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Hey just an update to those claiming sexism – I`m going to update the article again with some of your recommendations and change the wording from "simplified." I understand and as I already said there is no such thing as a "girl game" – I am simply recommending good and yes, they tend to be a little bit `simplier` because most people searching for the best xbox for girls are going to be relatively new to gaming but I do understand your view.
I completed Fable 3 atleast 4 times! If you want to play a good game and your a girl… Don’t categorise yourself into the ‘girl gamer’ category and see what the top selling games are.
I have selected a MASSIVE range of games that most people will enjoy and particularly girls and they range from Zombie games like Left 4 Dead to Fable to Rock Band so there is definitely something for everyone so make sure you check the whole list out.
In the comments section I asked for girls to say what games they liked and in three comments three different girls mentioned shooting games or games with some fighting: Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead and also Fable (which I did recommend on this page as well!).
There are also many truly brilliant xbox live arcade games that girls will to play and also indie games.
Obviously, different people will like different games but most girls will enjoy a game of Uno, Peggle, Plants vs Zombies and Geometry Wars.
However, it is important to add that there is no such thing as just a `girl`s game` as pointed out by a few rather passionate commenters – see the end of this page! There are many dedicated female gamers and it is important to try and represent them and suggest that they like popular games like Skyrim, the Walking Dead, Call of Duty, Halo and not just games that are simplier to play.

Don't know what you mean by "girl gamer", but I assume you're a gamer so here goes a list.
I'm not big on black ops or grand theft auto.
does anyone have an suggestions for a game that I would get into? I do play blacks ops every once but I don't get into it as much as the guys I know do.
I'm not big on black ops or grand theft auto.
I'm looking into starting some new games.
I'm looking into starting some new games.
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We’ve got a roundup of this year’s best Xbox 360 games for kids of all ages, including details on the new Xbox Kinect platform.
My kids got an Xbox 360 (both 8 year old girls) and I was wondering what games you guys might recommend.
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How would getting a launch title make you feel like a cheapwad, she’s 11, if she doesn’t know who batman is she’s not gna be able to tell what year a game came out especially if its good.
Kameo, Viva Pinata, all of the Lego games.. and there’s probably a lot on XBLA that would be great, especially things like the Maw.
My 8 year old niece has spent the most time with Amped 3, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and Viva Pinata.
@The_Laughing_Man: I feel like that thing is some giant scam or something! Am I missing something? It seems like a way to sell a game, and then some kind of lousy toys in addition? I’d feel like I was involving her in some diabolical children’s ponzi scheme or something.
Maybe Viva Pinata or Nuts & Bolts (although I hear Nuts & Bolts is actually kind of difficult, I never played it personally).
I heard the first Viva Pinata game is supposed to be good.
Also, another thing to throw out there, Sea life safari on xbox live arcade is a good time waster, my 10 year old niece plays the hell outta it, that and burnout paradies.
I’ll also put my vote on Viva pinata Trouble in paradise.. Fantastic game and well tutorialed.
The list author says:   "Though it is an Xbox original game, the first game in the Halo series is still worth playing (and is still playable on the 360).
The list author says:   "Better than the original Fable, Fable II is a gorgeous game that you can literally play for hours and hours.
The list author says:   "Another Xbox original game that still translates well to the 360.
The list author says:   "Moving the Halo franchise to the 360 drastically upgrades the visual treat that is this game.
The list author says:   "A good game: great ways to use the Force, good characters, interesting story, and nice-looking graphics.
The list author says:   "The sequel to Halo is perhaps not quite as good as the first, but still an enjoyable storyline and great action.
The list author says:   "I never played the previous incarnations of this game, but you don’t need to.
The list author says:   "I LOVE this game.
The list author says: "I tend to enjoy stories more than action in a game, so if you’re like me you may like some of the games in this list.
The list author says:   "I enjoy the manga for this series, but even a person unfamiliar with the story would enjoy this I think.
The list author says:   "Not as good as I wanted it to be, but definately worth buying and playing.
Haven't seen any girls do a game collection vid so I wanted to show everyone my collection as a female gamer.
Why not try downloading a few different demos and see what type of genre she is into, I know recently I posted looking for co-op games to play with my partner and had great feedback, the problem I found was the games mentioned we would look up on Amazon and I would read out what the game was about and my partner wasn’t intrested, we found a few but took its time, she much prefers games like Lord of the Rings: War In The North, we both did, analogue sticks are easy to use, and the story isn’t to bad and the fighting is fairly easy to master, I would recommend that game as a starter.
Now, an ex of mine wasn’t big into games other than the Lego series but she started watching me play Mass Effect and fell in love with the story, and especially Liara.
In today's Guyism Speed Round, Chet Siegel plays video games for the very first time on the brand new XBox One.
I tried the "point and click" type of games and I got bored after 5 minutes (just so you know, I'm a lady too).
I wasn't generalizing women but just stating facts about the women I know that game, they all like point n click type of games.
It's clear the woman likes games, sure but the way she talks/writes about them relates to a 40 year old man trying to hang around with his teenage son and his friends.
And my husband doesn't think of it quite like you described, he actually likes that I am willing to play video games.
I like to play video games, and every so often when the kids are tucked in bed I will take over the TV and get myself caught up in a game.
Most Ladies i know play Dragon Age, WOW, Bad Company 2, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and anything thats a point and click adventure.
There are some games with really good dynamic capabilities as well as storyline which make it entertaining, plus it is something I can connect with the hubby on.
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Please comment if you can recommend multiplayer games (not co-op or online) or any recommendations for horror Xbox games.
Girl Fight allows players to choose from an array of sexy fighters to battle their way out of The Foundation, a shadowy, scientific organization looking to weaponize the psionic fighting abilities of the cast of gorgeous, all-female fighters.
Girl Fight comes accross a game that should have come out along time ago, and just feels out of place among modern fighters.
Girl Fight is a game that lives up to its name, both in relevancy and simply being generic.
For a game that plays up its characters’ sex appeal, Girl Fight is stupefyingly unattractive.
Girl Fight is simply one of the worst fighting games out there.
A mediocre arcade fighting game with a very unsubstantial control scheme and settings.
Girl Fight is a bad copy of some fighting games.
As a retro fighting game enthusiast, I thought it was a bit fun, and it did have a few novel ideas that are executed well.
It’s just like picking a girl in a bar to ask her out; which is something I’ve never done, but must be the same thing… Anyway, it is way better to have gamer girls on your friend list that you can play and flirt with at the same time… Heaven must be like that.
You check your friend list and realize that you have unlocked your dreamed gamer girl specimen within your contacts… Congratulations! You have conquered your first achievement as an Xbox Live Casanova, but this is just the beginning.
It’s been 24 hours after your ultimate message and you haven’t receive an answer — and you know that 24 hours have elapsed, because you left your console unnecessarily running after your last game in order to see what would she respond on that remark you did about how women are bad gamers as they are lame at driving (again, kudos for that excellent comment – my good friend).
No, is it? That’s why I’m going to give you a guide of seven steps which holds the secret to get that Xbox Live’s secret achievement: Include a gamer girl into your friend list.
There are many other players who are lower than you — my dear friend — and they might send their friend list invitation before you do — in this hunting game, the one who shoots first, gets the prize.
The next steps don’t have anything to do about how to get gamer girls into your friend list, but advises about what you have to do in some complicated situations that tend to happen once you have managed to bring a gamer girl into the light.
Since she is a woman, it is quite certain that her Gamerscore is tiny compared to yours — it is well known that it is almost impossible for a fragile and delicate girl to get the hardest achievements… This is where you – my friend – will make the difference.
Send her another friend request to let her know that you also remember her, bonus points if you make her believe that you erased her by accident; because you – my friend – no, you can’t be erased, not even by accident — remember, it’s her connection.
First step is — obviously — finding those gamer girls mixed among so many male gamers that you will face playing your favorite multiplayer game.
Besides, what’s the point of a date if there’s no conversation? (You are not mistaken, a game date… is a date after all), it doesn’t matter if she is under heavy fire, if she is tasked in eliminating someone from the opposition, or if she is focused on not missing a single note on Guitar Hero; real thing is, there’s nothing more important for her than answering your questions.
Make her understand that if someone is ignoring someone, that’s you — an over the top gamer way superior than a simple woman… Speaking of which, don’t forget to tell her that those “two or three times” that she managed to get a higher score than you did were just luck or kindness from you — and were not reasons to make you unworthy of your man card.
It’s outrageous and impossible to digest the fact that she plays with other people who aren’t you, but it’s true, she has not yet realized that her chances for having a good time are exponentially increased when she plays with someone your size — and that is exactly what you must let her know.
Coming up next, I’ll introduce you a disturbing list of seven steps by someone, who (just like many others) thinks that he has managed to develop the perfect way to get gamer girls into his friend list.
Unfortunately, you don’t need to search too far to realize with whom else she is playing with; because your very own friends, amazed to see you playing with a girl, took advantage of your discovery to send her their own friend requests.
Leaving the alien abduction theory aside (but still, the most logical reason) there’s only one worst case scenario that could explain your friend’s disappearance: She has married with a stupid and boring guy who don’t like good old videogames, you know — one of those Neanderthal, sports fanatic and “I’m too old for videogames” kind of dude.
Why is it everytime someone makes a thread asking where female gamers are or what games do they play, multiple people have to make the comment that the topic starter should "try meeting girls in real life." It drives me crazy that people automatically assume that is why the topic was started.
i know your gonna be mad for me saying this but, if you want to talk and play games with girls the playstation home is a good place to meet them.
Uno, PDZ and Halo are what most of the girls i game with seem to play (as far as online games go).
Being a girl myself there seem to be about three games I play that have some girls in it other than me.
Anyway i don’t get why we care if girls play.. Not hard to hangout with people and play games.
Well im on Xboxlive all day 🙂 mite not be playing but logged in I play Gears war 3, halo 3 i play modernwarfare the first one i also play lost planet 2 tekken 6 and metal of honor :)ZombieStripper yeah but they are asking about actual girls.
I imagine tons of girls play tons of games…. However, the girl to mic ratio is like 1 – 20.
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Is the next Halo game not releasing in 2013? The only games I'm interested in at this stage are Titanfall, Destiny and Halo, and several Japanese releases.
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With the Xbox One looking like one of the biggest product releases in years, we had Chet Siegel play video games for the very first time on the brand new system and give her thoughts.
What do you guys think? Is this just a nice way to reach out to a different market, or would you like to see something else? Are you getting excited yet – the Xbox One is only five months away from local launch.
Last night, at the Girl Geeks Dinner in Joburg, there were as many Xbox Ones to touch and feel as there were at rAge.
I’ve wanted to attend these “Girl Geeks Dinner” for a while – it just seems that every time I remember, it’s already sold out.
The Xbone better be at a lower price and MS better not change their minds with regards to the changes they made for game trade and purchases,cause apparently you can’t purchase digital games from another country.
Microsoft Joburg showed their support of the Girl Geeks Dinner – a very cool networking event.
Now it seems that they’re ramping up their Xbox One marketing in preparation for the launch sometime in September.

But this article is specifically geared towards helping female gamers have a better time on Xbox Live, so here are some additional tips.
So we present to you now an article inspired by a reader e-mail (thanks Penny!) – The Xbox Live Survival Guide for Female gamers.
Female gamers get singled out and harassed simply because they are trying to join the boys club that is Xbox Live, and that just isn’t fair.
I already laid out some ground rules in my Xbox Live Etiquette article, and I think that it contains some solid general advice for everyone on Xbox Live.
Sixth, perhaps most importantly if you want to have a really good time on Xbox Live, join the Gamerchix.

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