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You are browsing through zazzle’s giraffe gifts section where you can find many styles, sizes, and colors of customizable giraffe shirts, mugs, posters, bumper stickers, and other products.

Our giraffe collection offers an incredible array of giraffe art like mixed media prints and detailed, lifelike sculptures as well as practical home decor items like giraffe-themed throw blankets and giraffe sculptural lamps.
Featuring a broad variety of art and decor items, the Giraffe Gifts and Giraffe Decor collection helps you express your for nature in exotic style.

Sophie the Giraffe Box is indeed a baby that keeps on giving! A classic teether that’s been around for almost 50 years, Sophie is a baby product that stimulates many senses simultaneously: Sophie’s squeak and laugh will delight baby’s ears, her flexible, easy to hold shape can be moulded and gripped and her beautiful paintwork and friendly face is charming to the eyes.
Mumzworld is the 1st and largest online shopping site in the Middle East for mother, baby and child, servicing the UAE (Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah), Saudi Arabia ( Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar/DMM), Qatar (Doha), Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan (Amman), Lebanon and ship all over the world.

Check out these cool stuffed animal giraffes hand made with goat fur to achieve a most realistic and lifelike look.
Cool stuffed animal giraffes hand made with goat fur to achieve a most realistic look.
These Handmade Furry Animal Giraffe’s look just like a REAL Giraffe!  They make great gifts for people who collect Giraffe Figurines and are very lifelike.

We personalized and print on over 150 items, including mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts, steins, and jewelry.
We also make custom chocolate wrappers, invites, mint books, and water and wine bottle labels.
Any of the items we sell can be made into attractive gift baskets.

0 month + Ideal to welcome your baby to the world! Includes: Sophie the Giraffe and a soft square towel 30 x 30cm, 100% cotton, 320g.
Ideal for entertaining baby at bath time! Includes: A Sophie the Giraffe bath net.Ideal for drip-drying and tidying away baby’s toys.
Combines softness with fun! Contains: Original Sophie the Giraffe, the first toy that stimulates all of baby’s senses.

The pieces of this giraffe puzzle will only fit in the correct order of the alphabet, with numbers on the reverse side.
Alphabet Giraffe is a puzzle for kids that will help them learn their numbers and their ABCs.

In other animals such pressure would force the blood out through the capillary walls; giraffes, however, have a very tight sheath of thick skin over their lower limbs which maintains high extravascular pressure in exactly the same way as a pilot's g suit.
Giraffes have spots covering their entire bodies, except their underbellies, with each giraffe having a unique pattern of spots.
In the upper neck, a complex pressure regulation system called the rete mirabile prevents excess blood flow to the brain when the giraffe lowers its head to drink.
WAF's Adopt A Giraffe symbolic adoption is $35 and helps the World Animal Foundation to preserve the planet and protect its animals.
In Southern Africa, giraffes are partial to all acacias — especially Acacia erioloba — and possess a specially adapted tongue and lips that appear to be immune to the vicious thorns.
Giraffes live in the savannas of Africa, where they roam freely among the tall trees, arid land, dense forests and open plains.
Their long necks help giraffes eat leaves from tall trees, typically acacia trees.
While adult giraffes are too large to be attacked by most predators, the young can fall prey to lions, leopards, hyenas, and African Wild Dogs.
Adopt A Giraffe from World Animal Foundation and make a difference for animals and the environment.
Male giraffes determine female fertility by tasting the female's urine to detect estrus in a multi step process known as the Flehmen response.
The giraffe browses on the twigs of trees, preferring plants of the Mimosa genus; but it appears that it can, without inconvenience, live on other vegetable food.
Female giraffes weigh between 1,600 and 2,600 pounds and grow to be 16 feet tall.
Adopt An Animal Adopt A Giraffe Kits make great gifts and can be sent directly to the recipient.

Sophie’s rubber makeup derives from the sap of the Hevea tree and her spots are splotched on with food-grade paint, so when your baby puts her in his mouth, there’s no need to summon Poison Control.
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Then along comes sweet Francophile Sophie, the all-natural rubber teether found in A-list baby bags all over Hollywood.

A spotted giraffe animal print design in light pink and magenta.
Yellow Giraffe Pattern Animal Print Design.
Green giraffe print design.
Brown giraffe print design.

Extending the length of the razor handle an additional 15 to 20 inches gives you the benefit of not having to bend over while shaving the lower portion of your legs, thereby decreasing the risk of slipping or falling in the shower.
Extending the razor handle length as well as adjusting the angle enables women, while shaving, to reach the entire length of their legs without having to bend at the waist.
“I bought this product for my mother because she was complaining she couldn’t shave her legs after her shoulder surgery.

More on my blog, including photos from when I visited the Rotunda in Paris, the building where Zaraf…more Zarafa tells the story of the first giraffe in France, arriving in Paris in 1827 after a journey from the southern reaches of the Nile by boat and on foot.
By using a gentle, innocent animal as the lens for recalling an often bruta…more A short, charming tale of the first giraffe in France – her journey is traced from her birthplace in Ethiopia, to Egypt, and then to France, where she walked from Marseilles to Paris.
Zarafa tells the story of the first giraffe in France, arriving in Paris in 1827 after a journey from the southern reaches of the Nile by boat and on foot.
A short, charming tale of the first giraffe in France – her journey is traced from her birthplace in Ethiopia, to Egypt, and then to France, where she walked from Marseilles to Paris.
I found it so interesting to hear about Napolean’s part in Egyptian history and the journey of this giraffe by boat and then by land through Africa and then France.
What a great read! Ostensibly about the arrival of a singular giraffe into Paris, this story is really a tour de force about the Age of Enlightenment, the quest for learning about natural history and the interplay of politics and personality in the first half of the 19th century.
But in this compelling, beautifully rendered book, Michael Allin look…more In 1826, a twelve-foot giraffe, that had been captured in the Sudan, shipped down the Nile, and carried across the Mediterranean in a ship’s hold, was walking across France.
I learned about the slave trade perpetrated by the Arabs, about Napol…more This wonderful book chronicles the 4,000 mile trek of a giraffe captured in the Ethiopian highlands then shipped by land and sea from Central Africa to Marseille in Paris.
This is an interesting true story following the path of the first giraffe from the deserts of the Sahara to Paris where Zarafa will become the King’s "pet".
Michael Allin condenses a lot of complicated political history of the 18th and 19th century in a straightforward and clear way, all entwined around the journey of Zarafa the giraffe.
Michael Allin condenses a lot of complicated political history of the 18th and 19th century in a straightforward and clear way, all entwined around the journey of Zarafa the giraffe.
This is about the gift of a giraffe to King Charles X of France from the Ottoman viceroy of Egypt, one Muhammad Ali, in 1826.
This is about the gift of a giraffe to King Charles X of France from the Ottoman viceroy of Egypt, one Muhammad Ali, in 1826.
It’s the story of a female giraffe transported from the Sudan, up through Egypt and across to France to be presented to the King of France as a gift from the viceroy of Egypt.
This wonderful book chronicles the 4,000 mile trek of a giraffe captured in the Ethiopian highlands then shipped by land and sea from Central Africa to Marseille in Paris.
An interesting story telling the history of the region at the time of Zarafa’s journey, but I was expecting more of the book to be about her and her carers’ travels.
the charming tale of a gentle giraffe’s long journey from the headwaters of the nile to the heart of paris complete with fairy tale pashas, dashing tomb robbers, devoted handlers and lovable bureaucrats (?!) to pump the romantique.
the charming tale of a gentle giraffe’s long journey from the headwaters of the nile to the heart of paris complete with fairy tale pashas, dashing tomb robbers, devoted handlers and lovable bureaucrats (?!) to pump the romantique.

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Anyways, this is a sketch for the lovely LAMunster926 (of DeviantART and an all around good friend) who asked me to draw a giraffe and incorporate herself and her boyfriend (the super cool, also an all around good friend Anthony R., he of the web series "Music Freak").
Jenna Sokalski As you can clearly see, I love to draw (be it illustrations, comics, cartoons and the like) but I also really enjoy writing, theatre, music and many other things that engage the right side of my brain.

You can send the Sophie the Giraffe Gift Case which will really be useful to the baby.
This case comes with Sophie the Giraffe, which has been a baby’s companion for decades.
Your baby will be free from irritations and he will be happy to chew this rubber giraffe.
Made from safe materials, the baby can chew on the giraffe safely.
Give your baby, this flexible giraffe which is safe to chew and squeeze.

There are days — most of them to be honest–when I think that I could not possibly find another match; where do I go from here? But then, as I look at little more intently, I find just one little piece of information in the picture and I get to string two, three or four pieces together.
Not an impossible job at all, I was on on my way! One good look at the picture made me a bit nervous, though: all the colors blended together, both of the background and of the giraffes–either spot color, or no spot, that’s it… Mmmm… I wondered how I would manage, but welcomed the challenge with a positive attitude.
It’s been quite a ride thus far, let me tell you… Every time I sit down to work my puzzle, I wonder how I could possibly find two pieces that interlock.
Same shapes, same colors, no distinctive marks… I stared at all the pieces and felt at a loss–until I found one little color splash! With excitement, I looked for another piece that matched that one.
First things first: I flipped all the pieces so the picture faced up and separated all the straight edges I could find.

Smash into some cars, throw some people into the air, find some Giraffe friends – – and even get the ride on a QUAD BIKE!!This game combines adventure with racing fun.

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Little girls love to play “patty cake” with mommy and daddy, and this unique baby gift set lets them all celebrate the beloved interactive nursery rhyme! The impressive tower of graduated hatboxes features the complete nursery rhyme, introduced by an adorable baby—rolling pin in hand—wearing a chef’s hat and an apron marked “baby.” The layette items are white with pink trim and have embroidered accents.
Hugs are all around when Jo Jo comes to town! Totally awwww-inspiring, this cuddly, Jo Jo the Giraffe a two piece plush gift set is a creative gift set featuring Jo Jo the Giraffe, a gentle jungle giant destined to be the baby boy's or baby girl's new best friend! Jo Jo has his squeezable, soft arms and legs wrapped around a giraffe-themed, keepsake box in mellow shades of yellow, green and brown.
So you've sat and stared at the walls trying to come up with ideas on a baby shower gift that is unique, inexpensive and will also have the new mom to be and the shower guest talking about the baby gift.
If you would like more information on making a baby gift basket, visit baby shower ideas to learn more.
This baby photo frame can also be used as baby shower favors to spread around the reception tables for your guests or use as a gift for your baby shower games.
Here at Kimberly Lace, we have ideas on you next baby shower gift so you can take the guess work out what your searching for.
A baby gift basket is a excellent idea for a baby shower gift and can be put together yourself.
Either choice as a baby shower gift or as a baby favor, this cute and darling picture will be adored by all.
An ideal baby christening or a baby shower gift for the dedication of the baby.
Tucked tenderly inside, you'll find a sunshine-yellow, fleece baby blanket with an embossed, velvety likeness of Jo Jo in one corner and a special place for personalizing your unique baby gift if you wish.
A baby shower gift to the mom to display her favorite photos of her new baby.
If your creative and enjoy doing crafts, florals or floral arrangements, you'll enjoy making a baby gift basket.
This baby shower gift can also be personalized with the name of the baby.
Today, it's all about the baby and the mom and presenting her with a gift that gives new meaning to baby showers and gifts.
You can find these adorable baby gifts on many retail sites which carry a full line of baby shower gifts and baby shower favors.
Anothe idea to put on the baby gift basket is a bow, if you don't know how to make one, many craft store will make a bow for you.
There are so many baby gifts which can be found today which are soooo different and unique from the baby shower gifts back when our moms were having babies.
One of the most beloved, “interactive” nursery rhymes of all time takes center stage in this enchanting gift set for baby boy.
This baby keepsake will be a remember and treasured gift as the baby grows and snuggles through the night time.
Baby gift baskets are very funtional and you can put in the baby accessories for the baby and of course useful baby items mom will need.
Who would of thought back then the variety of choices there would be and how cute and adorble these baby shower gifts would be.
As you can see, these baby shower gifts are as unique and precious as the baby.

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Please note: this decal comes in 2 pieces, you will have to compose the design on the wall. Vinyl Design wall decals are made of mat vinyl, a semi permanent material that will last at least 5 years.

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