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When I was growing up, our mom started a Drip Candle Bottle and we dripped our birthday candles on it and then wedding candles.
I try to include as many pictures as I can so you can easily see how the drip candle bottle is made, how it progresses, and also for some background info about a 40 year old drip candle bottle in Woodstock, NY and some photos of others already created.
The photo to the left is of a drip candle wine bottle I started almost 2 years ago.
I remember making these in the 60’s 🙂 Liked how you showed the progress of your candles and showed how to make a drip candle step by step.
Great instructions on how to create a Drip Candle Bottle.
Today I am going to go through the steps of how to create a drip candle bottle.
I just used a bigger candle, lit it and let it burn a little while, and dipped the bottom of my drip candle into it’s melted wax to make the drip candles base a little bit wider.
Unless you are setting your drip candle bottle on a surface that it will stay on permanently, you need to put the bottle on somethinglike tin foil so the wax that splatters won’t ruin anything around it.
You just read about the awesome Drip Candle Mountain at Candlestock, the place I was inspired to create my own.
Great job presenting how to make a drip candle bottle.
I have ony found "drip candles" at Candlestock in Woodstock, NY, but you can really use any taper candle that drips a lot.

Colour Dripping Candles 5 – 7 ASSORTED Add a touch of style to your home with these amazing looking pillar candles that drip a multitude of colours.
Color Drip Candles may look white on the outside, but once they start to melt layers of brilliant colors are revealed.
These candles dripped but the colors were yucky for they blended together to create a grayish color wax drip.
I don’t consider these candles to be something that should be played with-they WERE just what I was looking for to create that "Italian restaurant" look with a old style chianti bottle for an Italian dinner party.
Test the candle in the bottle mouth from time to time as you shave the bottom end down, stopping when the candle fits snugly in the bottle mouth.
Allow the candle to burn down as low as it can go, so the lit wick is sitting in a wax pool at the bottle’s mouth.
Press the bottom end of a tapered candle into the mouth of the bottle.
Allow the candle to melt and drip down the sides of the bottle.
Drip candle bottles may call to mind some of the earthy crafts of decades gone by, or perhaps a romantic evening at a cozy foreign restaurant that uses these as tabletop lighting.
Monitor the second candle’s dripping wax as it travels down the body of the bottle.
A drip candle is the type of candle that drips its wax plentifully when lit; some taper candles are designed not to drip much, so set them aside for another occasion.
Light the second candle from the flame of the first, then press this fresh candle into the top of the old one, extinguishing the old candle’s flame.
Bring back the groovy 60’s with these psychedelic candles! The white taper candles mysteriously drip wax of five different colors.
Whether you burn these candles in the living room or at an outdoor barbecue, they are sure to spur party conversation and mesmerize guests.
Wedge each taper candle into a glass beverage bottle to fully enjoy the confetti-like formations that ensue from the drips.
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Here’s how to make your own wine bottle drip candle holders to record your own special occasions with each new layer of colored wax.
The brand I used came from a thrift store, but others are available online as Multi-colored Drip Candles Approx 9.5 Inches Long (2 Candles), or as Amazing Colorful Drip Candles~ Variety 40 Pack, shown at right, which would be enough, I think, for about eight wine bottles.
This means setting the wine bottle candle holder on a non-flammable surface, and preferably a surface that can easily be cleaned if melted wax drips onto it.
Perhaps this mod trend came from candlelit French cafes, where each table was topped by a checkered tablecloth and lit by a tapered candle dripping colored wax over green bottle glass.
However, I have tried them, and they do what they purport to do, which is drip layers of brightly colored wax down the glass of your wine bottle holder.
Since this wine bottle candle holder is going to be around for a while, you’ll want to choose the right base.
Try a craft store, like Michaels, they sell ones that will likely drip nicely.
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illuminations..hmnn..ill try them and i looked at the hardware stores…they just carry the emergency candles.
im talking about the ones that they place in the chianti bottles in italian restaurants.
This time lapse video shows 7 candles over 3 1/2 hours.
Drip candles from Candlestock.com -perfect for wine bottle dripping.
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Nostalgic Candles I remember fondly growing up and visiting relatives, who always had a Chianti covered or in process with this colorful wax dripping.
This Christmas, send your family and friends on a far-out trip back to the 1970s by setting the mood with these color drip candles.
So I wanted to find some of these candles to package as a for my cousins along with a bottle of Chianti and a glass plate to go under the bottle.
I’m not a huge fan of Chianti, but did recently purchase a bottle and then remembered these candles dripping down the bottle.
When lit, the white tapers drip in a cascade of brilliant colors (red, blue, green, and yellow) spurring both memoires and visual fun.
These color drip candles let you recall the ’70s in vivid color.
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2 HALLOWEEN Unscented Drip Color Candles 9.5". Made in USA.
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Step 1: Remove the labels from your wine bottles — Fill your pot with hot water (It doesn’t have to be boiling, just the temperature of a really hot bath).
So gather up those empty wine bottles, pick up a few cans of spray paint and roll up those sleeves for some easy peasy crafting.
A palette of white and black combined with the prettiest of pale peach set the stage for an elegant spread and with the addition of these three projects, the party had instant depth and sophistication.
SSSSOOOO NEAT!! I always burn long candles on a wine bottle during warm months when outside.
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Okay, but not great I liked the fact that these candles had different colors within one candle, they just seem to run ‘thin’.
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Bulky items such as furniture and rugs cost more to ship due to greater size and weight.
Drip candles were really popular in the 70s, and I think it’s time they made their comeback! I got the idea for this candle holder from the Almost Famous movie and I it, I think it almost looks like a piece of art.
wine bottle candle holders – drip candles prior to ceremony and hope for even drippings so make it look this nice.
Dripping candles in wine bottles.
dripping candle PutterQueen ……………. via Lynn Scheuermann onto Greige: A colour between grey and beige, closely akin to taupe; Unfinished; not fully processed; neither bleached nor dyed.
Shelves with candles that dripped into a form of a large frozen waterfall.
I remember doing this with candles that dripped multicolors… Did it every Christmas.
Dripping candles for that macabre look.

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