gifts for diabetics

The list below does just that—gives you some ideas for what a person with diabetes might need or appreciate.
We hope this list will help you give a much-appreciated to someone with either type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes.
If the person with diabetes needs to be in contact with others because of health issues, think of a cell phone.
Donate money to your friend’s favorite charity in their name and enclose that notice with a small gift or holiday card.

All of our Diabetic baskets focus on all-natural, healthy foods that are free of added sugars and other sweeteners.
Send a diabetic gift basket for a healthy birthday, holiday or special occasion gift, or as a diabetic-friendly, diabetic safe get well gift basket.
The information provided on the site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions.
For those who need to be careful about watching their sugar intake, we have delicious options! Figi’s offers Sugar Free varieties of our favorite gifts so you can enjoy the tasty treats you’ve been missing: chocolates, fudge, cakes and more.
We offer select gluten free gifts and fat free treats, plus low sodium and reduced sugar options to satisfy your craving for something truly delicious without the unwanted extras.
Diabetic Healthy Birthday Basket for Her–perfect gift basket for the woman with diabetes.
Diabetic Healthy Gift Basket for birthday, holiday, special occasion, get well.
Diabetic Healthy Birthday Basket for Him–great gift basket for the man with diabetes.
Diabetic Gift Basket with healthy treats for those with diabetes.
Diabetic Golfer Gift Basket–healthy gift basket for the golfer who also has diabetes.
Healthy Diabetic Gift Basket for any occasion.
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Send The Simply Sugar Free Gift Basket to your sugar-conscious friends and family today! This Gift Includes: * Just Chocolates Sugar Free candies 4 oz * Sugar Free Asst Jelly Belly Jelly Beans * Sugar Free Assorted Fruit candies 4 oz * Gourmet Coffee * Water Crackers * Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Sticks * Creamy Port Salut Cheese Dip * White Cheddar Popcorn * Attractive Dark Stained Wicker Basket.
But if you are looking to give someone with diabetes the gift of encouragement and good health this holiday season or any time, here are some traditional and not-so-traditional ideas to help get you started.
Staying active with a video game? Yes, using the motion-sensitive Remote controller and motion-sensitive analog Nunchuk controller to play such fun as Dance Dance Revolution and Showtime Championship Boxing keeps the blood pumping and the calories burning.
Ideal gifts for just about anyone! These pre-paid items can keep people with diabetes in touch with their support team, or can be used in case of an emergency.
There are new fragrances available for the season that many would enjoy and the soothing scents can help take the edge off a difficult diabetes management day.
The members of the diabetes community have created some beautiful holiday cards that you can use to celebrate the season and make a difference.
You can give your diabetes gift basket a special touch by adding some decorated cookies to it.
Even as a diabetes patient, it is difficult for anyone to ignore its taste but still you can add it in your gift basket.
Per serving contains about 65 calories, zero gram of fat, zero grams of saturated fat, 15mg of Cholesterol, 55mg of sodium, 14g of carbohydrate, 1g dietary fiber and 2g of protein.
According to the American diabetes Association, roll sugar cookies contain less fat and sugar as compared to any homemade cut-out cookies.
Glycemic index is an index that tells the rate at which carbohydrates enter our body i.e. into the bloodstream and how the fruit increases the glucose level in the body.
There are many type of nuts available that can be gifted to a diabetes patient like plain, shelled and un-shelled nuts.
The recipe of Cherry Biscotti Cookies has been approved by the American Diabetes Association and is considered as a traditional crunchy recipe with no fat.
So, you must buy fruits that are low in the glycemic index for any diabatic patient like berries, cherries, grapefruit, pears, oranges and apple.
Our diabetic gift baskets and sugar free basket gifts feature gourmet foods and snacks for those on your gift list that have special dietary needs.
Any one of our diabetic gift basket options comes in designs suitable for any of life’s special occasions, such as birthdays, thinking of you, and get well situations.
Our diabetic gift baskets are perfect for any occasion and we have special designs for birthdays, get well soon wishes, and congratulations.
That is where we come in! Our unique selection of fun, festive diabetic gift baskets features only sugar-free or low sugar content items that recipients can enjoy worry free.
When you want to send your warm wishes for an extra special birthday or just say thanks to someone with special dietary needs, finding an appropriate gift can sometimes be difficult.
Some people with diabetes don’t like to be left out of having sweets or chocolate whereas other people with diabetes are very conscious of avoiding sweet foods that may adversely affect their blood glucose control.
The vast majority of sports should not pose a barrier for most people with diabetes, unless they have a particular health condition in addition to diabetes that restricts their ability to take part in certain sports.
One reason is that often people with diabetes have particular needs in terms of our equipment and some items may not be compatible with our individual needs.
When it comes to presents for people with diabetes, many of us would rather have presents that are not connected with our diabetes, but this can vary from person to person so they key is to know the person you’re buying for.
People with diabetes can have tattoos and be pierced but it is quite important that those of us with diabetes have our diabetes under adequate control to prevent a slow healing process and to minimise the chance of infection.
If you know your intended recipient needs a particular piece of diabetes equipment but has yet to buy it, say for cost reasons, then go ahead but keep the receipt in case they’ve bought the item without you knowing.
Scuba diving is a notable example of an adventure activity that is difficult for people with diabetes on insulin to be insured for.
Also, some people with diabetes actively avoid anything bearing the food.
One reason is that some of us feel strongly about not being seen to be defined by the condition we have and another good reason is that diabetic food can often have laxative effects, if they contain sugar alcohols, which can cause stomach pains in some people.
The Diabetes Forum – find support, ask questions and share your experiences with 121,374 people.
Looking forward to suggestions, and I’ll throw in that I’ve found a small square of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate (the good, hard, rich almost bitter stuff by the register – forget the percentage) lowers my blood sugar and satisfies the sweets craving.
I’ve also had great success with "The Joy of Gluten Free, Sugar Free Baking" (sorry, the author escapes me just now), for when I want to make stuff that’s more akin to what she grew up with (like bundt cake or cookies).
A roasted root vegetable casserole (use root vegetables instead of potatoes or rice), or any other from scratch meal (where you concentrate on fibre and protein rather than carbs and fat) is a great gift.
As a pleasant reminder to inspect hands and feet daily, a gift basket containing a few of the many wonderful, natural, organic, essential oils, and antibacterial cleansers, lotions and soothing creams, plus little extras, like a good nail brush with pumice stone attached, natural loofah mitts or gloves from The Body Shop, and a pair of reflexology socks from Hands-On- Feet (800 330-2109), make a useful, thoughtful gift.
A gift of membership in one or several of the organizations that offer such support, such as the American Diabetes Association (800 ADA -ORDER or ), Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (800 212 689 -2860 or ) or International Diabetic Athletes Association (800 898 IDAA or ), may trigger a positive response to take a more proactive role in a person’s diabetes.
Since you’re taking care of what you choose to gift a diabetic person, do keep in mind all the good and bad points of the edible gifts.
11 Great Gift Ideas for Diabetic People An overall sense of eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to managing diabetes.
However, if you are buying a gift for a loved one who has been recently diagnosed with Diabetes, you might want to give them something special to show your support and encouragement.
Foods are tricky as the sugar alcohols that are used to sweeten diabetic things like sugar free candies tend to make me sick.
It’s a great gift for someone who needs to travel with their diabetic supplies.
They are soft with a loose compression, which is great for my blood circulation, and its firm enough to give you the compression you need & holds up beautifully on your legs and fits into my walking shoes very nicely.
In this age of everything big, that such a practical and useful gift for a diabetic.
I’ve been a diet controlled diabetic for 15 years now but grew up with both parents being diabetic.
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Wow, great gift ideas, I that butterfly pill box.
So many gift baskets are full of candy and sweets…. The holidays are a tempting time of the year.
Oh, I think the diabetic socks and shoes are so very important.
This will alert medical staff that the person has diabetes and could be suffering from low blood sugar or insulin shock.
Aside from sweets and foods high in carbs, you can really buy a diabetic anything you would buy a non-diabetic.
Since the basket is for the family, I would try to make the contents as universally appealing as possible — nuts, fruit, maybe some non-food items, nothing obviously "diabetic." After all, it doesn't hurt anybody, diabetic or not, to get less refined sugar, especially around the holidays.
Why don't you contact the family to find out what the child likes (and can eat) and include it in the basket? Depending on the family's feelings about it, you probably can still include some candy for the non-diabetics.
You want to get something that everyone can enjoy, perhaps a fruit, nut and candy gift basket? If planned carefully, the child should be able to eat fruits or nuts and the others will still have their candy.
I live with an adult Type 1 who has a set style of management for his diabetes, so I'm speaking from a viewpoint that might or might not work for a child.
Their Marcona almonds are to die for, and I also like their Pasadena Pecans (w/ cranberries, orange & black pepper) and my fave is their Salty, Sweet & Nutty Trek Mix (natural & honey roasted peanuts & cashews w/ roasted almonds and little bits of peanut brittle…yum). Dean & DeLuca has some nice stuff too, albeit overpriced.
They don't carry fruit, but Costplus World Market carries a wide variety of gourmet foods from around the world, and they sell baskets as well, if you want to put together your own basket.
Love the yummy recipes and cute holiday crafts you see here? Print it all for free! Follow the links below for a free holiday sweets mini cookbook complete with recipes and how-to instructions for all of the packages, as well as free gift tags complete with nutrition information.
Foot Care Gifts for Diabetics To stay healthy and ambulatory, it is important for people with diabetes (particularly those with diabetic neuropathy) to take special care of their sensitive diabetic feet. has a large selection of podiatrist recommended footwear and foot care products that also make perfect gifts! Freedom from foot pain might be the gift your loved one forgot to put on his or her wish list.
Foot Friendly Nursing Home Gifts Every week gets multiple calls from children and friends of nursing home residents asking for gift recommendations.
Foot friendly gifts are often a good choice for nursing home residents because of the fragile state of the average elderly person’s feet.
By buying gifts that are made using renewable resources, non-polluting factory practices, and fair trade principles you are making the world a better place and your loved one is getting a gift that not only nourishes their feet, but also their spirit.
Eco Friendly Foot Care Gifts Does your loved one drive a hybrid, buy organic food, or wax poetic about the sustainability movement? Be warned.
Not only does this lead to chronically cold feet, but without proper care foot conditions in the elderly can become health complications and mobility challenges.
The jewelry box contains 2 of each chocolates: Chocolate Mint truffle, chocolate coconut cluster, mini peanut butter cups, fudge meltaways, peppermint patties, almond buttercrunch, Milk chocolate covered caramel & marshmallow, milk chocolate cordial cherries, dark chocolate cordial cherries, dark chocolate vanilla marshmallow, dark chocolate truffle, and milk chocolate caramel covered with sea salt.
2 pieces mini peanut butter cups, 2 mint truffles, 2 espresso truffles, 2 dark chocolate truffle, 1 milk cordial cherry, 1 dark cordial cherry, 2 NEW milk chocolate coated Vanilla Caramel with Sea Salt, 2 dark chocolate vanilla caramel, and 2 milk chocolate vanilla caramel.
This assortment includes mini peanut butter cups, mint truffle, espresso truffle, dark chocolate truffle, milk cordial cherry, dark cordial cherry, NEW milk chocolate coated Vanilla Caramel with Sea Salt, and milk chocolate vanilla caramel.
This beautiful swirly heart gift box is filled with 1 box of our cookie gift box, 1/2 pound of milk cordial cherries, 1/2 pound of chocolate bridge mix and a 1/2 lb of mini peanut butter cups.
The Sweetheart red & white polka dot basket is filled with a Whitman’s 10oz Sampler box, 2 large peanut butter cups, a 1/2 pound of Milk chocolate coated Vanilla Caramel with Sea Salt, 1/2 pound assortment of hard candy mixture.
Truffles Milk & Dark, cookies, 1/2 pound of our new Vanilla Milk Chocolate caramels with Sea Salt, 1/2 pound of Raspberry Jelly with Milk Chocolate, and a milk chocolate covered heart with marshmallow filling.
chocolates, cookies, 1/2 lb of fudge meltaways (one bite and the syrupy fudge melts in your mouth), 1/2 lb of Milk Chocolate covered cordial cherries, and a 1/2 lb of Mint Chocolate Truffles.
Say "I Love You" to this beautifully etched heart, filled with our delicious Milk chocolate covered cordial cherries.
For Sport Lovers only! This basket is filled with 1/2 lb of milk chocolate break up (thick pieces of chocolate that melt in your mouth), 1/2 lb of chocolate fudge meltaways (these chocolates are filled with a smooth, syrupy fudge inside), 1/2 lb.
As most of you know, most of the products marketed as being "low carb" aren’t, because they contain maltitol, lacitol, and other frankenfood ingredients which will, in fact, raise the blood sugar of anyone who does not have a very strong second phase insulin response.
With consideration to the glycemic index or a high protein diabetic diet, you could focus your gifts for diabetics on tasty high protein foods such as low sodium smoked salmon, water-packed sardines, unsalted anchovies, smoked oysters, low fat low salt cheeses, low salt olives, fancy olive oil and seasoned vinegar (tarragon is a good one).
How can you as a giver of a diabetic gift basket get around this to give the right gifts for diabetics? First of all, consider the glycemic index and protein content of the foods you want to give.
Our Deliciously Diabetic Selections are truly one of a kind.  The Deliciously Diabetic Large will overflow with goodness to enjoy.  It contains over seventeen diabetic treats to dive into. This diabetic gift includes sugar free candies, sugar free caramel popcorn, pretzels, mustard, snack mix, sugar free jelly belly, sugar free gum, sugar free pastilles,  salsa, tortilla chips, tea, vegetable sticks, and more tasty snacks.  This diabetic gift basket is available in the Deliciously Diabetic Small size as well.  This is truly Taylor Made at its’ best.
For the romantic love in your life, nothing says I love you more than our Valentine Diabetic Delight.  This is the perfect gift for your Valentine that can not have sugar.  You will adore this sugar free basket, which includes sugar free chocolate, sugar free cookies, sugar free candy, sugar free popcorn, cheese biscuits, a candle, a heart ornament, and a heart votive holder.  We have these wonderful pleasures nested within our premium pink wicker-woven basket and completed with an elegant bow.  We have Valentine’s Day gift baskets everyone will enjoy.
For more diabetic gift ideas visit our diabetic foot problems page.
Caramel Popcorn  Using only a few ingredients, this ready-in-a-flash treat counts on a light (but satisfying) coating of vanilla caramel and measured portion control to keep it firmly in the "diabetic-friendly" camp.
Delicious Sugar-Free Candies that taste so GOOD, you won’t miss the sugar! Many folks urged us to create a sugar-free version of our candies, but we took our own sweet time until we found a way to make them just as flavorful as our originals! These satisfying sweets make wonderful gifts for diabetics, and anyone watching their sugar consumption.
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In addition, artificial sweeteners and sugar-free candies can make up for sugar’s sweetness, but not all people with diabetes like to use them so this list provides some low-sugar alternatives if the recipient is trying to avoid those products.
Include a couple decorated sugar cookies in your diabetic gift basket for an extra special touch.

(And we don’t even know what the long-term health consequences are of ingesting large amounts of artificial sweeteners anyway.) In addition honey, corn syrup, maple syrup and agave nectar/syrup are all high in sugar, even if they aren’t called ‘sugar’ and some people like to tell you that they are ‘healthy’.
Some of this may be blamed on the portrayals on TV and in movies of people going into diabetic shock or comas, but this only happens rarely, and mostly in cases where the person does now know they have diabetes or just hasn’t been taking care of it.
Some people seem to have this idea that sugar is instant poison to a diabetic, and that if if a diabetic ingests sugar they’ll keel over instantly while foaming at the mouth.
He was fine for many years after that until his health deteriorated again, again due to not taking care of himself properly after his 2nd divorce.) If your favorite diabetic says they are going to have a couple of mouthfuls of cake, they are most likely going to be fine afterwards, as long as they don’t make it a daily thing.
Although diabetes is a very widespread disease (more than 100 million Americans are diagnosed with type 2 or pre-diabetes, a staggering number), many people have no idea what it’s like to live with it, and how diabetics keep it under control.
Can you give me some links? I basically looked up low GI foods on the Web and I bought a diabetes cookbook for some recipes but my doctor tells me just to eat and drink (I like my wine) in moderation and avoid fats and sugar.
I have some Japanese cookbooks that teach how to cook for diabetes with low-GI/sugar count foods, and I also found this site ( very helpful early on, just to get an idea of how to eat and the importance of moderate exercise (mainly walking) and so on to manage type 2.
I’m not diabetic, but I’m very sensitive to sugar so I’m always on the lookout for ways to indulge without getting into the whole sugar spike-crash cycle.

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