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Comment: The [t] was silent in the pronunciation of the word "often" until circa 19th century English when more people became able to write and spell.
Comment: Some of the same people who do not like two [r]s in their words can’t help repeating the one in this word.
Comment: This word has not moved far enough away from French to assume an English pronunciation, [mawv], and should still be pronounced [mowv].
Comment: We have been told that masons are most likely to insert a spare vowel into this word describing their occupation but we know others do, too.
Comment: Despite the spelling similarity, this word does not rhyme with despite; it is pronounced [‘re-spit].
Comment: Misanalysis is a common type of speech error based on the misperception of where to draw the line between components of a word of phrase.
Comment: The good news is, if you say "excape," you’ve mastered the prefix ex- because its meaning does fit this word.
Comment: Just think of an arc of ants (an ant arc) and that should help you keep the [c] in the pronunciation of this word.
Comment: Haplology is the dropping of one of two identical syllables such as the [ob] and [ab] in this word, usually the result of fast speech.
Comment: There is no greater cacophony [kæ’kafêni] to the ears than to hear the vowels switched in the pronunciation of this word.
Comment: The [i] in this word is so long there is time for another vowel but don’t succumb to the temptation.
Comment: In some areas the vowel in this word has slid a bit too far back in the mouth.
Comment: The phrase "so as" has been reduced to a single word "sose" even when it is not called for.
Comment: As mentioned before, English speakers dislike two [r]s in the same word.
Comment: The analogy with "width" misleads many of us in the pronunciation of this word.
Comment: While I can’t express my for espresso enough, this word was borrowed from Italian well after the Latin prefix ex- had developed into es-.
Comment: The ”ph” in this word is pronounced [f], not [p].
Comment: Here is another word that loses its [i] in speech.
Comment: It would be mischievous of me not to point out the frequent misplacement of the accent on this word.
Comment: I doubt we will get "snuck" out of the language any time soon but here is a reminder that it really isn’t a word.
Comment: We don’t like two syllables in succession with an [r] so some of us dump the first one in this word.
Comment: This word is derived from "supremacy," not "supreme." A supremist would be someone who considers himself supreme.
Comment: Many speakers in the U.S. add a spurious [u] to this word, too.
Comment: Pronouncing this word as "perculate" is quite peculiar.
Comment: Here is another word that seems to invite metathesis.
Comment: You aren’t being canny to drop the [d] in this word.
Comment: Here is another word frequently syncopated.
Comment: In the Northeastern US the sound [hw], spelled "wh," is vanishing and these two words are pronounced the same.
Comment: Even in dialects where [r] does not always trade places with the preceding vowel (as the Texan pronunciations "differnce," "vetern," etc.), the [r] in this prefix often gets switched.
Comment: Just as "misspelling" is among the most commonly misspelled words, "pronunciation" is among the most commonly mispronounced words.
Comment: Playing a crown (coronet) will make you about as popular as wearing a trumpet (cornet) on your head; reason enough to keep these two words straight.
Comment: Syncopation of an unaccented vowel is fairly common in rapid speech but in careful speech it should be avoided.
Comment: Southern Americans are particularly liable to confuse these two distinct words but the confusion occurs elsewhere.
Comment: As verbs, both words have similar meanings with "flounder" meaning to make a lot of errors or to have trouble moving; however, to "founder" is to totally fail.

Use it to describe your irritated, elderly neighbor and you’ll get what I mean.
Swedish word for "speed trap".
What does umpteenth even mean? Why do parents always use it? See also Numbers.
The only word that includes the letters XYZ in order.

Wow, great lens about so many unique words! LoL… Very informative as well.
Jackanapes is pretty funny! I hadn’t seen some of these before – great lens :).
Fun lens, but I need someone to pronounce these words for me….I have no idea how to say some of them.
This is a typical lens for me to mark and come back to…. I can never remember all these words.
If you needed a good laugh today, here are 101 words that are funny to say.

This glossary contains three types of fun words: words that are unusually specific and therefore perfect for certain situations, like specious (seeming good or sound at first but lacking real merit) and apolaustic (wholly devoted to the seeking of enjoyment); words that are simply fun to say, like absquatulate (flee, make off; abscond) and quidnunc (a busybody or a gossip); and, my favorite, words for things you never knew there were words for, like omphalopsychite (one who contemplates his navel) and nothosonomia (the act of calling someone a bastard).

This is a list of word’s Dave has collected from around the web.
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If you still insist on not seeing frames, go here.

Bumfuzzle may have begun as dumfound, which was then altered first into dumfoozle and then into bumfoozle.
Dumfound (or dumbfound) remains a common word today, but bumfuzzle unfortunately is extremely rare.

Shufti – Pronounced shooftee, this means to take a look at something, to take a butchers! It’s an old Arabic word, picked up by British soldiers during World War II, in North Africa.
Cheeky means you are flippant, have too much lip or are a bit of a smart arse! Generally you are considered to be a bit cheeky if you have an answer for everything and always have the last word.
You would refer to food as nosh or you might be going out for a good nosh up, or meal! Either way if someone has just cooked you some nosh you might want to call it something else as it is not the nicest word to describe it.
Blow off – Who blew off? Means who farted? Constant source of amusement to us Brits when you guys talk about blowing people off.
Stonking – This weird word means huge.
The reason "butchers" means a look even though it doesn’t rhyme is because it is short for "butchers hook" and "hook" of course, does rhyme.
Shitfaced – If you hear someone saying that they got totally shitfaced it means they were out on the town and got steaming drunk.
Jolly – You hear people use this in all sorts of ways, but basically it means very.
Potty – This isn’t just the thing you sit a toddler on – if you are potty it means you are a little crazy, a bit of a looney, one card short of a full deck.
Technically speaking it means testicles but is typically used to describe something that is no good (that’s bollocks) or that someone is talking rubbish (he’s talking bollocks).
Momentarily to us means that something will only happen for an instant – a very short space of time.
Best of British – If someone says "The best of British to you" when you are visiting the UK, it simply means good luck.
"Sod off" is like saying "piss off" or "get lost" & "sod you" means something like "f*** off".
It actually means someone who masturbates and also has a hand signal that can be done with one hand at people that cannot see you shouting "wanker" at them.
Luckily bender doesn’t only mean a gay man, it also means a pub crawl or a heavy drinking session.
Piss poor – If something is described as being "piss poor" it means it is an extremely poor attempt at something.
Blinding – If something is a blinding success – it does not mean that any eyes were poked out with sharp sticks – it means it was awesome.
A fit bird means a girl who is pretty good looking or tasty! A fit bloke would be the male equivalent.
You will see a strange smile on the face of a Brit every time "Roger the Rabbit" is mentioned!! To roger means to have your wicked way with a lady.
Horses for courses – This is a common saying that means each to his own.
Unfortunately in American "excuse me" means you are encroaching in someone’s personal space and you say "pardon me" when you don’t hear someone properly.
Not my cup of tea – This is a common saying that means something is not to your liking.
Tidy – Apart from the obvious meaning of neat, tidy also means that a woman is a looker, attractive or sexy.
Dishy – If someone is a bit of a dish or a bit dishy it means they are attractive or good looking.
Porridge – Doing porridge means to serve time in prison.
If you fancy a cake for example it means you like the look of it and you want to eat it.
Full monty – Since the movie has come out of the same name I have heard some odd Texan descriptions of what the full monty means.
Nark – If someone is in a nark, it means they are in a bad mood, or being grumpy.
Arse about face – This means you are doing something back to front.
On the piss – If you are out on the piss, it means you are out to get drunk, or to get pissed.
It just means the whole thing or going the whole way.
Checking out the talent means looking for the sexy young girls (or boys I suppose).
Gallivanting – The dictionary says "to gad about", which probably doesn’t help much! It means fooling around or horseplay.
These are basically rhyming words like "butchers hook" which means "look".
Pass – This means I don’t know and comes from the old TV show, Mastermind, where contestants were made to say "pass" if they did not know the answer to the question.
Left, right and centre – If you have been looking left, right and centre, it means you have been searching all over.
Also means the same as fanny but is less acceptable in front of your grandmother, as this refers to parts of the female anatomy.

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(See menu list on the left, including Index of Words.)  After all, some words just aren’t that funny, like dolphin, education, honor, and computer.  What do you do?  Well, there are several ways to make fun of any word… hence, any word is funny.  (Of course discretion demands that some words like cancer, lynching and genocide not be used in jest.)  Let’s suppose the word you want to have some fun with is proxy.

And you can bet the executives of the world’s biggest global water corporations, Suez and Veolia, won’t be uttering the word "remunicipalization" at their shareholders’ meetings this week and next.
Instead, they’ll be scrambling to explain why cities like Jakarta are taking steps towards canceling their private water contracts to put water back into the hands of the people.
With influential political leaders like Deputy Mayor Ann Le Strat championing public water, the city instated a new, public system two years later.
Now, across Paris, more low-income households have access to water and significant operational cost savings have lowered water rates by 8 percent.

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Last night I read about someone who claimed to have taken "horse tranqs." I began saying the phrase "horse tranqs" aloud every so often and cracking up.
I was thinking today how funny the word "witty" sounds on it’s own.
Sometimes I’ll pick up on an acoustic quirk of a certain word and end up repeating it to myself fifteen or twenty times, at which point it loses all meaning and makes me giggle.
It’s not — it’s words that *sound* dirty, like "mukluk." Mukluk.

Source: ShutterStockRed WingsThis slang phrase refers to when a dude gives a girl oral sex when she has her period.
But you might not have heard of all of the crazy nicknames for oral sex yet and that’s where I come in: I’m here to fill you in on some of the funniest, weirdest and most ridiculous slang words for oral sex, cunnilingus in particular.
Source: ShutterStockChickenhead Okay, this doesn’t refer to cunnilingus – it refers to giving a guy oral sex.
Source: ShutterStockKneel At The AltarUmmm… how did this nickname happen? Is a vagina equivalent to an altar? Are they worshipping it? Okay, I can handle that.
There are tons of slang words for oral sex out there and I’m sure you’ve heard of the most popular ones (69, blowjob, give head, stuff like that).
Source: ShutterStockDigging For ClamsHonestly, I hate when people call a vagina a clam.

Hah, I go to school in Portugal, and I’m used to European Portuguese, and we have a Brazilian in the class and he speaks very different, for example: In portugal to say ‘Shut Up’, you say Cala-te but in Brazil you say te cala and the te is like ‘chi’ so he trys to speak European Portuguese and says ‘Calachi’.
Yeah, I learnt Portuguese at uni and we had a Brazilian lecturer who warned us about that one, theres a few like that where words in Portugal mean something very different to words in Brazil.
It can be "dangerous" to try to speak in Brazil Portuguese learned in Portugal and vice versa! The differences can be huge.

It is kicking my butt every single day (and I’ve always considered myself good at languages.) After two and half months in Germany I still feel like I am speaking like a beginner (or Kinder Deutsch as I say to people here.) This is partly due to German being very hard and partly due to most Germans being able to speak English (especially in a big city like Hamburg.) But, I refuse to give up! One of the ways I’m keeping German fun (because believe me, you need to keep German learning fun) is to learn slang, fun expressions and great sounding words.

Back then, I couldn’t wait to have all the advantages of adulthood but still continue to play video games, collect action figures and read fantasy novels like that cool dude Jason that rented a room in my mom’s house.
I find it’s better to let her pick the video because I know that when it’s my turn to find a two minute internet clip I will be judged based on my selection.
I have an idea for a libertarian super hero named, “The Invisible Hand.” His parents were killed by union organizers.

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Note that what people have been writing as "how-siz" is [ˈhɑ̟̆ŏ̯sɨːz̥]~[ˈhɑ̟̆ŏ̯sɨːs] and what people have been writing as "how-ziz" is [ˈhɑɔ̯zɨːz̥]~[ˈhɑɔ̯zɨːs] above.
<<Brits generally say "how-ziz" whereas the Americans are more sibilant with "how-sis", which I suppose is more logical.
Brits generally say "how-ziz" whereas the Americans are more sibilant with "how-sis", which I suppose is more logical.
<<Brits generally say "how-ziz" whereas the Americans are more sibilant with "how-sis", which I suppose is more logical.
<<Brits generally say "how-ziz" whereas the Americans are more sibilant with "how-sis", which I suppose is more logical.
how-sis? What American says that? Must be a weird regional thing; I’ve never heard any American say anything but "how-ziz" for houses.
The word "house"…..on an American TV program the other evening I heard the plural word "houses" being used.

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OK, I know this is juvenile, but I think this word is awesome.  That mannschaft is very strong.  It is my favorite mannschaft.  See?  That never gets old.  Best of all, it also has the meaning ‘crew’ in the nautical sense, which means there’s a chance it might be possible to translate the pun in my favorite joke about submarines—you know, the one whose punchline is "long and hard and full of seamen".

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