games like final fantasy

To make things interesting, at one point in your quest, your original classes undergo a change, making it advantageous to lug around a useless Thief just so you’ll end up with a badass Ninja.

In addition to some of the listed above, like Rogue Galaxy and Radiata Stories, I’d also recommend Suikoden 5 and Valkyrie Profile 2.
If you enjoyed the battle system of the Kingdom Hearts (an action RPG) and like a little bit of simple humor, I would add Radiata Stories to the list above.
Also if you like The FF and KH series, Star Ocean 3: Till End of Time and Dark Cloud 1 and 2 are very good, and similar games.
There are seven characters like in FFX, but one betrays u in the end, and the special attacks are similar to the characters in FFX (example, Marino, a thief/ninja character, has a slot type special like Wakka, Cinnamon, a healer, has a analog rotating special like Lulu, and the other characters also have similar, if not better, specials like those in FFX).
I recommend Megaman X: Command Mission for sure! Not a FF game, but the combat sytem and gameplay styles are very similar.
Hi i was just wondering is ther any other games that have a great story line like ffx i dont like ffxii so much becuase of the combat system but if you guys know any others of any reccomendations i’d really appricate it.
suikoden 1-5 are all fairly solid RPGs with more traditional turned based systems the newest one, 5, is especially good with lots of great characters and story.
Lord of the Rings:The Third Age IS great game.I got it recently and I only played for 2 hours and is like,halfway done with the game because I didn’t take a gazillion breaks like i do with FFX lol.
Like FFX, Megaman X Command Mission utilizes the ATB battle system (bars at the bottom of the screen which determine each character’s turn and is affected by certain actions).
its an amazing game with tons of moves and fresh story lines.
Shadow of the Colossus is an amazing game, but it doesn’t resemble the gameplay you want.
In the majority of games in the Final Fantasy series players take control of a group of characters (each with their own job or class) and progress through the game by exploring and defeating various enemies that are either randomly encountered or predetermined boss battles.
Blue Dragon is part of the Japanese RPG genre and is similar in design to the Final Fantasy series partly due to Hironobu Sakaguchi overseeing production of the game and writing the story.
The game mixes elements of Final Fantasy and the Legend of Zelda with other popular role playing features also in the mix.
The games like Final Fantasy here feature the very best from the Japanese RPG genre and offer mostly turn based action combat systems but does also include more real time combat experiences.
The game was released in 2008 with development being headed by none other than the original creator of the Final Fantasy series (Hironobu Sakaguchi).
Lost Odyssey brings an amazing Japanese role playing experience similar to that of the Final Fantasy series to the Xbox 360.
The game was developed by Atlus who worked on many other popular games in the genre including the highly received Nocturne and Persona 3.
The Last Remnant tries to do some unique things in the Japanese RPG genre but not all of them succeed creating a game you’ll either or hate based on how you like to play the genre.
The Last Story is unique game for the Nintendo Wii that has been compared to the likes of Final Fantasy.
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Armed with these reactions in mind, and my own appreciation for Sakaguchi’s prior work, I sat down with the legendary game creator to find out why he’s focusing on mobile development and how he plans to win over detractors of mobile and free-to-play games.
There’s one programmer that’s involved with Terra Battle and we have a team of eight staff, so based on the number of people and the addition of some great artists, the decision was made to create a mobile game.
After twenty years and roughly twice as many games under his belt with Square, Sakaguchi stepped down from his position as Executive Vice President to form his own studio, Mistwalker, where he spearheaded the creation of numerous RPGs during the last console generation, including: Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon for Xbox 360, and most recently The Last Story for Wii.
The Last Story, Sakaguchi’s last console game before shifting to mobile development, released in Japan at the start of 2011.
Like I said previously, I made that decision to go mobile based on my team rather than because of the industry, and one of our goals is to go to console based on the concept of this game, so I don’t feel like I’m picking or choosing.
For anyone who’s excited at the prospect of tactical game from Sakaguchi but not interested in the mobile version, there’s still a good reason to download it and give it a trial run.
Despite that Sakaguchi’s making a mobile game that’s paving the way for a larger, traditional RPG, a lot of fans are noticeably upset that he’s making a free-to-play game in the first place.
they are making a F2P mobile game now because all their games for the X360 and Wii flopped horribly.
@divinejester It may just be that Japan doesn’t want to take risks on "unproven" console games anymore, given how the market there has shifted heavily in favor of mobile gaming.
Dragon Quest 9 is one of the best games available in the series and is a great game like Final Fantasy for the Nintendo DS.
Shadow Hearts is an overall great game like Final Fantasy that offers deep and engaging combat along with an interesting storyline.
The Last Story has scored countless good reviews from critics including several perfect scores making it a great pick for gamers looking for a game like Final Fantasy.
Infinite Undiscovery doesn’t offer anything new to the Japanese RPG genre but is still a solid RPG experience for those looking like a game like Final Fantasy on the Xbox 360.
Final Fantasy (the main series) is about real-time command input, Kingdom Hearts is real-time action, you can’t really compare an action game to an RPG, Kingdom Hearts doesn’t even have many RPG elements.
The Last Remnant is a role playing game like Final Fantasy and is one of the few Japanese RPGs to be designed with a Japanese and Western audience in mind.
Dragon Quest 9 was the first game in the series to be first released on a handheld console and features spawning enemies, turn-based combat and a levelling system like many other RPGs.
Wakfu Online is a 2D fantasy themed MMORPG that is often considered to be one of the few online games like Final Fantasy available (in this case it is a game like Final Fantasy tactics).
The Kingdom Hearts game series is one of the most popular and well known Japanese RPGs available and is especially attractive to the casual game audience.
While the level of gameplay is not as deep as the Final Fantasy series Kingdom Hearts does offer a very enjoyable real-time combat system along with plenty of basic RPG elements.
Are you looking for a collection of games like Final Fantasy? There are plenty of great Japanese RPGs available across a number of platforms for fans of the Final Fantasy series.
As such the game shares many similarities with Final Fantasy and is definitely a number one pick for fans of the game series.
The Last Remnant is another one of the great game options like Final Fantasy for PC or Xbox users.
Lost Odyssey employs a traditional turn-based battle system that is common to the Final Fantasy series and Japanese role-playing games.
Lost Odyssey offers an incredible amount of gameplay depth and will please anyone looking for a game like Final Fantasy.
Made by one of the men behind the original Final Fantasy series the game shares many similarities with the FF series.
The game does come across as a game that plays more like Zelda than Final Fantasy but it will still impress fans of the Final Fantasy series.
Play the number one game like Final Fantasy on Xbox 360.
Players can play with friends in the 6 player co-op game experience or battle each other in one of the various online game modes available including 1v1 and team deathmatch.
If you’re after something that has a somewhat Final Fantasy-esque feel, Anachronox – a game that has received little to no attention from most – whilst being ever so slightly buggy, and having a somewhat less than spectacular print run (it’s the only thing I can attribute to it not really going anywhere by most people’s standards) – is a fantastic game.
What I didn’t enjoy was, after installing the downloadable content, watching as it turned from a game that I enjoyed to a game that crashed my system a minimum of once before it ran, crashed at completely random points throughout gameplay, forced me to quicksave approximately five thousand times per scene out of fear of another crash (which isn’t to even get into the utterly hilariously timed crashes amid quicksaves) – and.. well, kinda ruined the game in doing so.
If you are looking for a Final Fantasy-like game that has a good plot and a solid combat system, then you must play Shadow Hearts.
Thanks so much for this hub! I love Final Fantasy and it’s rare to find a game with it’s own unique qualities that is just as good! Also Shadow hearts is a phenomenally underated game but is terrific.
Final Fantasy (FF) revolutionized the RPG genre with its innovative battle system, solid experience system, a unique storyline and exceptional visuals.
The game borrows quite a few gameplay elements, including a hack-and-slash system, from Final Fantasy.
If you are into classic RPGs and are looking for games like Final Fantasy, then you won’t get a game as impressive as Chrono Trigger.
In fact, many gameplay elements of Final Fantasy, like the famed Gambit system and dream world, were borrowed from Dragon Quest’s gameplay mechanics.
The name "Final" Fantasy was chosen becuase while Squaresoft, the company behind the whole series, had made games before for NES (Famicom in Japan), none of them were a great success, so they decided to make one last game.
FFXIII: Hopefully the best Final Fantasy game of the series in development (for probably the next 5 years) it will have a completey new Real Time combat system.
Ironically, the series was originally Square's last game, hence the title "Final" Fantasy, but due to the success of it, Square went on to create others.
Now, Square Enix (as they are called after their merge with Enix, creator of Dragon Warrior) is working on their Compilation of Final Fantasy 7, which so far includes 1 prequel and 2 sequels (one of which is a movie, being released only on DVD and UMD this time around).
There are some old game boy cames, the Final Fantasy Legend series, but they are really part of the Mana series with changed names to attract American customers.
Final Fantasy XI – A radical change from the series and one which some fans resent as it used the "Final Fantasy" name even though it is not a traditional FF.
The battle systems and magics of the games are very similar and the only way to truely settle this debate would be to remake both games with the new "White Engine" thats going to be used in Final Fantasy XIII (13).
Final Fantasy IX – Square apparently tried to return to their roots with this game, but unfortunately, they were not successful.
Final Fantasy VII – The first Final Fantasy to start using FMVs and also the first Square made on a non-Nintendo system.
I guess I’m a minority, but I prefer turn based RPGs like the oldschool Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games.
Elven chronicles is the game to get if you are looking for a Final Fantasy style game on the .
Vay is really the closest thing to Final Fantasy on the iPhone, too bad they re-translated it with a crappy "modernized" translation.
Just wanted to necro this post to point out that Final Fantasy 1 and 2 are now being released on the iphone.
The iPhone is such a great platform to revive such games, it’s a shame Vay is the only one available (that I know of).
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There is no "Are the final fantasy games (1-10) similar to pokemon?" post.
Define "fundamental principles." You act like because the game has some similar game mechanics to Pokemon that ergo it must be pokemon! The Alien movies may be just "alien movies" but they are a far cry above most cheesy, no plot-having, run-of-the-mill, alien movies.
Final Fantasy has always been known for its amazing storylines, excellent graphics, and just all-around greatness.
Final Fantasy (and every other RPG, ie: decent) will have a cool storyline to drive you forward, character backgrounds, twists, much like a movie.
I havent played much final fantasy, if any at all, but I have however seen my son play pokemon.
They are both rpg’s yes so they do have similarities (leveling up, powerups etc.). But Final Fantasy usually takes place within the boundaries of an epic storyline with lots of characters and drama.
They categorized various narrative devices according to their functions in helping the reader’s understanding.[8] Work of this sort continued in both literary and film studies, resulting in Roland Barthes’s S/Z and Kristin Thompson’s Breaking the Glass Armor.[9] While I am not proceeding in the same method of step-by-step commentary that Barthes uses on Sarrasine, I do want to break the verbal portion of Final Fantasy VII down into blocks of signification to analyze their functions without restructuring them into larger concepts such as "theme." By finding patterns in local signification of a specific game, I hope to make plain certain key strategies that computer games use to structure the player’s experience.
The forward driven dialogue of classical film becomes the backward oriented lines of Final Fantasy VII, giving the player morally complex choices in judging the motives of the game’s characters.
(I have argued for the influence of art cinema on Myst in "Navigating Myst-y Landscapes: Utopian Discourses and Hybrid Media," in Hop on Pop: The Pleasures and Politics of Popular Culture, edited by Henry Jenkins, Jane Shattuc, and Tara McPherson (Duke University Press, forthcoming)) However, Final Fantasy VII’s dialogue (like that of many computer games) owes much more to the goal-conventions of the mainstream Hollywood film than to the ambiguous narrative of the art cinema.
Because computer games like Final Fantasy VII have another mechanism for propelling the player through the game, Final Fantasy VII’s dialogue is freed to focus on other purposes.
Like other computer games, Final Fantasy VII calls upon the dialogue conventions inherited from film and television.
Portions of this page are modifications based on work created and shared by the Android Open Source Project and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 2.5 Attribution License.
[The fight with Bhunivelze resumes] Lightning: The old world is dying… And your myths will die with! In the new world, we won’t need God! [Odin and Alexander appear] Lightning: Odin! [Bhunivelze unleashes an attack that destroys Nova Chrysalia, Lightning and Hope attempting to hold the attack from expanding further.] Lightning: I’ll never- Snow: We’ll never give up! [Lightning sees Snow, Noel, Vanilla, and Fang and the Eidolons blocking the attack with her.] Noel: That’s right! Even if we die… Vanille: Someone will take the torch! Fang: Your reign is over! Lightning: We hope in the face of despair-that makes us strong! [The Eidolons charge Bhunivelze canceling his attack.,] Lightning: You’re here… Snow (sees a glow in the distance.): What is that? Hope: Those lights…are they the souls? Every one? Lightning: All of humanity, going to be reborn.
Jet Bahamut unleashes a blast of energy.] Noel: Serah Serah: Noel! [The two are seen falling, Lightning arrives to take them up..] Lightning: It’s up to you to keep hope alive.
Yeul: Stop Serah: Huh? [The Oracle Drive’s light hits Serah.] Noel: Serah? [Image of Lightning reunited with Serah] Serah: Lighting? [The scene alters to one without Lightning.] Serah: My memories…They’re real…aren’t they? But how can they be? [The image ends] Serah: The prophecy…It’s been changed! Noel: But, that’s impossible.
But if the world does end…my future should never have happened .Which means there must be a way to [Serah collapses] Mog: Kupo? Noel: Serah? What is it? Yeul (Voice): The daughters of the sundered cocoon are sacrificed to beasts that warp time itself.
Serah: All right, that’s a promise! Now, it’s time for all of you to go home! [The miniflans turn away and leave] Noel: (narrating) It was then that I remembered Serah had been a teacher back then in New Bodhum, and the kids called her "Meanie Miss Farron." I’d completely forgotten about that until now; I’ll bet she was one of those teachers that was nice when you were good, but could scare you when you weren’t.
Snow: Serah! Serah: Snow! Is that really you? I-I can’t believe it! Snow: Serah? Am I dreamin’ again? Dream or not, you gotta get outta here! [Noel arrives] Serah: Thanks, Noel! [Snow runs to Noel’s side.] Snow: I’ll give you a hand! Noel: No! I’ll hold it off, you get outta here! Snow: Hey, you kiddin’? With Serah watching? I don’t think so.
Square, excited that they had finally designed a character that resonated with moody, socially-constipated RPG gamers worldwide, decided to crank the angst-o-graph up to 11 for the next installment and gave us Squall Leonhart, one of the gloomiest assholes in video game history.
Or as engineers would call it, "stupid." Bottom line: Gamers were stuck playing through FFVIII as a guy who was afraid to dance with girls, wore a fur-lined jacket and emo bangs, and carried around a huge metaphor for his own erectile dysfunction.
But unlike your other spunky companions, Yuffie isn't content with merely giggling and offering up the occasional idiotic quip: She'd rather steal all of your material, leaving you without magic for an entire section of the game.
While Square-Enix has been happy to explore new design territory under the Final Fantasy branding in the past (Final Fantasy Tactics was a deep and thoughtful strategy game, while Final Fantasy Dissidia is a series of fighting games) this is the first time it’s risked alienating its fans with a disruptive mainline title.
The news that Japanese mega-dev Square Enix’s next mainline Final Fantasy title – the 15th in the long-running series – will be a rebranded version of seemingly dead-in-the-water side project Final Fantasy XIII Versus has been met with considerable consternation by fans.
Launched in 1986, the original Final Fantasy popularised the Japanese role-playing game – an eastern take on the Dungeons and Dragons boardgames of the 70s – first among the Japanese game-playing public and, following the high profile launch of the seventh game in the series, around the world.
Earlier this year Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, a reboot of the troubled MMO Final Fantasy XIV, said: "It may sound crazy but Square Enix will never give up on the Final Fantasy series." Not crazy at all.
"As you are aware, the Final Fantasy series has different game system for every new title.
Even so, it will be difficult for the company to slip from the perception that Final Fantasy XV is damaged goods, a problematic project that Square Enix has attempted to solve with a simple rebrand.
Final Fantasy Enthusiast Site Featuring Forums, Ringtones, Guides, Walkthroughs, Wallpaper, Mp3s, Midis, Videos, and General Information for Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Chrono series games.
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Lost Odyssey uses a traditional turn-based battle system seen in most Japanese role-playing games, similar to early Final Fantasy iterations.
Final Fantasy is a series of video games developed and published by Square Enix (formerly Square).
This is in similar tradition to the discontinuity between games of Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Wild Arms, The Legend of Zelda and other Japanese RPG series.
Dragon Quest Dragon Quest is a series of internationally best-selling console role-playing video game (RPG) titles.
Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts is a series of action role-playing games developed and published by Square Enix.
The series is primarily composed of role-playing video games with turn-based battle system.
Lost Odyssey Lost Odyssey is a role-playing video game developed by Mistwalker and feelplus and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360.
Find the list of role-playing video games that are similar to Final Fantasy below.
Breath of Fire (Series) Breath of Fire is a role-playing video game series developed by Capcom.
The Last Remnant The Last Remnant is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix.
The series centers on the main character Sora’s search for his friends and his encounters with Disney, Final Fantasy and The World Ends With You characters on their worlds.
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