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With its multiplayer options the game series is one of the best like Fallout to play with friends.
One of the best aspects of the STALKER game series is watching the game world evolve and change throughout the different games as new areas become accessible and old areas are consumed by radiation.
Just like the Fallout games players have a strong impact on the ending and the role they take in the game world.
The games like Fallout on this page are some of my favourites and are available on multiple game platforms (PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3).
The Fallout game series is well known for its post-apocalyptic setting, large open worlds, deep story and RPG elements.
The Mass Effect game series features a deep story, AI-controlled squad members, side-missions, mini games and even offers multiple dialogue and story paths to explore.
The world of Skyrim is truly epic, the game is packed full of NPCs, side quests and of dragons! Experience one of the best role playing games of the decade now.
Skyrim offers players a massive open world, a large amount of skills to level up, different game paths (mage, ranged and melee fighting), countless NPCs and an in depth world for players to explore.
Rage is an FPS game set in a post-apocalyptic world similar to that of Fallout and Borderlands.
While Fallout fans might think this game is a bit of a stretch from the Fallout series the game is without a doubt one of the best RPG adventures currently available and you will not be disappointed.
Bioshock is a great game like Fallout with its strong gameplay, horror style atmosphere and customisation options.
With Fallout 3 and New Vegas the game series also added FPS into its gameplay.
If you are looking for a game like Fallout that captures a similar level of atmosphere or game setting then Metro 2033 is a great option.
The most recent edition to the STALKER series ties all the loose game ends together and will have you constantly thinking back to events in the previous games (a game feature i loved).
Great game for those that like Battlefield or Call of Duty type games but is definitly not an open world environment.
Borderlands is a western space style first-person shooter with some RPG elements thrown in that make it a great game like Fallout.
Skyrim is the latest addition to series and is another game like Fallout.
The first game in the STALKER series of video games will have you hooked.
Mass Effect has a large focus on storyline elements so starting from the original game is always a good choice to ensure you get the most out of this game series.
The Bioshock game series contains plenty of role-playing elements in addition to its strong FPS style gameplay and is highly popular selling more than 10 million copies worldwide.
The game features Borderlands style gameplay and thus will appeal to gamers who enjoyed both Fallout and Borderlands.
It doesn’t offer the same FPS experience as Fallout but the detailed game world is unmatched.
Metro 2033 is a survival first-person shooter game like Fallout which also contains some horror elements.
Bioshock is a survival horror FPS game series which is available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
good game but fallout series still on top of my list.
The STALKER series offers a number of non-linear game features including side missions, random events and the ability to choose alliances.
The Mass Effect game series has had major critical success with critics citing its storyline, characters, voice acting, game choices and depth of gameplay as the reasons for its success.
The original game offers 8 different endings for players to experience meaning there is also good replay value available.

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22:26 Почему я не люблю Fallout 3.
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List of first-person shooter RPG games like Fallout 3.

The combat system for Wasteland 2 is going to resemble the combat for Fallout 2 or X-COM.
The only game I’ve found is the MMO Fallen Earth, but the horrible combat left a sour taste in my mouth.
What’s OGSE? Also, have you tried the new Misery 2.0 mod for Call of Pripyat? I’ve been interested, but it sounds like an imbalanced buggy mess.
I want a harsh survival world instead of a shooter.
I want a harsh survival world instead of a shooter.
However, you might not like it though if you want FPS combat like in Fallout 3.
STALKER is a little more hardcore than Fallout 3 and New Vegas, but it gets the atmosphere down incredibly well.
PC hardware doesn’t need to match console hardware in price when PC gamers save literal thousands from the they buy.
Survivor of countless moderations, 3 suspensions and 2 purgatories.
Is there? I really enjoy the post apocalyptic setting, and complete freedom to explore.
MSO for CoP but honestly OGSE is the harshest survivalist world i’ve ever experienced in a SP game.
Survivor of countless moderations, 3 suspensions and 2 purgatories.

The choices you make in these games dont make that big of a difference and often then not being Evil isnt as rewarding as it is being Good because most things you do are more often then not tied into doing Good things with a minority of things being tied into Evil.
The choices you make in these games dont make that big of a difference and often then not being Evil isnt as rewarding as it is being Good because most things you do are more often then not tied into doing Good things with a minority of things being tied into Evil.
The choices you make in these games dont make that big of a difference and often then not being Evil isnt as rewarding as it is being Good because most things you do are more often then not tied into doing Good things with a minority of things being tied into Evil.

The game is a mixture of FPS and role playing features making it akin to the later games in the Fallout series.
The games in the Fallout series are known for their humour, storyline, epic game worlds and role playing aspects.
Skyrim is the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls franchise and continues building on the success of the previous games with a large open world, sharp gameplay and plenty of customisation.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky is the second game in the series of survival horror shooter games under the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. name.
It is easy to get lost in the Fallout games for hours on end chasing side quests, exploring the game world and simply taking in the scenery.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat is the third game in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series of survival horror games.
Mass Effect is a role playing game that takes place across an entire galaxy and offers plenty of choice for players as to how they want to approach the game.
BioShock Infinite is a FPS game released in March 2013 for multiple platforms by 2K Games.
Dead Island: Riptide is the second game in the Dead Island series and continues on from your previous adventure but takes place on a whole new island.
Deus Ex is an older game with a cyberpunk theme which blends action, role playing, stealth and first person shooting.
It is the third game in the critically acclaimed BioShock series which has been praised for its strong gameplay, horror aspects and immersive storytelling.
The game is available for PC and was released in 2007, it is the first game in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series.
Fallen Earth is set in a post-apocalyptic game world and offers it to players with a free to play MMO experience.
Planet Calypso offers a unique MMO experience that has its game currency closely tied with real money allowing players to potentially profit from their activities in the virtual world.

Mass effect plays exactly like Star Wars Kotor and dragon age, only it doesnt have light sabers or swords, also obviously, as bioware created them all.
Stalker is an open world shooter, like Rage, i played it, and finished them, same for all 3 mass effects.
It is a shooter, but in many ways it's fairly similar to FO3, especially since first person is the assumed default of Fallout 3 and New Vegas.
Fallout 3 is an action role-playing open world video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R is more RPG than Mass effect…. infact ME is not RPG its a generic shooter with some minor rpg elements.
Ugh, Mass effect is the only rpg on the list, the rest are shooters, so they play different.
It's a linear shooter pretending to be open-world, with a driving minigame tacked onto it and then used to make the in-between bits take longer as opposed to just loading the next goddamn level when I'm done.
Well, the first Mass Effect was more RPG than shooter.
The game was released in North America, Europe and Australia in October 2008, and in Japan in December 2008 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
The Fallout series is fairly unique, in a way its a shame their no first party alternatives from MS or Sony to give Bugthedsa a run for their money.

Anyway, except for Fallout 3 and Skyrim, etc., what games have a nice open world style of RPG? My favorite things in Fallout and Skyrim style games is leaving the main storyline behind and following side quests or exploring dungeons.
I’d also recommend the Mass Effect series, only because I like SKyrim and Fallout, and for me those games and Mass effect fall into the same spectrum of: "epic RPG" as it were.
They are open world but with a guiding hand (not as truly open as Fall out and Skyrim) and are third person rather than first person but both are fun games and similar in play to each other.

Fallout 3 is the closest to just being a standard open world RPG, Mass Effect is a Shooter heavily mixed with a traditional RPG, Borderlands is an FPS mixed with an Action RPG.
I would say that Fallout 3 and Mass Effect are Action RPGs, while Borderlands is a First Person Shooter RPG.
Fallout is a RPG with shooter elements, Mass Effect is a shooter with strong RPG elements, and Borderlands is a shooter with strong RPG elements.
Fallout 3 and Borderlands are RPG shooters, where as Mass Effect became an action RPG in its second installment.
My point still stands though! If people dont stop calling games RPG’s because of leveling and stats the term will no longer mean anything and it’ll be harder to differentiate between games that focus on freedom of choice (Mass Effect, TES) and games that focus on their mechanics.
Mass Effect and Fallout 3 are RPGs with shooter elements.
When people say RPG they usually mean a game in which stats play a large role especially in progression, hence why pretty much any thing with stats is said to include "RPG elements" (like Borderlands).
When people say RPG they usually mean a game in which stats play a large role especially in progression, hence why pretty much any thing with stats is said to include "RPG elements" (like Borderlands).
For example, Final fantasy games have the core gameplay mechanics that define a traditional JRPG, but outside of the moderate level of choice you have in the combat system, your choices do not come into play or define your character’s progression at all.

Is the new wolfenstein the new order anything like these? how about the evil within? I like zombies, post apocalyptic, end of the world, war type games, not as much scifi (skyrim was ok tho).
Is the new wolfenstein the new order anything like these? how about the evil within? I like zombies, post apocalyptic, end of the world, war type games, not as much scifi (skyrim was ok tho).
You should check out Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, its $15 on the market place, a super great game, better than Skyrim.
You should check out Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, its $15 on the market place, a super great game, better than Skyrim.
It plays pretty differently from the new Fallout games but it still has a setting that sounds up your alley and the DLC in each game is fantastic.
Well along the lines of Skyrim I reccommend the other Elder Scrolls games like Morrowind & Oblivion.
Have you tried the Far Cry series? they don’t fit the setting you like but they are FPS free roam and since you enjoy those elements of Fallout 3 I think you might like it.
Also you should play the first two Fallout games,they are generally better than F3,especially Fallout 2 wich is probably the best in the series.
Oblivion and Fallout 3 are my top games.
Oblivion and Fallout 3 are my top games.
I like the whole post apocalyptic theme (I know skyrim wasn’t one tho).
It’s a great post-apocalyptic shooter with decent RPG elements, and an environment and atmosphere that put Fallout 3 to shame.
I like the whole post apocalyptic theme (I know skyrim wasn’t one tho).

A lot of my time would be spent walking from place to place; Rhodes’ default jogging pace seemed odd considering it was hot, so I’d just stroll, adding hours of boredom onto my game time because it felt like what my character/I would do.
Everybody has their fighting style, from the melee freaks who barrel in with a Shishkebab to the cowardly snipers with their Lincoln Repeater, but more than that, Fallout 3 lets you live a lifestyle, fashioning your character’s daily grind and backstory to your mind’s content.
In keeping with my Fallout psychosis, I’d purposefully enter the character customiser every couple of in-game weeks to change Rhodes’ hair to long and shaggy, just so I could go and get it cut later on.
Fallout 3 became my life; tearful bangs on the door begging me to put down the controller and "come back" notwithstanding, I was completely lost in Bethesda’s fantasy world, staring at it starry-eyed like Gomer Pile looking at a gun.
After several gulps of whiskey, I set to work removing the Raider’s legs, arms and heads with my machete, neatly stacking their bodies like Delbert bloody Grady before lighting them on fire and dropping a toy car – which I decided would be my trademark – on the floor.
By the time the end credits rolled, I felt like I was stepping out of some sci-fi alternate reality machine, hair in a mess, joints stiff, unable to digest solids without a two-week reorientation course.
Remember how I’d grown accustomed to organising my loot into different cupboards? I couldn’t relax properly with all these dead, handless bodies strewn about the place, so I decided to tidy up.
The mill had a big central area where I decided to pile all the bodies and after about an hour – real-time – of dragging the Raiders in there, I had the place looking shipshape.
I’d killed all the Raiders, as per, but it was getting late – my strategy had been to attack at dawn and catch my targets while they were still asleep, but Evergreen Mills was a huge encampment of about forty Raiders, so it had taken me all day to clear it out.
If it looked like a hot day out (bearing in mind the weather never changes in Fallout 3) I’d wear a bandana to keep the sun off my needlessly shaved head.

At this moment, the genius of the design in Fallout 3 became clear as the light of day to me, for at this moment I could shape not only the future of this young man’s identity in the virtual world, but also my own future both in and out of the game, through an awareness of the complexities that underlie the surface of the human condition.
I have to admit that though I have been playing and designing games for nearly three decades and have seen nearly everything there is to see under the sun in this medium, playing the Fallout series -and Fallout 3 in particular – I have found myself in a state of emotional conflict so intense that I can’t remember any other game theme producing it.
Rather, it is precisely the dynamic way in which the virtual world adjusts to your decisions as players that makes the game so interesting and one important aspect to why I believe people keep coming back to it’s horrors.
Bethesda accomplished this in Fallout through an orchestration of many things including physical locations, textures and visual effects, but primarily through a painstakingly detailed and interconnected system of dialog choices through which players explore the content of conversations and interactions different characters in the world of Fallout.
In this scenario, the player could mimic a breed of player characters that the game calls raiders, who move around the world attacking the unaware and/or weak, doing all manner of atrocities to them (some of which I will let the kind reader explore on his/her own, for I do not mean to hurt sensibilities), taking what they want from them.

You might be interested in looking into; Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age Origins: Awakening (Expansion) the game was created by Bioware using a similar engine to that of Fallout 3.
as I said I’ve already played Oblivion, didn’t beat it but I didn’t like the world leveling with you and getting infected with a certain disease that is annoying as fuck.
It’s almost like the fantasy version of fallout, but less dynamic.. I still rate Oblivion and Fallout above it in terms of pure freedom to do anything and be anything, but i really enjoyed it, and highly recommend it.

People who say Fallout 3 is a reskinned version of Elder Scrolls Oblivion fail to realize that they just so happen to be made by the same developing company and use the same graphic engine.
The setting is much different; Fallout 3 has a bleak science and political fiction setting while Oblivion has a Roman-era/medieval fantasy setting.
And unlike in Oblivion, Fallout uses the V.A.T.S targeting system, which aids you in gun fights and unarmed and melee weapon CQCs.

To add to this discussion: Aside from the free-roam aspect… Any other hybrid FPS+RPG type games like Borderlands? That's the part I about it most (I'm a hardcore Borderlands junkie at this point).
To add to this discussion: Aside from the free-roam aspect… Any other hybrid FPS+RPG type games like Borderlands? That's the part I love about it most (I'm a hardcore Borderlands junkie at this point).

I am going to spend a fair bit of cash on this notebook so i would really like it to handle the new games coming out (mid level details is enough).

Your scientist father James (voiced by Liam Neeson) dutifully reminded you growing-up of the vault slogan—“You’re born in the vault, you die in the vault.” But he unexpectedly defies this credo during your 18th year when he flees above ground to the Capital Wasteland.
You’re listening to his radio address broadcasting through the front grill of a slow-roaming, airborne Enclave propaganda robot puttering around the radioactive wasteland of Washington D.C. At this bleak stage of human history, you’ve seen enough to realize that the word “peace” only makes sense now as a euphemism for death.
A company called Vault-Tec built a number of subterranean bomb shelters around the United States, promising in its advertising “a brighter future…underground.” In just such a vault on the edge of our nation’s capitol—Vault 101, to be precise—your story begins.

Pete Hines, vice president of public relations and marketing for Bethesda Softworks commented: "Games for Windows LIVE helps us expand the Fallout 3 universe and bring the full experience directly to gamers.
Other titles, both current and coming soon, that offer support for Games for Windows LIVE include Grand Theft Auto IV, Quantum of Solace, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, Red Faction: Guerrilla and Battlestations: Pacific.
Microsoft has confirmed that Fallout 3 will be the first title to offer DLC through the newly announced Games for Windows LIVE Marketplace.

Spencer Greenwood argues in “Ignorance is Bliss” that the decision to supply the character with a minimum of information encourages exploration and experimentation in the context of the game world, in this as well as previous Fallout games.
Denis Farr, writing in “Birth of a role” about the character creation portion of the game, expresses some relief that Fallout 3 avoided a particular kind of ignorance, namely the “amnesia” trope.
Borut Pfeifer touches on this feeling in “Your choice, and your fault”, pointing out that players who forge an emotional connection with the game world may feel paralyzed by the unpredictable outcomes of their choices (and the feeling that the developers are out to screw them over).
As Susan Arendt relates in “A Different Kind of Treasure”, she found that the design of the world interfered with her experience of the game, particularly in the respect that she didn’t get the kind of loot she was expecting.
In “The Sisters”, Duncan Fyfe suggests that these aspects make Fallout 3 less like a novel and more like a themed collection of short stories, explicitly comparing the game to James Joyce’s Dubliners.
I express a similar complaint in “There’s nothing in it for you”, arguing that the game doesn’t provide the NPCs or the player with reasons to be evil beyond sheer insanity.
Obviously a game can use particular mechanics in order to reinforce certain behaviors, but this can create as many questions as answers, as Justin Keverne mentions in his short post “Its own reward?”.
Jorge Albor describes in “Role Playing in the Wastes” that his experience of the game simply didn’t fit with the character that he had conceived.

Developers are often forced to edit games with mature content like Fallout 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV in order to obtain an MA15+ rating because of the lack of an R18+ games classification in Australia.
Earlier in the year, Screen Play exclusively revealed Grand Theft Auto IV had also been edited for release in Australia, a story which made headlines all around the world.
A revised version of Fallout 3, one of the most highly anticipated games of the year and winner of the "Best in Show" award at E3 2008, has been cleared for release in Australia.
Bethesda and Australian distributor Red Ant have declined to reveal what edits have been made to the game to obtain an MA15+ rating for the upcoming PC and Xbox 360 release.
Bethesda’s role playing game, which is set in a post-apocalyptic Washington DC, was refused classification last month because it featured "material promoting or encouraging proscribed drug use" and "drug use… related to incentives and rewards".
The Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia said last month the original Fallout 3 decision would help galvanise support for an adults-only rating.

Mass Effect (Series) Mass Effect is a series of science fiction action role-playing third person shooter video games developed by the Canadian company BioWare and released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows, with the third installment also released on the Wii U.The series has been a major critical and financial success.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R Series S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is a series of first-person shooter survival horror video games developed by Ukrainian video game developer GSC Game World for Microsoft Windows.
Bioshock (Series) The games in the BioShock series are first-person shooters survival horror video games with role-playing elements developed by Irrational Games and considered to be a spiritual successor to System Shock 2.

Download, discuss, or get help for various adult games, mods, skins, or hacks.
Download, discuss, or get help for various Skyrim based adult mods.
Download, discuss, or get help for various Oblivion based adult mods.
Download, discuss, or get help for various Fallout based adult mods.

I’ve played the game for 1 hour and it was working fine until i got to Megaton it crashes and gives me this error , each time i play from 2-5 minutes and it crashes , please somebody help me , i am so frustrated .
So I’ve been getting the unreadable disc error on Xbox now for a few months – tried copy after copy after copy of the game from gamefly, friends, gamestop exchanges….. same deal every single time.
i am having the same problem on the xbox 360, im at the point where you hook up with your father at the treatment plant and some ‘goons’ show up, dont want to spoil anything, anyways, i try to exit the building and it wont let me, it tries to load, but then just freezes, i cleaned the catche, my disc barely has a mark on it, i did purchased the game on release day, so maybe i have an ealier buggy version? also i went from bad karma to good karma (dont know if that makes a difference) are there patches available on XBL that can fix this problem? or should i contact bethesda and demand my money back.
btw, I bought the game because I’m a hardcore Fallout fan since the first Fallout, so I didn’t think if it works on my computer or not, if not, then I’ll play it when I upgrade my computer.
I have tried so many fixes, and nothing will let me play the game for long enough to get into it before i have to RESTART my computer due to Blue Screen…only “fix” i found was set affinity to 1 cpu in case of dual cores like mine, then it ussualy just Crashes To Desktop, instead Of BSOD.
3) For those who say if it works without the patch, dont patch it, I want to try some of the DLC, and unfortunatly, you need to be fully updated to run the “windows marketplace” (What a dumb idea) and download the DLC (For anyone who doesnt know, fallout 3 so far came out with 3 expansions to the game, they are called Download Content or DLC).
You could also try to start a new game, save it in a new spot then try the load option – it’s a really long shot and I’m sure you tried it, but in such exceptional circumstances, everything is worth a try.
another thing to try is “open as administrator” Is your vid card dedicated or intergrated? you may not be able to play this game with an intergrated card…I’m not really sure? All else fails bro, read through the post on here , there are tons of ideas and techniques to try.
For the PC version of the game, the problems seem to be bigger as the game crashes when it starts, and even though there are no official answers for the problem at the moment, it appears that the problems are caused by the soundcards (the 3D surround options in Fallout 3, to be more specific).
Having just set the Megatron bomb to explode I’m now heading out to the tower, but I can’t, because every time I leave Megatron the game hangs! I tried clearing the cache (directions seemed very straight forward to me!) but it has no effect whatsoever.
After that I had the error “missing file d3dx9_38.dll” I downloaded the missing file and tried to copy it to my system32 file but that did not work, instead you must place the dll file to your game folder, after that the game worked fine for me at ultra high quality.
Now, I’ve played the game for maybe over 30 hours after the disabling of pagefile and haven’t experienced a single crash.
Well all nice try’s, however the main fix on here is to kill the pagefile, WARNING!! do NOT kill your pagefile if you have less than 3GB of DDR2/DDR3 ram in your system as system performance will slow to a halt especially if you are running Fallout 3 under minimum system requirements, and the game may not start at all.
I hope they make an expansion similar for New Vegas soon! I am playing through the game again….taking much more time to explore …and understand, and I am very happy with the game! I recomend New Vegas to anyone who enjoyed Fallout 3 ! Just take yer time and do alot of side quests….I finished the game on med difficulty with wild wasteland option on, at level 16.
Fallout 3 won’t work at all for some reason! On the launcher screen when i click play, the game will attempt to load.
i just bought the game 5 days ago brand new.4 hours into gameplay i got to the fairfax metro station,and the game started glitching.everytime i press Y to jump it automatically fires my weapon as soon as i land.and when i press the right bumper to go into real time shooting,the game kind of freezes,and the shots from real time dont get fired unless i pause,then unpause the game.i had to restart the whole game from the beginning.its a great game,but if i had known previously about the bugs i wouldnt have wasted my money.
Since I put this to one forum yesterday, I’ve gotten 4 inforum mails from happy players, no more crashes and the game works smoothly, as it should.
why this? Well, doesn’t do any difference to me where I start the game but some players have reported that if they use the file itself to launch fallout, instead of the shortcut from desktop, they’ve gotten better results, don’t know why.
Every time I try to patch the game and launch the patch file executable, it opens two fallout patch -programs, then a command line and tries to start fallout the game.
So, if you have Fallout 3 for Xbox 360 and it locks up, according to Bethesda Softworks VP of Marketing and Fallout 3 product manager Pete Hines, all you have to do is clean your console’s cache and the game will no longer crash.
I downloaded the updates from bethseda, which are supposed to fix theese problems, such as game crashing as you try to fast travel from megaton etc.. my game will still crash everytime I try to do so and as well it crashes randomly and minimises to my desktop where I cannot max it again .
I haven’t played it in a long time because I was trying to explore other games, but it’s the best game I ever played.
Frankly if I have to go in and start adding code to get a game to work right… I don’t even want to play it in the first place.
Highly anticipated and quite a joy to play, Fallout 3 comes with its fair share of problems for both Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game, similar to those Oblivion had when it was launched (but somewhat lighter).
randomly crashes..anywhere,anytime,everytime i played the game called Fallout 3.
If fallout 3 crashesx every time you try to load a game save or load a new game then try reinstalling your graphics card drivers.
(Still crashes from time to time but doesn’t run as choppy as it used to.) The next thing I did was go into my data files (Just below options on the game screen) and I saw the dlc content (Titles of each mission) but only two of the boxes in front of each one was checkmarked.
I reported thiese changes I made to a forum where lots of people were having crashes and other problems with the game.
I was getting the crashes at the very first loading screen just after clicking start new game.
I was getting the crashes at the very first loading screen just after clicking start new game.
So, if there are readers out there who are using XP, and having RANDOM crashes on the game, or having the game slow down the longer you play, this fix is DEFINITELY worth trying.
i think there is an extra Quest in this game..the Quest to fix the CRASHES.. im jealous of those who plays Fallout 3 without any crashes or lockups.
4) If you are trying to run mods on fallout 3 in vista, you can not have the game installed to program files.
This fixed the crashes for me before I couldn’t even play like 2 mins, NOW I PLAYED FOR AN HOUR, AND THEN I EXITED THE GAME.
I’m running it on 32bit XP with an Nvidia Geforce 6200 card and a Realtek soundcard and 1GB of RAM… Yes I realize these are pretty dated stats… I run the game on low settings.

Before you begin tweaking Fallout 3, make sure to “Verify Intergrity of Game Cache” because Steam will scan through the game and re-download corrupted and missing files.
Launch Fallout 3 from Steam, click “Data files” and check every box that is empty (also a fix for enabling your dlc’s).
When it finishes loading, right click on the left pane listing your mods, choosing “create merged patch”, name it “Merged Patch”, close & save.
Right click both .exe files (Fallout3.exe and FalloutLauncher.exe) and click properties, click the Compatibility tab, check the Compatability box and select “Windows XP (Service Pack 3)” and check the adminstrator box at the bottom.
The first thing to do to make Fallout 3 run on a newer system is make sure all the parts are there, and the “parts” are the files.
And I came over this little fix, so I decided to create my own guide on how to make Fallout 3 (Goty) work on Windows 8 and here’s what to do:If you don’t have Games for Windows Live Marketplace install it from here: or you can you use Games for Windows Live Disabler from here: to create a fake xlive.dll file in your Fallout 3 installation folder.
Click the tab titled “Compatibility.” Check the Box that says “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and leave it set on Windows XP Service Pack 3.
Click “Apply” and “Okay.” If Fallout 3 hasn’t crashed already, exit it and return to desktop.
Follow that quest marker south, and enter the metro it guides you to eventually, make sure to use your ghoul mask from now on when entering a metro, or the Dunwich Building, it is good practice to get into, especially for late game when reavers start to spawn.
Right Click “Fallout 3″ -> Go to Process.

“First and foremost, the game will take place in Boston, and be kind of a direct sequel to Fallout 3 with a few groups returning.
It seems as though the rumor mill continues to spin when it comes to latest game in the Fallout Series.
Bethesda have remained very ‘hush hush’ about it since the release of Fallout 3 six years ago.
There are also rumors that Androids will play a big part in the game, though these cannot be confirmed.
Fans continue to turn the rumor mill with theories of release dates as close as October 2014 and as far a field as 2016.

Among my good memories are its vast, beautifully-realised landscape; the fact that you can use intelligence instead of resorting to violence in many situations (if your speech skill is high enough); facing some difficult moral choices; more than 50 hours of gameplay thanks to the many side quests; hundreds of variant endings so that yours seems like a very personal success (incorporating screenshots of your journey); and, of course, the dark post-apocalyptic paranoid humour.
Fallout originally appeared in 1997 – regarded by fans as inspired by the 1988 game Wasteland – and rapidly gained a huge following which appreciated its novelty, its grimly realised environment, and its hallmark dark humour.

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How difficult is video game moving compared to real life moving? What does moving represent in the game world? Are there any instances of hiring video game movers? Let’s take a look at a few games where moving figures prominently.
That means that trying to literally move in Fallout is much like moving a household in real life because suddenly you are worried about an object’s weight in addition to its value.
Another aspect of Fallout that is interesting to movers is the fact that the entire plot of the game is an analogy for moving out on your own for the first time.

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