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If your Frenchie is wearing a 14BC Fido Fleece coat, he/she will most likely need an Extra Large harness. Cost is only $22, postage paid.
 FBRN is proud to offer Puppia soft harnesses! Check out the rainbow of colors available! We have two sizes: Large and Extra Large.
Greer (the cream girl) is a size Extra Large and Hudson (the brindle boy) is a size Large.
How many dogs have you seen straining and choking and gagging against their collars while out with their owners on leash? They clearly are having trouble breathing, but it’s not stopping them from pulling, is it? If you teach the pup not to pull on the leash from the very beginning, it won’t matter whether you choose to use a harness or a collar on him later on.
A 90 degree turn is like an "L." Go 2-4 steps, and then say, "heel," again as you make a 90 degree turn to your right, using the treat if necessary to help him stay next to you, as he may try to keep moving straight.
During housebreaking, you should always take him out to potty on a leash, so you can immediately praise him for pottying outdoors, and also so you can ensure that he keeps his mind on doing his business and not playing or sniffing or digging or whatever else he might get distracted by out there.
If you’re wanting to teach him to walk on your left, hold the treat in your left hand.
Let the leash go behind your legs and hold it in your right hand (or your left hand if you’re walking him on your right) so that if he gets more than a foot in front of your leg, he’ll check himself.
If you want to teach him to walk on your right, hold the treat in your right hand.
Gently use the leash (don’t say anything to him or touch him with your hands – you want pulling on leash to equal some level of discomfort) to guide him back into position by your left leg and then try again.
@anonymous: Aren’t Frenchies wonderful? I’m madly in with mine! As far as Dexter’s diet – if you’ve been feeding him the same stuff for quite a while and all of a sudden he’s not tolerating it well – I’d first visit the veterinarian to make sure nothing else is going on.
Dexter is our first Frenchie, very spunky and king like to other dogs except females and his first bestfriend ever Gus the ABP and of course other Frenchies.
According to the American Kennel Club "The French Bulldog has the appearance of an active, intelligent, muscular dog of heavy bone, smooth coat, compactly built, and of medium or small structure.
When people see French Bulldogs out and about we often hear "Oooh! I love French Bulldogs!" – but they never have one! Here are a few links to help you find fellow Frenchie fans.
This Cooling Jacket is designed for active dogs and can be "refreshed" by rinsing in water.
Bringing water from home is always a good idea – either on the road or even at the local dog park, You don’t know what other dogs have used a community water dish, what they’ve been digging in, eating, or exposed to.
The Water Rover portable water bottle for dogs has a bowl large enough for a Frenchies’ head to fit.
@laurenaticenow: A cooling jacket for Frenchies is always a good idea – as you said, most can’t take the summer heat.
The ComfortFlex Sport harness is our go-to harness for Frenchies (and other powerful, broad-chested small dogs).
Overheating is a danger for all short-faced dogs, but they need to be "out and about." The Cooling Vest is one way to keep your dog active in warm weather.
Cooling Vest by Hurtta will help keep your Frenchie comfortable, even when active, on a warm day.
"I will Love Her, and Protect Her, 'cause she's my Sister", Protective French Bulldog.
Keep up to date with all the latest news, trends and amazing places to visit with your pet.
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We stock a great selection of Dog Harnesses for French Bulldogs.
The Dog Harnesses below work well for the typically sized French Bulldog.
Puppy play pen – A playpen is a good idea when you want your puppy to be confined to a certain area of the house or yard to keep him/her out of trouble or out of danger; yet you want them to be able to have a bigger space to move around in than his or her kennel.
Treats – You can purchase commercially prepared puppy treats from any number of outlets (we like “Jerky Treats” from Costco, “Greenies”, and “Natures Recipe” Training Treats from Modern Puppies), but your puppy will also love small pieces of cheese, hot dog, chicken, or beef just as well as any purchased treats.
There is a tremendous variety of dog toys available on the market and we try to have a good mix for our dogs’/puppies’ enjoyment – such toys as balls (some of our dogs really love to fetch), bones, empty plastic shampoo or water bottles, stuffed animals, rope braids, squeeky toys (a big hit), etc.
Doggie gate (same concept as a baby gate) – There may initially be areas in your house that you may not want your puppy having free access to roam until completely potty trained.
Kennel – This is a must in order to properly potty train your pup and when you need to keep him/her in a confined area for brief periods of time.
We, and our Frenchies, love the Nylabones – they are made of very durable nylon that will last forever, and our dogs love to chew on them, which is very good for their teeth and gums.
If you have a small room in your house (such as a laundry room) that is puppy proof, you may not need one; however, puppy pens are very practical for many who want to control their precious Frenchie puppy, while at the same time give it some freedom.
During the teething period, Gummabone toys are best, as those needle-like teeth will shred soft stuffies and the puppy might swallow the squeaker or chunks of stuffing or fabric.
Few things are as exciting as getting a new Frenchie puppy! But in the heat of the moment, don’t forget to take some advance precautions to insure that the new member of your family will be healthy, safe, and happy.
Get a size that will accommodate the pup’s needs after it grows up, as many dogs become fond of their “baby bowls.” Some Frenchies love to pick up their bowls and dump the contents out, even chewing the rims on occasion.
The vet should listen to the pup’s heart and lungs, feel its abdomen to check for hernias or tenderness, look in the ears and eyes to make sure that they are clean and free of injury or disease, look in the mouth, and examine the coat and skin.
A stool sample should be checked to make sure that the puppy is free of parasites; this is especially important if you have other dogs who could become infected.
Rawhide, pig’s ears, and cow hooves are NOT safe! The rawhide and ears become soft and can clog the pup’s airway, while hooves can splinter and puncture the cheek or palate.
Whether you use one of the types of trimmers or a Dremel tool, early handling of the feet and gentle but frequent trimming will get your puppy used to this essential procedure early on.
Why not suggest that if any Frenchie must be anesthetized for any reason, like C-sections, minor surgery, spaying or neutering, the vet should examine the palate and the larynx at the same time? In this way, you may detect an unsuspected problem in time to prevent a serious laryngeal collapse, and also help accumulate data about the real frequency of airway problems in our breed.
When stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, or both cause chronic airway obstruction, the increased effort to pull air into the compromised airway exerts an ongoing stress on the walls of the larynx, in effect sucking them inward.
If stenotic nares and/or elongated soft palate have lead to partial collapse of the larynx, then correction of the palate, nares and saccules may prevent further laryngeal or tracheal collapse, and although some surgical procedures may help with certain cases, these are very complex, not always successful, and usually done only as a last resort.
Currently I think here’s the plan (as per BullyLady’s comment): standard collar for training when need be, buddy belt when he’s shown he’s a little better behaved.
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And I’m sure they’re also wondering, “Why on Earth would you walk in a straight line when there is so many awesome smells all around you?” You see dogs feel a need to meander from side to side as the difference scents of the world pull at their nose.
There are a number of different things you can try when trying to teach loose leash walking, and it may take some trial and error to figure out what teaching method works best for both you and your dog.
Using a Training Collar/Harness: Sometimes a using a different tool can help you work on leash walking.
Changing Direction: As soon as your dog moves ahead of you and you begin to feel the leash tightening, turn 180 degrees and go in the opposite direction, calling and pulling the dog as you do so.
Stopping: As soon as the dog pulls forward and there’s tension on the leash, just stop, wait for the dog to relax resulting in some slack in the leash, then move forward again.
Unless you’re showing your dog or doing competitive obedience, it doesn’t matter if he’s behind you, in front of you, or to the side of you, as long as the leash is relaxed.
Check out some amazing doggie surfers and the awesome dog owners and families who particapated in the 5th Annual Surf Dog Surf a Thon at Dog Beach in Del Mar Sept.
Donut the French Bulldog dukes it out with a brother/sister combo of American Bulldogs in an epic battle of tug of war.
Chuck Norris, English Bulldog, doing the Army Crawl trick.
brindle french bulldog pictures taken during imprompt nyc dog photographer snapshot session at manhattan new york city dog run park.
brindle french bulldog captured as nyc dog walking owner enjoys winter weather.
brindle french bulldog captured alongside double coat pug dog in several pictures.
This Puppia dog harness is excellent very comfy and soft for my dog.Go for the larger size for a cavalier King Charles Spaniel as the medium size is quite small.I chose a large size.An excellent product I highly recommend this product as this is the second one I have purchased as they are so good and easily wash in a washing machine.
Love this products, we bought Large size for both pups, one pup is 18 months and the fit is good, our other pup is 10 months and the same size fits him, due to the cone shape around the collar it fits where it touches, with an adjustable strap around the girth/chest.
This has been a daily routine for months, but in the past week Jack has decided that he doesn’t like the idea of me leaving without him and has been exhibiting anxiety and tantrums.
He normally doesn’t pull this much on a leash, this was unexpected, and Jeff couldn’t let go of the leash otherwise he would have run into oncoming -Chinese- traffic, that stops for no one, dogs being no exception.
He normally wears a harness but pulled so hard on it that it broke, and has been doing much better in training with a traditional leash set up.
This time, Jeff decided to video the event so that he could show me Jack’s after I leave.
American Bulldog harness, American Bulldog muzzle, American Bulldog collar,dog leash.
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Bulldoss shop clothes French Bulldog harness goods Description: In the heart of French Bulldog, Shibuya shop clothes and merchandise, shop operated according to the body type is easy to move (Tokyo).
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The Ruff Wear Web Master dog harness was designed with fleece lining and plenty of padding to keep your dog comfortable during extended wear.
If you happen to have a Houdini dog that always seems to weasel his way from the collar, try using the Ruff Wear Web Master Dog Harness.
The X-Small Ruff Wear Web Master Harness is made for dogs with a girth measuring 17" to 24".
Give your dog a comfortable harness with the Ruff Wear Web Master harness.
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The origin of the modern French Bulldog breed descends directly from the dogs of the Molossians, an ancient Greek tribe.

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