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Complete Surveys, Focus Groups, and Product Testing for cash and other prizes.

Don't expect to get a whole lot of products to test every month but if you stick to completing surveys all the time then you'll start noticing product testing surveys to pop up in your email box quite a bit.
  Wonder How Product Testing Works and How You Can Become a Product Tester? First, you’ll need to sign up with a company that offers product testing at home.  Once you do this the company will send you emails to fill out screeners to see if you’ll qualify for their up and coming product testing.  Once you fill out their screener survey, they’ll let you know at the end if you qualify or not.  For example, let say the company is looking for people to test out their beauty product, if you don’t use a certain beauty product they want you to test then you won’t qualify.
I haven't done a lot of product testing lately with survey panels since I get products from companies directly since I'm a product review blogger.
If you want to become a product reviewer and get free products, I suggest you use companies like BzzAgent and Smiley360 because with them you are allowed to share information about the products you've tested and survey panels you're not allowed to.
When I was strictly doing product testing through survey panels, I was getting about 4 different products to test a month.
To test products full time you can become a product review blogger like me by joining companies looking for bloggers to review their products on blogs.
they have never given me the opportunity, though there was only 1 time that they said that they would send me a product to test, but they didn't say that i would get any points or anything for it, nor be able to test other products.
The reason for product testing is that Big Companies would like to know what consumers think about new products they’re developing to be sent to stores but before they do that they need your opinions.  This way it’ll save them time and money if the product doesn’t do well.

It might seem a bit too good to be true, but the product testing sites reviewed in this guide really are genuine and, if you stick with it, they’ll happily send you enough items to keep your spending as low as possible.
Likelihood of receiving products: The Pinecone products are a little more limited than other sites but you have less users to content with so chances of getting a product are actually higher.
It’s worth noting at this stage that not every user of product testing sites gets sent something to test.
Most companies set aside around £5,000 – £10,000 of products every month to test and because most of these sites have 1000s of users it means that they cannot sent a product to everyone.
If you’re interested in getting rewards for product testing, you’ll probably also fancy getting paid for filling out online surveys.
How it works: To receive free products for testing, you can visit the ‘testing’ area of the site (under rewards), and apply to test products.
But if you don’t want to venture into the world of regular employment just yet, check out this guide for the best product testing companies who often pay for your opinions.
How it works: The link below goes through to an offer to test a Toshiba laptop and once you’ve signed up for that you can browse other items on the site for testing.
If you sign up to a product testing website then never return, you’re not likely to receive anything.
Likelihood of receiving products: As with any product testing there is only a limited number of each product and users are chosen at random.
If you want to get involved with product testing, you’ll obviously need to know which websites offer the best deals.
We’ve already shared some great ways to make money, but this nifty guide will teach you everything you need to know about making money specifically from product testing.
Likelihood of receiving products: Toluna generally have around 200-500 of each product to test and testers are chosen at random each time.
It’s easy to get carried away and sign up for every free product you can find, but you’re just wasting your own time.
How it works: You can sign up to Pinecone to answer surveys and from time to time you might be asked to test a product.
We say: Pinecone is an excellent and well trusted survey and product testing site and one of the best paying.

Companies are looking for certain types of people to test their products, for example, lets say a company has created a new fruit juice product and wanted to get consumers opinions about; if you do not drink fruit juice you more than likely will not qualify for the product test.
I’ve been helping people for the past 5 years find legitimate companies that offers free product testing at home.
@anonymous: No, you sign up with the companies I have listed on this lens and they’ll email you with surveys and product test surveys to complete.
If you’re an International and would like to become a product tester, please visit my blog to get a free list of companies that offers product testing at home.
@anonymous: Hey Damaris! Yes, several of these sites I’ve listed here are survey companies but these are the companies that also offer paid product testing.
I make several hundreds of dollars a year with survey panels but not lately since I haven’t been doing them since now I get free products directly from companies to test and review on my blog.
@anonymous: Hey Jak! Wow that stinks! If you go to my international section of this article, you’ll see a link that will send you to my blog with companies that offers product testing in the UK.
@anonymous: Hey Judi! I’ve listed companies above that offers product testing, all you have to do is click on the links and sign up.
@EraGlassCo: Yes you can actually do surveys that are in home product test! You’ve got to try it! I getting free stuff and getting paid to use it and voice my opinions.
@FancyThatUSA: Great! You’ll enjoy getting paid to test products at home! Make sure to click the link in my International testing section.
Some surveys will lead to testing a product at the end so don’t give up! But right now my favorites are MySurvey, Toluna, and Valued Opinions because they seem to always have product test surveys.
@dlgiacobini: Survey panels offers a lot of product testing as well as paid surveys without needing a blog and that’s why I have them on the list.
I am signed up with the majority of the sites listed but most of them so rarely sent me any product testing offers, just survey links for surveys that take a year to cash out.
@anonymous: Hey Kris! I’ve never heard of this company and it sounds like a SCAM! Don’t do it!!!! Product testing is always free and will never ask for your credit card information.
@anonymous: Well these Product Testing Companies are online so it doesn’t hurt to sign up and see if you qualify.
@WhitF0711: Yeah, there are a lot of legitimate companies that offers free product testing at home.
@anonymous: Hey Patrick! Once you sign up the companies will email you about any product testing available.
@rainel95: Hey Rainel! I’ve listed companies above that offers product testing, all you have to do is sign up by clicking the links.
If you want to do strictly product testing then you can sign up for and Smiley360, and you won’t need a blog with those companies either.
Also programs like In Home Product Test Panel, LOREAL, and BzzAgent are strictly product test only but you don’t get as many products to test like Survey Panels.

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You can become a member of their Riceipe Club® where you get the chance to not only receive free products and samples to test, but you also get coupons and special discounts.
Sure, there are some survey sites and review sites where you can buy products to test and you get paid for them, but we are talking about companies that give away totally free samples.
Join for free to get free samples and products to test.
You will have the opportunity to not only get totally free stuff, you also influence the look, taste, and experience of General Mills and Small Planet Foods products.

Check your email box daily for product testing invites.  Some invites won’t tell you until the end of the survey to test their products, so complete all survey invites.
Anyone can become a product tester.  All product testing companies are free to join and will never charge you for your opinion.  Help make a difference with companies and their products by letting them know if you like their products or not.
Companies listed below are what I use personally to receive products to test at home.  All are legitimate and never charge you to make money or receive products.  Any questions, please contact me.
If you fit a certain demographic a company is looking for, SurveySpot and MySurvey will send you a survey to fill out and then will tell you at the end if you qualify to test a product.
Product testing is great because you try the products free before you buy it.  This has really helped save me money on products I may not like.  Also I learn about new products soon to come out in stores.

There are some product testing opportunities where your don’t get paid cash or cards, but you do get to keep the products – this is what I call “Product Reward Only” product testing.
This is a recent product test for a survey panel (one of the paid survey/product testing panels, sorry can’t disclose which panel).
Please know that for some product test surveys alerts I can’t disclose the actual products name or brand, but I will give out survey numbers or email subject etc.
I had a few very good name brand product testing opportunities with them (such as very cool household appliance), they have numerous online surveys and is my favorite online survey panel.
9-2-14: Toluna US current product test Nivea colour mini nail varnish – 600 products available, September 2nd – 8th.
9-2-14: Toluna US current product test Garnier Baygon insect trap flower stickers – 1000 products available, September 1st – September 8st.
Once you complete the online survey questionnaire about the new product, the market research panel will record your participation and reward which you can get paid right away or you can cash out later.
I have tested numerous food items and this is one of the recent product test from one of the paid survey/product test panels.
Some of those companies/panels are directly from big name manufactures/brands, others are more like a special product testing community for the brands and advertisers, they allow or even encourage members to share those products on social media and blogs etc.
This is a laundry product test I did for one of the paid survey/product testing panels last year.

If you are selected to become one of paid product testing program featured contributors, you will be assigned a login ID and password to access a secure platform and review products online via an online qualitative forum.
If you become a tester for Consumer Worldwide, you will have the opportunity to test and evaluate products from all around the world, mostly food and beverage items at this stage of our paid product testing program.

List of FREE Product Testing Companies: If you want to become a product tester and want to test products for money then you need to join survey panels that provide paid product testing opportunities.
Are you looking for consumer product testing jobs and want to get paid to test products? Do you know that you can become a product tester and get paid to try & test new products? Yes, it is true that anyone (age 13+) can be a product tester and it is FREE! There are a number of consumer product testing companies that are looking for paid product testers to test their client’s new products.
Act now, join product testing companies and get paid to test products.
The world of paid product testing is like a dream.Test free products and get paid to fill out surveys.

Ipsos I-Say Panel – You can earn points for taking surveys Earn points for every completed survey.
FREE HCD Research Online Surveys – HCD is a very good survey site, they have really neat surveys that don’t take very long to do. is fantastic they give you points for searching the web, something that we already do! With the points that you earn you can get Gift Cards, Shirts, Hats, and so much more. – You can earn fantastic samples and so much more! – Registered members “play the game” by unlocking badges that reflect your lifestyle, expertise and power to influence.
NoMoreRack -Get a Free $10 gift card when you sign up, plus refer your friends to earn free prizes.
It’s easy to earn points – Swagbucks will also give out free codes as well.
Cash in your points for American Express gift cards, Amazon gift codes and more, and they also do product testing if you qualify for them.
Below is a list of some of the best sites that offer great freebies, product testing and so much more! These are all 100% FREE to join.
Earn FREE Money at CashCrate! CashCrate pays you cash by trying products for free.
Surfers who participate in this offer can receive a free membership to the Toluna online survey panel.

If getting paid to test products sounds appealing to you, all you have to do is sign up with a couple of market research companies, or a paid product testing company.
Many people do not know this, but it is possible to make money by testing products and completing consumer surveys – from home! This is a great way to earn a little extra income, be it for a vacation, a wedding, or even a long term income generating avenue.

Mom Central is now accepting Product Testing from Mom Central for Dad Bloggers or website owners.

I generally don’t even care if I do not receive payment for product testing, and this is a good thing because most of these panels don’t pay you for the things you test and keep.
I’ve done my fair share of product testing and gotten a lot of free goodies as a result.
BzzAgent is a product testing panel that I’ve been part of in the past.
Do you enjoy testing out new products and getting samples? Do you have brand loyalty to the products you use every day? Do you dread having to throw a home party just to try out new products and receive samples? Then Chatterbox might be something for you to look into.
We’ve been talking a lot about various product testing panels lately.
You may not always get paid for product testing, but you will get a free product to keep and try.

You can become a product tester for FREE and get paid to test products at home.
– video explaining how to get paid to test products.
Rating is available when the video has been rented.

Copyright © 2014 Concepts Testing.

Payouts are made by Amazon gift voucher, high street gift vouchers including Debenhams & HMV and free prize draw entries.
Previous product testing trials included household goods, makeup, pre-packaged foods, iPads, electronic goods, hair care products, beauty products ect. is updated daily with new freebies, free stuff, samples and free competitions. is updated daily with new freebies, free stuff, samples and free competitions.
Share your opinions on new products and earn Amazon gift vouchers.

If you are interested and want to get paid to try products at home, simply register with a few of these paid product testing or market research companies, they then will connect you with companies whenever they need product testers for specific studies.
Remember, if you want to increase your odds of getting invited to as many product testings studies as possible, you have to sign up with as many of these research companies as you can.

Influenster is a new product testing panel that I’ve been using for several months now, and I have been pretty impressed so far.
Smiley360 is a product testing panel that I’ve been a part of pretty much since it started.
I know some of you really like doing product reviews and getting the opportunity to test out free items, so for that reason I decided to share some information about ExpoTV with you today.
BzzAgent is a pretty popular product testing program that you’ve probably heard of.
I have always been excited to get free things, and if you qualify for this program, you’ll get freebies for yourself as well as for other moms you know.
Overall, I have had an excellent experience with Smiley360 and I’ve tested out lots of things since I’ve been a member.

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Welcome to American Consumer Opinion®, a worldwide network of people who get paid for sharing their opinions and ideas by answering online surveys.
Join our paid online survey panel and help evaluate new products, test new advertising, and tell companies what you think.
Most members of American Consumer Opinion® enjoy having the opportunity to make their opinions count, to influence the future.
Your participation will help companies determine which products are worthy of placement in the stores you shop in every day.

You use our screen recorder to record a video of what’s happening on your screen – mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes – and your spoken comments while you use the website you’re testing.
If you become one of our user testers, then whenever your demographic profile is requested, you’ll have an opportunity to earn money using a website.
Website owners can access a network of pre-screened testers who are articulate and observant and who meet specified demographics.
“Do you often think out loud to the annoyance of people around you? UserTesting is a company that does Usability Testing on websites.
Use our screen recorder to record your screen and verbal comments as you browse a sample website.
You’ll only receive work opportunities if your demographic profile matches the target audience of the websites being tested.

To help them judge consumer interest in new products, many companies hire product evaluators either directly or via marketing firms to test products they want to introduce to the marketplace.
Visit the websites of companies on your list and search for information about product testing.
Some companies, including the McCormick Corp., use an automated system to contact consumer product evaluators by phone or email.
Complete any remaining steps needed to test products for companies and marketing firms and wait for them to contact you about your first assignment.
Contact marketing companies and inquire about opportunities to work as a product evaluator.

As a consumer panel member you may periodically receive emails to participate in a brief on-line survey, provide feedback on new packaging concepts, or take part in in-home product testing.
Would you or your family be interested in helping us test our new products? Product testers receive FREE sample products if selected.
Whether it be focus groups, taste tests, or Internet surveys, McCormick Consumer Testing is always seeking consumers to help guide the development process of consumer preferred products.
In return, our testers agree to try out any products they receive in a prompt manner and provide us with a detailed response to the product via an online or paper survey.
These research studies involve focus groups, product testing at home or at their office, telephone, mail or Internet surveys, and many other types of marketing research studies involving consumers.
Active testers receive a free version of the final product; and by giving feedback, they can score “Beta Points,” which can earn them valuable prizes.
*Novice and experienced players needed! * Play UNRELEASED Microsoft PC and Xbox games! * Make your opinions heard! * Brief sessions that fit your schedule! * Get FREE stuff! While most of our Playtest sessions are conducted in Redmond, WA (U.S.A.) or in Austin, TX (U.S.A.), we also conduct on-line surveys and field studies for individuals who reside outside of these regions.
These evaluations include your thoughts about new ideas for products or actually testing products in your home and letting In-Home Product Testing know what you think of them.
The Consumer Product Testing Centre is part of the Food Processing Development Centre of Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development.
These surveys are conducted entirely online, allowing you to easily answer questions with a click of the mouse! If you enjoy sharing your opinions on the latest cosmetics, fine fragrances, soaps, shampoos, health and beauty, and other household products this is the membership for you.
Some of the products we might test include cookies, soup, frozen and microwavable dinners, cigarettes, mints, soft drinks, soap, detergent, shampoo, mouthwash, and other personal care, food, or household items.

Nike is seeking a broad variety of athletes, dedicated to both their sports and to providing constructive, candid feedback about Nike apparel and footwear.

² Sweepstakes entries are awarded, from time to time, for screened-out surveys, and other promotions.
It’s good to have a say on products and services while getting rewarded for my time.

Fill in all the information that you can, including all email addresses and telephone numbers you have, this will make it easier for us to contact you about upcoming trials.

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If you just go by those 2 simple rules then you are well on your way to getting paid to try out products and earn money from online surveys.
Numerous companies may be found which, along with paying you to try new products at your house, will pay you for your participation in focus groups and for completing surveys online.

If you like free products, cash and prizes (and I’m betting you do), think about joining some consumer test panels.
Sign up to become a consumer test panelist, and you could get to try new spice and flavoring products before they come out – and get paid to do it.
Test new products for L’Oreal, and get paid in cash or free products.

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