duct tape flowers

Place a leaf with the folded part facing the stem of the rose and coil it in with a thin strip of duct tape.
Cut a square shaped duct tape piece and place the bottom of the rose bud at the middle of the square’s sticky side.
Using thin strips of duct tape, attach the rose bud to the duct tape-covered stem.
Nothing sweeter than a rose, except when it’s a rose made by hand! This duct tape rose is an entertaining craft project that will amuse the person you give it to.
Fold the top half of the pieces of tape together and trim the edges so that it looks like a rose petal.

This instructable will teach you how to make Duct Tape roses, They are pretty good for valentines day and other events like fund raisers.
It doesn’t have to be exact, it fact i recommend making varying sizes of petals it makes it seem more real.
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Color your walls my making some do it yourself duct tape flowers that can cover a natty patch or give a dull color some spark.
Pick up those plain slippers and decorate them with duct tape pompom flowers.
Adorn your fingers with do it yourself duct tape mini flowers and accessorize each dress with a new ring.
Join the duct tape experience and make yourself a do it yourself make believe duct tape flowers bouquet.
Spruce up belts that have a dull life with duct tape flowers.
My kids made duct tape purses and wallets at summer camp this year.
My brother and his friends have been making duct tape wallets for years and the other day I saw a pair of shoes(they looked like they were crocs) covered at the duct tape display at Home Depot.
At one point, I had 2 wallets, a small purse and a pair of sandals she made all from duct tape (and cardboard, which she wrapped in several layers of duct tape for more sturdiness in the sole of the sandal).
When I was in college, my suitemate was an art major and made a ton of cool things out of duct tape (just silver at that time, though, so I feel she missed a prime creative opportunity).
I that! We just bought Hello Kitty duct tape and my daughter wants to make a wallet.
I love duct tape!!! I really like all of the colors and patterns they have and I use it to mount my photos into my journals.
Last month our program was on Duct Tape and we made yellow roses which is the flower for Beta Sigma Phi.
Hello fellow Cowboy fans! I live in Stillwater and our local Staples has the OSU duct tape along with other colors and patterns.
Ah, yes the duct tape craze…my house is full of duct tape writing utensils, clutches, wallets, and hair bows.
My daughter and her friend discovered it a few months ago, and since then, it’s been all duct tape, all the time in our house.
My girls have been making them too.They found Halloween print duct tape last week.
Crafty kids are the best! Love these and I love your array of duct tape.
So fun! My son got hold of some camo duct tape and has been making camo bracelets (or shall we call them bands for the guys) for his friends.
My daughter makes wallets from duct tape.
LOVE IT! My boys are duct tape fiends! Fiends, I tell you.
we have a teen event at the library I work with where the kids can come craft themselves some duct tape stuff.
My daughter does this! Every couple of days she begs to go to Target for more duct tape.
My girl also wanted me to tell you that you can search for “duct tape arts and crafts” on the internet and find all sorts of fun projects.
my daughter loves duct tape crafts!! We found ours a tarjay…target.
Oh, my! Had no idea that duct tape came in colors and patterns.
My daughter has been on a duct tape craze for a while.
Love the Cowboys duct tape.
At least once the fad is over with you can use the duct tape for other things.
My favorite has to be the contest that duct tape hold every year for a scholarship.
I just saw the colored and patterned duct tape and pictures of the flowers in my ACE Hardware sale paper.
They took fairly long strips of duct tape, folded them onto themselves so that there was still tape exposed, then cut little strips on the fold without cutting all the way through the tape.
Here I thought duct tape was only for vehicle repairs, I’ll be.
My husband just retired his duct tape wallet this past year–he LOVED it, and so did everyone else.
Someone actually broke my car window out and stole the empty duct tape wallet.
Did you know this? They also sell duct tape in patterns, and printed with team logos.
I have seen the ads inbetween children PBS shows about a little boy who make everything out of duct tape.
Kids make prom dresses out of duct tape.
Along with a duct tape wallet for their cousin’s 21st birthday.
And GO POKES! as a former OSU student and my hubby a current OSU student I appreciate seeing the OSU duct tape, when most Okie’s would have ou tape.
They now sell duct tape in all colors.
Our local Staples store has the OSU duct tape.
Start with a pencil, and whatever color (or colors) of duct tape you like.
Duct tape is a a great outlet for creativity.
Those are adorable!!! I know my son digs duct tape, maybe I can show these to him to make for his girlfriend.
I also have a couple rolls of duct tape in use at all times.
OSU duct tape?? I have to get some shipped here to Colorado for my OSU Alumni hubby.
Duct tape rules in this house.
What's better than a flower you don't have to water? Follow these steps and use your favorite Duck Tape colors and prints to create timeless décor that can brighten up any space.
What's better than a flower you don't have to water? Follow these steps and use your favorite Duck Tape colors and prints to create timeless décor that can brighten up any space.
Duck Tape Duct Tape Flower Rose Pens Made to Order Other Types of Flowers and Bouquets Available.
Support Our Troops Yellow Ribbon Duck Duct Tape Flower Pen or Pencil Topper.
Penquin Print & White Rose Duck Duct Tape Pen or Pencil Topper.
Cupcake Print & Yellow Duck Duct Tape Bow Snap Clip Barrette.
Hand-made roses and flowers made using Duck Tape® brand duct tape.
Duct tape is always fun for crafts- now you can make simple duct tape flower hair clips.
Shape the opening for the head an oval rather than a circle, Rough up the duct tape a bit before you spray paint for better adherence.
OMG!! i just finished this and had to pin it!! I used zebra print duck tape and taped part of my car's interior to fit.
Diy Duct Tape Steampunk Top Hat – I made one of these and I learned as I went.
Patterned and plain duct tape mix to create a mod wreath.
Duct tape never ceases to be cool at our house.
Make your own Duct Tape Visor complete with visor.
DIY Duct Tape Roses.
To form the petals, start by cutting off a piece of wire that is about a foot long and a piece of red duct tape about 4 inches long.
To cover the stem, cut off a piece of green duct tape the same length as the exposed wire.
Cut off a 3-inch piece of green duct tape and fold one end over, similar to the way the petals were made.
Then fold the duct tape over the end of the wire and stick the two sides together.
This project is my attempt at creating a duct tape rose that is as realistic as possible.
Do some final shaping and your duct tape rose is complete.
She led me into the family room and handed me a bouquet of flowers.  They weren’t ordinary flowers.  They were duct tape flowers, with green stems and leaves, and pretty multi-colored petals.
Very cool! I wonder what would happen if I gave my fiance some duct tape for Christmas? Never mind, I need my eyes and I abhor pointy sticks.
Wow, she is very creative, never knew duct tape came in different colors either.
They offered a workshop at our local library on duct tape crafts, but I hadn't seen a finished product.
There are so many different things the kids are making with duct tape.
Can you imagine my surprise today when someone called the flower shop asking me for Duct Tape flowers.
But when she said they were duct taped flowers, I thought maybe she wanted them wrapped on the stems with duct tape.
The customer told me that Teleflora was promoting them and since I was a Teleflora shop I should know what duct taped flowers were.
At first I thought maybe she wanted them in a box sealed with duct tape.
And then I realized that the colored duct tape is actually the brand “Duck Tape” so I googled it with that in the name – and voila! A tutorial straight from Duck Tape! Though this one is meant for a bouquet of roses, not a ring.
All these duct tape rose rings have been popping up all over pinterest…but they’re all just places to buy one – at a CRAZY price (in my opinion).
Cut another piece of duct tape, long enough to go loosely around your chosen finger at least 1-1/2 times.
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Here are some examples of occasions that duct tape roses can be gifted: *takes deep breath*…for a birthday, for Secretary’s Day, for an anniversary (although that better not be the only you give!), for Boss’s Day, for a special sports coach (check out our sports colors in the photo gallery below), for a congratulations , for a graduation , for Father’s Day, for Mother’s Day, for Grandparents’ Day, for Teacher’s Appreciation Day, for a just-because , and let’s not forget Valentine’s Day.
Need a unique and creative gift idea for Father’s Day that’s not too mushy? As seen in the Wall Street Journal, our Duct Tape Roses are the ultimate guy gift to send this Father’s Day.
Ribbons and Hair Clips ; FREE Hair Bow Instructions! Hip Girl Boutique LLC.
Always remember that duct tape flowers and other duct tape crafts allow you and your kids to use your creativity and imagination so experiment with different colors and don’t be afraid to deviate from the original plan.
This is one craft that has unlimited potential as there is more colors and patterns of duct tape than anyone ever would have imagined even a couple years ago.
There are no boundaries in duct tape crafting so choosing unusual colors for a flower stem is just fine.
Now cut a couple inch piece of a different colored duct tape that you have chosen for the petals of the duct tape flower.
Repeat steps 3 through 6 making certain that the very top of the duct tape flower petal alternates the one you did just previously.
If you’ve ever tried to cleanly remove duct tape you are probably aware that while it easily adheres it does not easily remove.
Duct tape flowers are a wonderful project for kids and adults of all ages.
Cut one piece of duct tape in your color of choice for the stem the length of the straw.
If you want to jump on one of the latest trends right now, you’ll want to learn about the easy duct tape crafts that everyone is raving about.
Put the straw along the edge of the duct tape and completely roll the tape around the straw until the tape is all adhered to the straw.
It is a lot of fun to make duct tape crafts with your kids.
You will need: • At least two different colors duct tape • Sharp scissors.
Now you have the top of the duct tape flower petal.
You read that sentence right in that these craft project are actually made from duct tape.
It is very simple to make a duct tape flower.
The list of things to make with duct tape is nearly infinite.

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