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Coming up with a cool name for your unborn child can be a difficult process made more difficult for those parents that actually care what other people think.
Other places where cool nicknames are used would be in relationships, whether it be between boyfriend and girlfriend or just between good friends.
No matter how cool your nickname, you won’t be respected unless you can kick a$$ on the console or computer screen – so practice your play and your trash talk.
You should also keep in mind that competition for cool online nicknames can be tough, whether if be for or social sites.
cool lens thanks for sharing it as for nick name.
I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing or maybe girls are just better at choosing cool nicknames than guys are.
Cool nickname lens.
 Follow (0)Do you have a cool nickname? – Tell everyone how you got it or came up with it.
Sometimes coming up with a cool nickname just isn’t enough.
Do You Know Anyone Who Needs Help Picking Out A Cool Name? – These types of books make great gifts to expecting mothers.
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Having earned his famous nickname for his enthusiasm as a young player coming up through the then-New York Giants system, Mays moved to San Francisco with the team in 1958 and continued his rise to stardom.
In order to make this list, an athlete must have a nickname that is creative and specialized, rather than a generic title like "The Great One" or "The Greatest." The nickname must immediately conjure up the player in question, and only that player, so shared nicknames like "The Rocket" are out.
Mays’ signature moment came in the eighth inning of Game 1 of the 1954 World Series, when New York pitcher Don Liddle entered the game to face Vic Wertz of the Cleveland Indians, with runners on first and second.
Baseball’s first great pitcher, Denton True Young, quickly earned the nickname "Cyclone," which soon became Cy, and baseball’s top pitching award now bears his name.
While Mays had power — his 660 career home runs place him fourth on the all-time list — he was also known for his defense, winning 12 Gold Gloves for his play in center field.
Grange’s famous nickname was bestowed upon him by legendary sportswriter Grantland Rice, who wrote a poetic description of Grange after one extremely outstanding game.

Cool Nicknames for Guys Not many know but the term "nickname" comes from the Middle English term "eke name" or extra name.
In the olden days, nicknames were awarded to those who held a specific title or a job profile, but today, it is hard to imagine someone without a nickname.
The search for good nicknames doesn’t end here, I’m sure there are infinite creative nicknames that you guys can come up with.
Here I have prepared a list of cool nicknames for guys that will serve both of these purposes grandly.

Should your nickname be cute,girlie, funny, weird or tough guy? Well, with this really fun quiz you can find nicknames that suit you.
Find out what yours is with this simple, fun and rather funny quiz to get five different choices of nicknames.

Don’t you wish you had a cool nickname? Getting a nickname is super easy with the Nickname Generator.

Otakar and Emperor of Holy Roman empire Rudolf von Habsburg fought The Battle on the Marchfeld on August 26, 1278.
For example: Two most powerful rulers of central Europe Czech King Přemysl II.
Here are some cool nicknames that you can use for guys, girls or boyfriends and girlfriends.

services performed at BSC: 2 Riley’s Boyfriend on the Pokemon BW2 & X boards.
This is a split board – You can return to the Split List for other boards.

Nicknames Generator.

Do you have an inspirational sports story to share? Enter the Sports Feel Good Story of the Year Contest for an opportunity to win $500 cash. showcases inspirational sports stories that focus on good deeds, overcoming obstacles, achievement and sportsmanship.

Bravehearts — I have no idea about the legality of picking a name that’s already been used in an Oscar-winning film, but this name has connotations of strength, fits into the fight song and wouldn’t require a massive uniform overhaul.
Dan Snyder is going to be dragged KICKING AND SCREAMING — you can use caps — to a name change.
Diesel — Speaking of the Hogs, this name, an FTW favorite, hearkens back to the days of John Riggins running through lines created by Joe Jacoby, Russ Grimm and company.
Warriors — If there were betting odds for the name change, I’d think Warriors would be the favorite.
Griffins — This would actually be a very cool name if not for the small issue of Robert Griffin III being the team’s franchise quarterback.
In the end, though, the final decision rests with Daniel Snyder, who told USA TODAY Sports last year that he’d NEVER (emphasis his) change the name.
Though Wednesday’s ruling by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board won’t force an immediate change to the team’s controversial nickname, it’s another blow for a franchise that’s rapidly losing the battle for public opinion.
But what if Snyder eventually realizes he has no other option? Here’s a list for ranking the 13 best potential choices for a new Redskins name, each placed into one of four categories.

Looking for some good/funny names for the Rotom forms.
Looking for some good/funny names for the Rotom forms.

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Thankfully for sports fans, any white athlete who is exciting seems to get this nickname, so it’s not like Danny Woodhead is the first or last that will probably earn it.
Anthony Thomas got his nickname while starring at Michigan and absolutely bullying the Big Ten competition, but even after recording 1,000-yard rushing seasons in two of his first three years, the A-Train moniker should have been dropped.
But while Khabibulin has had a long, solid career, we hardly think he’s deserving of the type of nickname that suggests he’s been a wall while between the pipes.
Known as being the SoCal cool quarterback, had he somehow lifted his game to earn this nickname, it would have gone down as one of the best in sports history.
We’re not sure who decided that was deserving enough of the nickname "Baby Jordan," but whoever it was obviously couldn’t read the future, because there are plenty of basketball players who would hold that title more appropriately.
Yes, Hansbrough was one of the nation’s best players while still in college at UNC, but we wish he retired this nickname for someone else to snatch it up.
Rafer Alston’s nickname came from his black top legend during the "And 1 Mixtape" era, but we really wish it had gone to someone a little more deserving.
The sad thing about his numbers is that his nickname could be applied to so many dominant players in sports that happen to be a little bit bigger boned.
In all fairness, Scott wasn’t a terrible player, we’re just a little bitter that someone who wasn’t more dominating missed out on this nickname.
We don’t think Alston was necessarily a terrible player—but with a nickname like that, it makes you think of breaking fool’s ankles anytime they dare guard you.
We Adrian Peterson’s nickname of "A.D."—as in "All Day"—but this one would have been even more appropriate with the reckless abandonment that he runs with.
Sadly, his intimidating nickname remains, leaving any other player who may be deserving of it to have to settle for something less cool.
Used to describe the receiver as one who "always delivers," he basically caught one big catch in his career, and turned that into an extremely catchy nickname.

Nicknames for Guys Are you in search of some cool nicknames? Probably looking at calling your boyfriend something nice, something personal? Well, here is an article that will give you not one, but 80 funny, smart and good nicknames for guys.
That, dear readers, is what has inspired me to write this article on cute, funny, cool, and God-knows-what-else nicknames for guys.
Now that these lists of nicknames for guys have given you so much variety, choosing a name for your boyfriend will definitely be easy.
These cute, sweet and affectionate nicknames certainly add to the romance, don’t they? Zero in on a name that suits your guy the best and see him blush the next time you use it on him.

The thing is, we are often given varied nicknames at various points in our lives – may it be during childhood when parents call us by some really funny nicknames or use the various sounds and funny words that we have just started to utter; or the phase that we go to school and university and our friends start nicknaming us based on our behavioral traits, initials or appearances even.
‘Cause in the following section we will help you find some really cool nicknames for girls that’ll make her feel really special.
Cool Nicknames for Girls Nicknames are almost always a norm in most households and most girls will love having one (or many).
Even if you don’t know them well, you can easily find some funny nicknames for them by observing their distinct knacks, dressing style or making do with a simple abbreviation of their names.
Here are a few cool nicknames for girls to choose from.

coming to gamefaqs and getting a good nickname from us isnt being creative.
coming to gamefaqs and getting a good nickname from us isnt being creative.
Official shiny Ninetales of the Pokemon X Board Riley’s Boyfriend on the Pokemon BW2 & X boards.

Well you can use Ditto to breed with ANY pokemon, and the name is commonly related to adult actress’s.
It seemed fitting to name a pokemon that has vine appendages as such.
My first thought when I saw it was: "It looks like Aquillamon from digimon." So I gave it that name.
I named my Serperior Majas, short for Majaspic, its french name.
Because he is a fast water type pokemon and when thinking about fast water you think of a "Jet" of water.

He can also evolve to Pignite and Emboar, so bear those in mind when choosing a name.

Much of the play-by-play, game results, and transaction information both shown and used to create certain data sets was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by RetroSheet.
Win Expectancy, Run Expectancy, and Leverage Index calculations provided by Tom Tango of, and co-author of The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball.
Full-year historical Major League statistics provided by Pete Palmer and Gary Gillette of 24-7 Baseball.

– Hello!! So in this quiz, you'll answer questions and the result will be you 7 minutes in heaven with your 5SOS boy.
Guys can take this quiz too, i guess, but it is more meant for girls.
– "(Y/N), it's your turn to spin the bottle!!!!! Whoever it lands on will be your lucky guy ;)" my best friend teased, sitting beside me.
Are you emo, scene, girly-girl, tom-boy? Will lets find out! ♥ Includes Outfits c: I apologise in advance if i got you totally wrong.

People made up these nicknames as an easy way to sum up what they loved about their favorite athletes.
Football great Walter Payton made every play look so perfect and easy that people started calling him Sweetness.
for kids to show admiration or respect, and people who have these types of nicknames like these usually like them a lot.
When people saw Wayne Gretzky play hockey, they knew that they were watching one of the game’s all-time best players.
In your school, most of the kids who have these nicknames are probably the ones who are really good at sports.
A lot of people have nicknames that make them feel really good about themselves.
Of course, we don’t always get our nicknames from people who admire us.
But it’s not just sports stars who end up with great nicknames.
These are usually nicknames that have to do with popularity, smarts, athletic ability, or a unique personality trait.

Prange, Gordon W., Dillon, Katherine V., and Goldstein, Donald M.
Prange, Gordon W., Dillon, Katherine V., and Goldstein, Donald M.
"Wooden Box" – Richard Geoffrey Pine-Coffin, a parachute officer of the British Army who commanded the 3rd Parachute Battalion in North Africa and the 7th (Light Infantry) Parachute Battalion in Normandy, Belgium, and Germany during World War II.
"Le Connétable" (French, The Constable) — Charles De Gaulle, French WWII general and later President of France.
Prange, Gordon W.; Donald M Goldstein; Katherine V.
Prange, Gordon W.; Donald M Goldstein; Katherine V.
Prange, Gordon W.; Donald M Goldstein; Katherine V.
McCain, Jr., World War II U.S. submarine commander (son of Admiral John S.
"Cyrano" — Charles De Gaulle, French WWII general and later President of France.

Honorable mention: "Papa Bear" (George Halas), "The Manster" (Randy White), "Prime Time" (Deion Sanders), Dick "Night Train" Lane, "The Juice" (O.J. Simpson) "He Hate Me" (Rod Smart), Sam "The Rifle" Etcheverry, "Joe Cool" (Joe Montana), Elbert "Ickey" Woods, Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson, Paul "Bear" Bryant, "Mr.
In 20 years, when researchers go through the annals of sports history, only one three-word phrase will forever be linked with the XFL: "He Hate Me." I’ve got to tell you, this nickname is so good, I didn’t know this guy’s real name until I looked at the honorable mention list on the editor’s picks.

Oakland- The Greatness; Philly- Dreaded and Feared, City of brotherly shove; San Fran- 69er’s; Green Bay- Peckers: Kansas City- Queefs; Houston- That other Texas team.

Our other favorite boy names include Sebastian, Theodore (Theo), Augustine, John Paul (probably nicknamed ‘Jack’), Dominic (probably nicknamed ‘Nick’), and our top name is Xavier (cannot think of a nickname, but we love it so much that it probably doesn’t matter).
I’m always jealous of people who have names that work for that! It’s a classic, easy to spell/pronounce name, with a great nickname.
Thomas is also a great bridging name for your different styles (which seem to be biblical and traditional English), so you wouldn’t need to feel locked in with your first child dictating the names you use later.
When I was growing up, there was a neighborhood kid named “Michael James.” Everyone in his family and the neighborhood called him by both names — “Michael James.” I LOVE this! It makes for a longer name, turns a fairly common name, Michael, into something unique and memorable, and has a great rhythm.
And I can think of a few middle name options off the top of my head (Francis, as an honor name for my dad, or Thomas, which is my maiden name, or potentially one of the names listed above), and I just feel like a first name is more IMPORTANT.
When I got pregnant with #2, I debated a ton on whether to continue the “long classic name w a nickname (I loved Frederick), or switch to other names we liked.
Freddie Reneau! Teddy Reneau! Timmy Reneau! Sammy Reneau! You guys have such a great last name, and I LOVE the idea of using Thomas for the middle.
A long boy name can be long in letters or long in syllables; I think of a true long boy name as being long in both, but I’m going to include names with three or more syllables even if they’re on the shorter side letter-wise.

Then ima do a star wars theme since I already have darth maw for mawile I am going to have two themes going on lol the star wars nickname theme and the mega evolution theme with my team synergy.
In my case, I generally choose a theme for my team, and all the names are based on the theme, like in the team I posted to RMT, Etrezomp ni-kelt, in which all names are Celtic Gods names.
I dunno, but if you have a Rotom W name it SWANGDATHOSE!, or if you have a rotom h, name it EASYBAKERULEZ.see And I am guessing mega ampharos.

Plz guys make a Nicknames thats are cool and small or based in my name like ipodmail,AntVenom,Kipkay,RandonsPlays,Vareide and vidiseo.
Plz guys make a Nicknames thats are cool and small or based in my name like ipodmail,AntVenom,Kipkay,RandonsPlays,Vareide and vidiseo.
I have no idea how people find these threads, but I’m guessing people bump them because everyone loves being a donkey to the "halp guise come up with a name 4 me i no clever" idiots, myself included.

Titania was the queen of fairies in A Middsummer Nights Dream, which I feel fits a Ghost type queen, plus the name sounds pretty similar to the Titanic which is even more fitting.
Taro (Gengar): Taro is a character from Magic Pengel, whose name also sounds like "Tarot," which is a popular series of cards used to tell the future.
There’s some dude who’s trying to be a real life superhero by fighting crime under the name Phoenix Jones.
Though I do usually name my fire starters "Blaze" and my water ones "Aqua" – how original.
(One exception, actually) Its a perfect name for a Squirtle, but it sort of lacks in style for a Blastoise.
Sometimes, when I can’t think of any names, I just change the original name of the Pokemon.
KnightQuill: The perfect name for the Chespin line.
-scray name for my scary OP Mega Pixilate-boosted Fairy Hyperbeam queen in dark dress.

Many guys on this list earned their nicknames for great play on the court, and by no coincidence most of the best players in the history of the league appear on this list.
He won a championship in 2003-04 with the Pistons, and his unpleasant (to put it lightly) demeanor on the court was well worthy of this great nickname.

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