black Cooler Master N200 Mini Tower Computer Case NSE-200-KKN1, Watercooling Support, Bottom Mounted PSU, Front USB 3.0, 1x 5.25in Bays, w/ 2x 120mm Fans.
SO: Black Cooler Master Elite 330U ATX Mid-Tower Computer Case RC-330U-KKN1, 4 x 5.25in Bays, Front USB2.0 and Audio, w/ 120mm Fan.
Black APEVIA X-Dreamer 4 Metal Mid-Tower ATX Computer Case, 4 x 5.25in Bays, Front USB / Audio, LCD Temperature Display, w/ 120mm Fan, Model: X-DMR4-NW-BK.
Black Cooler Master Elite 361 ATX Mini Tower Computer Case RC-361-KKR350, 1x 5.25in Bay, w/ 350W PSU and 120mm Fan.
Black AZZA Triton 401 SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case CSAZ-401, Bottom Mount PSU, Water Cooling Support, Cable Management, Top USB 2.0 / Audio, w/ 2 x Fan.
Thermaltake Versa H22 Mid-Tower Computer Gaming Chassis (Black), 3 x 5.25in Bays, Front USB 3.0, Tool-free Installation, w/ 1 x 120mm Fan, P/N: CA-1B3-00M1NN-00.
Black / Red AZZA Orion 202EVO SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case CSAZ-202EVO, Bottom Mount PSU, Side Window, Water Cooling Support, w/ 3 x Fan.
Thermaltake Versa H21 Mid-Tower Computer Chassis (Black), 3 x 5.25in Bays, Front USB 3.0, Tool-free Installation, w/ 1 x 120mm Fan, P/N: CA-1B2-00M1NN-00.
Black Apex DM Series Slim uATX Computer Case DS-539, 1 x 5.25in Bay, w/ ATX12V Flex 275W Power Supply and 80mm Cooling Fan.
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Thermaltake's new Core V1 case can house a nice Mini-ITX gaming system.
Lian-Li's latest Mini-ITX chassis brings a good balance between performance and size.
ID-Cooling's T60-SFX case is ideal for simple and compact Mini-ITX builds.
Our search continues for the one performance-oriented case with the highest-quality fit, finish, features, and materials.
BitFenix's new case combines an efficient Micro-ATX design with sleek looks and an LCD screen.
In-Win's new D-Frame Mini is an open-air Mini-ITX case for LAN parties.
Phanteks' Enthoo Evolv is a roomy micro-ATX case with all-aluminum side panels.
Nanoxia's new Deep Silence 3 is a versatile case built on a slightly smaller budget.
Lian-Li's PC-V1000L finally updates a V1000 case to modern standards.
NZXT believes it's raising the bar for budget build quality with the re-thought Source 340 mid-tower chassis.
Once you know what you want to put inside of your dream PC, you need to pick the right case to hold all of those parts.
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No matter what kind of case you’re looking for, and no matter how you choose to accessorize it – you’ll find the computer case that meets your needs right here.
Among our huge inventory of pc cases you’ll find home theater and desktop cases, as well as micro tower cases, mid tower cases, full tower cases and server cases.
In addition we have an enormous selection of computer case accessories including power supplies, case fans, case lighting products and bezels – everything you need to make your pc case look great and work efficiently.
Whether you’re looking for a case for your business, gaming or home entertainment system, you’ll find a complete selection of name brand products in every size on our site.
The larger full tower pc cases allow more component space and provide easy access than the smaller mid tower pc cases, but take up more room.
As a matter of fact, always make sure your motherboard of choice is compatible with the computer case you are considering.
Computer cases come in two main configurations – desktop or tower.
Typical mid-tower ATX computer cases provide a good balance of bays and features.
For the vast majority of users a mid-tower computer case is the most sensible choice.
However, if you want to save space and are leaning toward a mini-tower pc case, make sure it is compatible with the motherboard you select and is expandable enough to meet your future needs.
The aluminum and steel body of the 800D makes for a lightweight case as well regardless of its size, and its size works to its advantage; Corsair has separate "cooling zones" inside the case to keep your power supply, CPU, graphics cards, and hard drives independently chilly, thanks to smart airflow design and separate fans.
There’s plenty of room inside for your components (standard ATX or smaller), seven expansion slots, two front-side 120mm fans and a massive 200mm fan at the top of the case, a fan controller to manage them, top-mounted I/O for USB, power, audio, and Firewire, along with a handy top drawer for a music player, smartphone, or external hard drive.
It’s a mid-tower, but it’s remarkably roomy considering its 8 expansion slots and 10 total drive bays (four 5.25" and six 3.5"). Plus, the case sports those rubber cable management slots that make wrangling cables or watercooling so easy, and tool-free installation and swappable trays.
The case comes with three 140mm fans, and sports tool-free installation for hard drives and components, including hot-swappable drive bays so you don’t have to take the windowed (or meshed) case door off.
Have something to say about one of the contenders? Want to make the case for your personal favorite, even if it wasn’t included in the list? Remember, the top five are based on your most popular nominations from the call for contenders thread from earlier in the week.
I am build a desktop computer with atx motherboard, and Im looking for a really, really, REALLLY, good looking case.
I would like to find a blue/black or a blue/white case or a back case with blue LEDS.
FrozenCPU is your one source for computer cases, pc cases, water cooled computer cases, liquid cooled computer cases, aluminum computer cases, desktop computer cases, atx computer cases, tower cases, home theatre computer cases, custom computer cases, computer case parts and computer case mods.
FrozenCPU has computer cases from AeroCool, Antec, Aspire, Cooler Master, Gigabyte, Koolance, Lian-Li, Logisys, Nextherm, NZXT, SilverStone Spire, Sunbeam, Tech Station, Thermaltake, and Zalman.
Cooler Master HAF-X XL-ATX Compatible High Air Flow Full Tower Case w/ Custom Full Bolt-On Window and 140mm Fan Mount (RC-942-KKN1) FrozenCPU has taken the much acclaimed HAF-X and gave it the full size bolt-on treatment.
Magnus Persson created this amazing PC case mod, which features an AMD Opteron 185 2.6GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of Corsair XMS Xper RAM, 4 x Western Digital 150GB Raptor-X gaming edition HDDs, a PNY GeForce 7900 GTX 512MB graphics module, and an external Plextor PX-716UFL DVD burner.
The Digg PC case is made of 0.5? medium density fiberboard (MDF) and a few acrylic windows and also, the Digg logo looks great on blue.
The Desk PC case mod by Will Urbina, is cool Case Mod, featuring an actual PC inside the desk, and all the components can be seen through the Plexiglas which acts as the desktop.
This unique PC case mod features Sony NEC Blu-ray drive, AMD mini-ITX mainboard with 780G Chipset and ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics, HDMI output, 4GB RAM and 160GB storage.
It’s nice to see that some geeks still find typewriters useful, even if only to gut them out to build a vintage looking computer case.
The cube can produce crisp picture @ 1080p HDMI, which would be beneficial in case you’re planning an HTPC, click here for more details and how you could build one like this, that’s an outcome of over a 100 hours of labor.
Right, so if your system is running on Windows XP Professional, why shouldn’t your system case be the OS product box itself? The guy who pulled this mod off used a Nehemiah EPIA M10000 Mini-ITX motherboard to fit the 243mm x 200mm x 48mm box.
Peter from Bit-Tech decided to create a PC case based on the popular TV show "24" — resembling a weapon of mass destruction aka atomic bomb.
Transformers inspired PC case mod is 6 feet 10 inches tall, transforms into a smaller desktop mode, has a seven-inch LCD display on its body, two windows on its chest, Autobot symbols, and even has storage compartments on the legs to hold your mouse and keyboard.
At first glance, this case looks to be something straight out of a horror movie, but it's actually a fully functional computer.
This clever computer case mod combines the power of computing with the power of the hamster wheel to create a one-of-a-kind rodent paradise.
The processing power inside such a modded case perfectly matches the aggressive design: AMD AM2 FX62 CPU, Swiftech Apogee watercooler, two NV78 GPU waterblocks cooling two 7900GTXs in SLI and, on top of that, a PhysX card.
One of the most interesting cases which I ever saw. The interesting thing is that this Bender Case Mode is made by scratch and it took 4-5 months to Jan and his friends.
Super cool Sting Scorpion PC case mod is a work of ingenious brilliance by Frankie.
One of the most creative case mods we've seen, "UAL737" was modeled after a Boeing 737 jet, complete with United Airlines graphics.
Who would have ever dreamed of turning an old vintage Steam Punk into a cool case mod? Well, obviously one geek did and it turned out to be a nice and unusual PC case.
This PC case was made from a John Deere Gas Pump toy and it sure is crazy because when you pull up the gas pump the gas costs only 19 cents per gallon.
I give you the LEGO PC case! Made up of tiny LEGO blocks, this case deserves a creativity award right away.
When you look through thousands of different case mods, you start wondering why nearly all modded cases is based on a PC.
The ION Cube as Owen calls this case is made using the ZONTAC ION mini-ITC 330 platform and is so finely done both internally and externally.
Maybe someone will prefer better case with more details but this one for sure is made with and a lots of creativity.
Case modding -the modification of a computer chassis- has become a big hobby for thousands of enthusiasts around the world.
This is a chopper-based system case featuring an ingenious design.
Modder Gup turns the Egyptian Pyramids into entities of fiction with his rather illusionary, beyond the thought Pyramid case mods.
If you’re looking for a budget full tower case in the under $100 to $110 price range, then NZXT’s Phantom is probably going to be one of your best bets.
Hopefully I’ve been able to give you a few good options to think about when it comes to a full tower computer case.
Cooling: Included in this case are 2 120mm side fans, a 120mm rear fan, and a blue 200MM led top fan.
Overall this is a good case and easily one of the best full tower cases on the market.
Security Features: This case comes with locks for Front HDD Access, the side panel, and rear peripherals.
By including 4 large fans in the case itself and designing the internal workings to be air-friendly, Cooler Master is giving you ideal setup, at a premium price.
The Phantom includes 4 fans, 2 120mm side fans, a 120 mm rear fan, and a blue LED top 200mm fan and includes 7 cooling options in total.
Above the $200 mark there’s any number of good options, but if you’re still looking for good overall value, then I’d recommend you take a look at the Thermaltake Level 10GT, the Corsair Obsidian 800D, the Cooler Master Cosmos II, and the NZXT Phantom 820.
There are many full tower case options available on the market.
Hopefully in this post I can share with you a few things I’ve learned over the years about having a full tower case.
This case is made for good airflow, but is quiet because of the quality fans which Thermaltake Included.
Expansion and Drive Bays: This case includes 4 x 5.25" external drive bays, 1 external 3.5", 5 internal 3.5" drive bays, and 8 expansion slots.
Front I/O: Ports in the front of this case include 2 USB 3.0, 4 USB 2.0, an e-SATA, and an HD Audio port.
Janos Marton decided to go totally unorthodox, check this out: "I already had a powerful computer setup so I wanted something more quiet and small for a basic home server… I have seen many nice and creative cases before but none of them were made out of a bottle.
Need a good cheap computer case from newegg.
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I figure that the chassis should at least have some modern capabilities of today techs; such as a decent cable management system, tool-less design, ambient interior space, bottom-mount power supply, commendable ventilation and if possible, a solid good looking one just to show her what iron you are really made of.
Now first off, though our goal is to find a noise-less computer case to house other hardware components, we can’t settle life for a crappy one.
Besides the integrated low-profile yet practical fan controller plus two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port along with the typical audio/microphone jacks on the top of the case, the H2 also has a hidden hot-swappable 2.5″/3.5″ SATA hard drive bay at the top of the frame.
The set of USB and Audio ports are located above the front cover yet it still manages to blend in very nicely with the case theme.
Obsidian 550D is Corsair’s first silent case in the chassis market.
The unique front panel has a sleek, modern and beautiful design; though it may seem boring to a gaming build, but many of us have fallen in love with the simple yet unique look of the R4.
The first thing that catches your eye when the PC-Q03 is unboxed is just how good the build quality is and, in the case of our review model – the PC-Q03B – the quality of the black anodised finish.
Spire is probably better known in the UK for cooling products rather than cases, which might explain why there’s more than a little of the Cooler Master HAF series about this X2.6011 chassis.
When we checked out Nanoxia’s Deep Silence 1 last month, we were deeply impressed by the German company’s first outing in case design.
There’s no doubting the big selling point of Xclio’s Touch 767 full PC tower case: the seven top-mounted, starship-esque buttons that are mostly dedicated to cooling controls for the performance user.
A chassis designed with some portability in mind, the Vengeance C70 kicks off a new line of Corsair cases with modern features.
Cooler Master’s huge high-performance PC chassis, the Cosmos 2 Ultra, is definitely not designed with megalophobes in mind.
It offers all the features of its rivals like CM Storm’s Enforcer, but adds an unexpected level of cooling capability and above-average build quality.
Firmly targeting as many performance and enthusiast PC users as it can, the Bitfenix Shinobi XL is a full tower chassis that ticks plenty of contemporary boxes.
The one thing that strikes you about any Fractal Design case is the attention to details, and the Define Mini is no different.
The Core 3000 is the first in a new range of budget cases from the award-winning Swedish manufacturer, Fractal Design.
Welcome to, your online store for ATX Cases, BTX Cases, ATX Power Supplies, Micro ATX Cases, case mods, and case accessories.
There are many other case styles, including very small towers, tall towers, horizontal desktops, both large and small, silm desktops, and the "lunch box" size / shape popularized by Shuttle and Mini-ITX case builders, and even smaller Ultra SFF cases.
Today, heatsinks and fans for the hottest components, the CPU and the GPU, have progressed to the point where the additional airflow in these wide-open gaming cases can be used to keep all the fans running at minimal speed, with the end result beling a surprisingly low level of noise.
The front bezel can act as a baffle that forces sound to travel around angles so that it loses intensity before exiting the case, while still allowing unrestricted airflow.
Some young readers looking at the drawing below will hardly recognize it: An early standard case design for an ATX motherboard, with projected airflow.
While the spec hasn’t changed, cases for ATX motherboards have undergone tremendous changes in the past decade, such that most current retail cases are dramatically different from the case in the drawing.
But an open vent allows noise to go directly out of the case to the users’ ears, so in most cases, some baffling is useful.
The drawing below shows a typical current case design and airflow.
The mid tower ATX case is still dominant, but the ATX mid-tower design pictured in the above drawing has been relegated to the cheapest, most generic models.
Many case makers do not pay enough attention to the front panel vent design.
Found at the Asus booth, this case is designed to be a powerful living room piece.
This pyramid-inspired open air case is designed to fit longer graphic cards that won’t typically fit in your normal cases.
This In Win case features tempered glass for sides and aims to show off its internals.
This In Win PC case is made from one sheet of aluminum and two pieces of glass.

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