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Don’t be surprised if you enter a new dance venue and find everyone inserting an extra hand clap or making quarter turns instead of half turns; line dancing is all about being part of the community of dancers and enjoying each others’ company.
Once you join a group of dancers out on the dance floor, you can easily pick up new steps for a variety of different line dances.
The most popular line dances are very common requests for wedding receptions and other big gatherings with family, friends, and coworkers.
For country line dancing, the Boot Scootin’ Boogie is one of the simplest and common dances.
One of the reasons why many people line dancing so much is because most of the dances are very easy to learn.

Thanks to viral videos and exceptionally well-coordinated music stars, hip hop line dances have been riding a trend of popularity that shows no sign of slowing down.
Wildly popular when it came out during the summer of 2007, many people still dance the Souja Boy (named after the rapper who performed the song by the same name) all over the nation.
No matter how you choose to learn, these line dances are fun, high energy, and a great stress release after a long week.
When a hip hop song with an accompanying dance catches on in the public, you will often see large groups of fans dancing the steps in a club or special event.
Line dances to hip hop music are similar to the more well-known country line dances in the way they are performed.
• Wild Wild Love – Pitbull feat.
• DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love – Usher feat.
• We Found Love – Rihanna feat.
• Feel This Moment – Pitbull feat.
• I Love It – Icona Pop feat.
• Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat.
• Let’s Get Married (remix) – Jagged Edge feat.
• Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke feat.
• Dark Horse – Katy Perry feat.
• Ten Feet Tall – Afrojack feat.
• Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 feat.
• Give Me Everything – Pitbull feat.
• Problem – Ariana Grande feat.
• Turn Down For What – DJ Snake feat.
• Walk This Way – Run-D.M.C. feat.
• Let’s Go – Calvin Harris feat.
• MMM Yeah – Austin Mahone feat.
Experience Line Dancing if you want to meet people, exercise mind & body, and just have fun learning soul line dances in a "NO ONE LEFT BEHIND ATMOSPHERE".
The dance was created by Cheryl Williams of Houston, Texas A.K.A The Line Dance Queen.
Brand new beginners line dance created by Cheryl Williams The Line Dance Queen.
Join The Line Dance Queen every Tues.
I tried their Salsa and loved it! I had an awesome teacher! I also gave their aerial dancing classes a shot, however, I enjoyed the Salsa more so i stuck to that.
Once you learn them, click on the radio player to the left of the screen or download the tunein app to your phone or table and get your old school party on 247 with all of your favorite jams from the 70s, 80s and 90s.
There are a lot of dance classes, Bachata, Salsa, Flamengco, Belly dancing, Aerial and a lot more.
If you are line dance challenged, check out ten of the most popular line dances that includes some new ones as well as the classics.
The Summer party season is at the door and we thought we would provide you with the top ten line dances.
Williams has good, fun energy… that's probably what makes a line dance enjoyable, you're supposed to get into it, feel the music and add a splash of your own flava.
My Line Dance Class doing Go Head Baby by Cupid of the Cupid Shuffle.
And I even pull out my old James Brown and Michael Jackson moves occasionally too, not mention, if requested, I’ll pull out my “Carlton” dance (Alfonso Ribeiro from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air).
But this new line dance called Terminal Reaction has proven to put my line dances to shame!!! The dance was invented by Ray Boyd and Tony C and it’s not easy, but really cool to see.
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Wonderin’ how to do the "Soul Food" soul line dance that goes with the song "Collard Greens & Cornbread" by Fantasia? Here’s the official step sheet from the choreographer, Lorenzo Evans from GoLo from the Washington, DC metro area.
Soul line dances or urban line dances such as the Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, Zydeco Slide, Bikers Shuffle or Booty Call are similar to country line dances except danced to soul, funk, r&b, gospel, hip hop or contemporary pop music.
Jody’s Thang is one of the easiest soul line dances to learn, teach and show friends how to do because the singer calls out the soul line dance steps.
If you’re a soul line dance choreographer and wanna promo your latest dance, feel free to leave me a link to your YouTube video &/or step sheet.
Love the old school feel of Mickey’s Monkey with some classic twisting dance moves choreographed by Bernadette Burnette out of Philadelphia by the song of the same name to the classic soul music of Smokey Robinson & the Miracles.
LR Shake is a classic urban soul line dance with booty shakin’ to "Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya" which was created in 2000 by LoWanda & Ricky but popularized by Ms.
Metamorphosis was originally a country line dance song until it was funkified by the soul line dance community to the song "You Big Dummy" with the Sanford & songs theme song sample.
If you’re in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, stop by the the soul line dance classes led by RG & Dee on Mondays and Wednesday nights in Temple Hills, Maryland.
The soul line dance community has adapted the dance and the music used is "Step Off Into It" by Dial Tone The Producer, available on .
Chuck Baby is one of those fabulous soul line dances that is choreographed so well to the rhythm of the music that even though it’s a little trickier to learn, it’s worth the effort.
Jody’s Thang Soul Line Dance – Music Ms.
Odyssey is a gorgeous slow jam which looks like a wonderfully relaxing soul line dance to the song "Red Carpet (Pause, Flash) by R Kelly".
It’s as simple to learn as the electric slide and the lyrics carry spiritual guidance & corresponding dance moves to "Walk in the Spirit", "Shake the Devil Off", "Stomp Satan Lower", "Dance Like David Danced" with a dance tag to clap your hands ending with a Matrix-like swoosh of arms extending around from front to back and around.
As with other soul line dances, if at first you don’t get it, just relax, enjoy the music, stumble through and at least try to move in the same general direction as everyone else.
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[Girl:] Yall Betta Look Out Back There I’m Finna Back This Big Ole Thang Up! Okay Now,I Need All My Ladies To Report To The Dance Flo.
Basic Step … * Start with Right foot forward (heel tap), right foot back (toe tap), Then Switch feet putting Left foot forward (heel tap), left foot back (toe tap), jump forward (feet together), Jump back (feet together), Jump (hop), Jump (hop), Jump (hop).
You can do it, too! Like what you see? Go ahead, create your own free website.
The best parties of 2014 will have a mix of every kind of person—the people who just got off work and just want to dance and blow off steam, as well as the true music heads.
Some of my favorite tunes to play out this year were Kennedy Jones' flip of the iconic merengue "Suavemente," TWRK's "BaDINGA" (essentially a super chopped-up edit of K7 "Come Baby Come"), and DJ Wonder's gleefully stoopid remix of Britney's "Baby One More Time." They are all balanced club and festival-ready sonics with sing-along worthy, well-known, slightly goofy vocals and riffs.
People can create one-night only environments that will never happen again. While a club has intelligent lighting and maybe a hoola-hooping girl, I've been to (and helped create) parties with humans in life-size fishtanks watching TV or licking each other for six hours, and entire rooms made out of bubble wrap where people can get busy, take a nap, or whack themselves against the walls.
In New York, Q-Tip's night at Output, Jacques Greene's Vase parties, Night People, and Tiki Disco are all playing dance music spanning many decades and genres.
With the UK turning back to four-on-the floor dance tunes in 2013 (and as the UK goes, the US follows), house music will be the surest way for an African artist to really make a solid impact across the globe.
(Engineering goes a long way, kids!) Big room tunes and festival music can often be interchangeable and faceless—a bunch of guys remaking the same PEW PEW PEW PEW laser song—but it's awesome when that power can be used to make something I actually like on a musical level.
The real difference between the two will continue to be that corporate-backed artists will innovate ways to sell music, while underground artists will innovate music.
2014 will see the first major brand sponsorships of dance music festivals, and even TV commercials featuring DJs.
Much of the most exiting music of 2014 will continue to come from indie producers releasing work with uncleared samples.
One of the only artists capable of "moving the needle," his presence in the market could shift things and bring back "dubstep," which has been waning as an individual genre.
The popularity of artists like George Fitzgerald,  MK, Dusky, Huxley, and Chris Malinchak this year suggests that dance fans are losing their desire to obliterate themselves in techno rooms filled with unforgiving beats.
Not a real supergroup, but the Parisian House Mafia of DJ Snake, Mercer and Tchami were responsible for some of my favorite "EDM" tunes of the past year, managing to be creative and in-your-face at the same time.
Remixers and the artists they sample will likely continue to squabble and see their work devalued, while consumers get more used to not paying for music.
If you like the song, buy the digital copy on iTunes and Amazon or purchase the physical copy like CD to support the music artists and their record labels.
The song finally made its debut on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart at eighty-nine on June 2, 2011, which is almost three years after its release.
Atlanta’s V-103 radio personalty Frank Ski is featured on the song on the intro and bridge, isn’t credited as a featured artist.
Before recording this song, he made a track called "Wobble (Skit)" to introduce the song "Wobble".
Play Hip-Hop Line Dance Mp3 songs online and download them for free.
Hip-Hop Line Dance Free Mp3 Music Download.
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To preview and buy music from Request Line Dance Remixes by Zhané, download iTunes now.
Some dances that existed before this popular culture craze but were later adopted by the Country Western Line Dance aficionados are Jim Ferrazzano’s Tush Push, originally choreographed for Big Band music, Miss Jimmie Ruth White’s The Four Corners (or The Traveling Four Corners) and the J.R. Hustle.
The huge popularity of Melanie Greenwood’s dance the Achy Breaky, danced to Billy Ray Cyrus’ massive hit in 1992, Achy Breaky Heart, seems to have been the force that cemented the association of line dancing to country music and propelled them both into the mainstream of pop culture.
These different dances combined into a great melting pot and from this arose new dances: Contra dancing, The Stroll, the Madison, the Disco Line Dances like the Bus Stop, and a rock ‘n’ roll Line Dance called the Nutbush (danced to the Tina Turner song of the same name).
After this and the rerelease of the song Boot Scootin’ Boogie by Brooks and Dunn a couple of months after Achy Breaky Heart, the thirst for line dancing to pop country songs took hold and we have been “kick, ball-change”-ing, “hitching,” “stomping” and “scuffing” ever since.
We are able to begin tracing modern Line Dance’s long origins from English Country Dance that had spread from England to France and was later brought to New England in the 1800′s while taking on the name Contra Dancing.
Country Western Line Dancing, contrary to popular opinion, was not the first line dance, though it seems to be one of the most popular worldwide having spawned competitive circuits not only in the U.S., but across the globe from Europe to Australia, and to Asia.
They define “Line Dance” pretty generally as, “1: contredanse 2: a dance performed by a group in single file 3: a dance in which the dancers stand in ranks while performing a particular set of steps in unison.” The third definition is the most relevant to what we dance today.
Modern Line Dance is spread throughout musical genres and borrows from different dance lineages so that you will see a convergence in styles of movement and music in recent Line Dances.
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A 12-year-old from Arizona wrote Dicks sporting goods after she received their latest Basketball catalog.
Pooja Raman, Abigail Black, Meghna Joy, and Paul Freeman with their original hip hop line dance choreography to Pitbull and Ke$ha’s "Timber".
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The Line Dance Queen brings you a dance that Zydeco Lovers love doing at the local clubs in Houston.
This is a 4 Wall line dance created by Cheryl Williams The Line Dance Queen.
Another Zydeco Favorite brought to you by The Line Dance Queen.
See The Line Dance Queen and her Houston, TX class in action.
Purple Charlotte Steppers doing the Wobble Line Dance.
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Dance – wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Dance type art generally involves movement body, rhythmic music.
reviews, Inside dance music website: music news, reviews, photos, forums, club guide city australia, live footage & video clips, streamed dj sets, free podcasts.
dance instruction videos, Get the best line dancing music with our comprehensive line dance song list! its sure to get your boots scootin’! not sure what to dance? check out more than 50 dance.
Line dance songs – youtube, Sign channels recommendations! sign .
Know – soul line dance 2011 – youtube, Combining a little of the flavor of chicago stepping with some flavor of detroit ballroom (urban contemporary ballroom) roland ford and members of the.
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