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Let’s face it, with everything you have to juggle, five minutes – tops – may be all you have to apply makeup in the morning,or to get your face ready to go from desk to dinner.

Our to you: maximum results in minimum time.

Enjoy these fast face tricks for makeup in-a-flash. Apply our high-coverage Ceramide Lift and Firm Concealer to the under eye area (and at the inner corners of your eyes) to smooth fine lines, cover dark circles and hide imperfections.

Now, Smile

While you’re doing it, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks.

We a good Halloween dress-up at GLAMOUR, so we’ve collated some of our very favourite make-up tutorials on YouTube to inspire you if you’re getting a bit stumped for any last minute ideas. A surprisingly easy look to pull off (Bobby Cohen’s tutorial uses just Scar Wax, lipstick, white face paint and some eyeliner) this is guaranteed to impress at parties.

Black Swan

Recreating Natalie Portman’s Black Swan for Halloween is a good option for those who don’t want to do the blood and guts routine but still want to turn heads when you walk into the party. Emma Pickles’ tutorial is fabulously easy-to-follow and just looks so good.

Snow White

A Disney Princess is always a great shout for when a costume party calls (regardless of whether or not it’s Halloween) and this tutorial by Emma Pickles will ensure that you really do have skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood…

Sugar Skull

Every Halloween party we went to last year was awash with super scary (and super-ornately designed) Day Of The Dead Sugar Skulls. therealkatsketch’s tutorial is a great guide on how to get the look with some simple tools, as well as sorting out your headdress too.

Jareth The Goblin King

We LOVE this movie and up until stumbling across goldiestarling’s make-up tutorial to create David Bowie’s (frankly, menacing) Jareth The Goblin King, had never thought about going as this character. However, that’s all set to change this Halloween – and what’s more, it’s actually really easy to do, too.

Bad Romance Lady Gaga

Whilst you’re never going to quite recreate her super big eyes from the bathtub scene of the Bad Romance music video (they were computer-generated, after all), Michelle Phan’s tutorial definitely goes a longway to getting the look – with a few tips into making your eyes look bigger with make-up thrown in along the way.

Ursula from The Little Mermaid

One of the all-time great Disney villains, why wouldn’t you go as half-Octopus-come-soul-singer Ursula at Halloween?

Unless you’re a professional makeup artist or have easy access to one, you know that doing your own makeup can be tricky at times. Apply wine-colored lipstick with an eye shadow brush to get a really soft, diffused look.

If you don’t want a full-blown burgundy lip, use an eye shadow brush to buff the color into your pout, creating more of a diffused appearance. Powder or blot away any shine on either side of your nose to keep your face from looking puffy.

When you’re doing your makeup, especially when it’s hot out, pretend there is an imaginary triangle, with the tip close to your tear duct and the base just hitting your cheek, that you need to powder or blot with blotting papers. Keep your eyes open when creating the tail of your cat-eye, so you can see exactly how the flick will look with your eye open.

Sometimes, when you create a cat-eye with your eye closed, it can look less perfect when you finally open your eye.

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