gifts for 16 year old boys

I find that finding great gifts for 15-16 year olds is a nightmare, but your list truly does contain great ideas that make it easier.
@anonymous: Thanks Jordan–I asked a bunch of teen guys what the best video were for this year and I added some choices above.
If he wants to take his gaming up a notch, then this gaming chair is right up your 15 or 16 year old boy’s alley! This chair connects to any video game or home theater (or mp3 system!) setup and allows him to not just hear it, but FEEL the sound as it come through with vibrations.
One of the easiest gifts for 15 and 16 year old boys is anything but a normal sweatshirt! This hoodie actually contains built-in headphones–the earbuds are located in the drawstring of the hood.
This great razor for 15 and 16 year old boys comes with a cleaning brush, protective cap, power cord, and a full two-year warranty.
Many 15 and 16 year old boys would to wear this bracelet daily, but even if he’s a bit more casual, he’ll still get use out of this.
@anonymous: Yes but be realistic, who can buy a laptop or a phone just like that! My brother just turned 16 and last year i got him a video game console costing £50 for ps3 and he broke it.
Shopping for gifts for 15 and 16 year old boys can be difficult–they are too old for most toys, but giving money seems too impersonal.
No matter what they are into (and even if their interests change every day) these ideas are on every 15 and 16 year old boy’s wishlist for birthdays, Christmas and more.
15 year old boys are going to think those dancing water speakers are AWESOME! I know that my teen and toddler are both captivated by them.
I also bought some other gifts such as slippers with his favorite sports team, a wallet, a pair of Sperry shoes, some cologne, a couple of Xbox games and a nice watch.
One of my brothers appreciated this gift very much — he takes the bus to school (much to his dismay since all the rest of his friends drive (he’s 16), and he likes to just zone out and listen to music so as not to have to deal with the younger kids on the bus.
Every year for Christmas I get my brothers funny books like this — and we read them cover-to-cover before the holiday week is up! My Dad gets in on the action too, but it drives my Mom crazy.

Traditional gifts for 16-year-olds include clothing, like T-shirts and cool shoes; music, perhaps tickets to a concert; video games, books, accessories for the favorite sport he likes to play or watch; and gift cards to his pick of restaurant, movie theater, local mall, or online shopping.

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Total inside joke with Jase and I.

Tickets to see their favorite team playSporting equipment for a sport they enjoy is another great gift (balls, bats, nets, gloves, clothing, hats etc)There are lots of practical gifts like water bottles (some come with storage compartments for other stuff), waist belts to hold all their stuff, expensive sports socks or running shoes.
If you are buying a big gift you could consider a big piece of sporting equipment such as a cross trainer/running machine etc.Skateboards, ripstik castor boards, scooters, electric scooters and other outdoor equipment often make cool gifts for 16 year old boys.

We’ve all been through it but each child has their own style and preferences! Here we are looking at gifts for teenage boys and as you can tell it’s one of our largest collections.
We have a wide selection of gifts for teenage Boys, for birthdays or Christmas.

Whether his interests embrace sports or academics, creative pursuits or fashion trends, social activism or technology, whether its birthday or christmas gift for a teenage boys, has something for the teen boy on your gift list. offers a wide variety of silly gag gifts for teenage boys – from inflatable meatloaf to hotdog and bun soap, we have the teen boy’s need for ridiculousness covered.
For birthday gifts for teenage boys , we love the Shirt-of-the-Month Club for teen boys of all ages.
Give them a few years, and they will eventually be slightly less challenging; but in the meantime, has some great gift ideas for teenage boys that should keep them occupied for the time being.
The treasured and classic master blaster flatulence replicator – the granddaddy of teen gag gifts – still leads the gag gift pack in popularity, with the comparatively new dashboard zombie coming in a close second.

How fun! Whether it’s your son, nephew or friend that’s turning 16 help them celebrate in style by choosing one of our excellent 16th birthday gifts for boys.
Once you’ve made your choice from our brilliant collection of 16th birthday presents for boys leave the rest to us. has some great gift ideas for 16 year olds , all keeping pace with teen trends.
For 16 year old girls who loves her makeup gift sets from Sephora are perfect.
There’s never been a better time to be 16, and has a great selection for the teenager on your gift list.
Teen hikers, bikers and runners appreciate equipment like the Nike SportWatch GPS, the classic Dalvey Scotland Voyager Compass and other high quality gear.
Crafted of metal with a sterling silver finish, this bracelet features delicate glass crystals, faux pearls, and a filigree heart charm.
Favorite birthday gifts for 16 year old include AE distressed denim jackets and outerwear classics from LL Bean and Ralph Lauren.
Sixteen is all about personal style for many teens, and choosing the coolest fashions and accessories is a must when it comes to buying gifts for Sixteeners.

Shop fancy party outfits, gorgeous coats, casual young fashions and pretty swimwear that certainly makes a splash – all from a wide selection of designer styles and popular brands.

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I toally agree with this,us thinking as parents as if are young child/adult is a guest is the best advice i have ever read yet.I to have a twenty year old son who has moved out when he was eighteen cause my rules were you had to go to school or get a job once you get a job i will start to charge you rent of 100.00 or 200.00 that was based on the job plus you have to do your chores why cause this is how i want my house kept and you have to be home by midnight until you have a job once you have a job you have to be home by 2:00am.He said why if im paying rent why cant i be home when i feel like it?I said cause theres other people living in this house and you have to have respect for them to.We tried this out and as soon as my son broke any of the rules i said well thats strike one,two and three your out and even though it was really hard to do i have kicked him out twice now.Every time i have let him back in it starts out good and then he gets comfortable and hes out again.This last time i told him if he wants to move back in hed better be ready to make a big change and go back to school.I feel i have the right to say this since we have already gone through got a job and pay rent.I told him hes going to be 21 and he needs to start to think about his future.He said hes not going to move back.I said i love you and good luck finding another job.

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If these aren’t correct you’re able to change them at any time.

The ruggedized, waterproof XP60 is a bit pricier than the two models above, but it’s the first camera in this roundup to offer a CMOS sensor (16 megapixels), sensor-shift stabilization, and 1080p video recording, making it a little bit more capable all-round.
That said, all children like people are different, but it's not as black and white as rubbishing a basic kids camera as poor quality.
Kids will enjoy the camera’s Sweep Panorama mode – which also has an underwater setting – and its selection of Instagram-like retouching options (Toy Camera, Partial Color, and Beauty Effects).
It’s not that much bigger than a point-and-shoot camera, but the Nikon 1 S1 offers the benefits of a 1-inch-type CMOS sensor (the same size as the one found in Sony’s RX100) and interchangeable lenses in a small form factor.
If you have enough patience and don't care about the possibility of breaking an old camera, the kids can start taking pictures quite early in their life, more if they see their parents doing the same.
For more nerdy kids who actually want to learn what shutter speed and exposure compensation are, its better to have a camera which actually has those controls as clearly marked physical dials.
He is able to use the DSLR in auto mode, but it's not something he get to do unsupervised, that's what he has the vtech camera for, when he disappears into his room to experiment with stuff.
Giving a child a camera obscura will not teach your child anything about photography, but giving them a digital camera with manual controls, if they are old enough to understand the concept of time and aperture, that is.
The more expensive ‘Plus’ model features a 2MP camera, 256MB internal memory and an SD card slot, for kids that have grown out of putting memory cards in their mouths.
Buy the kids a plastic hammer for hitting things and a camera for taking pictures – not a piece of junk camera for hitting things with.
The technology has advanced to the point that the camera is intelligent enough to have proper exposure, focusing, and having the proper zoom range, good composition, and get the right moment, then there are good pictures.
We wouldn’t trust any toddler or the vast majority of 10-year-old boys with a DSLR, but for a teenager or pre-teen that’s wise beyond their years and genuinely interested in photography, an entry-level DSLR or mirrorless camera may be a great entry point into the world of photography.
This is the first camera in this roundup to offer manual exposure controls, making it a nice first foray into more advanced photography.
Another diminutive mirrorless camera, the Olympus PEN E-PM2 (also known as the ‘Pen Mini’) offers a FourThirds sensor, sensor-shift image stabilization, and a 3-inch touchscreen LCD.
If you want to buy a camera specifically for your child – or a camera that your entire family can share without worrying too much – durability and ease of use are just as important, if not more, as image quality and features.
While other cameras have small pieces and components that might be considered a choking hazard, this entire camera is small enough to be a choking hazard in itself.
ISO sensitivity ranges from 80-1600, and the camera shoots 720p video, but all those basic specs are secondary to the fact that it’s barely larger than a DSLR’s lens cap.
A lot of people think there’s no substitute for a proper through-the-lens optical viewfinder, and the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 offers that DSLR-only feature in a body that isn’t much bigger than a mirrorless camera.
When I was buying my 8 year old a camera (upgrade from a Fisher Price camera she got when she was 3), I looked into the shockproof/waterproof cameras and decided against them for 2 reasons: 1.
So here’s a selection of some of what we think are the best camera options for your kids, sorted by age range.
A nice selection of imaging effects are available in the Creative Filters menu, including Miniature Effect, Fisheye, and Toy Camera, and the SX160 IS can also record 720p video.
If you really want a child to learn about the visual world and the wonders of photography, show him/her how to build a pinhole camera or camera obscura, Explain, show, share and teach.
Obviously at that age it's impossible that he understands how a camera works, and of course, 90% of the pictures are with fingers across the lens or moved.
It's actually good for a 2-year-old who is more interested in looking through a viewfinder or just having a camera that she can hold and press the buttons for (as opposed to "Daddy's camera").
IMO a camera such as a Coolpix S31 is a much better entry even for very young kids.
They can do more experiments than adults and are more likely to bring better pictures.They are more camera savvy because they are born in a different era where desk tops were replaced by laptops and the later is replaced by tablets.They are talking in skype with their relatives in another continent and using the smart phones better than me.
The waterproof rugged ones are also a good compliment to daddy's camera, rather than yielding inferior duplicates of dad's shots, she gets to take shots dad can't.
The camera also has a few Instagram-like features, such as a Miniature Effect setting, a fisheye lens simulator, and a Toy Camera mode.
To ensure that the next wave of young photographers understand the performance and ergonomic advantages of using a real camera, you’ll need to get one into their hands as soon as possible.
my kids love camera and takinng photos.
If they’re getting serious about photography, young teenagers may be ready for an interchangeable-lens mirrorless camera or an entry-level DSLR.
Yes it is true, surely we will see fewer people with this type of cameras and increasingly gripping the camera as smartphones.
149PART 2 – *** This Week Through YOUR m4/3 2014.10.11 *** PART 2122Start a PRO FX forum and get rid of the amateur format FX nikon users87Please don't lock this thread :)81If Elon Musk gets in the camera business…56Sigma bashing.
Most kid cameras are not.In fact, the $100 Nabi Jr droid tablet we got our 2-year-old foster kid had a better camera built-in than most kid cameras.
The KidiZoom is a toy, but this waterproof Nikon model is a real entry-level camera built specifically for kid/family usage.
Whilst for many ruggedness is the only way a camera will survive, the damage or loss of something precious in someone so young can serve as a valuable life lesson; especially when parent and child can take the opportunity to work together to find a way to replace it.
Personally I think the best camera for kids is the one you've just replaced… (assuming you have not replaced it because it broke!).
Only tough cameras with significantly better image quality than phones are Olympus TG-1/2 and Pentax WG-3/3 GPS – here is your answer for active kids.

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More than 40 high school boys were sodomized with foreign objects by their teammates in over a dozen alleged incidents reported in the past year, compared with about three incidents a decade ago, according to a Bloomberg review of court documents and news accounts.
While little research has been done on boy-on-boy sexual hazing, almost 10 percent of high school males reported being victims of rape, forced oral sex or other forms of sexual assault by their peers, according to a 2009 study in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence.
A dozen students wore the t-shirts to school one Friday, and someone posted a sign with the same wording on the locker of the victim’s brother, according to the police report, which was reviewed by Bloomberg.
The police sent investigators to Norwood and on April 23 they arrested the three boys, charging them as juveniles with kidnapping, sexual assault and false imprisonment, according to the district attorney’s office.
Neither Crews nor the school board reported the incident to police; the principal didn’t do so until a month after it happened.
At Maine West High School in Des Plaines, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, varsity soccer players allegedly “rewarded” new teammates by holding them down and sodomizing them with sticks and their fingers, while coaches did nothing to intervene, according to court documents and police reports.
Frustrated by the response of town and school officials, the principal finally reported the incident to the Denver police.
In the wake of the incident, Norwood brought in experts from Denver to address bullying and hazing in school, Crews said.
School Superintendent David Crews imposed a one-day, in-school suspension on the three boys accused of the assault.
School Superintendent David Crews imposed a one-day, in-school suspension on the three boys accused of the assault.
School hazing and bullying used to involve name-calling, towel-snapping and stuffing boys into lockers.
School hazing and bullying used to involve name-calling, towel-snapping and stuffing boys into lockers.
School hazing and bullying used to involve name-calling, towel-snapping and stuffing boys into lockers.
At the state high-school wrestling tournament in Denver last year, three upperclassmen cornered a 13-year-old boy on an empty school bus, bound him with duct tape and sodomized him with a pencil.
Harris recused himself from the board’s discussions of the incident and later resigned, according to Crews and school board minutes.
Hazing in high school is fueling college hazing, experts say, as a new generation of players on middle- and high-school sports teams learn ways to haze through social media, said Susan Lipkins, a psychologist in Port Washington, New York, who has studied the subject for 25 years.

 Gage’s former step mother (but still actively involved in his life) popped over with a gift from her and her parents and then my mom, sister, sister in law, niece and nephew stopped by to have some cake with us after dinner; all bearing monetary gifts.
So yesterday was Gage’s  16th birthday!  I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that 16 years have passed since the first time I laid eyes on him.
 Oh and I told him he wasn’t a girl, so the whole "sweet 16" thing was just kind of weird when associated with a boy.
 And don’t worry, locally situated readers, I’ll make sure I do another blog post when he has secured his beginner’s driver’s license so you are readily prepared.

According to the report, Brookins told Burzynski that the boy had come to live with him after his mother "had to leave to take care of her sick mother and she left Juvenile #1 with him," the report states.
"Brookins agreed and said that he would do the same thing as Ranger Burzynski if he were the investigator," according to the report.
Confidential investigation reports obtained by the Austin American-Statesman reveal the teenager was found to be living with Ray Brookins, then 39, when his state-owned house was searched for evidence in February 2005 by a Texas Ranger.
Brian Burzynski received a tip about the alleged abuse from a volunteer teacher at West Texas State School, the juvenile lockup where he worked.

Is it sad that I still need to remember this one when my "clothes budget" is tight now? "Don't worry if other people have nicer clothes/cars/jewelry than you.

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you REALLY had to ask for opinions on this? HAHAHAHA thats sad.

In the Huddle: Fort Defiance vs.
In the Huddle: Stuarts Draft vs.
In the Huddle: Fort Defiance vs.
In the Huddle: Stuarts Draft vs.
In the Huddle: Fort Defiance vs.
In The Huddle: Stuarts Draft vs.
In the Huddle: Stuarts Draft vs.
In the Huddle: Fort Defiance vs.
In the Huddle: Stuarts Draft vs.
In the Huddle: Fort Defiance vs.
In the Huddle: Wilson Memorial vs.
In the Huddle: Wilson Memorial vs.
In the Huddle: Wilson Memorial vs.
In the Huddle: Robert E.
In the Huddle: Turner Ashby vs.
In the Huddle: Robert E.
In the Huddle: East Rock vs.
In the Huddle: Robert E.
In the Huddle: East Rock vs.
In the Huddle: Turner Ashby vs.
In the Huddle: East Rock vs.
In the Huddle: Turner Ashby vs.
In the Huddle: Robert E.
In the Huddle: Robert E.
In the Huddle: Riverheads vs.
In the Huddle: Riverheads vs.
In the Huddle: Riverheads vs.
In The Huddle: Wilson vs.
In the Huddle: Riverheads vs.
In The Huddle: Nelson County vs.
In the Huddle: Harrisonburg vs.
In the Huddle: Waynesboro vs.
In the Huddle: Waynesboro vs.
In the Huddle: Harrisonburg vs.
In the Huddle: Buffalo Gap vs.
In the Huddle: Buffalo Gap vs.

in my teens i used to wear impulse body spray’s and so…. body sprays, i think i was about 17 when i first had a proper fragrance, i remember i got them for christmas and they were celebrity scents, which is why i wanted them, Britney Spears curious and jlo glow, i own those scents now and they bring back good memories for me (i’m 25 btw).
I am a 14 year old boy with a love for fragrances 🙂 started experimenting like you said since I was 10 and started with the cheap drug store fragrances, then when I was 13 moved on to curve, and started really developing love for the hobby, and I would say around my 14 birthday it really exploded when I got Chanel’s platinum Egoiste, it’s been around a year since I started sampling everything and every time I have money I like to buy something nice 🙂 lately I have got into even higher end fragrances and have been experimenting with the Hermessence line, and fell in love with Ambre Narguile, I have money to buy the 2oz gift pack but I’ll wait like 2 month more and probably proudly buy a bottle with my savings :).
My student who is a 13 year old girl has no specific choice in fragrances but she loves sweet flowery scents and love to splash on a fragrance everyday.
Now (24) I’ve gotten back into wearing more complex fragrances, but I’m having a hard time finding something that doesn’t still smell too "old!" I usually gravitate toward floral woody musk, but I have some fruitier scents for fun/casual wear.
As a "tween", I had a thing for artificially sweet and fruity scents… The first scent I remember buying was Secret body spray in green apple.
He gave me my first serious bottle of perfume Chanel No.5. Also at that time and not quite married I had bit of money I remember buying Obsession, Ralph Lauren Safari & Samsara, I didn’t stray much from that.
I’m 62 now so was young in the austere 50’s and fabulous 60’s and fragrance was not really part of my life first perfume was called June by Saville, I think I sent for it from my weekly comic book, I can’t remember which one, possibly Bunty.I remember my mum loving Black Rose by Goya and floral or ferny stuff by yardly or Morny.My Aunt had some treasured Tweed and Pagan.
Their real love affair with fragrances begin from the age of 13 when they choose scents on their friends' recommendations, or like a fragrance on a friend and buy it or simply advertisements that play their part.
Boys between the ages 9-12 also like to splash on a scent from their dads' fragrance wardrobes but provided that dads too love fragrances or most of the time they try to get their parents round to buy them one of their own.
My mother did have an Avon Lady in my late teens whilst she purchased mainly lipsticks I think…. from memory…I always looked in wide-eyed amazement of the perfume even the cream ones in the cute little jars I think Mum did buy me some cream perfumes from time to time there may not have been the money to spend of things maybe thought as frivolous.
Well, continuing on, the 90’s went on and I really loved the heavier scents still, I liked Versace’s Versus Homme, Versace L’Homme (from the 80’s), Romeo Gigli (the 1st men’s scent from them), Tsar Van Cleef & Arpels (the 1st incarnation), etc…. I know "the kids" now love what I consider "bland scents" akin to a fussy child that only likes food that’s very bland in nature.
I vaguely remember having a little Avon bottle, it had a soft floral fragrance, the bottle was great, if I remember correctly it was of a lamb or poodle dressed as a bride (if anyone knows of this please PM me) as I’ve been thinking about the fragrances I had when I was young.
And a criteria to choose a scent for both is ''a scent that makes a statement, gives them an identity and attract the opposite sex.'' Teens are primarily attracted to light, fresh scents and like to experiment with different fragrances.

Veterans Thrift Store Disabled American Veteran D A V Industries Inc.
15.Veterans Thrift Store Disabled American Veteran D A V Industries Inc.
Veterans Thrift Store Disabled American Veteran D A V Industries Inc.
Veterans Thrift Store Disabled American Veteran D A V Industries Inc.
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After being treated at the scene by Wareham EMS, the boy was transported to Tobey Hospital, then transferred to Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Rhode Island where it was discovered the imbedded pellet had moved from the shoulder area into his arm, police said.
Police said investigation revealed a 16-year-old male at the residence shot the pellet from a high-powered, airsoft-type weapon.
A 16-year-old boy has been charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in connection with shooting a 6-year-old boy with a pellet from a high-powered, airsoft-type weapon.
Police executed a search warrant at 79 Swifts Beach Road and two airsoft rifles and pellets were recovered from the upstairs area of the home, which belonged to the 16-year-old resident, police said.
Police said further investigation revealed the 16-year-old boy deliberately shot the pellet at the 6-year-old boy as he played in the neighboring yard.
Wareham detectives investigated and determined the pellet shot came from the adjacent residence at 79 Swifts Beach Road.
Detectives filed charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (to wit BB gun), and minor discharging a BB gun against the 16-year-old in Wareham District Court.

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