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The ‘Bath Caddy’ has been an incredibly popular for several years – women absolutely them! These clever little gizmos are the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing bath, providing space for your favourite book and a nice glass of wine.
Present Spotter’s gift experts bring together the very best present ideas for forty plus women – all on one easy to use website.
You already know that Present Spotter’s staff search high and low to find the very best gift ideas, but you probably want to see a few examples.
This is just a small selection of the gifts on offer at Present Spotter but there are plenty more to choose from! We aim to provide lots of presents to suit forty something women.
Welcome to Present Spotter! Our aim is to take the hassle out of gift shopping and the stress out of choosing the right present.
At Present Spotter we believe that the only way to create a really compelling gift guide is by good old fashioned hard work.
This indulgent gift set contains a whole black winter truffle alongside a selection of delicious truffle infused products like olive oil, pasta and honey.
For entertaining: Wine (red, white, sparkling), Case of favourite mineral water, platter, sushi plate, chopsticks, cake plate, cake server, tea set, coffee pot, coffee cups, teaspoons, coffee spoons, coasters, placemats, tablecloth, outdoor table setting, BBQ, Portable BBQ, BBQ tools.
For personal development: For her garden of Eden: Wheel barrow/Yard cart, secateurs, spade, fork, load of fertilizer, load of mulch, compost bin, hand tools (hand fork, digger, weeder), gloves, pad for kneeling on), plants (check wist list).
Yes! Women love gadgets too! A digital camera is perfect as a birthday or other gift for a woman.
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend….. but if you can’t afford diamonds, a woman will be happy to receive other multi stone or crystal jewelry sets as a gift.
Tip: A His and Hers Something whether it is a towel set, a matching necklace or Couple Rings, matching couple t-shirts or mugs always work as a romantic gift for a woman for wedding anniversaries.
A gift basket of all her favorite things will make the perfect gift for a woman.
A small handwritten or homemade card on the gift box would complete it and make this a perfect gift for a woman.
This ESTEE LAUDER BLOCKBUSTER GOLD MAKEUP SET TRAIN CASE as a gift will thrill a woman as she checks out all the little items.
What do you give a woman who has life figured out (for the most part)? The woman in her 40s would appreciate something elegant, practical, meaningful, or better yet — a combination of all three.
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Clownfish did have one pre-Nemo claim to fame: they exploit their immunity to sea anemone toxins by hiding out in the oceanic invertebrates’ poisonous tentacles.
Clownfish did have one pre-Nemo claim to fame: they exploit their immunity to sea anemone toxins by hiding out in the oceanic invertebrates’ poisonous tentacles.
Depending on the color of the anemone, this attribute provides nature photographers with a goldmine of imaging opportunities.
Is she the "hostest-with-the-mostest" always providing the house everyone gathers at for parties and dinners? If so, perhaps she’d love a cool new kitchen gadget or an elegant set of champagne flutes.
Consider the woman’s personality before embarking on buying a birthday gift.
Meow! I grew up with Hello Kitty, the cute little cartoon spokescat for the Japanese company Sanrio whose face has spawned a thousand pencil cases.
Or if she is more the elegant businesswoman-type, consider a lovely piece of fine jewelry or a beautiful photo frame she can sit on her desk.
Give her a personalized gift card for her 40th birthday.
They like items they can put to use right away like a date book to organize their life or an electronic multi-language dictionary that will help them on their quest for knowledge.
Is she "in the know" and considered a fashionista by friends? If so, check out some current fashion magazines so you can get a sense of what the latest trends are and treat her to something stylish.
Customize the card with a photo of the two of you and add a special birthday message.
You’re about to become a gift-giving wiz capable of making your own Private Gift Lists.
Holiday Gift Ideas for Over 40sHave you noticed that the older your friends get, the harder it is to buy them something special that they don’t already have? Check out our list: It’s guaranteed not to be the usual been-there-bought-that.
Is she an active outdoorswoman or a creative thinker? Does she love jewelry, or the latest fashions? Is she a romantic soul, or a practical joker? Most likely, she’s a multi-faceted woman who enjoys many different things – which means more options for you to find the right gift for every occasion.
Finding the perfect gifts for the women in your life is easy thanks to We have great gift ideas for Mom, great gift ideas for your wife, great gift ideas for girlfriends and plenty of other great female gift ideas. offers plenty of female gift ideas – inspiration for gifts she’ll love, and you’ll love giving.
Is the woman you want to surprise too fond of her boring black coat? Give her a great scarf to brighten up her face and make her whole outdoor look more fabulous.
Perhaps to ‘how to dress bible’ is not such a good idea, but inspirational biographies or celebrations of style are eye candy to many a stylish woman and can inspire her even more.
I’m always open to new ideas, so if you have a great idea for a gift or want to give your loved one a hint as to what you like to have, just add a comment below.
Or why not donate your gift for a good cause? Buy an animal for World Vision, sponsor a child, donate to the red cross or provide some micro loans through Kiva.
Like every year I created a list of what I believe are some of the best gift ideas for women over 40.
Here are some of my favorites, with the Tucano Ala Folio Case For IPad Mini Red my absolute favorite and the one I’m currently using.
If you love your ipad as much as I do, you need a good case.
Do you like to see your woman in a colourful dress? This is a chance to choose one for her! Most online shops have generous return policies so no risk involved.
I hope I have given you some good ideas? For more of my favorite products you can always check the shop section of this site as well.
By the way, for extra inspitation, make sure you also check out my homemade gag gifts page – a bunch of the ideas there can also be adapted into 40th birthday gag gifts.
I hope my list gave you some good ideas! For more 40th Birthday Gag Gifts, check out my homemade gag gifts page.
So, what’s the best gift you can give someone when they turn 40? A good laugh! Here are some of my favourite ideas for 40th birthday gag gifts and 40th birthday humor.
There you’ll find a bunch of general gag gift ideas which you could adapt for a 40th birthday gift idea.
Looking for something more to write in a 40th Birthday Card? Why not reflect on what was happening in the year of their birth… back in the good ‘ol days of 1974.
Here are some funny 40th Birthday sayings to accompany your 40th Birthday Gag Gifts.
Want to see more? Browse Etsy for awesome items.
It really tells the person you’re buying them for that they’re special and unique! And it’s not hard to find a good deal on handmade jewelry, like this amazing Turquoise Dreams Recycled Necklace.
She will be able to instantly access books, movies, email and more! Instant gratification equals eternal gratitude, so you are going to earn major points with this gift.
Show her that she is the most valuable thing in your life by giving her one of these gorgeous precious gemstone necklaces.
She will be whipping up delicious meals and treats in no time to thank you for such a unique and wonderful gift.
Show her you’re “knot” joking when you say you will love her forever by giving her this dazzling and elegant pendant.
Prove how high your gift giving IQ is with this unique miniature ecosystem.
Prove that she’s a goddess in your eyes by indulging her with this adorable gift box of soaps made to fit in the palm of her hand.
You won’t be able to top this North Face jacket! Comfort meets style in this lightweight fleece that any woman would love to add to her wardrobe.
You are going to become her most valuable keepsake after giving her this unique and thoughtful Family Tree Keepsake Box.
This is the perfect gift for the young sleuth in your life.
Her last thoughts as she drifts off to sleep will be of you and your incredible gift giving abilities.
Requiring almost no upkeep, she doesn’t even need to have a green thumb to enjoy this fun and unique gift.
With 8 weeks of battery life and the capacity to hold up to 1,100 books, she’s going to be the most well-read woman in the room… reading over there in the corner.
Never have to say “sari” for a bad present again! This colorful purse made from recycled saris is a surefire way to guarantee that she loves your gift.
Show her that you two are another perfect duo by giving her this snazzy soup and sandwich tray.
This gift basket is absolutely perfect for the cosmopolitan woman with great taste.
Finding her the perfect gift has just become as easy as… well, you get it.
Show her that she’s a celebrity in your book by giving her this glamorous Sephora Blockbuster makeup collection.
Show her you know your libations with this practical and useful device so she can enjoy perfectly chilled wine every time.
Do her hobbies include spelunking, tuna fishing and generally rocking out in damp, dark locations? Then this is the gift for her! Not only are these watches water resistant, but include a powerful LED to light even the darkest places.
Owls are known for their wisdom, but she’ll be looking to you as the wise sage for picking up such a thoughtful and practical gift.
At the age of six, I wrote a letter to Santa Claus letting him know that I had behaved very well that year, giving examples of when I was nice, and leaving out details of when I had been naughty (according to my mother).
My mother — um, I mean, Santa — rewarded me for making his life so much easier by listing everything I simply had to have: on Christmas morning I found all these things (plus a few surprises) under the tree.
I always included my "Dear Santa, it would make me so happy if you could bring me…" list so that he would know exactly what to put in his bag on Christmas Eve when he came down the chimney (which we didn’t have, but that didn’t stop me from believing).
Claus, who, I explained, did most of the work but got none of the glory — making sure to include a recap of their that year, even though they understood that Santa would have already gathered this bit of intelligence.
In an effort to help the cause, here’s a list of things that every woman over 50 (or just about any age, for that matter) should have in her Christmas stocking this year.
Looking for an extra special gift for a special lady’s 40th birthday? Look no further! This section is packed full of 40th birthday gift ideas for women so whether you’re looking for a gift for your mum, your sister or even your wife, we’re bound to have the perfect 40th birthday gifts for her.
If your wife’s ‘special birthday that should not be mentioned’ is coming up, why not make her smile and hide 40 birthday gifts around the house? With a range of gifts for the 40th birthday woman in this category, simply choose the ones you know she’ll love and think of all the places in the house she visits during her daily routine.
Gifts for a woman over forty should be selected according to her lifestyle, interests and personal tastes.
By the time a woman hits forty, she generally has a strong sense of herself and knows what she wants.
These will brighten up any bathroom shelf, in the absence of a dressing table, and are perfect for holding all those bits of stuff that seem to accumulate or for rings and other trinkets.
For all those runners, gardeners or other outdoorsy types who like to listen while they move, these earmuffs conceal headphones and will connect to her MP3 player or and keep her warm at the same time.
Can’t argue with the usefulness of a watch as a Christmas present and the double strap makes this one a little less utilitarian than most and even gives it the air of a cuff – making it rather fashionable too.
It’s also only 2cm thick so will slide into the tiniest of evening clutch bags and comes in six colours.
We women are always thinking ahead: planning vacations, back-to-school shopping trips, making holiday preparations– and we found the perfect tote- great for summer, of course, but really for any time of year! What could be better for the 50-year-old birthday girl than a terrific leather and canvas Tote from Kate Spade that is both adorable and functional…and just says it all? (And it’s calorie-free!) You might include a G.C. to a local bakery, or better yet, bring the actual cake with you when you give her the tote.
Have a group to entertain? Treat the guest of honor to a very special birthday bash by boat — wine, dine and dance aboard a lunch or dinner cruise, complete with breathtaking views! Hungry for more? An in-home private chef for an evening makes the perfect 40th birthday gift for men and women who prefer elegant entertainment in the quieter comfort of home.
Or invite her to unwind with an assortment of creative birthday gift ideas — from floating aboard a classy lunch or dinner cruise, to basking in the calm ambiance of a spa outing, and sauntering along quaint city streets on a biking tour.
My wife’s sister is turning 40 in a few weeks and we’re looking for unique gift ideas that are made in Italy or have a very strong Italian significance.
As for a creative idea, and nothing like it to be found at William Sonoma, Sur La Table, Napa Style or any of those "kitchen" shops: that little chrome caddy that has cruets for Oil and vinegar plus shakers for salt & pepper~~that "do it your self" salad dressing.
Looking for the perfect gifts for the females in your life? Then look no further, we have great gift ideas for mums, nans, girlfriends, wives and friends.
From exciting helicopter tours of London and glamorous photo shoots to more relaxing gifts such as pamper days and afternoon tea, rest assured that these experiences will be a unique and delightful gift for that someone special.
Whether she indulges in a day of absolute relaxation, enjoys a delicious 3 course meal at one of the country’s top restaurants or receives one of our unique personalised gifts, we have the most perfect and unforgettable present for every woman out there.
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24.  Lost Artwork of Hollywood: Classic Images from Cinema’s Golden Age by Fred E.
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In fact we’re the experts in female gifts, so if you’re stuck for ideas all you need to do is browse through our pages and place an order.
So what are you waiting for? Start searching for that perfect gift right now – and enjoy the ride! Whether you’ve got an anniversary coming up or a birthday, or even if you’re apologising for something you didn’t mean to do… Presents for Her can solve the present problem right now.
From the female who doesn’t want the girly gifts we have D.I.Y tool kits to the female who loves feeling like feminine you can spoil her with a Manzoni leather handbags, Versace perfume to some luscious items of jewellery.
We’ve been pleasing women for a long time, so we take special care in sourcing and providing only the very best in female gifts for every occasion.
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