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As well as providing every type of human model, we also offer pet models.

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Top Dog Talent Agency is a prestigious company that has already accomplished the year’s hottest credits, with over 4,600 of Hollywood’s talented animal actors.
The wind blowing, the bright lights glowing, and purified water in your dog bowl sounds like a dream for any pampered pooch.
There seems to be a lot of ideas to use even if you are not going 100% into modeling or your doggie does not make the cut.
But lets face it, every dog wants to see his/her face in the Sunday paper’s dog food ad.
Great tips! I know the perfect little Yorkie that is trying to break into the business.
(Note: some commercial clients are paying for exclusive use of images, which means cash is paid and images and prints are not available), and a guaranteed fun time! Cash payments usually range from $50-$100 for up to 2 hours, and often discounts on Cowbelly services and/or products from the commercial client are given as well.
Dog models wanted! Would you to have your pet photographed by me but it’s not in the budget at this time? Think your dog or cat has what it takes to be a star? Sign them up for my model database, and the next time I have a commercial or personal project or Graffiti Dogs Project shoot that I need models for, and your pet fits the criteria of that particular project, I will drop you a line.
How it works: For commercial projects: I provide information and images for each potential model to my commercial clients for consideration, and they screen and select the models they would like to work with and then contact them directly.
Inspired by America’s Top Dog Model’s ® contest mission, the 2011 theme was “Angel Paws.” After a four month search, Helen, from Homestead, Florida was crowned angelic winner.
The theme for America’s Top Dog Model’s ® first Contest in 2005 was “fashion style.” Fashionable winner was Linda, a Deer Head” Chihuahua from Lighthouse Point, Florida.
In 2006, the theme for America’s Top Dog Model ® Contest was “Home is Where the Heart is.” Mia, a miniature Dachshund rescue dog from Valencia, California was crowned national winner.
America’s Top Dog Model ® 2008 Contest theme was “Entertain with Style.” Top dog Maia’s winning photo portrays this stunning, Pug “entertaining with style” in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
America’s Top Dog Model ® eco-friendly contest winner is Dudley, a handsome Old English Sheep Dog from West Palm Beach, Florida.
America’s Top Dog Model ® 2013 Contest theme was “Jet Set Paws.” National winner Johnny B.
Welcome to America’s Top Dog Models ® brand, recognized internationally for its winning style! The brand created in 2005 by fashion designer/stylist,  author, and producer Jo Jo Harder, represents signature products, top dog services, and a national contest.
Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, America’s Top Dog Model ® contest mission is to celebrate dogs that make a difference in people’s lives.
In 2010, the contest theme “Go Green with Style,” continued America’s Top Dog Models ® mission to promote greener living.
To celebrate this milestone, America was invited to vote for the contest theme which resulted in “Home Sweet Home.” Contest winner is Moo, a handsome Great Dane from Indianapolis, Indiana.
“Travel with Style” was America’s Top Dog Model ® 2007 Contest theme.
Goode, a Standard Poodle from West Palm Beach, Florida was chosen for his travel style, adventurous attitude, and spectacular contest photo.
As Haggerty explains, a security company probably wants a strong looking dog like a German shepherd or a Doberman pinscher for its advertising campaign, whereas a luxury car company might cast a poodle because that type of dog looks expensive and luxurious.
"It’s a hustle and a lot like being a stage mom," says professional dog trainer, Babette Haggerty, whose father Captain Haggerty wrote the book How To Get Your Pet Into Show Business.
You can contact advertising agencies in your area directly that work with pet products, however, Haggerty says an agent will increase your pet’s shot at stardom.
For example, Wellness Pet Food hosts a "Pet of the Month" contest on its website, and New York City-based brand United Bamboo selects 12 fancy felines each year to model in its calendar.
To land your pet TV or film gigs, Haggerty says you have to make sure your pet is obedient and ready to sit, jump and roll over on command.
So try contacting some obedience schools and asking about modeling classes and head shots.
Some obedience schools offer modeling classes, and while these aren’t required (Speak never took them), it is a great way to learn what the professional dogs learn.
Your best bet for finding a local agency is to talk to a local obedience school that offers modeling classes.
If you really want to get good at dog modeling, train your dog to do very specific commands, like step forward, put their head down, back up, etc.
I own two dogs, Speak and Mazie and both have done modeling.
Le PAWS, a professional Pet Talent Agency, offers you, the public, an opportunity to see your dog working in a commercial, working on a Feature Film, doing a T.V. show or a Print Ad Campaign.
The Le Paws Agency is currently looking for new four legged friends to represent in print, T.V., music videos, commercials and film.
Top Dog Talent Agency is continuing a 35 year legacy of providing affection-trained animal actors and models for the Film, Television, Print and Special Events Industries.
The Top Dog Talent Agency has an extensive talent base of over 3,400 animal actors and models on call and ready to fill your film, television, special events and print production needs.
Their mission is to represent the most talent animal actors and models to film, television, special events and print industries across the United States.
The animal talent agency provides animal actors including dogs, cats, horses and large exotic animals for television, motion picture and print industries.
Additionally, they continue to maintain a close working relationship with the American Humane Association’s Film and TV Unit to ensure the most current and continued best practices in regards to the safest and most humane handling techniques and working environments for our animal actors.
He went from being a stray on the streets to being a handsome male model, and he kills it every time he takes over as the subject of his dad’s photo shoots.
Even though he lives with handsome dudes, Rincon knows the truth — he’s the cutest one of all.
After putting images of their fancified dog online, owners David Fung and Yena Kim say they received an overwhelming response from media and fashion clients who wanted Bodhi to represent their brand.
A new video from Barcroft TV features the adorable Bodhi in his element, posing for the camera while outfitted in collared shirts, fashionable knits and stylish hats like an absolute pro.
Fung and Kim have decided to devote the majority of their time to representing Bodhi and managing his burgeoning modeling career.
So maybe not for the runway but DEAN & TYLER is launching their first annual model search.
Your prize pup may be the next face of DEAN & TYLER QUALITY DOG PRODUCTS.
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All photos displayed on our website are the property of "Reel Dog Agency" Jesse Jack Enterprises and cannot be copied, manipulated or used for any commercial event/production, media event/production, advertising, marketing, or public display without the express authorization of Glenn McTaggart and the pet human counter parts for each photograph requested.
Our dog models, cat models and other Animal Direction members have been carefully assessed to ensure they possess the necessary obedience skills.
Animal Direction is a pet modelling agency providing all kinds of animal models for advertising and promotional productions.
And for more specific requirements, we offer bespoke training solutions from our team of highly skilled, professional animal trainers.
We believe in kind, fair and effective animal handling, working with you to achieve the results you need.
If your do not live close enough to work with the Animal Connection, contact the state film board (most states have them) in your area and get a list of animal actor agencies in your area.
PLEASE READ: For the Animal Connection to represent your pet you must live in the greater metropolitan area of Minneapolis/St.
Some agencies will need you to submit digital images taken by anybody (you do not need a professionl photographer at this stage), while some might recommend that you have a professional modeling portfolio done to better your dog’s chances at getting a modeling job.
In most cases modeling agencies desire a dog to possess a healthy physical appearance and become built in compliance in relation to their distinct breed.
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