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Tweet The custom icons come with a customizable PSD file as well as individual PNG files – includes both large (32×32 pixels) and small (16×16 pixels) size versions.
Minimalistic icon set for bloggers available in 8 different color schemes: Color, Gray, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Turquoise.
The download file includes both PSD and JPG files and match all 5 of the color styles that are available in the AgentPress theme.
The dark background patterns come in five different styles and eight different colors – black, blue, green, gray, pink, purple, turquoise and red.
The download file includes a PSD file and is a great resource if you plan to use custom graphics for your website.
The download file includes both PSD and PNG files and are a great resource if you’re using the AgentPress theme.
Click here buttons available in 3 different color schemes: Dark, Green and Orange.
The Generate Box is available in 4 different color schemes: Blue, Green, Orange and Red.
The light background patterns come in three different styles and six different colors – beige, blue, gray, green, tan and teal.
Tweet The download file includes a PSD file with Dribbble, Email, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, RSS, StumbleUpon, Twitter and YouTube icons.

You’ll find a growing collection of web graphics: website backgrounds (patterns, textures, etc.), picture quotes, blank buttons and banners and more.
Website Backgrounds Picture Quotes » Picture quotes are quotations and sayings set to images.
Humorous, inspirational, thought-provoking … picture quotes are a wonderful way to add visual appeal and mental interest to your websites and blogs.
Free web graphics Photoshop Styles for free download (about 4 files).
Vector web graphics Free vector for free download (about 1879 files).
Gratiso Photography – Free collection of stock photos.
Death to Stock Photos – Free monthly stock photos.
Unsplash – Free email newsletter stuffed with hi-resolution photos.
Icon Monstr – Free, simple icons discoverable through a search interface.
Stock Up – Search several high quality free stock photo websites in one place.
Pic Jumbo – Big, searchable database of totally free to use photos.
Refe Photos – Free photos for personal or commercial projects.
Graphic Burger – Free, premium quality design resources (Credit: Chris Ota).
Icon Sweets – 7? This downloadable library has over 1,000 icons in the style of 7 (7 is known for having outlined icons).
New Old Stock Photos – Awesome vintage photos from public archives.
The Pattern Library – Growing collection of free patterns.
Scoop Shoot – Need photos from around town? ScoopShoot lets you hire people around town to take photos with their phones.
Comp Fight – The fastest way to find Creative Commons images to use on your blog or website.
In the last 2 months, I took on the task of compiling the newest free, high-quality web and UI design resources I could find that feature the latest design trends (flat UI, long shadows, iOS 7, minimalism, etc.). I would like to share my discoveries with you.
Great lens full of useful and helpful info and packed with links to all the resources for graphics I could ever need.
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Beautifully created lens and an excellent resource for finding images! I wanted to let you know that I’m finally catching up on approving comments after a long and lazy holiday break and just featured this lens on mine, How to Legally Add Copyrighted Pictures to Squidoo Lenses.
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To use, call customer service at +1.866.788.9225 and tell them your Star Support number is X4325.
GraphicStock is a subscription-based resource for royalty-free graphics, images, icons, buttons, textures, backgrounds, and more.
Welcome to Star Support! This tool lets our support agents guide you right from your browser.
    Your source for free custom made buttons, bullets, dividers and other quality graphics.
Page 11: Animated horizontal rules (Lines) with pictures and designs Page 12: More animated horizontal rules (Lines) with pictures and designs Page 13: Yet more animated horizontal rules (Lines) with pictures and designs Page 14:Even more animated horizontal rules (Lines) with pictures and designs Page 15: Animated bullets (marker) animations Page 16: Animated bullets (marker) animations Page 17: Animated bullets (marker) animations.
GIF Animated Graphics (web graphics) Page 9: Animated horizontal rules (Lines) .
Page 24: Animated bullets (marker) animations.
Page 23: Animated bullets (marker) animations.
Page 22: Animated bullets (marker) animations.
Page 20: Animated bullets (marker) animations.
Page 21: Animated bullets (marker) animations.
Page 19: Animated bullets (marker) animations.
Page 18: Animated bullets (marker) animations.
Canva – Amazingly simple graphic design for blogs, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers and so much more.
Copyright © 2014 by tutorialspoint.
If you purchase one of these premium templates, you can download the following graphics for free.
Here, you’ll find pages full of free website graphics.
Get unlimited downloads of either royalty free clip art or professional website icons at the following websites.
All graphics have been created to the highest level by professional web designers.
Take your web design to the next level with these premium website graphics.
Then you can download these graphics for free.
Now Hosting Over 30,000 Free Clip art Images, such as animated gifs, backgrounds, bullets, clip art, images, and pictures; all free for you to download.
Browse the many pages on this site, or, use the search box to find exactly what you need, hassle free with no annoying pop-ups.
WeGraphics is a creative studio specialized into the creation of graphic design resources.
© Copyright 2011 – All rights reserved.
Are you looking for some snazzy, royalty-free graphics to spice up your business presentation? Or how about a nifty animated image to liven up your Web pages? Or some eye-popping wallpaper for your desktop? Or a free service that allows you to "crunch" your Web site’s images so they’ll load faster? Below you’ll find the Web’s top resources for anything graphics-related, no matter what your need.
We have included in the free website graphics, a set of buttons for things such as 'download', 'buy now', 'add to cart', etc.
If you have ever needed free graphics for your website, blog, Facebook page or anything else, I have some great news for you.
Ever wanted to create awesome headlines for your sites? We include a set of headlines that can be used as-is, or changed to adapt to your message.
I have put together a FREE graphics package that you can use to create high-end website graphics.
You can create graphics yourself by using Adobe's Photoshop, Fireworks, Windows Paint (a low-end tool), Techsmith's Snagit (amazing for simple graphic jobs), Google's Picasa (great image search, too), or other graphic-manipulation software.
If you want to include graphics such as photos, clip art or animations in your website content, you need to create the graphics yourself, buy them or use free graphics.
This is volume 3 of our series of psd T-shirt mockup with a plain simple tee-shirt mockup template.
Those psd 3D web showcase desktop background designs are part of a new series.
This is a new volume of 3D psd web showcase desktop background with two new designs and devices.
This is an elegant psd paper bag mockup to showcase your merchandising brand identity designs.
Join now and follow us to receive exclusive freebies and get to know our premium plans and services from $6 a month.
And volume 11 of media icon set with 30 new icons to complement your collection and help you in your projects.
This is volume 4 of our basic psd stationery object mockups series.
Thank you so much for continuing to visit, a lot of time and effort went into the graphics on this site and I am still proud to offer them to all of you at no cost.
Please come in and browse my different galleries! All graphics within these pages are original, created by myself and are Free for use in both personal and commercial Web Pages.
I cannot remember half the fonts used in the themes (I should of wrote them down!) and I have gone through several system reformats and changes since creating them, so I don’t even have some of them on my system anymore.
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: Due to a serious lack of free time, I am currently no longer adding to this site.
While I cannot answer email as I would like, I do still read and appreciate your comments.
The free graphics from Brobst Systems are created for personal or commercial use.
(Not required, but it would be a nice return.) Please read the disclaimer before using the free graphics.
To use them, please upload them to your server and give credit to Brobst Systems at your site.
“As aesthetically orientated humans, we’re psychologically hardwired to trust beautiful people, and the same goes for websites.
Copyright © 1996-2009 Ender Design Inc.
Animated GIFs Email, Earth, Garfield, Misc, People, Text, Zoos Backgrounds Animated, Beige Cream, Black, Blue, Brown, Golden, Green, Grey, Maroon, Metallic, Multi Color, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow, Misc, Holiday, more…   Borders Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, Gray, Green, Misc, Orange, Pink,  Purple, Red, Silver, Yellow, White Bullets Round, Triangle, Square, Pentagon, Hexagon, Star, Twirl, Spoke, Misc   Buttons Miscellaneous Sets Colored Sets of Graphics   Images Bears, Cats, CD-ROM, Earth, Email, Food, Misc, Sign, Smurf, Sport, Text, Trophy, Yellow Faces, New, Maps, Zoos Lines Animated, Misc, Slim, Thin, Holidays, Special Occasions   Holidays Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, Halloween, Mother’s Day, New Year, St. A large community contributed free templates site.
Dreamstime has a free photos section where you can download high quality stock images for free.
TemplateYes Around 100 free html templates in a range of subjects.
Wix A Flash based web site creator with a free version available. Create a free web site for your restaurant.
MorgueFile Free photos in a wide range of subjects.
LogoInstant Download and/or receive free web 2.0 logos in your inbox every day. Free web templates and wordpress themes.
Free templates, graphics, web design articles and more.
IconFinder a search engine to help you find free icons.
Sauropol Create blogs, text pages, image galleries, news lists, document folders, bulletin boards and more.
Here you will find all kinds of free graphics, free icons, gif’s, jpg banners, JavaScript’s, and a Christian section.
Speaking of web sites, I made the default size 48 X 48 pixels for just png’s, however, if you use them in a web page you can change the size that is displayed, say width = "20", height = "20" in the code as I made the file size as small as I could.
This site is not for professionals, just people looking for some cool icons for the desktop or their web site.
Qvectors has a little bit more than 500 vectors which is less than some the other free vector websites on this list, but they select the good quality ones.
When it comes to vector searching, Google image search is probably the #1 choice for most, but is it always the best? From my experience, a lot of great free vector resource websites give their graphics wrong titles or no descriptions at all which make it almost impossible to find them through search engines.
Web Design Hot is not the best looking vector website on the list, however they collect some of the best free vectors from everywhere else.
One of the older vector websites on the list with 7 years of existence during which they have repeatedly voted as Top 10 free vector resource by various graphic design sites.
Free vectors daily is a place to find high-quality free vector sets for free download daily.
Vecteezy is a community of vector art that provides a place for vector artists to create and exchange a variety of free vector graphics.
Huge selection of free vector art with over than 5,000 graphics.
Huge selection of free vector art with nearly 4,000 graphics.
Huge selection of free vector art with over than 1,000 graphics.
That’s why it’s good to have a list of Best Free Vector Resources Websites.
Huge selection of free vector art with over than 1,300 graphics.
Great Vectors is one of my favorite vector websites – not only they list high quality vectors, but they also create a lot of great vectors themselves.
Just look for your free images in a library of stock photos, where the photographer has already given away most, or all of their rights.
This fabulous site has a library of almost 400,000 images covering every topic, and is probably the best place to start your search for free images.
It’s the perfect site to find graphics for your website, then, but beware – Stockvault’s images are free for personal, non-commercial use only.
This interesting site includes over 4,000 stock photos, neatly organised in categories from Abstract and Animals to Places and Transportation.
There are just a few images here – searching for "cat", say, returns only 13 photos – and only the relatively low resolution (around 640 x 480) versions are free.
The Free Photos Bank site provides a typical range of free photos – people, animals, landscapes and so on.
Not everyone allows their photos to be used commercially, though, so visit the Advanced Search Page, then check "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content" and any other licence-related options you need before you begin.
Image*After didn’t impress us with its conventional photos, but the more abstract efforts – everything from electronic components to brick walls and artistic blurs – are much more compelling, especially if you’re looking for an unusual background image.
The Freerange site search has an annoying habit of returning photos that have nothing to do with your keywords.
They’re better at abstract shots, though, backgrounds and digital artwork, so this is a good place to start looking for those more unusual images.
You can filter by categories, keywords, size, rating, even colour, so it’s easy to bypass irrelevant shots and zoom in on the photos you need.
Stockvault has a small but very high quality collection of stock photos, as well as logo templates, clip arts, textures and backgrounds.
But keep trying, and whether you’re looking for animals or objects, people, places or arty, near abstract shots, you’ll find a suitable high resolution shot here.
WebQuests and Web 2.0? This webinar conducted by the Discovery Education Network features a discussion about how blogs and wikis fit into the WebQuest model.
QuestGarden received the MERLOT Teacher Education Classics Award at the organization’s international conference in New Orleans.
These are greate places to look for images, music and sounds for your WebQuests, Powerpoint presentations and video productions.

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