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And these gorgeous women don’t lack for sex appeal (71% of respondents in a poll say women with gray hair can be sexy, whereas 78% say the same for men).

A versatile style, short layers with a tousled look are easily held in place by applying a small amount of styling product and scrunching your hair in your hands.
This short cut, with hair brushed forward toward the forehead, is one example of a sleek style that is highly popular for mature women.
Depending on your hair type, you may need to manage a round brush and blowdryer to keep this style looking sleek.
Because your hair will be so short in this style, any texture will work, though ladies with thicker, coarser hair may it most.
Bangs are not just for young people! This short style with casual bangs is a lovely choice for mature women.
Women who don’t have naturally curly hair can get this flattering, easy-to-maintain style from a perm or a body wave.

No, not all the feedback is positive, but most of it is, and the health and confidence that natural silver tones give you and the freedom from artificially coloring your hair on a monthly schedule is liberating! Many women feel they are growing into their own sense of themselves when they allow their hair to become their natural gray color.
Hello there, me again! I just have a question that I’d love to see addressed on this already-wonderful lens: How do these women GET there (from covering up gray to these all-silver/gray gorgeous looks? I tried totally bleaching my hair, doing a silver toner, and it looked ok… but continuing the upkeep process was extremely damaging to my hair and I had to knock it off.
What is it like to change from having your hair colored to going natural with your maturing gray or silver? I thought I would create a synopsis of the most asked questions from acquaintances and the things I wondered about, myself.
Love the lens! It’s always good to show a positive outlook to gray hair.
My hair without color is a melange of wildness! I have thought so many times of just whacking it all just beyond the gray line, but I’d have 3" long hair! I’ve had beyond shoulder length for so long now that I don’t think I could deal with that! So… now and then I pop back in here for a dose of encouragement:) Again, a fabulous lens.
I am so glad I found this site!! I have been gray for quite a while, after giving birth to my youngest at 37 I was done with coloring my hair!, even now, I get comments to color? it is everyone else’s issue, not mine!! I would like to find a shampoo and conditioner.
I see more and more women who go gray and look healthy and beautiful with their natural hair color.
You can counteract these effects by installing a filter on your shower, using hair products formulated for gray hair, using a clarifying shampoo, as the foremost tips to keep your hair looking good.
Very informative lens about Stunning Gray Hair Styles! I’m at an age that my hair goes naturally grey.
Very beautiful gray hair, this look so very elegant, thanks to this lens for the information.
Hairdressers are forever chasing me around with coloring bottles (not to mention scissors to hack off my hair because it’s long), and I could retire on a nickel for every 30-year-old who says, "Oh, but you’d look fifteen years younger if you’d just cover up the grey in your hair." Newsflash, kiddies: I love my waist-length silver hair, and I’m keeping it just as it is.
@anonymous: Historically, men with gray hair have been considered distinctive, while women were considered dowdy and old looking if they let their gray hair show.
More women are discovering the ease and beauty of their natural gray hair.
Love this lens and after nearly 40 years of coloring my hair, it is great to leave it natural.
Not liking to fuss with hair, a medium length has always worked well for me, but no matter the length we choose, keeping the cut sharp and in shape makes the difference in how good gray hair looks.
Nothing tells the story like a picture can, and the beautiful women whose hair is shiny, gorgeous, and gray are the best illustration for making the point.
I stopped highlighting my hair a few years ago and I am pleased with my natural gray highlights.
I’ve always loved gray hair, which is good because now I have a head full of it! Love these hairstyles.
@anonymous: Hang in there- when I think of the time and money I save no longer coloring my hair, the fact that I no longer struggle with the unflattering look of gray roots and hair damaged by dyes, I am always glad the decision was made to go gray.
My mum has gone gray now, but she was in her late 70s when she stopped dying her hair! She looks much better with grey.
I think that I will never color my hair – some gray coming in now and I love it.
I’ve added it to my gray hair lens.
Keep your hair silvery with Phyto Phytargent Whitening Shampoo, Gray and White Hair (6.8 oz), and its conditioner.
The one perennial rule for all of us with gray and silver is well conditioned, healthy hair.
I’ve seen some women with beautiful gray hair.
Those women look beautiful with gray hair.
I have one friend with this silver gray colored hair.
Gray hair certainly does not suit me as my face is too pale, but I love what you have done here.
I’m now 31 and looking forward to the day when I feel comfortable letting my gray hair grow out naturally.
I love silver grey hair, older faces look better with that color, I think.
Thanks, I am going gray quickly and don’t want to dye my hair.


Some inspiration for everyone thinking of letting their grey grow and shine.
Camille Gaines of Financial Woman, started graying at age 14.
Soft pretty grey hair.

Like her music, Joan Baez prefers to keep her hair as simplistic as possible.
The folk songstress keeps a short, grey hairstyle that’s fuss-free and fabulous.

A straight center part with wavy long layers of grey hair.
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Whether you choose a pixie cut like Jamie Lee Curtis or long layers like Emmylou Harris, you can make your natural gray hair work for you.

Dancer Jennifer Grey attends the premiere of "Dancing With The Stars" at CBS Television City on September 20, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.
Besides making a comeback on Dancing with the Stars, Jennifer Grey keeps turning heads with her layered brunette tresses.

Gray hair tends to be more brittle and dry than hair that has retained its natural pigment, and damage from heat styling can make hair wiry and coarse.
The Southern chef used to dye her dark hair light until she decided to embrace her roots and go full-on gray.
Even though Streep wore a wig for her role as the editor of “Runway” magazine, we think she should have kept the hairstyle! Her perfectly coiffed silver hair undoubtedly played an integral role in her believability as a powerful cosmopolitan woman.
Gray or white hair tends to look best with pink, olive and dark complexions.
Silver or gray hair is as attention-grabbing as platinum blonde.
Gray hair can make you appear washed out if you don’t add color to the rest of your face.
Furthermore, as gray hair reflects light, it will become a focal point in your overall appearance.
There is no rule that says you can’t go long with your grey locks, but keep in mind that long hair will require more styling time.
Her once blonde hair has made a seamless transition to gray.
Her red lipstick contrasts tastefully with her silver hair, conveying both beauty and confidence.
Be wary of overly heat-styling gray hair.
This actress has looked older in some of her earlier movie roles than she does with her current chic hair color.
Regular deep-conditioning treatments are essential for grey hair; they not only add shine but help smooth the hair cuticles.
To counteract any yellow tones, get a violet-based gloss at the salon every six to eight weeks; it coats the hair and gives it shine.

We tell our salon clients to keep their gray hair shiny and soft and their color pure with moisturizing, clarifying shampoos and conditioners, some of which are now made specifically for gray hair.
With the availability of new treatments and conditioners made to enhance gray hair’s color and condition, this once-maligned hair hue has become a new style option, not just the last resort for women of a certain age.
Your options might include gradually decreasing the processing time for your regular single process formula, allowing the gray hair to become prominent gradually, adding lowlights for definition, and adding glosses for shine.
The newest, attention-grabbing hair color seen on the streets of NYC and at the salon, is gray — or more aptly named white, silver, pewter, and every shade in between.
Gray hair needs constant maintenance and care from an arsenal of specific products to keep it from looking dull and drab.
Though gray hair does tend to be drier and coarser than hair that has retained its natural pigment, the good news is that gray hair can retain softness and manageability with the right care.
It’s not your granny’s hair anymore! Embrace your gray hair with our tips for looking chic and modern with your silver style.
Be sure to schedule regular appointments to ensure hair looks its best every step of the way to gray.
Avoid overt heat styling, perming, hair accessories, or any other rough treatment on gray hair, as it is drier than most hair.

This choppy pixie is incredibly bold, lively and flattering for an older woman who has thick straight hair and wants a present-day low-maintenance hairstyle.
This short sassy grey hairstyle is styled within minutes with any light hold hair product.
This simple one level cut in a medium length with side bangs is a very worthy option you should try if you have beautiful healthy grey hair.
I hope you’ve selected a hairstyle you believe you’ll feel comfortable with, and I’m sure it’s going to present your silver locks in the best light.
Wow! This woman has fire in her eyes and heart, and this sassy hairstyle brings it out! Although those flicks are sticking out at all sides, the rounded shape of the cut softens all the edges, revealing the fantastic texture.
Grey hair and a cute hairstyle is all it takes to look modern and stylish in “over…” age.
Ah…it’s flawless… Having seen this, I believe a rare woman will shy away from her naturally grey hair.
However, today even younger celebrities who can work with the best colorists and have whatever hair hue they want, opt to go gray!? Check Rihanna’s gray hair or Pink’s gray hair looks, for instance.
These beautiful natural grey locks are slightly layered towards the tips to enhance the curly texture and show off beautiful curl.
But who knows, maybe you are an exception? Anyway, I believe an older lady looks more contemporary and stylish with a short or shoulder-length hairstyle.

For anyone contemplating letting their hair go gray, here’s some more inspiration from Pinterest — dozens upon dozens of stunning photos of both men and women sporting gorgeous gray hair.
Many people fight tooth and nail against any signs of aging — and the arrival of gray hair is no exception.
Some people go so far as to burn their scalp with do-it-yourself hair coloring products, all because of an unwillingness to look older.

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"Using a razor is great because it gives the ends movement and texture." Straighter textures will have an easier time with this style; use pomades and waxes, like VO5 Salon Series Perfect Hold Styling Gel, to add texture and piecey-ness.
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Soft waves, sleek chignons, and short haircuts look particularly appealing for grey hair.
Great Styles for Grey Hair Glenn Close softly waved her shoulder-length hair.

Lois Joy Johnson, author of author of the VN Beauty Guide, Great Hair After 50, says, “Keep the look contemporary and pulled together, and gray hair can be fashionable and project experience and confidence even in corporate or government settings.
Lois Joy Johnson, author of the new Vibrant Nation Beauty Guide Great Hair After 50, advises: “Don’t do gray brows even if your hair is gray.
To award-winning beauty and style editor Lois Joy Johnson, “Gray hair is a silvery Rolls Royce or smoky Bentley gleaming with class.
Yes, gray hair may signal a “certain age,” but I think there is nothing more beautiful than an older woman, gray at the temples, wrinkled and maybe even a little bent – but clearly confident and comfortable in her own skin.
When using shampoos for gray hair, VN member LissaB cautions, “Graduate your way up to the ‘leave in’ time suggested by the label.
VN member Deaone says, “It’s what you do with your gray or silver hair that counts.
Jaki – says, “I think natural hair color can help women look better.
If you decide to stop dyeing your hair, use these ten tips from Lois and other members of the Vibrant Nation community to go gray beautifully.
When I started to let my gray show and it was pewter colored, I didn’t like it and still don’t think women look good with pewter colored hair (too much black).
“It’s the best way to blend in gray brows and groom wiry coarse hairs for a fresher, more open eye.” Lois loves Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel, available in a range of colors: caramel, brunette, espresso, and granite.
My hair is multi-colored, ranging from dark to light brown to gray, and it grows very slowly – about 4″ a year.

Showing: Page(1) out of 6Grey Hairstyles 2014 Hairstyle Gallery for Grey hairstyles.
Hairstyle Gallery for Grey hairstyles.
Hairstyle Gallery for Grey hairstyles.
A scintillating collection of Grey hairstyles.
A scintillating collection of Grey hairstyles.
A scintillating collection of Grey hairstyles.

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Even as fashion, makeup and hairstyles change, the pressure for women to cover up gray hair endures, no matter how many lists or articles tell us to embrace natural beauty.
When Alexander was preparing to launch a lifestyle blog in 2010, she knew after more than a decade of experience that her hair would be the first thing people noticed.
Ultimately, what we decide to do as adults comes down to individual choice and evolving beauty ideals, but mom’s old routines can stick with us as we age, especially when it comes to gray hair.
Larissa Pissarra says she gets more compliments from strangers on her hair with each passing year; some even ask if her silver highlights are the product of a salon.

While brighter, mixed shades have taken center stage as of late, the gray hair dye trend is still a bold, beautiful look, as shown on Instagrammer Cheeno Grey, whose photos were showcased by Huffington Post Style the other day.
I love Twitter user Sally_Faye‘s adorable crop and gray hair! It looks modern and unique–and extra great when you throw in her lovely smile.
When I’ve added high/low lights, I’ve had to bleach and this – as well as an amateurish attempt to streak my hair blue in high school – has shown me how damaging it is to strip hair.
If you were wondering which makeup to wear with gray hair, Instagram user Huipputipo has got that answer covered with this beautiful smokey look.

In 2009, a study was published in the FASEB Journal (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) that found that as we age, we build up hydrogen peroxide in our hair follicles because of the reduction of the enzyme catalase.
What is it that makes hair go gray in the first place and could it possibly be caused by stress? For a long time, scientists believed that melanin was the culprit behind graying hair.
Each hair follicle has its own supply of individualized melanin, made up of two shades—eumelanin (dark brown or black) and pheomelanin (yellow or red) that combine in different proportions to create your specific hair color.

You have options to brighten gray hair without resorting to coloring it, says Sharon Dorram, co-founder of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Downtown salon in New York City.
Dadoun also recommends that women who want to use products to enhance gray hair color talk to their hairdresser about the right choices to make.
Dorram says vitamin E oil, available at your local drugstore, will improve the shine and health of damaged gray hair.
If you want to keep your natural gray hair color, he suggests getting a fresh, new look.
“It could be graphic, edgy, or modern, but it cannot be something simple.” Without style, gray hair color can make you look older, he warns.
To keep hair perfectly silver gray, use purple or violet-colored products to take out the yellow and an apple cider shampoo on occasion to rebalance the hair’s natural pH.
Dyed hair requires regular touch-ups and can be expensive to maintain; if covering up the grays doesn’t appeal to you, then it’s time to abandon the old and embrace the new — a fresh and flattering gray hairstyle.
Dadoun says the outer covering, or cuticle, of gray hair is very porous.
Dorram says gray hair can look dull because it doesn’t reflect light.
Dorram suggests using highlights or lowlights to blend with your natural hair color, an option that won’t give you roots.
In addition to their respective salons’ own brands, other gray hair shampoos to consider are Nexus Dualiste and Avon’s Lotus Shield.

When I was pregnant with my first child I noticed a streak of silvery white starting at my right temple – I completely bypassed gray! By the time I turned forty my short fine hair was almost completely white, even though I attempted to color it various shades of blonde.
When I started going gray at 38 – my husband wasn’t as accepting and suggested that I color my hair.
Why did I keep coloring my hair when it was obvious the silver was winning? It finally hit me that the color of my hair did not define who I was! I realized that what God gave me in the way of beauty needed first to come from within.
One evening as I pulled my hair back with a headband and saw all the silver roots – my grandmother’s face appeared in my mirror! I quickly made an appointment to color those roots.
Instead, with the support of my husband who actually liked my gray hair and a hairdresser who suggested it was too beautiful to color – I allowed my hair to gray on its own schedule.
While my mother’s hair was a gorgeous silver – I didn’t want to look as old as my mother! Once I began coloring however, I was stuck in a vicious cycle.
I asked my colorist what she could do to make the transition easier? Could my hair be dyed gray, or streaked silver? “Unfortunately”, she lamented, “the only way through is to tough it out.” I always thought that I would wait until I turned 60, but as that pivotal birthday got closer, I thought…maybe 65.
To my surprise, I found many other women who felt the way I did and they looked beautiful with their natural silver hair.
My young daughter urged me to stop coloring my hair and let the gray show, saying it made me look good.
I got off the plane and saw that Marcia had the best hairdo ever! She admitted – “It’s a wig”! I’d had enough of all the time and money it took to keep coloring my hair – so I dragged her to the wig store and decided it was time to take on a new challenge.
My silver streak continued to widen, and when I was 40, a hairdresser stopped me on the street and exclaimed, “Your hair color is beautiful – I hope you never dye it!” Her kind remark validated my sense that the silver color suited me.
As someone who has been coloring her hair since high school because of the stray grays that were creeping in (teenagers can be cruel), I never really knew what my natural color was.
My own mother laughingly fretted that a daughter with gray hair made her seem older, and offered to help me find a natural alternative dye –- but I was done.
As my gray hair began to resist color, that defiance sent a message.
My dark brown hair began to gray in my late 20s so I began coloring my hair at a very early age.
Ten years, an itchy scalp, and lotsa dollars later I found myself thinking about that woman who dared to wear her hair just the way it grew out: Silver.
I am now many months into my living silver experience and I am loving it! My head and hair are healthier than they have ever been and I now have a self-confidence that has been lacking since I started worrying about what people were thinking about my hair.
I’ve inspired my older sister to allow her hair to gray naturally – and we both love the freedom and authenticity we feel as a result.
I colored my hair for 12 years until I finally decided I was tired of the fake brown color.
I am as young as I feel, and, as ironic as it sounds, silver hair has made me feel younger than I did when I spent so much time trying to cover it up.
Truth is – I hated coloring my hair! Not only were all those trips to the salon costly, I could never count on leaving with the color I came in with.
I found that finally letting go and embracing my natural hair color has been such fun! Being fair-skinned, the use of tasteful makeup and a fun cherry lip color lights me up.
My hair grew in a radiant silver color and I often receive compliments.
My gray came in beautifully and I love it! I still get compliments from women who seem amazed that gray hair can be so attractive.
I love the fabulous color and I want to flaunt it! This is me – white hair, wrinkles and wobbly bits –take it or leave it.

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27 Impossibly Pretty Reasons To Go Gray This Summer Gray hair, don't care.

Whether you just found your first gray hair or already have a full head of silver locks, there are many factors to consider with gray hair styles, and the shape of your face is a good place to start.
Shorter hairstyles provide balance with the strong jawline of this “reverse heart” face shape.
Styles such as a bouncy bob, a deep side part, long layered waves and a pixie with side-swept bangs all softly frame this delicate face shape.
Try side-swept bangs, bobs and long layers to vertically balance out the face shape.
Stay away from styles that add volume at the sides, and avoid thick bangs as they diminish the height of your face.

The supermodel is only 36, so why is she already sporting silver? Well, she dyed gray streaks — a definite trend at recent Paris runway shows — into her hair for the launch of her Longchamp handbag collection.
Acclaimed for his groundbreaking coverage of Hurricane Katrina, the news anchor, 43, is (for better or for worse) perhaps better known for his good looks — and sexy, prematurely silver hair.
In one of the most popular roles of her career, Hollywood’s matriarch, 61, oozed style, sophistication, and silver strands as the fierce fashion mag editor-in-chief in 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada.
The 38-year-old fashion photog and makeup artist best known for his coaching skills on America’s Next Top Model wears this spiky silver style with confidence.
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The 48-year-old actor who plays Roger on the hit television series Mad Men has helped bring back old-school sex appeal, and his full head of gray certainly hasn’t hurt.
At just 24, the pop phenomenon — who has been setting the trends for avant-garde, out-there fashion — has worn just about every wig she can get her hands on, including this mature mane.

More and more women are deciding to let their gray hair go for many reasons: they have gorgeous gray coloring, they don’t want the hassle and expense of covering up gray or they want to embrace life as it develops, wrinkles, gray hair and all.
Many of the photos in this gallery are of women who have done just that — let their hair go gray, but there are photos of women who cover their gray with blonde hair dye (blonde is usually a good choice for covering gray since it’s closer to gray than brown or black).
In this gallery, I’ll share tips on how to cover up your grays, how to solve the "growing in roots" problem and how to maintain your gray hair if you’ve decided to go au natural.

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