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Whether you’ve grown tired of running red stone throughout your house for lighting or you’ve decided you’ll never be as creative as the people who replicated Game of Thrones on their Minecraft server, there are plenty of options available to you if you’re looking for a change of pace.
Synthetic World is an open environment game with build rules that are vaguely similar to Minecraft.

Minecraft Diamond Jackpot Dress Up game is a dress up game.
Minecraft 4 Free Online is based on Minecraft Game.

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Minecraft was the start of a new for the open world game genre for me and I have since spent the past few years looking for games that offer a similar experience.
There is also a game called Castle Miner Z on the indie section of Xbox Live Arcade Games, it’s almost just like Minecraft but you play as your avatar and can make guns, and it’s only a dollar.
I hate how if anything is remotely similar to an original game like Minecraft or Terraria, people immediately start calling it a "clone" of those games.
The main difference between Minecraft and Terraria is that Terraria is focused more on adventure as opposed to the open game world and building focused experience of Minecraft.
Minecraft might eventually get there, or open up modding to a point where the rabbit-hole becomes truly deep, but I think a Minecraft-style game that was created from the starting point of "let’s create a really foreign experience on a truly alien world, and let’s make it as deep and as replayable as possible, and let’s give our players every opportunity to make up their own stories, and endlessly speculate about the game when they’re not playing" would be able to go much farther, much faster.
Total Miner (Total Miner: Forge) is published by Greenstone Games and released in late 2011 for the Xbox Live (indie game section) and is probably one of the best experiences to Minecraft (and the closest) .
Total Miner offers little new content compared to Minecraft but it it a great Minecraft like game for the Xbox that me and some friends have spent many nights exploring.
My group of gamer friends used Manic Differ it as a fun little alternative to building on Minecraft and served its purpose well for a few months so if you have similar requirements you’ll find it a good option as your game like Minecraft.
Terraria is more of an adventure game where you kill bosses and explore dungeons while minecraft focuses on gathering stuff and building.
Manic Digger is a simple free (and open source) building game that is remniscent of Minecraft in design.
Its called Block Heroes and while it shares the building with blocks aspect of Minecraft, its really a game about creating controllable airships (and robots apparently).
Total Miner offers players many different game modes including Creative (unlimited resources and building blocks to be as creative as possible) and Dig Deep mode where players explore the many cave systems killing various monsters and hunting for hidden treasures (great for players that enjoy the adventure side of these open world adventures).
Minecraft has just to much to offer for any game to really compare don’t you think? Every place I go to says Roblox is just as good even the post here Any other game seems to almost be to scetchy and not work very well.
I was originally told about this game by a friend a few years ago and didn’t really make a connect to Minecraft at first but slowly I started to draw similarities and I always felt the game doesn’t get enough notice for what is a very unique experience.
FortressCraft is a game like Minecraft for Xbox users and serves as a good alternative to Total Miner.
Are you a Minecraft addict looking for some paid or free games like Minecraft? There are many great Minecraft clones and alternatives available and the majority of them are free to play.
Just look at the small screenshot thumbnail on the right and its easy to see that the game isn’t a cheap knock off experience with high quality cube graphics that you’ve come to enjoy from Minecraft.
Your Missing a Game! One That’s Better Then Minecraft and Terraria, Maybe Runescape…. Right now, This Game Is Not Currently Out yet But It’s In Development, CubeWorld! RPG And Block Based.
Nice list you’ve made, I’ve actually created a game inspired by Minecraft, which is physics based.
Engine wise and building wise this game is far ahead of minecraft already, barely any surival features yet but it seems this game has alot of potential.
This game like Minecraft also offers a good mixture of game modes to keep things interesting and giving you variety from just deathmatch modes.

It's similar in that you start with nothing and basically spend your time punching trees and collecting resources to build tools and (pre-designed) structures, but I prefer it because it doesn't have what I consider a "forced" survival element of being regularly hunted by some kind of constant threat.
There's still wild animals and the danger of starvation, however, but otherwise you're just alone on an island living by your wits, trying not to starve, or die of thirst, or be eaten by a lion, or bleed to death from an earlier encounter; all while trying to gather resources to stay alive.

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Sandbox Survival MMO Sounds Like Minecraft Meets Rust Mixed With Eve Online Oort Online is a massively multiplayer, open-world, crafting survival game that's playable in its prototype state right now.
Wonderstruck Games, composed of ex-Lionhead and EA developers, has decided to join the trend and is making a sandbox survival game called Oort Online.
Wonderstruck describes the game on its website as "a massively multiplayer game set in a sandbox universe of connected voxel worlds." In other words, it’s an open-world MMO with a 3D pixel-art style.
You may be right with one thing though – This game may not be for me, but perhaps I just overreacted when I read "online only" and "MMO" – admittedly, if it’s a one time payment without subscription requirement and no microtransaction / pay to win nonsense and if it turns out not to be a Minecraft clone MMO I might still get it at some point, but we’ll see.
What does this game have that minecraft doesn’t? if there isn’t much stuff or much different, people just simply wont stop playing minecraft for a game that offers little gameplay difference.
The game looks good, much better then say vanilia looking minecraft, but for me, its miles away the quality of say SEUS shaders for minecraft visually wise, and the textures really need improveing from what I’ve seen.
I like it, I think it shows a lot of promise but Minecraft will always reign king because of the sheer amount of mods you can get for that ranging from total conversion mods, gameplay enhancing mods, full texture packs as well as shaders which change the entire look of MC to a full AAA game.
@catsimboy @chuckles471 I dream of a game with fantastically hard and intelligent mobs that wonder the premises of the "safe" (at least from PvP) zones and require real cooperation to defeat with other players.
The connecting worlds could potentially make this game, being on completely different worlds which are as big as a single minecraft would, each wither their own visually different styles and monsters could be absolutely awesome.

The Sandbox mixes world crafting and god games allowing you to create your own pixel based game world on your or Android device.
The game follows a sandbox style of gameplay and uses blocks in a similar manner to other games in the genre.
Ever thought Minecraft would be cool if you could build your house and then have waves of enemies attempt to breach it? Well now you can live out that dream in Block Fortress the game that combines sandbox, FPS and tower defence gameplay.
The games like Minecraft here will get your creative juices flowing as you create, build and go adventuring through a variety of different game worlds and fight for survival.
Xenominer is a Minecraft inspired space survival and sandbox game that is available for your PC or your Xbox.
The game is a paid to play game but does include a lite version which is available for free but does not allow you to save or load your games.
The game is completely free to play and originally offered an experience similar to Minecraft creative but has since slowly expanded with some survival aspects and various modifications.
Survivalcraft is a highly popular mobile game that offers a similar experience to Minecraft, it is often compared to the pocket edition and offers a cheaper alternative at nearly half the price while also having many features that the Minecraft: Pocket Edition does not have.
Epic Inventor is an indie game published by Pixel Prone Games and offers an interesting combination of genres with obvious inspiration from both Minecraft and Terraria.
Minecraft takes place in a 3D game world with gameplay involving the most simplistic of ideas, the removal and placement of cubes in a randomly generated world.
The game has great appeal for fans of rougelike dungeon and action role playing games with its exploration and loot orientated gameplay.
Haven and Hearth is a free to play survival based MMORPG that will have you fighting to survive in an unforgiving game world with permanent death.
Don’t Starve is a single player survival game that has many unique features and a dark art direction that makes it a stand out open world survival experience.
Block World is a creative game available through the Xbox Marketplace and the Windows Store.
Terasology is a beautiful open source game that combines sandbox style gameplay with other genres.
The Blockheads is a free game for your iOS device that offers a 2D sandbox experience.
Junk Jack offers a randomly generated game world for players to explore while you craft, build and hopefully survive.
3079 is a unique and challenging game that blends a number of genres together to create a sci-fi action role playing meets first person shooter experience.
Utopia Realms is a free sandbox voxel game that lets you explore randomly generated game worlds by yourself or with friends.
Discovery is a block based building game available on Xbox, iOS and Android.
Ensemble Online is a browser based sandbox MMO that lets you lay claim to your own area in the game world as you collect resources and fight.
The game was developed by Transhuman Design and offers a free version along with a premium version that unlocks a number of game extras and most of the core gameplay.
Minetest (previously Minetest C55) is heavily inspired by the popular sandbox building game of Minecraft.
The game is a voxel based RPG with plenty of open world elements that will have you hooked for hours with its in-depth gameplay.
Blockabout combines sandbox, physics and first person shooter elements to create an interesting game that puts you in control.
There is a free version of the game available although it doesn’t include monsters and a few other features.
Adventure With Companions is a simple iOS game inspired by Minecraft that focuses on multiplayer gameplay.
The game is basically one huge construction sandbox that lets you run wild with other players for free.
The game is available for Windows and was developed by Jenito Games.
Eden World Builder offers gameplay that is very similar to other sandbox building games for a cheap price on the iOS platform.
Roblox is a free to play online game with a focus on building and user generated content.

She asked middle and high school students who were struggling readers (one 11th-grade student read at a 6th-grade level) to choose a game topic they were interested in, and then she picked texts from game sites for them to read—some as difficult as first-year-college language.
That means watching YouTube videos of experts at play, of course, but it also means poring over how-to texts at Minecraft wikis and “walk-through” sites, written by gamers for gamers.
Steinkuehler found that videogame sites devoted to World of Warcraft, for example, are written at nearly 12th-grade level, with a 2 to 6 percent incidence of “academic” jargon.
What about fiction? Oh, games have you covered there too: Behold the teeming seas of Minecraft fan stories at sites like or Wattpad.
When Steinkuehler informally observes kids contributing to game sites and discussions online, she sees serious craft.

Ace of Spades is like the Call of Duty or Team Fortress 2 of Minecraft games, if you can believe it! You’ll use your fine-tuned crafting skills to create the most beautiful and outlandish of blocky landscapes, and then blow them all up with 31 other players online in sheer multiplayer madness.
At first glance, The Blockheads bears a very similar resemblance to the poster boy that is Minecraft, however with one notable exception: the titular Blockheads that players can regularly check in on amidst their crafting adventures and even grow to love (much in the same way you grow fond of your little Bitizens in Tiny Tower).
If you like a little tower defense in your Minecraft experience, then Block Fortress just might be the game for you! It lets you build magnificent blocky towers, load them up with weapons, and then take to the frontlines to defend against hoards of invading Goblocks. is the ONLY site focusing on tablet games—sign up for our free Tablet Games newsletter and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
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is hoping a cult videogame built around virtual blocks will help fix the company’s real-world problems, even if the brains behind the brand aren’t sticking around.

So liebe Leute mein erstes Video zu der Reihe Top5 Games ist draußen.
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Commonly referred to as, "games like Minecraft," voxel gameplay is a new approach to creativity in digital space.
Minecraft is great, but what about all the other awesome creative voxel-based games? This list is dedicated to the best games for the creative minds of today.
The user is able to construct anything that comes to mind one "block" at a time using various materials and textures.

Looking for some games like Minecraft? Try these popular games like Minecraft that are often consider some of the best sandbox and building games available.
Be sure to leave a comment below with your favourite Minecraft alternative (either one featured here or one not in the video).
These games like Minecraft are not featured in any particular order and may not appeal to everyone.

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My goal was to list games that gave me a similar feel to minecraft (NOT just voxel sandbox games) I'm referring to that feel of adventure you get while playing minecraft.
The point of this list was not to find games that were minecraft clones, why would ANYONE want that? If that's what you're looking for just play minecraft.
Minecraft, are you sick of it yet? If you like the experience but want something a bit different, then I have a list of games that share some similarities with Minecraft but stand as their own unique experience.

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Planet Explorers is an open world smooth voxel based sandbox adventure rpg game set on a distant planet.
The Dyvox Sandbox is the first iteration of an exciting new engine that will allow players to customize and create their own game experience, in real-time, with other players.
Block Story is a great role playing PC game where you build with blocks and can explore to your heart’s content.
But maybe it would be good to put a like to Games Finder’s page in the description part? It would be good for people that came to this page and they have the advantage of being able to feature games that aren’t on Steam.
Scraps is a vehicle combat game where you build a vehicle from parts, and where success lies just as much in designing a well-crafted vehicle as in your combat skills.

You can buy Minecraft for PC/Mac here, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and Minecraft: Xbox One Edition on the XBLA Marketplace, and Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition and Minecraft: Playstation 4 Edition on the Playstation Network.
At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things.

There is a really huge list of options at Games Finder, plenty of free options and games that don’t have the same requirements as Minecraft and thus should be less laggy for you.
Hey, I would like to start playing more games, like minecraft but with less lagg, because I cannot run minecraft properly without ANY problems and frame drop any more.
How much relevance are you looking for ? Ace of Spades catches alot of flak for it’s takeover by Jagex nowadays, but I still find it pretty fun — Despite it’s WIP balancing issues and grumpy community that still lingers.

Free Play Mine Blocks 2 Online, which is a block based adveture games like Minecraft.

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i play minecraft on my iMac and i find the magic mouse is quite annoying so i don’t recommend using it, but i do recommend the cyborg RAT 3 gaming mouse.
It’s so easy to build, destroy and create in Minecraft using the Apple Magic Mouse.

"It is possible the community will lose that ‘soul’ that we all felt an attachment to or Microsoft could recognize what has made this game stand out." But he’s hopeful that Microsoft will "be able to bring a lot of great things to the table from the business side of things." Captain Sparklez, another big-name gamer with 8 million YouTube subscribers, has tweeted concerns about Microsoft’s terms of use, which say that players cannot earn money from posting game videos on YouTube.
It was homegrown, non-corporate, and its players felt like they owned a little piece of something magical…With Microsoft’s acquisition, well, Microsoft is about as corporate as you can get." Last February, Nat Brown, one of the founders of Microsoft’s Xbox division, accused the company of stifling independent game developers by charging them big fees to get their games featured on the Xbox.
In 2012, he accused Microsoft of "trying to ruin the PC as an open platform." (Open platforms allow independent developers to make changes to a company’s software.) "I’d rather have Minecraft not run on [Windows] 8 at all than to play along," he tweeted.
"Microsoft is very much trying to figure out how to stay relevant in a very different world than the company grew up in," says Alex Howard, a columnist at TechRepublic, pointing out that the company, which still dominates desktop computers, only reaches a small percentage of mobile devices.
Microsoft literally bought a community, one which they’ve never dealt with or had before," Minecraft player "BebopVox" said in his latest "Minecraft Monday" YouTube show.
"Microsoft, you are idiotic to have ceded not just indie game developers but also a generation of loyal kids and teens," he wrote.

Both games have very low requirements, almost any new laptop today will be able to run those two games (except maybe for the Intel Atom laptops).
EDIT: You might be able to get better AMD graphics though on a different laptop, which will be a little bit better, for the same price if you shop around.
I wouldn’t know for sure though about the max settings bit because I do not play them myself, but given how low the requirements are, you will have no issues running these.

A fantastic space odyssey reminiscent of Minecraft and Terraria.
A free Minecraft skin editor.
Minecraft influenced online multiplayer FPS.
Minecraft inspired 2D platform game.

Craig Smith, who features in my story, actually took a bunch of his students and made a video where the kids pretended to enter the Minecraft world (in reality, a beach somewhere on the New South Wales coast) and began negotiating their new environment.
To see how teachers can incorporate Minecraft – and other obsessions that autistic kids latch on to – into their learning environment and enhance their literacy and numeracy, watch my story.
To my eyes Minecraft looks incredibly old – the graphics and sound effects are so simple and the point of the game is so rudimentary – but I think it’s the simplicity that kids find so appealing.

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