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For this reason, you will see many older photos and postcards with the red hibiscus, or any other color for that matter, as the state flower.
It wasn’t until 1988, however, that the yellow hibiscus which is native to the islands was selected to represent Hawaii.

Native to east Africa, the coral plant is a shrub that grows hanging red flowers.
The plant has deep purple flowers with red flower buds and green leaves with a silvery underside.
Plumbago is native to South Africa and in Hawaii, it is a common hedge plant.
The bright yellow-orange flowers look pretty, but the shrub is armed with thorns and the plant often grows into an impenetrable thicket.
Of the world’s endangered plant species, half of them are found in Hawaii according to the U.S. list.
That’s why in Hawaii people refer to it as “lehua haole,” meaning “foreign lehua.” The flower usually blooms in the summer and fall.
Known for its pleasant scent, tuberose have cream-colored blossoms which in Hawaii are used for flower lei making.
This plant is an unusual sight for many visitors to Hawaii, who are expecting colorful blossoms like hibiscus and plumeria.
The plant, which is native to China, thrives in Hawaii.
The plant grows in Hawaii’s wet forests.
The gardenia are a favorite lei plant in Hawaii because of the sweet scent they emit.
Everywhere you go in Hawaii, you will find trees, shrubs and flowers in abundance.
Below is an overview of flowers and plants in Hawaii.
The second category of Hawaiian flora includes the foreign or introduced plant species.

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Each Hawaiian island also designates an official flower or lei material (as well as an official island color) – Hawai’i: red pua lehua (‘ohi’a blossom), Maui: lokelani (pink Damask rose), O’ahu: pua ‘ilima, Kaua’i: mokihana berry,  Moloka’i – Pua Kukui (blossom of candlenut tree), Lana’i: kauna’oa (native dodder), Ni’ihau: pupu (tiny seashells), and Kaho’olawe: hinahina (native beach heliotrope).

It wasn’t until 1988, however, that Hawaii’s legislature legally adopted the yellow hibiscus as the official state flower.
From white kukui blossoms to pink cottage roses, these native Hawaiian flowers provide color and allure to each of Hawaii’s main islands.
Even uninhabited Kahoolaw has its own official flower, the hinahina (Heliotropium anomalum), a silver-gray plant whose flowers and stems are used in lei making.
The official state flower is the yellow hibiscus (hibiscus brackenridgei), also known as the pua aloalo.
The lokelani is the only non-native plant to be recognized as the official flower of any of the Hawaiian islands.
Hawaiians originally adopted the hibiscus flower (of all colors) as their official Territorial flower in the early 1920s.
The official flower of the Big Island is the red ohia, which is the blossom of the native ohia tree.

The flowers and the lettering that stands for a Hawaiian word meaning “child of the heaven” create a fabulous wrist tattoo.
The flowers and the lettering that stands for a Hawaiian word meaning “child of the heaven” create a fabulous wrist tattoo.

A few introduced plant species were brought here by the ancient Polynesians in their canoes, while the rest, including many food plants, forage crops, forestry trees, exotic tropical flowers, former houseplants, and accidental weeds were brought here more recently from many different places around the World.
Hawaiian Plants and Tropical Flowers features photographs and descriptions of 160 different Hawaiian flower and plant species organized by flower color and other plant characteristics.

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I just returned home from Hawaii yesterday and have been trying to find a place on line to help me identify all the flowers I have photos of.
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Although tourists regularly associate the hibiscus flower with their experiences visiting the US state of Hawaiʻi, and the plant family Malvaceae includes a relatively large number of species that are native to the Hawaiian Islands, those flowers presented to or regularly observed by tourists are generally not the native hibiscus flowers.
In addition to the species of Hibiscus listed above, flowers of several other related Hawaiian plants of the family Malvaceae resemble Hibiscus flowers, although are generally smaller.

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Our Island Gift Shop is what funds our four web sites filled with free Hawaii information, free Hawaiian theme wedding and luau resources, free Hawaii vacation resources, and a free Hawaii Photo Gallery.
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Of all the many types of flowers in Hawaii the diversity that grows on Maui is a massive collection sure to impress even the most educated botanist.
One spot to check out that has nice collection of flowers in one place is Maui Tropical Plantation.
I absolutely love tropical flowers and feel so blessed to live on Maui with the abundance of these tropical gems.
Flowering Trees – In addition to all of these amazing flowers in Maui are flowering trees.
The flowers of Hana and Maui are UNREAL! Back in art school, I occasionally would paint/draw flowers from my imagination.
However, a great place to see a large variety of flowers, shrubs and flowering trees all in one place is Hana.
As a professional photographer in Maui for close to 20 years I have always been on the lookout for unique flowers to photograph.
There are so many kinds of flowers in Maui that you can spend days just looking around to find all these different kinds.
In addition to this are our many flower farms and nurseries which supply resorts with fresh flowers daily and also ship Maui’s finest flora all over the world.
It is because most tropical flower species grown in Hawaii are not native whereas there are 7 Hibiscus regarded as Hawaiian natives, comprised of 5 endemic and 2 indigenous.
It’s a great location because they can answer your questions about the plants and flowers in Hawaii.

Hand-woven flower leis are commonly exchanged as an expression of love, recognition, or a simple, "Welcome!" Women regularly adorn their hair with plumeria, newly picked from a tree, and even politicians take part in the floral trend, wearing leis of fresh flowers while meeting in the Capitol.

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Sure you could go to an ordinary florist, but at Goble’s Flower Farm you are buying direct from the grower (that’s us!) and saving! By growing our own flowers right here at our farm on Maui, the flowers & arrangements you order are the freshest possible.
If you’re in need of special flowers for a special someone or occasion, you’re in the right place! We have the finest Maui grown tropical flowers and flower arrangements.

In order to ensure the best quality arrangements for our customers, we work only with flowers that are grown on local Hawaiian farms throughout the islands.
If you would like to have Hawaiian flowers delivered to someone special, we guarantee our products will be shipped the same day via FedEx so they will arrive in bloom and on time.
This ensures the freshest possible floral selection, which means our arrangements arrive at your door bursting with color and life.

Splendid splashes of color, dramatic form, long lasting, and a variety of sizes, make this a favorite for exotic tropical flower arrangements.
Known as the "heart of Hawaii" the various cultivars of the anthurium family are of the longest lasting tropical flowers in arrangements, and can last up to 2 1/2 weeks.
The flower head of the bold and colorful bird-of-paradise resembles a birds head, and is one of the most popular tropical flowers used in arrangements.
A native to the western pacific, the red color and strong form of the red ginger makes it a favorite for cut flower bouquets and can last 1 1/2 to 2 weeks.

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Hawaiian Essences embody the sacred energies of the Islands, the alchemical wisdom and loving care of Jane’s highly developed relationship with Nature, and some of the finest and rarest essential oils in the world.
Our vibrant Flower and Nature Essences shift your energy so that you can engage with life in potent new ways, while our exquisite sprays instantly uplift your environment with their sensuous aromas and sparkling energy.

I live these flowers ! As soon as I have finished the Wool eater blanket 😉 (22 rounds, the end is near) I’ll hook a hawaian plaid.
Hawaiian Flowers first featured on my old blog, then previously featured as a mystery motif here.

You may want to highlight the bouquet with other temperate flowers to create a totally unique arrangement using Anuhea protea as the base.
We like proteas arranged as a single stem with a little foliage or displaying the contents of the gift box as a bouquet with all the different varieties.

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