gifts for 13 year old girls

Great ideas for 13 or 14 year old girls here! My daughter is only 2 but I’ll still bookmark this page :).
Glitter, nail polish, light perfumes, bubble bath, decorative soaps, scented lotions, and lip glosses are all items that are great gift choices for teen girls.
I seem to be surrounded by teenage girls in my life so have to keep coming up with a lot of gift ideas for 13 and 14 year old girls.
Wii dance and Xbox sing a long are also great gift ideas for teenage girls.
I your gift choices for 13 and 14 year old girls, especially those rhinestone sparkles for their fingernails and the origami box making idea.
@Missmerfaery444: Thank you so much for dropping by my gift ideas for 13 and 14 year old girls article.
@howtocurecancer: Jewelry is indeed a great gift idea for a 13 or 14 year old girl.
Such a wonderful collection of gift ideas for 13 and 14 year old girls, all in different price range.
Scrapbooking kits or unique photo albums for her to display her pictures in are another excellent gift ideas for 13 and 14 year old girls too.
A fashion sketch portfolio is a great gift idea for a 13 or 14 year old girl.
I hope you enjoyed visiting my best gift ideas for 13 and 14 year old girls article.
Some great ideas here for my teenage daughter! Sometimes it gets rather difficult to choose the perfect gift.
I think most 13 and 14 year old girls love fruit or berry scents and of course any gift that is just plain old cute.
The Nintendo DSI hand held game with X-large screen is a great gift for a 13 or 14 year old girl.
@anonymous: With the holidays creeping closer it is indeed time to be looking at gift ideas for the 13 or 14 year old girl on your gift list.
Lotions, glosses, and fragrances are great gift ideas for a teen girl.
These books really are a great gift choice for a 13 or 14 year old girl.
Wow, you got a great gift selection for 13 or 14 yr old girl! I love the Sephora Glitter body art.
Keepsake boxes are wonderful gift ideas for teenage girls.
Another great gift idea for the teenage girl is a burn book.

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If you want to personalize it, i have always found those "200whatever year it is" Totally Hits CD's or whatever, with all the popular music from the year on it, would be good in conjunction with the gift card.
there's a lot of girls who work there who can help you pick out a card to stick the gift card in or even better the original present in a beautiful box wrapped in beautiful paper.
If you want to pick out the gift, I'd buy accessories like handbags or jewelry that doesn't need to be sized.
If there's a mall near where she lives/hangs out, then a 'mall specific' gift card might not be a bad idea.

Teens are hard to shop for but this list of top gifts for 13 year old girls is here to help you out! Browse through teen approved ideas and find what you're looking for.

Come on in! Join Pinterest today…it only takes like a second or so.

– Beats by dr.dre wireless headphones, earphones or portable speakers which has the best sound quality compared to any other headphones.
Or you could just get an gift card which can buy movies, music, and apps or even better just give her the money LOL.
– A Nintendo 3DS XL or a Wii U if she enjoys playing video games (I would recommend Animal Crossing: New Leaf).

You are browsing through zazzle’s 13 year old gifts section where you can find many styles, sizes, and colors of customizable 13 year old shirts, mugs, posters, bumper stickers, and other products.

Finding the perfect gift for a 13-year-old is as easy as visiting Here you’ll find something for her (the Reach for The Moon charm necklace, for instance), something for him (Lomographic Fisheye Camera) or something for either boys or girls (World’s Largest Box of Nerds Candy), and plenty of other great gift options for 13 year olds.

She’s not a big reader either however she likes the Twilight series.She shares a room with her 2 other sisters and so does not have a lot of room for anything big.
She also does not have her own tv with dvd player so is unable to watch any videos unless it’s in the living room and everyone else agrees on it.
a gift certificate to a craft store so she can buy her friendship bracelet supplies.
Next time you go to the mall see what she takes interest in and buy her something she loved but was a little to expensive or chose something else that day.

Gift card says…"Quick, easy, I don’t have time or energy or creativity to give any extra effort into your gift." The OP wants a special gift, not an "im too busy for you" gift.
She wouldn’t be on here asking for gift card ideas.
The poster is asking for ideas for a really special gift.
A gift card to her favorite clothing store or an Itunes gift card.
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We had a 14 YO girl on our Angel Tree at church, and we bought her a hair accessory organizer board, along with a package of headbands, pony o’s and some clips.
I want to avoid clothing (hard to know the size/preferred style) and gift cards (would like to make it a little more personal).
My dd is involved with a gift exchange with another girl and I need some cool ideas.

Pay attention to how she dresses, how she enjoys spending free time and what music she likes as clues for gifts she may actually appreciate and use.
By the time she reaches 13, the birthday girl shows signs of interest in a few activities and hobbies over others.

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Buying a birthday or Christmas gift for a 13 or 14 year old girl, when you are not a teen, is not the easiest task.
The first thing you want to avoid is just giving a so-called gift card or cash.
While it is easy, and it may seem like a great thing to a teen; the message it sends is unpleasant.
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A 13 or 14 year old girl may really appreciate some special items for her bedroom which will reflect her own developing style and make for a welcoming space for her to do her homework, invite her friends, or to do her hobbies.
Pretty little shabby chic style shelf for a young teenage girl to hang in her room and display her treasures on.
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Find the best gifts for 13 year old boys with our gift guide.
Find the best gifts for 10 year old girls with our gift guide.
Here are the top toys and best gifts for 2 year old boys that will channel his energy and that experts say will support his development.
When it comes to 12 year old boys, it can be tricky coming up with creative gift ideas.
We know it can be tough coming up with creative gift ideas for 13 year old girls.
The best gifts for 10 year old girls will depend on her hobbies and interests.

Though I’m long past 13 and my own daughters are far from it, this (admittedly girl-centric) collection represents things that my 13-year-old self might have liked back in ’85.
(For popularity? Future success? Whatever.) I was into crafts and drawing and music and — well, the things that I imagine kids today are also into.
It has lotions, deodorant wipes, nail clippers — all the little things they might need and likely don’t have yet.
Featuring Mike Perry’s funky and eclectic artwork, these iron-on designs can dress up tote bags, clothes, whatever.
This would be a splurge, to be sure, but instant printed photos are a relic of my time that I think an impatient tween girl would appreciate.

Quoting .chele.:" My sister had brain surgery last year and had to shave her head.
<blockquote><b>Quoting jahakb:</b>" I have no idea what to get hubs niece.
My sister had brain surgery last year and had to shave her head.

For fall, a long-time favorite of ours, Zutano, is launching an entire line for boys and girls themed (sometimes loosely) around the idea of “Super.” My daughter took right to the fabric superhero glasses that stay on with Velcro.
However, my daughter wanted me to warn you: “The product is great but the commercial is horrible!” In other words, turn down the volume on your computer before clicking over to the site.
“I love this bag because it’s not totally straight, and so it has more style than other bags,” my daughter said.
The lunch purse is a new offering in two styles, that’s really originally There’s no zipper or closure so it’s probably not great for a child’s actual lunch; the truth is, she’ll probably use it to carry her ballet clothes to class on the weekends, knowing she can tuck in a cold water bottle and it will stay cold.

my daughter is also a little different…her big gift desire is a lego set and then a bunch of little craft things.  She also likes those logic games from Think Fun.  I don’t know what else is on her llist.  But she just turned 13 and for her birthday she wanted the nail plates and tools that were described above.  She also wanted her own scented wax burner and scented wax.    A bathrobe is on her list, I just remembered.  Fuzzy crocs or boots have been on her list lately too.
My 16 yo just got riding boots for her birthday.  Not for riding, of course; for looking cute.  I didn’t want to get those for Christmas because she really needed to try on and pick them out herself, and I am willing to forego the surprise element for a birthday but not for Christmas.  My 13 yo’s and my feet are exactly the same size, so I can pick out her cowboy boots without her being with me.

RE: Gift Ideas for a 13 Year Old Girl Maybe make her a coupon book for things like going out for ice cream, getting out doing of one chore, painting your room any color you’d like, horseback riding with a friend, etc.
(11/12/2008) RE: Gift Ideas for a 13 Year Old Girl I think that you should try asking her if she wants anything in particular, because sometimes kids want things really badly, but are afraid that if they ask, you’ll say something like, "it’s too expensive" or say "no" to getting it.
Hans from Florida RE: Gift Ideas for a 13 Year Old Girl You need to find out what her interests are; hobbies, music, etc.
RE: Gift Ideas for a 13 Year Old Girl Take her shopping and when she says" that’s nice" to something that she likes, then go back when she is not there with you, and buy it.

I love getting tools (dremmel hand tool , nice pocket knives), but this is more of a college-age gift for kids who aren’t always at home to borrow your useful things all the time.
What kind of sports is she into? Can you get her cool sports shoes/other equipment or take her and a friend to a sporting event? I played tennis when I was in middle school, and my parents took me to see Steffi Graf play in a tournament — it was awesome.
Maybe even just as a side to the gift, letting her throw an awesome party for friends while you and your wife stay in your bedroom, showing her that a) she’s a teenager and can have teen-style parties (not bowling parties, etc) which are fun, and b) she’s mature and you trust her to handle being responsible for the basement for the evening.
A fancy dinner (where you have to dress up, multiple courses, spend the whole 100$ on that), a really nice adult necklace as suggested above, or mini driving lessons in a parking lot seriously would probably mean the most.
Does she play any instruments or sports? I think I was around 13 or 14 when I was given some nice backpacking gear–I loved camping, and I finally had stuff that was all mine, sized to fit me instead of using my stepdad’s old stuff.
My 13 year old daughter has given me no ideas whatsoever for a birthday present, and I"m struggling with what to get.She is very bright, into sports, and already has a nice cellphone and mp3 player.
I secretly wanted a different kind of gift certificate, though; I wanted one to the movie theater! It might be really cool of you to give her two gift certificates for the movies: one for her and one for a friend.
I got two presents on that birthday (if I remember correctly) – a nice, simple swiss army knife which I loved, and a huge science encyclopedia which I pored over for years.
For the sports angle, a cool gift could be a nice new pair of sneakers for whatever sport shes into.

If you are considering a gift of clothing for the 13, 14, 15 year old girl on your list then think gift certificate or money and allow her to choose which clothes she feels are most suitable to her.
Jewelry, live flowers, stuffed toys, music boxes, themed writing accessories, paper and pads, are all excellent gift choices for the 13, 14, 15 year old girl on your list.
The choices in this area are limitless, just visit your local electronics store, and they will be able to advise you as to the hottest new gift choices for the 13, 14, or 15 year old girl on your list.
If you have a thirteen, fourteen or fifteen year old girl on your gift list then you have a girl who is easy to shop for.
If you have a thirteen, fourteen or fifteen year old girl on your gift list then you have a girl who is wonderful to shop for.
Virtually any new beauty product will provide the perfect gift for the 13, 14, 15 year old girl.
If you are considering concert tickets, event passes, or restaurant gift cards as a gift item for the young lady on your list, then be sure to include at least one or two addition tickets so that she can invite along a best friend or two.
There are a lot of gift ideas for a 13, 14, 15 year old girl and many are pure and simple fun.
Just entering into her teen years this age group of girls love to receive any gift that is a token of her new found status of womanhood.

I had a 13 year old girl once (but she grew up ) and I have twin 14 year old nieces now….I think gift cards are great, Old Navy is good, but also Target if she’s into makeup.
Also another thing I thought of is those "just bottoms" from Old Navy, the kids just love sleeping or hanging around in them, and again add a gift card.
Last year, I had the okay to send her some ‘makeup’ and got a gift package from Sephora with appropriate items for a young girl.
My neice is 13 and I have a hard time, too! She got an mp3 player last year so I get her gift cards for downloads.
My experience with girls that age is that the thing they like most is money or gift certificates because they are intensely into the smallest detail that makes something fabulous and another thing too groteque to consider.

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Other items from the same company include the Standing Solar Powered Rainbow Maker that can be set in a window sill and the Double Crystal Rainbow Maker with two rainbow making crystals.
Include a gift card for the local hardware or paint store so the teen can pick out her own favorite colors for the walls.
Many of the items for these gift ideas can be found in local stores or online through eBay’s reliable sellers.
Parents who have an idea of what the teen’s interests and favorite colors are can be a big help in picking decor.

Can you ask MIL what clothing stores she likes? The Frozen thing seems a little young to me, but if her mom said she likes it… maybe Demi Lovato tickets or something? I have no idea how much that would cost, so maybe not, haha.
Since a lot of my FI’s close friends live several hours away, we’re going to be offering it to them and some of our younger guests who will get along well with them so they can feel free to drink and not have to drive home So I guess it’s an added perk and a savings of 2000$.
I definitely think it depends on the kid! I camp counseled for 13-13 year olds last year, and some of the girls would have DIED for One Direction stuff, and others would have been horrified.
I’m saving about 1500$ on my venue cost by doing that, and they’re also throwing in a 6 bedroom house that can sleep 12 people in it with a fully stocked kitchen that’s valued at 500$ a night that’s on property.
I cant imagine shed want Frozen themed dress up clothes from the disney store!! My mom suggested some clothes from Abercrombie or Hollister or one of those teenagery stores.
MiLsaid that the kids all like the movie frozen, but that seems a little too kiddy for a 13 year old.

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