gifts for 11 year old boys

Are you looking for gifts for 11 or 12 year old boys for birthday or Christmas? On this mini site you’ll find a birthday list / Christmas list for 11-12 year old boys – a selection of popular gifts in all price brackets.
Gifts For 13-14 Year Old Boys Do you have a thirteen or fourteen year old boy on your Christmas list this year? On this page you’ll find a selection of some of the hottest (or is that coolest?) gifts for 13 – 14 year old boys for 2014.
Gifts For 11-12 Year Old GirlsDo you want gifts for 11 or 12 year old girls for a birthday or Christmas? On this page you’ll find a selection of popular gifts for girls.
Gifts for 17-18 Year Old BoysAre you looking for a for a 17 or 18 year old boy, whether it be your son, grandson, brother, friend, or boyfriend? This page is a compilation of some great Christmas, birthday, or graduation gifts for the guys.
Gifts for 15-16 Year Old BoysIt can be tricky trying to find a suitable birthday or Christmas gifts for a 15 or 16 year old boy.
Gifts for 15-16 Year Old GirlsA selection of wonderful gifts for 15 or 16 year old girls that you may have on your Christmas list this year.

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We have got everything from serious remote controlled craft (tested up to age 30), to construction, science, magic and even cool music stuff.
I will continue to recommend you to my colleagues and friends as a company who offer imaginative goods and are easy to deal with.
A great beginner’s building kit to learn about solar power technology.
Traditional wooden chess set that folds for easy storage.

Can you believe the holidays are here? A few weeks ago, I started putting together a list of gift ideas for my boys.
Whether they’re playing ball, figuring out how something works or creating their own medieval kingdoms to rule, little guys are non-stop energy.

As an auntie, godmother or family friend who perhaps doesn’t get to spend that much time with your nephew, trying to find a cool preteen Christmas gift idea or birthday toy for an 11 year old boy takes some thinking.
Depending on the level of maturity and dexterity of your nephew, this Learn to Solder Kit would make a great gift for an 11 year old because of it’s high educational value.
This is a pretty cool gift idea for 11 year old boys who enjoy rockets and science toys in general.
The fact that it’s a lightweight, complete board (ready to go out of the box) makes this the perfect gift for any 11 year old boy wanting to take up skateboarding.
This would make a great birthday gift (or even Christmas gift) for an 11 year old who likes jokes, gags and generally clowning around.
Birthday gift ideas for an 11 year old boy don’t always have to be toys or .
The Ultimate Survival Manual is not only a unique gift idea for a boy of eleven, it’s a great way of encouraging your nephew to develop pro-active survival skills.
Oh, other than they make a great gift for 11 year old boys who are fans of the series.

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The list author says:   "This game is fun and for some reason really appeals to my 11-year-old son and 10-year-old neighbor.  They even put down the PlayStation to play this.
The list author says:   "No, this is not the same version you see on the big machines in bars.
The list author says: "As boys age out of the traditional toy phase, it gets harder and harder to know what to buy for them.

In terms of development milestones, CDC considers 12 to 14 year olds as ‘young teens’ with very similar emotional and social growth patterns.
Gifts for 12 year old on are very similar to gifts for 13 year olds.

He was no longer my little baby he had become a tween Now that's not a bad thing but it did make me realize that I'm not the up with the play parent I once thought I was.
You see, I've always thought of myself as the kind of parent that was pretty much had my finger on pulse when it came up to things he liked.
What you ask? Well I never thought that I'd be stuck for ideas about what to get my 11 year old son for Christmas.

The toys will teach children ages 10+ important skills such as science, anatomy, constructing and building, and manipulative skills.
We have the perfect line up of educational toys for boys and girls ages ten and up.

I'm looking for some cute Christmas gift ideas for my friends.
I’ve wrapped the room (all doorways) so they have to crash in the room, led them on gift finds with yarn throughout the house, Santa’s bag didn’t quite make it in the house and they had to fish it out of the chimney, treasure hunts with five or six clues, and created a winter wonderland overnight in the room.
What are some good gifts for a 13 year old girl besides, purse, clothes, make-up, and shoes? I need ideas for my little cousin.
Does anyone have any frugal Christmas gift ideas for me? I am already fretting about Christmas.
How about doing a Christmas "obstacle course" with tasks they have to do before opening a gift.
I need some good, cheep gift ideas for teens.
Last year on Christmas Eve we took our kids out for lunch at Arbys and then to a matinee (we never go to the movies) and just spent the day with them.

I admit that if you take on this project by Hart and Sew it will be quite a commitment but it is just oozing with sweetness and irresistibility! There are so many things I about this tutorial – the surprise element of opening a quite unassuming suitcase, the fact that it’s upcycling old materials, it’s endlessly adaptable…to name just a few.
I’ve used this tutorial twice and have always had rave reviews from it – by kids, parents and even strangers in cafes! I can vouch for the fact that it’s well put-together, easy to follow and allows you to opt in or out of different details (I didn’t bother with the freezer paper numbers, but did add piping around the edge).
To be honest, you can probably make this project armed with just your common sense – just sew two pieces of fabric (in whatever shape and size you want the bunting to be – I love scallop shaped) right sides together, leaving the top edge open, then turn them right side out and enclose the raw edge in a strip of bias binding.
In time I’d like to write a full tutorial for this belt (which is equally adaptable to various types of non-confrontational play) but for the rough outline of how it’s made, have a look at this post.

Gifts say "I love you and want to help you celebrate." If we can say, "Thanks! Let’s party!" Then I believe we’re on the road to appreciating what God has given us.

I can relate to the difficulty in surprising my hubby for Christmas, he hates to have money spent on him, so with the gift card I could do something special and its not on his tab! This is my hands down favorite blog, as I can relate to raising boys (we have three).
Better presents for my kids, and presents for a lot of other people I’d love to give to but can’t afford much.
Each of these has been road-tested in our high-stress laboratory on site (translation: by five boys of various ages and their friends in our living room) and received the approval of all the kids AND we the parents.
Whether you celebrate Hannukah, Christmas, or something else, no one can deny ’tis the season for giving! With five sons in our house (and five birthdays between October 10th and January 4th) it can seem like money is flying out the windows this time of year.
This gift card would cover the cost of gifts for my two children, seven in-laws, four nieces and nephews, and the two children we are “adopting” for Christmas.
The boys love to take these out on nature walks, stand in the dining room and stare at deer or hawks out in the yard, and all sorts of other adventurous things.
He knows -theoretically- how to survive a bear attack, why to stay away from deer in rut, how to make a fire pit, how to identify poisonous plants, ford a stream or a river, survive when stranded outside in inclement weather, build a fire, and all sorts of other handy things that fire a 13 year old’s imagination.
What a fun giveaway and an AWESOME list of things I’ve now added to my own Christmas list.
They play their dad (not me) because their dad loves chess strategy (and I love cookies.) It gives their daddy and I an inordinate amount of pride to hear them talk chess strategy and name gambits.
I’d either use the money for Christmas gifts, or maybe for my kids’ trip to Rome.
I love My Neighbor Totoro! My siblings and I loved loved watching that movie as kids (and as adults now).
My kids use this single $5 piece more than almost any other piece in their vast Lego collection and who gets to use it has even been the subject of numerous fights.
I’m asking whether anyone wants to win a $500 gift card to help with holiday shopping? Hmmm? I thought so.

“Mine are almost 8 & 10, they do scrapbooking, cardmaking, drawing, painting, they want to knit (my aunt’s domain I’d kill them I think lol), my aunt has taught them to hand stitch around circles of fabric to make YoYo flowers which are going to be made into headbands for the eldest little girlfriend, I know my brother at that age made his own chess/checkers board out of matchsticks and wood and both mine love making things out of wood.” – Jacqueline T.
Here are some that we did: tie-dyed T-Shirts, made simple tool boxes out of wood, ice cream in zip lock bags, flubber, shrinky dink keychains, and a journal titled “A Book About Me”, to name a few.” – Debbie K.
“Leather braiding or stamping is a great ‘guy’ thing and they love it.” – Donna R.
“Anything steampunk inspired from tags, to a canvas using stains, all the cool balloon, boat and train type stamps, cogs and gears, on a pencil box or anything they can use.” – Amanda M.
“Wood carving – or at least sanding & waxing!” – Lindsay H.
“Duct tape wallets.” – Carol D.
“There’s a guitar pick punch you can buy and then decorate the picks with rubber stamps.” – Denise M.
“Skip the crafting and go Geocaching! All kind of websites for that.” – Anna W.

Best gifts: (older; 12 or 13) nano (my brother and I have always loves ipods and they are going down in price now), I’m a country boy so we really love bb guns or even a cheap compound bow, paintball gun (my brother and I have been in love with paintball or a couple years now), video games (If your child does not have an xbox 360, it is really fun and with kinect you can have a lot of fun playing it with your child), clothes (despite what you think of your child, we do like "looking cool".

Ticket to Ride which is an award winning strategy game and one of the top Christmas gifts 2014, challenges all players from eight years old and older to complete many train routes that connect many major cities throughout North America making this one of the great gift ideas for boys and one of the great gift ideas for girls.
Other features include four learning games with the ability to download more from Learning Lodge using the included micro USB cable, which can also be used to upload photos and videos as well as recharge the battery.The many fun features of this smart watch make it one of the must have Christmas gifts 2014 for kids.
Starting off the holiday gifts 2014 is this must have Leapfrog LeapBand in green, blue and pink that is not only one of the best Christmas gifts 2014 for girls and boys but is also a bestselling item for 2014 for kids so this is sure to be a hit this Christmas.
Not only do the kids get to have fun but their analytical skills are greatly improved with board games making them one of the best Christmas gifts 2014 for boys and girls.
This Ticket to Ride is a fun filled race for all players seeking to possess railway routes across North America making this game one of the best Christmas gifts 2014 for girls and boys.
Designed for ages three and up, the Dreamhouse stands over three feet tall and comes fully furnished including lights and sounds on each level of the three stories which makes this one of the best Christmas gifts 2014 for girls.
It is one of the top 10 best Christmas gifts 2014 because as miniature trains begin to populate the board map of North America, secret inter city rail connections are completed or hopelessly blocked by merciless competition from other players making this one of the great holiday gifts 2014 because it greatly helps improve analytical skills on the quest to triumph over the competition.
Finding holiday gifts for girls and boys can be challenging, however this page gives some relatively cheap Christmas gifts for girls and boys and some higher priced best holiday gifts 2014 for girls and boys making the decision on Christmas gifts 2014 for girls and boys that much easier.
With all the fun features of this, it is sure to engage your little one’s attention making it one of the best Christmas gifts 2014 for kids.
One of the best Christmas gifts 2014 for girls is this buildable LEGO house that will enable little girls to host a party or just chill out at Olivia’s House, which comes complete with furnishings as well as LEGO friends.
Providing an enticing mixture of strategy and luck for groups of two to five players, Ticket to Ride squeezes the fun filled journey of a lifetime into a mere hour or less and is one of the best Christmas gifts 2014 for girls and boys.
Having these books personalized in the Kid’s name is a great way for kids to enjoy reading as they will get a kick out of seeing their name in print which makes this one of the best Christmas gifts 2014 for kids.
Whether you’re slamming through a hardcore game or scrimmaging with a friend, you’ll be at the top of your game with the Firevision Sports Football and activation frames which is why this is one of the best Christmas gifts ideas for 2014 for kids.
Your experience changes with every new game app you download, and with single or multi-player games Sphero will always surprise you which is why it is one of the best Christmas gifts 2014 for kids.
Another of the top 10 best Christmas gifts 2014 for girls and boys is this Sphero and Android controlled ball with 25+ Apps for gameplay that is one of the best Christmas gifts 2014 for boys and girls and will provide hours of entertainment.
It is very compact and kid-tough and provides access to a 100 percent kid-perfect web experience as well as access to a library that features over 1,000 age-appropriate, educator-approved games, apps, eBooks, videos and so much more making this one of the best Christmas presents for 2014 for kids.
The arrows can reach targets up to 85 feet away with real bow action making this another of the top Christmas gifts for 2014 for girls.
Another of the best Christmas toys for 2014 for kids is this Sit to Stand learning walker which will not only help you little one go from crawling to walking but also includes a barnyard of playful friends to cheer him or her on which will ensure that the little one will have tons of fun as they learn to walk.

This should probably be #1, because I am such a hoarder lover of books! I believe so much in the importance of reading, and we love spending that time with our boys 🙂 We just got the Little House series to read aloud during homeschool time and I couldn’t be more excited about it! We also love fun books, serious books, learning books, character teaching books, and basically all good, clean books 🙂 I especially love the Berenstain Bears books.
It takes practically no effort and saves money and waste–it’s a no brainer for me! The exception is that after Christmas, when wrapping paper is on clearance for 75-90% off, I will stock up on some since it’s such a great deal.
It’s important to remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” Sometimes buying “cheap” items isn’t frugal at all–it’s wasting the money spent to purchase them! Try to focus on value if possible, and aim for quality, not quantity.
We have a million Legos (or so it seems when I walk across my sons’ bedroom in the dark!) and I picked up that exact circuits kit at the local used curriculum sale this summer! I would add experience gifts to the list — memberships to local zoos, aquariums, museums; tickets to a really cool performance such as Mythbusters Live; or a special class at a museum, zoo, or business.

Offer ends Wednesday 22 October.
Offer ends Wednesday 22 October.
Offer ends Wednesday 22 October.
Offer ends Wednesday 22 October.
Offer ends Wednesday 22 October.
Offer ends Wednesday 22 October.
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I never felt left out or went home crying, because when someone had a birthday party, they’d invite like six or seven other kids and that was usually it.
How freakin’ hard is it to call and say yes or no? We did a bowling party for my son’s 7th birthday, and I reserved two lanes, because nobody RSVP’d and I got enough for all the kids I invited.
You buy a big enough cake, enough party favors, etc for 20 kids and 5 show up…my oldest boys’ last party in a nutshell (combined party, their bdays are 6 weeks apart & they’re close enough in age that all the friends get along).
Holy shit, we have to invite HOW MANY people to this birthday party?! Are we planning a wedding here? I mean, she’s four.
We had the party at our house, in the winter – 30 kids just wasn’t going to happen.
In less than two months my poop machine is turning four (Dear God, pleeeeease let four be better than three), which means it’s time to plan another birthday party.
So if you don’t get an invitation to my kid’s birthday party in a few weeks it’s actually a good thing.
So far, Pinterest has been a blessing… how in the heck am I supposed to remember where I saw all the cheap ideas so I don’t spend a paycheck on a just a stupid birthday cake, etc, while working full time, keeping up with a toddler, and being 7 1/2 months pregnant?! UGH.
Cheese party (never again) and texted invitations to the mothers of the kids he wanted to invite.

Have a spooky story to share? We want your ghost story video or essay submission.
Have a spooky story to share? We want your ghost story video or essay submission.
The 18-year-old victim told police that James Lee Mobley, 48 came to his address with Allen Wayne Patterson, 60, and started a fight, the report states.
Garry Marshall may turn 80 next month, but it certainly wasn't apparent as the legendary director led a recent play rehearsal downtown.

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