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Bench Press: Basic barbell bench press, but take 3 seconds to lower and one second to raise the weight.
A total of 4 "giant sets" will be performed…15 reps will be performed on each exercise The exercises are to be performed one after the other with as little rest as possible in between sets.
Dumbbell Lateral Raises: Bend your arms 90 degree’s and use a strict motion to raise the dumbbells to shoulder level.

If you agree and want to take your physique to the next level with a laser targeted approach to building muscle without getting too bulky, then I recommend checking out The Adonis Index Workout which is perfect for guys who want a body like Daniel Craig, Ryan Reynolds, or Chris Evans (not too bulky, but still lean and in great shape).
To play Bond, Craig also needs balance and power so movements such as the renegade row target the stabilisers in the core and the press-up to box jump brings the explosiveness required to chase freerunning bad guys through building sites à la Casino Royale.
The latest Bond doesn’t just rely on the fancy gadgets to get things done – he uses strength and explosiveness to beat up baddies, as well as lightning-fast reactions to drive fast cars like an F1 driver and silky flirting skills to pull hot lady spies.
James Bond has every man’s dream job and, considering the female reaction to Daniel Craig emerging from the water in those famous blue trunks, his body is pretty high on the average guy’s wish list as well.
Fortunately for Craig, he had muscle memory on his side and was able to gain muscle quicker than expected – but, regardless, once you starts hitting the weights and upping your calorie and protein intake, you will also be able to see the same gains as Craig.
Fortunately for 007, his skinny body was actually primed to build muscle and gain weight; this is because after a period of intense calorie restriction all kinds of anabolic hormones and receptors get up-regulated, meaning that once you begin eating normally again, you are able to direct a lot of nutrients to building muscle.
With smarter training and eating, Craig was able to defy the years and build a body that will go down in cinematic history.
Each session the weight would be upped – as by continually upping the weight, the body will continue to grow:strive for progress, not perfection – this way his body was still stressed into releasing the all-important Growth Hormone but still has enough time to recover and repair.
Daniel instead took the full-body route on Mondays and Fridays, working out his entire body, doing sets back to back, limiting rest between sets, and building cardio right INTO his weight training.
While some people concentrate on one muscle group per day, working it only once a week, Daniel often did full body circuits, supercharging his heart rate and building muscle and endurance at the same time.
Daniel also cut out all the crap from his diet, ate 5-6 times a day, cut out carbs in the afternoon and evenings, ate lots of vegetables and fruits, and concentrated on eating high quality protein (fish, eggs, chicken, protein shakes, etc.) “Wow that doesn’t sound like any fun,” you might be thinking.
So, you want to look like James Bond huh? Daniel Craig, the most bad-ass 00-agent since Sean Connery, spent months with a personal trainer turning himself into a 007 killing machine.
By lifting weights in quick succession with minimal rest between sets and exercises, you can get a great cardio workout while burning fat and building muscle at the same time.
What to eat The next time you go to the supermarket, stock up on whole foods — like lean meats, rice, vegetables, and whole-grain bread — and stay away from fried food, candy, soda, chips, alcohol, enriched flour, refined sugar, and excessive amounts of preservatives and sodium.
For late-night meals, healthy fats should take the place of carbohydrates; they will give your body more calories and energy, as they have five more calories per gram than protein or carbs.
How much protein and carbs you need To maintain Craig’s size, you should consume about one gram of protein per pound of body weight and two grams to three grams of complex carbs per pound of bodyweight.
the workout As Craig was quite “built” in Casino Royale, cardio should be kept to a minimum (two days to three days per week) and heavy weight training should be the focus of the workout plan, particularly in the upper body.
Learn the tips and tricks that helped get Daniel Craig got in incredible shape for James Bond Daniel Craig has never failed to amaze everyone by getting into incredible shape for the latest James Bond sequel.
Daniel Craig badly needs to achieve serious muscles for the movie Skyfall.
Very few actors who have been a part of the James Bond franchise have been able to portray the secret agent as a muscular guy.
“Luckily Dan was not shirking when it came to hard work, so I devised a program that had diversity and would suit the role of Bond, pushing him to his limits and beyond”.
None actually, until Daniel Craig came along and completely changed the image of James Bond 007.
The Exact Daniel Craig Workout, Diet and Training Plan Daniel Used to Get Lean, Muscular and Shredded for James Bond.
To get started on the Daniel Craig Workout, you should first consider the diet that you must have in order to fit into that James Bond tuxedo.
A cardio burn is not the main focus of the Daniel Craig Workout, but the important thing to remember is the body should have enough cardio to warm up and to cool down for the weight training routine.
This is called the Daniel Craig Workout which was designed to get him into shape in the fastest time possible, with a few tricks and tips to get that once skinny body to a figure that is all muscle.
For the transformations required of Craig, eating correctly by following what is now loosely labeled as the Daniel Craig diet has had an eighty per cent role to play in the picture of his inspiring body.
A resource can help you gain the most out of your Daniel Craig Workout routine, and can also help you improve on the things that you already know about when it comes to bulking up and building muscle.
For the lower body, the Daniel Craig Workout uses a combination of leg extension and hamstring curls, these workout routines rely on the weight of the body.
For this role, the true Daniel Craig diet came into being, forcing the actor to not only work out regularly with a trainer, but to become stricter with his eating habits and cooperate exclusively with a dietician.
Application of the Daniel Craig Workout should go with a balanced diet, which will help avoid the 3 most common bodybuilding mistakes.
For the upper body, a Daniel Craig Workout routine that starts with dumbbell lunges will do.
This requirement came off of the back of two of his previous acting parts, in which he dieted in a way that would test the Daniel Craig diet when he came to rely on it for his most recent franchise role.
Since his role as James Bond, we’ve seen Daniel Craig sporting arguably one of the finest bodies in all of Hollywood.
If you are inclined to follow the Daniel Craig diet program, then you would need to cut out all of the junk food that so easily creeps into our everyday routine.
However, the diet in the Daniel Craig Workout involves more than this.
It is also important to have some cardio in the Daniel Craig Workout because it balances the routine at a certain level.
A muscle building program will be something you want if you’re serious about building lean, shredded muscle like Daniel Craig.
Because of the nature of James Bond, Daniel Craig was chosen to be the James Bond for movies such as Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and of course Skyfall.
A discussion about the Daniel Craig diet could really apply to Craig’s food type and his food intake for any number of his films.
The Daniel Craig diet was structured this way to ensure that maximum gains were obtained due to constant infusions of protein during workouts.
The effectiveness of applying the Daniel Craig diet to Craig’s physique was best evidenced in the screening of one of his most popular ‘James Bond’ titles.
Enduring (2004), and Munich(2005) At first, Sun in Pisces would lead you to believe that Daniel Craig is a vague and impressionable type, but the rest of his chart is quite the opposite, with lots fiery and decisive fire, particularly Aries.
During your Daniel Craig workout circuit training, you’ll be doing Jerks, Squats, Pull-ups, Dips, Barbell Curls, Lateral Dumbbell Raises, Incline Dumbbell Presses, Dumbbell Lateral Raises, Incline Pec Flys, Barbell Bicep Curls, Dumbbell Hammer Curls, Lying Tricep Extensions, Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks, Rope Tricep Pulldowns, Dumbbell Lunges, Leg Extensions, Prone Hamstring Curls, Standing Cable Glute Supersets on the Abductor Machine, Standing and Seated Calf Raises, Hanging Leg Raise / Oblique Cable Twist Supersets, Standing Cable Oblique Twists, Incline Pushups, Weighted Knee Raises, Weighted Stepups and Tricep Dips.
He started of his big time career as a rapper back in 1991 with his band who were called “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch” – being part of this band helped him get some recognition on the music channel VH1 where he was named the number 1 hottest hotty of the 90′s.
Daniel Craig is an outstanding actor and i personally think that he reflects perfectly the image of how today’s James Bond should look like in those Bond movies like Skyfall; A James Bond who’s more credible, a man with a semi bodybuilder body resulted from a James Bond workout and diet, a British Secret Service agent who drives a very expensive car like Aston Martin but a car that’s not filled with gizmos.
Who wouldn’t like Daniel Craig’s special tailored suits and tuxedos which sit so perfectly on his muscular frame? Don’t you want to get Daniel Craig’s big muscles? With a toned body like that and some tailored suits you can surely be as charming as the new Skyfall James Bond.
Daniel Craig is a muscular model in the role of James Bond and he did it with the help of his circuit training routine and diet plan.
The first Bond movie he ever saw at the cinema was Roger Moore’s “Live and Let Die” (1973); young Daniel Craig saw it with his father, so it took a special place in his heart.
Daniel Craig as you all know is an English actor best known for playing British secret agent James Bond, since 2006.
Craig is the fourth actor to play James Bond in more than two films, along with Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan.
Daniel’s parents split up in 1972, and young Daniel Craig was raised with his older sister, by his mother.
Daniel Craig workouts you can continue to get results is through his own enthusiasm and eat anything he wants on the world is useless without Ian Fleming adaptation of getting used Circuit Training demands that you could dedicate just to ensure viewrs a fun escapist fun and more edgy but laid-back style.
Many of you might not know that Hanks got his start on one of the most ridiculous sitcoms ever made, Bosom Buddies, a show about two men who dress in drag so they can live in an inexpensive, all-female apartment building.
Actually, he said that “Self-consciousness is the death of art,” but I think “art” could be replaced with anything that relates to one’s passion in life—it doesn’t matter if it’s art or business or teaching or love or happiness.
A few years later, Hanks broke into the movie business, and not long after that, he began to be accepted in Hollywood.
And this has to be why such an average-looking guy is one of the most successful leading men in the world, a guy who’s played opposite some of the most respected actors in Hollywood.
Not about her looks or body, but about her intellect because she’s just started back to grad school and is feeling overwhelmed by what’s happening in the classroom.
This workout plan is at the intermediate to advanced level because although Craig is not a fitness buff, his physique is impressive, and he does have another thing going for him: muscle maturity.
The Daniel Craig Workout is a great routine to use if you want to create a lean muscular physique like the actor had in the James Bond Films, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall.
Because Craig has a well-developed physique with plenty of muscle and low levels of body fat, it makes sense to approach training in a very hardcore manner if you want to see results fast.
Since Craig had no limitations – such as being malnourished – like Christian Bale did after filming The Machinist, frequent and intense workouts focused on building the size of each muscle group are recommended.
For those that say they don't want to be big like Coleman, don't be surprised if, after 10 years (+) of extreme lifting and nutrition (training to achieve a Coleman physique), you end up looking like Daniel Craig (if you're lucky).
I never understooad why people would get pissed off at the idea of wanting a body like Daniel Craig or Brad Pitt in Fight Club (or, even better, Snatch).
don't be surprised if, after 10 years (+) of extreme lifting and nutrition (training to achieve a Coleman physique), you end up looking like Daniel Craig (if you're lucky).
The FUE technique also gives surgeons more freedom in placing the hair follicles, resulting in a more natural hairline and a reduced chance of scarring—a vital factor for any actor working in the age of HD cameras.
Daniel Craig’s particular hair fall pattern is dubbed the “M-shape,” progressive thinning near the temples leaving a widow’s peak-like wedge still covering the crown.
Oddly enough, Craig’s hair loss mirrors predecessors Roger Moore and Connery in this aspect, both of whom experienced a creeping hairline during their tenure as England’s top spy.
So what’s the recommended treatment for a secret agent looking to regain lost follicles? The most likely candidate is a form of hair transplantation called follicular unit extraction” or FUE.
Breathing new life into a franchise plagued by absurd plots and corny quips, a combination of grittier writing, Sam Mendes’ directing wizardry, and Craig’s brooding muscular presence have made the 50 year old franchise feel relevant once again.
The procedure differs from traditional hair transplant surgery in that each follicle is cut and placed individually, instead of using longer strips of hair that may become noticeable when sporting shorter haircuts.
Though the actor himself has remained mum on the subject, hair experts are certain that he is one of the millions of men worldwide experiencing androgenic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness.
Sources from the Daily Record claim that the forty-four-year-old actor has been ordered to take action on his receding hairline or risk his role in the next Bond installment.
Despite this success, Bond’s executive producers are worried that Craig’s ageing may alter the image of 007 a little too much—particularly in the hair department.
Olivia Benson also made an appearance in the commercial, which features a new song from her upcoming album 1989.
In case you didn’t know, Taylor‘s 1989 drops on Monday, October 27.
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Meanwhile, Daniel, 40, has vowed not to wear the skimpy blue swimming trunks he sported in Casino Royale.
Daniel Craig has been snapped with his arm in a sling – sparking speculation he’s injured himself.
Roll up, roll up! CBeebies Live! are back with a brand new circus-themed spectacular, Justin & Friends: Mr Tumble’s Circus!.
The James Bond star was also wearing what looked like a cast as he went for a walk in London yesterday.
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Celebrity Sexual Assault PSA Steve Carell, Daniel Craig, Seth Meyers, and Others Star in Must-Watch Sexual Assault PSA The White House’s new campaign comes with an inspiring new video you have to see.
Steve Carell, Daniel Craig, Seth Meyers, and Others Star in Must-Watch Sexual Assault PSA The White House’s new campaign comes with an inspiring new video you have to see.
The PSA comes hot on the heels of recently released guidelines to combat sexual assault on college campuses, where one in five young women will become a victim of sexual assault, according to 1 is 2 Many and the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault.
JAMES Bond star Daniel Craig has been spotted house-hunting in a quaint village.
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