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These are the best online of 2013 that someone who likes runescape might find to be fun.
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Just a small list of a few free online browser based games much like Runescape.
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What set's some of these apart is that some of them have more animated style graphics! Trust me though, these games are just as fun and even have some different and better features than Runescape! Click the links above to at least check all of these games out.

Runescape is a very unique game in its own right, There aren't any games that I have seen like runescape and the only thing I can recommend based on your requirements is old school runescape, which is included with membership.
Runescape is too unique in its field to suggest another game similar to it.
The only game that I've ever found to be similar to RuneScape is Tibia.

Drakensang Online is a free to play browser based game developed by Bigpoint that offer similar gameplay to the classic action role playing games of days past.
Ever wanted to contribute to your own online role playing game? Stendhal is a free to play open source project that is very reminiscent of early RuneScape in design and will have you exploring the game world as you battle in PvE and PvP combat while trading and completing quests.
Serenia Fantasy is a simple 2D browser based game that has plenty of impressive features that make it one of the better browser games available.

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Drakensang Online – this game has it all: high-quality 3D graphics, epic battles, tons of quests, 100 talents, crafting, skills, pets, PvP, and a whopping nine million registered players worldwide.
Games Similar to Runescape With Crafting and Free Trade, including MMORPGs with a merchant class.
Welcome to This website offers a list of all the best free games like Runescape.
Although Runescape is a browser MMO that most people would consider to be a casual game, the reality is that RS has many features that appeal to hardcore players.

This page features many fun and free MMO games like RuneScape with most being available online (no download, playable in your browser) but some do require you to download their game client.
There are many online free MMORPG games like RuneScape available if you are looking to move away from RuneScape or are just looking for a good online or downloadable game with a fantasy setting.
Fans of RuneScape will feel at home with Sherwood Dungeon and best of all Sherwood Dungeon allows you to play as a guest, you don’t even have to create an account to try out this free online game like RuneScape (no download).
This makes it hard to find a great game like RuneScape amongst the hundreds of RuneScape clones but there are a few stand out games that offer a similar player base, game style and level of polish.
While I consider it very much like RuneScape because of the online and social nature of the game it plays very similar to Drakensang Online (also featured here) in that it takes a page from action role playing adventures like the Diablo series.
Drakensang Online is easily one of my favourite games on this list, it’s sort of a mixture of RuneScape and Diablo and it’s all available in your browser with an amazing free price tag.

"Welcome to Battle Of Phantasia, a free, kick butt, online, multi-player, dungeons and dragons, fantasy role-playing, adventure game.
"Oberin is an online fantasy role-playing game and virtual community, available exclusively for Macintosh.
"Forlorn Hope: Online, is a massive online role playing game.
"Daimonin is a online role playing game (MMORPG).
"Fantasy team hand-to-hand combat on an epic scale… Realm Wars allows massive numbers of players to team up and fight battles in a real-time action based format.
Dark Ages is an online role-playing game set in a fantasy world of faeries and magic.
A 3D medieval fantasy role playing game with magic, quests, and a large world.
More than a game, this is an entire virtual world with limitless options… create your own objects and buildings (even own an island!), dance, chat, share music, soar through the sky… all with outstanding graphics.

I'm not quitting runescape, it's just that it's to hard & time consuming to play this game.
I'm not quitting runescape, it's just that it's to hard & time consuming to play this game.
I'm not quitting runescape, it's just that it's to hard & time consuming to play this game.
I can't play this game more than 10 hours a day to get decent cash, i want to play for couple  hours on a game & have fun.
I can't play this game more than 10 hours a day to get decent cash, i want to play for couple  hours on a game & have fun.
I can't play this game more than 10 hours a day to get decent cash, i want to play for couple  hours on a game & have fun.
Runescape is a game that takes time to achieve what you want, which is hard for me because my life is already full.
Runescape is a game that takes time to achieve what you want, which is hard for me because my life is already full.
Runescape is a game that takes time to achieve what you want, which is hard for me because my life is already full.

RuneScape, a game which landed itself in the Guinness World Records for its sheer size and large number of updates, gained colossal recognition and acclaim for its amazing and addictive gameplay.
Boasting massive worlds, challenging quests, impressive gameplay, smooth servers and regular expansion packs, the game is still among the most prominent and celebrated titles in the genre.
The massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) genre has been making ripples for quite some time now by offering some amazing experiences, especially for PC gamers.
Guild Wars 2 is another game that has gained a fair amount of prominence in the MMORPG genre.
Rather than experimenting with the genre, the game has clearly remained focus on the existing elements, polishing them and presenting them in an alluring manner.
Instead of simply focusing on the gameplay and keeping players busy, the game offers a storyline, which unravels in response to choices made by players.

Unless you specify which elements of Runescape you like since the game itself is so vast in content, it is really very hard to recommend games that are similar to Runescape.

Im looking for a game like Runescape! or Flyff where you can walk around and there are a ton of people from online roaming different areas, where you can fight monsters and pick up armor and weapons and coins from them and customize your character….I can't seem to find a game like that besides Runescape that I can play! I have windows 8 so I can't play flyff or fiesta.

Reality Squared Games will be releasing a big patch update for the recently launched hybrid strategy MMORPG, WarTune.
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World of Warcraft, the hugely popular online computer game, has been blocked in Iran because of the United States' economic sanctions.
Spacetime Studios space themed MMORPG called Star Legends has received a new content update that brings with it a few new features.

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Dofus but prepare yourself because questing in dofus is long, very long.

however the graphics and overall gameplay of many is far greater, but if you are a skiller then not many other mmo’s would suitu you as well as rs.
there are many other mmorpg’s taht you can play however none of them have a system like runescapes.

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Explore this rather strange, and mysterious land of wizards, warriors, and mighty weapons! Battle enemies like orcs, bears, snakes, wolves, and even rats! When you're strong enough, you are ready to be teleported to a land where you will encounter stronger monsters, more mysteries, and you will be ready to choose which path to take; the path of the mage, the warrior, the paladin, or the archer.
Go on exciting quests and battle dragons, dark minions and giant spiders and work you way to being the greatest warrior in the Sherwood Dungeon! Also take pets such as giant spiders, dragons, horses, and wolves with you to help you on defeating your foes.

On the off chance that you need a refreshing game to try out, maybe it’s time to look around for games like Runescape.
At the same time, the game doesn’t expect you to remain in one alliance, and you can flip into the other faction if the mood ever struck you.
It has some of the tightest gameplay and most fun combat ever made, and at the same time, nearly everyone can play the game.
At the same time, it’s old as the sun itself and so it has become sort of a trusted game when it comes to loyalty.
Yet another game that really puts an emphasis on combat, PoE is like playing an online version of Diablo III that isn’t crap when it comes to internet connection.
It’s sort of funny actually, because this game is unique because it follows an old school formula.
Of course, some may see this as a means of cheating, but considering how hard the game can get, it’s a pretty welcome change to the formula.
The sci-fi style art, couple with over the top combat makes this a truly unique game.
Raiding the massive dungeons with a ton of friends is the sure hook to this game, and at the same time, the PVP systems is well done.
While it isn’t the most visually striking game out there, CoB has some unique ideas that come into play through fancy quirks.
Being another free to play game, you can expect that some parts of this title aren’t free.
Featuring a lot of gameplay modes and a ton of hours grinding, this game polishes the very elements that make MMOs what they are.
There’s no game experience that really shows off how much MMOs have evolved more than WoW.
Okay, so while this game is a bit of a stretch, it’s still one of the best F2P MMOs out there.
For example, you can’t play the game excessively, and it instead allows you 5 minutes out of the day to play.

Many websites don’t work on iPad, , or even on Android because of Flash, Java or similar website features that rely on PC-class features.
Now with AlwaysOnPC, you get access to PC-caliber Firefox web browser from Mozilla with Flash and Java support, so you can browse the WHOLE web on your mobile device.
You’ll have five days to try it for free, take it for a test drive, upload files, setup email or Dropbox folders, and try all the apps from your computer.

I like runescape but it keeps making my laptop crash.
I like runescape but it keeps making my laptop crash.
Try minecraft or something like that, if you can't run Runescape you might as well play frisbee using your laptop.
If your laptop cannot play runescape then anything like it wont work either because runescape is a low quality game.
Update : It keeps running slow and feels like my laptop is going to crash.

I suggest though if you are going to have a look at it, you try to contact me or get in with another group first day of play, because Wurm has a very steep learning curve, but if you are part of a group that can help you you will have no problems and may enjoy it more.
Wurm Online.  It kinda feels like playing Old school UO and Runescape, except with way more sandbox content.
Eldevin is good but they limit you more with item space than any game I've ever played, and of course they are on the cash shop.
Player housing isn't in yet but I believe it is coming at some point down the road.
Player housing isn't in yet but I believe it is coming at some point down the road.

Elsword is like an arcade side scroller game where you travel left or right and have up to three skills that requires charges (you need to hit the monsters to charge up a bar or two, three bars to use a skill, it’s like their mana system) there are certain avatar items and uniques you could obtain to make your character look a bit different, when you class advance you either get longer hair or some other appearance changes.
Latale is a 2d side scroller with pvp duels outside town, it has alot of things to craft, rare weapons need urns though you can combo in this game, to do this you press z or x for weak/strong attack and press skills there are four trees so you could combo them without having to fit in normal attacks, you need the normal attacks if you want to use skills from other trees but usually you focus one tree because not all of them are good skills.
Ragnarok online – this 2.5d mmorpg is an oldie, one of the few mmorpgs that have private servers and possibly "have more players in private servers, oh you could tell they are butthurt most of the time" it was loved by many due to castle siege ( guild vs guild content called woe – war of emperium – goal is to defend or destroy the crystal this is held weekly) it does have some crafting but you must be a blacksmith or a whitesmith, to vend items while afking you need a merchant.

Each class has it’s own level, and with that comes all the things needed to perform as that class, unlike Runescape where you’d level up a number of skills to make your character play the way you want.
These are probably more interdependent than Runescape’s – you can craft materials that other classes can use, and each class has a small number of skills that carry over to other classes.
Cross class skills are most definitely not useless They give combat classes some minor benefits (for example, thaumaturge gets an ability called swiftcast, which lets you cast any spell instantly.
I play on the PS3 and if you hit start, in the left pull down menu there is actions & traits, character, armory chest, inventory, and some other selections to choose from (you can also put these on the hotbar for easy access).
You can save class sets once you reach level 10 with your first class and gain the ability to change classes.

If you want to play a game like RuneScape on your system, so on iPhone or iPad, here is a list of five games that may fit.
RuneScape has been around for a few years now and started life as a pretty basic game with pretty basic graphics and no soundtrack but since then it has moved on in leaps and bounds.
Here you find a list of games like RuneScape that are playable on your Xbox or Xbox360.
If you are searching for a game like RuneScape for your Android device like tablet or smartphone, this list may be interesting for you.
Here you find a list of games like RuneScape that are playable on your Playstation 3.
In this list you find games that are similar to RuneScape without any filter.
RuneScape is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from Jagex.

Select Forum  2029 Online  2112: Revolution  2Moons  4Story  8BitMMO  9 Dragons  A Mystical Land  A Tale in the Desert III  A3  ACE Online  ARGO Online  Aberoth  Absolute Force Online  Absolute Terror  Achaea  Adellion  Aerrevan  Aetolia, the Midnight Age  Age of Armor  Age of Conan  Age of Empires Online  Age of Mourning  Age of Wulin  Age of Wushu  Aida Arenas  Aika  Aion  Albion Online  Alganon  All Points Bulletin (APB)  Allods Online  Altis Gates  Amazing World  Anarchy Online  Ancients of Fasaria  Andromeda 5  Angels Online  Angry Birds Epic  Anime Trumps  Anmynor  Anno Online  Applo  Arcane Hearts  Arcane Legends  ArchLord  ArcheAge  Archeblade  Archlord X  Ascend: Hand of Kul  Asda 2  Asda Story  Ashen Empires  Asheron’s Call  Asheron’s Call 2  Astera Online  Astonia III  Astro Empires  Astro Lords: Oort CLoud  Asura Force  Atlantica Online  Atriarch  Aura Kingdom  Aurora Blade  Auto Assault  Avatar Star  Battle Dawn  Battle Dawn Galaxies  Battle for Graxia  Battle of 3 Kingdoms  Battle of the Immortals  Battlecruiser Online  Battlestar Galactica Online  Battlestar Reloaded  Beyond Protocol  Black Aftermath  Black Desert  Black Gold  Black Prophecy  Black Prophecy Tactics: Nexus Conflict  Blacklight Retribution  Blade & Soul  Blade Hunter  Blade Wars  Blazing Throne  Bless  Blitz 1941  Blood and Jade  Bloodlines Champions  Boot Hill Heroes   2  : The Pre-Sequel  Bound by Flame  Bounty Bay Online  Brain Storm  Bravada  Bravely Default  Bravely Second  Brawl Busters.
2029 Online 2112: Revolution 2Moons 4Story 8BitMMO 9 Dragons A Mystical Land A Tale in the Desert III A3 ACE Online ARGO Online Aberoth Absolute Force Online Absolute Terror Achaea Adellion Aerrevan Aetolia, the Midnight Age Age of Armor Age of Conan Age of Empires Online Age of Mourning Age of Wulin Age of Wushu Aida Arenas Aika Aion Albion Online Alganon All Points Bulletin (APB) Allods Online Altis Gates Amazing World Anarchy Online Ancients of Fasaria Andromeda 5 Angels Online Angry Birds Epic Anime Trumps Anmynor Anno Online Applo Arcane Hearts Arcane Legends ArchLord ArcheAge Archeblade Archlord X Ascend: Hand of Kul Asda 2 Asda Story Ashen Empires Asheron’s Call Asheron’s Call 2 Astera Online Astonia III Astro Empires Astro Lords: Oort CLoud Asura Force Atlantica Online Atriarch Aura Kingdom Aurora Blade Auto Assault Avatar Star Battle Dawn Battle Dawn Galaxies Battle for Graxia Battle of 3 Kingdoms Battle of the Immortals Battlecruiser Online Battlestar Galactica Online Battlestar Reloaded Beyond Protocol Black Aftermath Black Desert Black Gold Black Prophecy Black Prophecy Tactics: Nexus Conflict Blacklight Retribution Blade & Soul Blade Hunter Blade Wars Blazing Throne Bless Blitz 1941 Blood and Jade Bloodlines Champions Boot Hill Heroes Borderlands 2 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Bound by Flame Bounty Bay Online Brain Storm Bravada Bravely Default Bravely Second Brawl Busters.

I’ve been thinking about buying this MMO for a while… I am a long time Runescape player and the freedom in that game and how you can Pk someone for all their gear and basically be anything and do anything you want.
Decide for yourself, but be asured "you can do whatever you like, its a true sandbox" is simply a marketing hoax and if thats the reason you want to play this game I suggest you save your money for something better.

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