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Music during the year where I enjoyed listening to the songs by Sixpence None the Richer, Third Eye Blind, Spin Doctors etc Nostalgic.

This Daddy Shares An Important Secret With His Little Angel.
This son and daddy spend their time together doing the BEST thing: singing duets! Listen to them perform "Don’t Let Me Down" by the Beatles together.
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its for choir and ideas are appreciated! for example, songs such as "if the moon fell down" by Chase coy and colbie calliat, or need you now by Lady Antebellum.
The definition of "cute indie/acoustic songs".
You're My Favorite Song – With Lyrics – Joe Jonas ft.
“We got married in a fever/hotter than a pepper sprout.” Yeah, we know it’s a first date no-no to bring up the topic of marriage, but we think this classic is actually a safe bet.
It’s cute, it’s cool, it’s easy to pull off and singing about how the “fire went out” when sparks are just starting to fly gets both of you thinking about your chemistry.
Never mind, “lovers forever, face to face.” Don’t touch this one until you’ve got at least two years of couplehood under your belt.
And watching Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele) walk frustratingly slowly toward each other as they perform this song — especially after their adorable NYC date — makes everyone want to yell, “Walk faster toward each other so you two can embrace already!” Or maybe that was just us.
Okay, so Fabrevans didn’t have the longest-lasting relationship ever, but the couple did have some emotional performances, between “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” and especially “Lucky.” Heck, just watching Quinn (Dianna Agron) hold down the chords on the guitar as Sam (Chord Overstreet) strums them (swoon!) is enough to make you hope they give things another chance when Quinn returns this season.
The best cure for anyone who’s still in mourning over the Klaine split in “The Break-Up”? Start watching “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” and within, oh, ten seconds, you’ll remember what you loved so much about these two in the first place.
Great compilation of love song duets, I’ve lensrolled to my Ultimate Rock Music Poll lens.
I love Tim and Faith duet, great song! And, thanks a lot for the lens.
Are you a fan of Endless Love or Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, or am I completely off the mark with these selections? Please share your favorite love song duets, your comments, and anything else you’d like to add.
Some of the most romantic songs recorded have been duets, chances for people who, romantically involved or not, enjoy performing together enough to create a love song that touches couples for decades to come.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering that nearly every list I found in my research indicated the same thing, this poll has Endless Love showing a comfortable lead for the best love song duet with over 30% of the votes.
Which Love Song Duet Is Your Favorite? – Vote for your favorite or tell me I’ve missed a great song.
It could take you forever to wade through cheesy and badly-sung duets to create the perfect love song play list for Valentine’s Day or a romantic evening.
If this list just leaves you wanting more, try some of these lists of the love song duets that other music fans adore.
As a wedding, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day song, you can hardly beat Tonight, I Celebrate My Love – it’s time-specific: tonight! It’s tough to take a guy named Peabo seriously, but this is, indeed, a seriously romantic duet.
To save you the time, and the musical pain, I’ve compiled here the ten best love song duets (in reverse order) from the last forty years.
These are some of my all time favorite love song duets.
What Old Country duet love song was it that had the lyrics "It ain’t wrong but it ain’t right"? Can’t remember the name or duet to save my soul.
My two favorite love song duets are, "Lay down beside me" sung by Alison Krauss and John Waite.
Please vote for your favorite love song duet in my poll, as well.
Who else remembers Crystal Gayle’s hair down to her ankles? Whatever the fashion statements, You and I remains a beautiful love song, sung in duet with the then-fashionable Eddie Rabbit.
Great lens! The "Endless Love" duet gave me chills.
While you may find it difficult to conceive of Elton John singing a love song to a woman named Kiki, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart is all about holding on to your love through thick and thin.
Any quest for love song duets must start with Endless Love.
While not strictly a love song, when performed as a duet Carole King’s You’ve Got a Friend is a moving song of love through adversity.
It’s named as the best love song and wedding song on nearly every site I researched in building this list.
Next would be lily and luka duets because they harmonize well…and lilys duets with mizki again because of good harmonization.
Probably the best duet with regards to harmonization I’ve heard so far is the Double M pairing (Meiko X Miku) as done by shu-t in his Koi wa Ketsukachin song.
I personally like the various and numerous miku and luka duets.
Seo In Gook – At First Sight (feat.
IU – Merry Christmas in Advance (ft.
Rin: – *yawn* Then I’m going to sleep.
Rin: – Oh, mackerel with miso, huh? Looks tasty! Then, I’ll eat.
Rin: – I’m searching for your underwear for you.
Haru: – Then I’m going to take a bath.
Rin: – I’ll wake up at 6 and leave after I go for a run.
Rin: – I don’t need it! Haha! Huh, I feel so absurd now.
Haru: – I’ll turn off the lights.
Haru: – I’m normal.
Haru: – I’m okay.
Haru: – No, I’m not.
Haru: – Then I’ll also run with you.
Rin: – Then make something, I don’t care matter what.
Rin: – Don’t make fun of me, jeez.
Haru: – “The light flutters through the windows and on the other side butterflies dance in the fine weather.
Haru: – Don’t make it my fault.
Haru: – I don’t need to go.
Haru: – It’s the failed one Makoto cooked the other day.
Haru: – Don’t try to fool me.
Haru: – If you eat 10:1 rice to mackerel, it’s all right.
Rin: – Then it’s okay, right? I got it, I won’t look.
Rin: – Oh, thanks for laying out the futon.
Rin: – I found a book under the bed.
Rin: – Listen to me! Retorting to you made me hungry.
Rin: – Oh, it was tasty.
Rin: – Haha.
Rin: – No comment.
Rin: – Well, yeah.
Haru: – Our graduation album from elementary school.
Rin: – Yeah.
Haru: – I forgot my underwear.
It wasn’t Taylor Swift taking chances…it was the person that dubbed the bleating goat into the video…as well as in Celine Dion’s, Justin the Beeb’s, etc.
On this weekend’s "Saturday Night Live," Jimmy Fallon and Cecily Strong updated the nauseatingly cute Christmas duet with some extra verses that pick up where, "Well, maybe just half a drink more" leaves off.
Jerry Lewis and Batman Sing Christmas Duet (ala Bing & Bowie) One of the strangest pairings in history was Bowie stopping by Bing's house to sing a duet on Bing's last TV special.
Lucky Stars – Dean Friedman duets with Scottish Falsetto Socks The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre duet with singer-songwriting legend Dean Friedman on his famous hit.
Macy, the star of BART GOT A ROOM, sings a cute, made-for-the-web-only ukulele duet with singer/composer/actress Kate Micucci.
LOVE it! The expression on the passenger’s face cracks me up (and the guy in the back).
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Students love it! It’s perfect to give to a beginning student as supplement material or to play with an older student as a sightreading/rhythm exercise during lessons.It’s also a very cheery addition to any recital.
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Rockin the Boat is a jazzy style duet ideal for a beginning level student and teacher or another student at the intermediate level.
One of my students played it and after one attempt at playing a duet said – “we should do that for the recital” – recital is this Sunday -we’ve only had 2 practices together so far but we are going to do it!! I even had adults playing it.
Of course I'd rather see Robert perform songs with some weird, creative artists like the Walkmen (and there are quite some others who fall into that category in my list, just to name The Field, Built to Spill, Human Television, the Notwist, Xio Xiu, Parenthetical girls…), but quite obviously Robert is looking for commercially succesfull bands that are (or claim to be) inspired by the Cure.
Why? Because they are humble, their songs don't all sound the same (unlike all the other bands you listed) and because it wouldn't provoke a big hype of Emo kids claiming they love the Cure just because they heard Robert Smith singing with their favourite Emo-punk-oh-so-dramatic singer.
Why Robert always feels the need to collaborate with other musicians, mostly youngsters? The Cure will never recover their good old years, this time is over and it's not by gathering more 13 years old girls at concerts that will make them better, au contraire.
The cure is already commercial enough these days with the "let's play rock" spirit that came to Robert from I don't know where.
And don't get me wrong, I also liked "All of this", I sort of even liked the whole selftitled Blink album (especially "Feeling this"), but that doesn't change my overall oppinion about his choice to collaborate with them.
But still: Korn, Blink 182, Blank & Jones, 30 Seconds to mars, AFI, My chemical romance as collaboration partners or remixers, I wonder if we have to blame the same person(s) for that list of shame, who also told him to forget about all those unreleased songs and put out karaoke-like instrumentals of the album tracks on the KMKMKM bonus disc.
The fact remains that Robert has been enough time 'in the game' that I'm sure he thinks he can do pretty much whatever he likes.
Update: This "new" collaboration is really just Robert and Slick’s Believe with Anik adding French vocals.
On his feet in the middle of the studio, he moves with a dancer to get the foot action right, he does it to find it and then refine it with the dancer.
I ask him about the way he starts with the dancers doing “natural” movements, like falling backwards from a crouched position, and then he keeps stylizing or refining the movement (to me) into a set phrase of movement that is no longer a gesture from everyday pedestrian movement.
He says he works with a kind of ”internal logic” that seems from his gestures to take off as he works with the dancers, so he does not come in with a plan.
1) After one run through of the current sequence, where they are moving in and out of family portrait-like tableaus, he asks them to use more mental rhythm, to get into synch with each other, to make the jump to fall to jump to fall to push to shove to slip to slide to pause to stop.
In general so this is not for ALL of these miniworks but there are small hand gesture sequences that are like tiny quotes or partial references left in mid air: these draw the eye, but have less kinaesthetic impact than the gestures of hands which move into and out of larger postures or locomotion or when they touch themselves.
Instead, he says the dancers start making it something else and he pulls them back to the base of the gesture in timing, breath, and to me what looks like design.
Could understand better where some of the gestures come from in the improvisations in Jonathan’s group and the dance training for all the dancers and one of the choreographers draws on this kind of vocabulary.
There are designed movements with great lines and patterns through space, but I am first drawn through my eye, not my kinaesthetic fibers….which means I am seeing deliciously but not “moved” and I do not mean emotionally or melodramatically, I mean the impact of some dance that rocks you out of your seat, from the skin and guts.
This becomes a dance of the father lifting the feet of the mother so she progresses downstage only by means of his lifting and placing of her feet.
They review the exhilarating mass of gesture and words generated yesterday and make a new sequence with a new poem, a language-body-encounter.
The head can remain center or move opposition to the torso, so you get a twisted and spiraling effect through the spine.
There is an ending where they both have a hand and finger sequence, which they pop and punctuate to match the music.
Today I get this sense of frontal focus and the North South and East West planes of the dances dominate in both groups.
is placed on the foot, the upper torso twists away from the lifted foot and moves in opposition to the hips, which really stabilized everything.
“A duet is when two voices join together to become one.” Kurt looked down at Blaine again, noting that the other boy seemed a little uncomfortable sat there, but he’d sat with his legs neatly crossed and, well…there was something about him that was kind of setting of Kurt’s gaydar.
As the chorus kicked in, Kurt dared a glance up to see the majority of the room smiling, but just as he caught the strange glazed look on Brit’s face Blaine caught his hand, pulling his attention back into the song in time to catch his intro.
“I know, I saw you in Glee club,” Kurt said, and it took a second to register that Blaine hadn’t quite released his hand yet, though his grip had loosened.
“Hey.” Kurt looked up from the lunch he’d been pushing around his plate to find Blaine stood next to him.
The song was far from ideal for Kurt’s vocal range, and it was nothing to the spectacle he had planned in his mind on that evening when he’d thought he’d be singing his duet with himself, but there was something magically about the way Blaine held his arms, looked him in the face and, enthusiastically, sang that he might just be in love with him.
The look of half anger, half horror on Finn’s face wasn’t lost on Kurt as he moved to stand in front of the piano with Blaine at his side.
Blaine turned around, smiling as though Kurt had thrown him a lifeline and grasping Kurt’s hand, shaking it firmly.
“Aren’t we going to get in trouble for being in here?” Blaine asked, following Kurt into the bathroom and looking around dubiously.
Kurt looked up from the sheet of song ideas that Blaine had left with him (some of which were really quite good) and gave him a glare.
Summary: So, remember how Sam was meant to be Kurt’s boyfriend in early S2 spoilers? I was re-watching Duets and thinking, what if as well as Sam, Blaine had transfered in and it was him who Kurt wanted to sing with.
“Always the worst,” Kurt said, and he offered a weak smile as Blaine squeezed his hand.
“Why the girls bathroom?” Blaine asked, turning to follow Kurt as he backtracked toward the relevant bathroom.
You will be asked to buy the song for $0.99 if you want to continue after two turns.- All recordings are kept PRIVATE between you and your friend for maximum fun and craziness!- Save your recorded duets and build up your record collection.- Sing anything you want on A Capella for free! Turn your life into a musical.- Beautiful karaoke lyrics interface to help you sing your favorite song.
It’s like your favorite messaging app except there’s no talking, only singing!Songs are divided into turns: -You sing the first turn of a song then send it to a friend.-Your friend will play your awesome recording then reply with the next turn.-After a few turns you will have a duet record that can be played back like it was recorded in the same studio!-Awesome song selection that’s updated every week-Try all songs for FREE.
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I’d never heard the jazz waltz “Up Jumped a Bird” before this recording, but Janis Siegel and Dorough do a marvelous interpretation of Dorough’s vocalese-styled lyric.
Nellie McKay is an alumnus of COTA’s jazz camp, and her collaboration with Dorough on “I’m Hip” is one of the album’s highlights.
Dorough, who turns 90 in late 2013, chose only to sing on this album, leaving the piano duties to a rotating group of musicians, including Phil Markowitz, Eric Doney, Jesse Green and Bobby Avey.
To raise money for this worthy organization, Dorough has gathered several friends from the local and national scenes to create “Duets”, a new CD available only online.
A five-horn backup lends a big-band sound on the delightful “Sunshine Morning” which also features Vicki Doney as Dorough’s duet partner.  Like the duet with McKay, the pairing with Doney works well despite an obvious age gap between the singers.
I wasn’t enchanted with her vocals on that CD, but here she sings a very convincing duet with Dorough on “Love Came on Stealthy Fingers”.
Alto saxophonist Grace Kelly sings and plays with great warmth on “I’m Waiting for Someone” and like Masse, I’m more impressed with her singing here than on her most recent album.
The opening track, “Devil May Care” features the New York Voices (is it really a duet when there are five voices?) and a splendid arrangement by Darmon Meader.
A homeless man living under a bridge encounters a homeless family living in their car in a nearby highway rest stop, starting with a little girl’s asking him, “Are you a troll?” In fact, he is — or at least, that’s how he thinks of himself; it’s not clear whether we’re in a fairy tale where trolls eat little girls or the real world where bad men do horrible things to little girls that are almost as bad.
“Hollow Choices” by Robert Jackson Bennett and David Liss is as dark a story as I would expect from those two writers.
The latest preview comes as a collaboration with DJ Phil, titled “Every Day Of My Life.” It’s one of the weirder, rawest tracks on the album, and again attests to the variety that Rashad’s employing this time around.
“Orlok,” the first single off Meredith’s newest EP Jet Black Raider, is a dark and busy piece that is brought to life in the form of frantic pipe-cleaner creatures, pompom people, and spork folk who look like they are all trapped in some kindergarten arts-and-craft activity gone terribly terribly wrong.
On Plays Bee Mask, Donato Dozzy has proven that Chris Madak of Bee Mask’s “Vaporware” piece from last year’s album of the same name is full of structural richness, but also extremely permeable for radical reinterpretation.
The album, which follows two EPs from earlier this year (Rollin’ and I Don’t Give A Fuck), allows Rashad legroom to stretch out stylistically, which is pretty clear given what’s been released so far (“Double Cup,” “Drank, Kush, Barz,” “I Don’t Give a Fuck”).
I’d say that the most important ones end up being Deserto Rosso by Antonioni, Hour of the Wolf and Persona by Bergman, Sans Soleil by Marker, Daydream by Tetsuji Takechi… I was just playing them without sound while working on the album, and sometimes I was putting the volume up while playing back an idea I was working on; some nice suggestions came out of that methodology.
In the meantime, it’s our pleasure to present “Glosolalia,” an introduction to this new, humid sound and the opening track from Syzygy.
I was once standing in my noisy balcony in Barcelona and I was listening to this track by Felix Kubin called “Der Bleiche Beobachter.” From that moment, I decided I wanted to play a lot with dynamics on this record.
Visit us daily for interviews with creative people from all professions and walks of life, impromptu performances, practical tips about creativity and improvisation and the latest news about our understanding of creativity and improvisation.
Created and hosted by Tom Hall, ImprovLive 365 is dedicated to exploring, documenting, and sharing the improvisational, spontaneous creativity of life.
Part two of Tom Hall & Marty Ballou’s demonstration of some space related duo improv exercises.
 So, I wasn’t planning at all to begin watching "Duets" the new singing show on ABC where professional singers perform duets with amateur contestants in an Idol style competition.
 Robin Thicke has some nice man-arms, but when he sang a song with Kelly Clarkson he had about as much sexual chemistry as, well, my 9th grade Chemistry teacher (who was also the Chess Club sponsor, if you get me).
 But, of course, I happened to step into the room as the show was on the television last night and, like any other addict, I thought, "I can just take a quick look, it won’t hurt to just check it out.
 A couple of the contestants were decent singers but, anybody’s going to sound like crap trying to keep up with Kelly Clarkson.
  Although, I have to say I thought the black Mary Jane-esque shoes she wore not only made her look like a little girl, but they didn’t go with the dress and they chopped off her legs (Kelly can use all the ‘length’ she can get, let’s don’t be chopping anything off).
 Kelly was just her ‘perky’ self and Lord knows this show could use some perk (read on).
 Also, who was the dude that was the host of the show? Some guy with no last name… or no first name…. not sure which.
 Anyway, I loved Kelly’s southern ‘twang’ (just a hint is still there even after all the years in L.A.) and her fun, laid back style is refreshing.

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