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Powerpets is another virtual world that is centred around the adoption of pets and is another option if you are after a game like Moshi Monsters.
Habbo Hotel is another virtual world where you can customise your own unique avatar, socialise with other players in a safe environment, participate in events and play the odd game.
Fantage is one of the most popular virtual world like Moshi Monsters and offers players plenty of activities to experience.
Club Penguin doesn’t focus on pet adoption but it does offer a large virtual world that appeals to children and tweens making it a popular alternative to other games in the genre.
Moshi Monsters is an online world for children aged 5-14 where children can adopt their own virtual monster to have as a pet.
Neopets is one of the original virtual pet games and as such makes a great game like Moshi Monsters.
The game features dozens of unique virtual worlds to explore, pets to dress up (up to 12 per account), tonnes of mini-games and a battle arena to battle against other players.
The game is played completely within your internet browser using web pages to explore the virtual world as opposed to the new solely Flash based virtual pet games.
Mara Pets is constantly adding new and interesting content making it a great online game like Moshi Monsters that will keep you interested for a long time.

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As you participate in the game world of Moshi Monsters players earn the game currency of Rox which can then be spent on items in Moshi Monsters either to look after your pet or decorate your house.
Users are able to purchase a Moshi Monsters membership for full game access although plenty of the games content is offered for free.
Moshi Monsters is an online game designed for children where players can adopt a virtual monster as a pet.
The success of Moshi Monsters is no fluke with its simplistic but enjoyable gameplay it does well at attracting and holding the games intended audience.
After creating your Moshi Monsters account you’ll be prompted to adopt a virtual pet from the available monster species and then customise its colours to create your own unique pet.
Your Moshi Monsters house is where you will spend much of your time as it connects you to various locations in the world of Moshi Monsters.

Moshi Monsters is a new free online game for girls and boys where you can create your very own cute online pet and care for it online with your friends.
Moshi Monsters is a free, safe online game where you can adopt your own pet Monster and go on amazing adventures together.
Care for your Moshi – Play games and feed your Moshi to keep it healthy and happy.

Our collection of Moshi Monsters games offers fun and online virtual pet games like Moshi Monsters for young children and tweens to play.
The team behind the game has had decades of experience in the virtual world genre and have since gone on to create a number of other popular worlds for kids to explore.
The site launched in 2008 and has you taking care of your own Petpet as you explore the game world, play games, complete quests and make friends.
The Moshi Monster games that you will find below are all free to play virtual worlds that are designed for children.
OurWorld offers a virtual world filled with exploration and online games for tweens and young teenagers.
The game has been online since late 2009 and offers plenty of opportunities to chat or play games.
Fantage is a popular MMO that offers young children, tweens and even teenagers (ages 5 to 16) a virtual world to explore and interact with.

I this game, I Moshi Monsters, and this game is something I have been wanting! I games like this, where you can build and decorate your own village, especially when it’s Moshi Monsters! The only thing I don’t like is how it is kind of hard to get coins when things like habitats and farms cost more coins the more you buy it.
PLEASE NOTE! Moshi Monsters Village is free to download and you can earn in-game currency called Rox or Coins to get extra content.
To download the free app Moshi Monsters Village by Mind Candy Ltd, get now.
With help from Buster Bumblechops, build unique, adorable houses & care for all of your rescued Moshlings in your very own Moshi Monsters Village.
And there is something I really want! I want Mind Candy to make a mobil app for Touch 5’s to be able to play the online game on an app! I don’t have a desktop computer so I can’t play the game.

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Little Monsters Games is quickly becoming the best gaming portal to play all your favourite games in one place, you no longer need to keep searching for your best game.
Moshi Monsters Games Welcome to Little Monsters Games the FREE online games directory were you can play all your favorite games for free all day every day.
Little Monsters Games brings you exciting new games everyday if you love playing a game but don’t see it on here please let us know and we will be happy to add you favorite games to our site.
Play Moshi Games Moshi monsters games are such good fun, most Moshi games are related to your favourite character.
Moshi Monsters Games has many cool features you wont find on other games websites.
We add new fresh games everyday to our website to keep you entertained, Join our members section and create groups, discussions and save your scores on our members scoreboard. is one of the virtual worlds for girls where you can play, socialize, and learn in a safe and exciting online environment! You can explore this virtual world with your own personal avatar, which can be customize by choosing distinctive features, hairstyles, and clothing.
In this virtual world, each player can create a world based on her imagination and choose if they want to share it with their friends and other Woozworld Citi’zens.
Your avatar can participate in activities to earn virtual cash — then spend it on accessories — and chat with other users in WOOZWORLD.
MovieStarPlanet is a virtual world for girls that is social online universe where each player is a movie star.
Woozworld is one of the virtual worlds for girls that is a browser-based virtual MMO world in constant evolution designed for tweens (ages 9-14).
Beex are awarded for completing activities; You earn Wooz by selling virtual items to other users or parents can use real money to bankroll your account.

Moshi Monsters is a free, safe online game where you can adopt your own pet Monster and go on amazing adventures together.
© Mind Candy Ltd.. Moshi Monsters is a trademark of Mind Candy Ltd.

Moshi Monsters is sweeping the children's gaming world and is currently the most popular children's virtual pet world available.
There are plenty of other great games for kids that allow them to adopt a virtual pet though, learn more about which one is perfect for you or your child.

You’ll always find the cool games at Girl Games, we have all the best games from game developers like i-dressup, girlsgogames and cartoon doll emporium so you will never get bored! This month we have some amazing games like Barbie Burger Restaurant , The Busy Bakery House and Kiss the Cook.

GamesIndustry International caught up with CEO Michael Acton Smith of Mind Candy, creators of Moshi Monsters, to talk about the strategy that drove the game’s success.
Moshi Monsters grew out of Smith’s desire to build something for kids.
The creators of Moshi Monsters, the amazing popular online entertainment site for kids under 13.
Mind Candy recently closed a deal with McDonald’s, and Moshi Monsters have been appearing in Happy Meals – a touchstone of popular culture success.
What was it that caused Moshi Monsters to finally take off? "It was basically a year and a half of experimenting and being very agile and trying different things, and I think that the key set of features were social features," noted Smith.
"We’ve got a lot of new games in development beyond Moshi Monsters, so we are hiring as quickly as we can ; we’re staffing up our San Francisco office at the moment," noted Smith.
We hope kids love the Moshi toys they’ll get with the Happy Meals." Kids are actually getting physical toys, not just a code for something they can get online.

Dizzywood is a fun virtual world where you can create you own avatar, play game, explore new areas, meet new friends, and especially have fun.

Children’s virtual worlds – like Moshi Monsters and Club Penguin – aren’t just popular online; they’re also proving a big hit as toys with new research showing over half of UK children own a toy based on a virtual world with some as popular as Dr Who.
Dubit’s research department recently studied the popularity of toys based on online worlds, looking at Disney’s Club Penguin, Mind Candy’s Moshi Monsters, as well as Build-a-BearVille, Poptropica and Webkinz.
Mind Candy is synonymous with kids online games as well as toys, with Moshi Monsters being the number one toy property by value (according to 2013 NPD data).
How do we know this? We meticulously studied and catalogued every single feature in each of the top 20 virtual worlds, including Club Penguin, Moshi Monsters, Chimpoo, Poptropica, Barbie Girls, WeeWorld, Build-A-Bearville, Bin Weevils, and Hello Kitty Online.

Smith added that Mind Candy has been tracking wider trends around children and apps, noting two in particular: their interest in playing "free-to-play" games – the ones that make their money from a mixture of ads and in-app purchases – intended for an older audience; and the fact that they’re turning up in increasing numbers on social networks that in theory are for over-13s only.
While Mind Candy tries to crack it, Smith said it remains committed to the web-based virtual world that started off the Moshi Monsters phenomenon – "the beating heart of the property" – despite changing habits of children.
Mind Candy hopes safety will be a key part of PopJam’s appeal to parents, promising that a "big team of very experienced human moderators" are working on the app, including pre-moderating photos shared by newer users.
A philosophical crisis? More likely: Moshi Monsters’ parent company Mind Candy has spent the past couple of years racking its brains over this challenge: how to release mobile apps that are as popular with children as its web-based virtual world was in the past.

Moshi Monsters is a great game to play; however, sometimes as a game player you want to switch things up a little bit so we have searched the web and found some great games like Moshi Monsters for you to check out and play.
These games are similar to Moshi Monsters in a way that you can play for free but in order to get the best features you may have to purchase a membership.
Monkey Quest is another online virtual game in which you get to play different quests and games within its own world.
You can play Monkey Quest for free; however, to play all the level and to get access to all the great features this game has to offer you would want to purchase a membership.
Below is a list of games that you can try out and play when you get bored of Moshi Monsters.

• Find ‘Em, Keep ‘Em! Search for ULTRA RARE Moshlings to add to your Moshling Zoo.

In addition, the rigors associated with finding a Gibraltar license remain high.
In addition, the rigors associated with finding a Gibraltar license remain high.

There is a whole list such as… Habbo Hotel Club Penguin WeeWorld Planet Cazmo Bearville World Golf Tour Secret Builders Star…doll Neopets Girlz mmoprgTank ball Moon BaseSupersecretOur WorldPet pet parkMini monosFree RealmsRunescapeSkyramaRamacityDark OrbitBattlestar galacticaLegend: legecy of the dragonsEvonySeafightXhodonXblasterFarmeramaZoomumbaWarstoryEtc.

Secret Bear World Labels: Virtual World Kid Safe Home Design Avatar Educational – rate In Secret Bear World you get to play games, explore a colourful world of fun and decorate your own house! Create your bear and explore a wonderful world.
Webkinz Labels: Virtual World Kid Safe Home Design Avatar Educational – rate Webkinz is a fantastic and very cute world especially for children, own pets, collect toys and play fun games as you explore a wonderful place.
Chimpoo Labels: Virtual World Kid Safe Home Design Avatar – rate Play Chimpoo and create your very own cute chimp as you explore a wonderful world full of games and fun.
Club Penguin Labels: Virtual World Kid Safe Home Design Avatar Educational 4.5 rate Play Club Penguin and waddle around the world as you meet fellow penguins, play games and decorate your own igloo.
Amazing World Labels: Virtual World Kid Safe Home Design Avatar 10 rate Explore wonderful places in the Amazing World! Do exciting quests, play fun games and level up your skills.
Ekoloko Labels: Virtual World Kid Safe Home Design Avatar Educational – rate Play in Ekoloko a world full of fun games and quests where you will be able to learn all about the planet and how to save it in this great children’s virtual world.
Webbli World Labels: Virtual World Kid Safe Home Design Avatar Educational 10 rate Enter the fun world of Webbli, create your very own Webbli and explore this fun filled place with lots of games and fun things to see.
Herotopia Labels: Virtual World Kid Safe Home Design Avatar Educational 1 rate Play Herotopia and save the world from the Bully Bunch.

Yet here, with this difference in what boys and girls seem to like on Moshi Monsters, this isn’t societally imposed.
What we’re seeing, in this first generation of children growing up with these sorts of games, is attitudes free of that sort of societal imposition.
Yet is still is true that on average there are differences between men and women, girls and boys.
For example, the blue for boys, pink for girls thing is entirely arbitrary and actually quite new in an historical sense.
There’s a certain strand of feminism that insists that men and women, boys and girls, are the same.
We’re all quite happy with the idea that individuals are indeed individuals and that there are girls, women, out there who show more signs of traditionally thought of as male behaviour than some men do.

Dragon Village is a Dragons Fighting, Breeding Mania, Magic City Builder free 2 play fun game for kids, boys and girls.
City Island 2 is free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money.
* Please note: Rise of Berk is completely free to play but offers some game items for purchase with real money.
My Singing Monsters is a world-building music game where you collect and breed your own adorable monster mash.
You can download the game for free, but you have the option to spend real money for extra content.

Its basic structure is very similar to that of games like Webkinz and Club Penguin — but without the toys that are associated with those two.  In place of the toys, Moshi Monsters has a free basic level of membership that allows the player to adopt a monster and play with them, as well as a subscription fee system called the Passport that adds more complex elements to the game, such as special locations and destinations like The Port, The Underground Disco, Island, and more.
At its very basic essence this is a game in which the player adopts and cares for a pet monster who lives in its own house in the game.  The process of taking care of your monster often includes playing games and solving puzzles, which often result in the player earning rewards that are called Rox — a virtual currency that can be used to buy items like food, drinks, clothes, and toys for the adopted monster as well as items with which to decorate their home.

Here are some more Moshi Monsters Ice Cream Challenge game related games in Cooking games category.
Moshi Monsters Ice Cream Challenge game, play free Cooking games online.
Play Moshi Monsters Ice Cream Challenge game related games and updates.
moshi monsters ice cream game, moshi monster ice cream game, moshi monsters ice cream games.
Moshi Monsters Ice Cream Challenge game – played 53,043 times.

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Update: Mind Candy have been in touch to let us know that Moshling Rescue is aimed at “adult casual game players” rather than children: the game isn’t being marketed through the existing Moshi Monsters kids’ channels, and there won’t be any merchandise for it aimed at children.
Mind Candy – that’s them – quietly released a brand new Moshi Monsters game for and iPad earlier this year, which uses similar ‘match-three’ gameplay to Candy Crush Saga.
If you’re wondering: yes, like Candy Crush Saga and many similar games, Moshling Rescue is free to download and play, but uses in-app purchases.

The team starts by writing their name on their word search and then has the five minutes to locate the names of the 6 Moshi Monsters and the 6 Moshlings hidden in the letters.
Everyone keeps going until they’ve done all the Puzzle Palaces (6 x 5 mins plus faffing in between), then while they’re having their Moshi Monsters Yum Yums Party Tea you can tot up their scores and proclaim the winning team.
They then have the five minutes to wrap their nominated Zommer Mummy up as best as they can and when they’re finished make sure their mummy is wearing one of their Moshi Monster team masks.
Each team starts in one of the stations and when you blow the whistle/ring the bell/sound the horn the 5 minutes in their station begins (you’ll need a stop clock or just use your phone!).
The team has 5 minutes to identify which letter is missing from each grid and write their answer down on their sheet or circle the correct letter if you give a new sheet to each team.
You could either have a new set of clocks printed out for each team so they can circle the correct time or they could write their answers down on a separate sheet of paper (which should have their team name on too!).
You could provide a little point and shoot digi camera for them to take a snap at the end of the whole team (which will make great thank you cards, by the way), but this might mean having a responsible camera person at this station to take the picture.
Spend the first 10 minutes with each team colouring and decorating their very own Moshi Monster Masks.

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