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Remember the pillow that we suggested you put inside the back of your hobo shirt? Leaning over the walking stick with a pillow "hump back" will help to obscure your face by bringing it down below eye level and will be a huge addition to the character.
Any hobo worth the name would have a small sewing kit in his satchel, so if you want to and have time, cut patches out of another old shirt or pants and sew those to the knees or elbows of the pants or shirt you’ve chosen for the costume.
Choose a shirt that is a bit over-sized to accommodate the first of our secret hobo costume props, a small pillow.
Best advice and our third secret: Don’t talk! Enter the party with your hobo costume intact, leaned over your walking stick.
The second secret to a prize-worthy hobo costume is a walking stick or a cane.
Stereotypically, a hobo would carry what few belongs he had wrapped in a bandanna satchel or perhaps his spare shirt, tied to a stick which he would carry over his shoulder.
Follow our instructions to make a hobo costume for kids, men or women, or the two of you can go as a hobo couple and you’ll be the hit of the Halloween party.
In fact, we’re going to let you in on three secrets that will help make your homemade hobo costume your best costume ever and one everyone will be talking about.

I stuffed lots of plastic bags like the ones you get at the grocery store inside one bag and stuffed it into the overalls.
In the chest part of the overalls I sewed on a pocket on the inside and stuffed the bag into the pocket.
For the large butt, I stuffed two plastic bags and did the same by making two pockets and stuffing the bags into the pockets.
I started this easy Halloween costume idea by going to Good Will and doing some shopping.
Then I found a pair of work boots that were worn and a pair of overalls.
All you need is an old pair of pants, a shirt, a wig, a beard and some Austin Powers teeth.
Maybe all you people on here who are outraged and speaking up for homeless people are actually the I es being offensive! MAYBE this child’s mother was being creative an funny because they don’t have tons of money to spend on a costume, so she thought a little makeup and a marker plus a sense of HUMOR would keep her child from feeling left out this year! MAYBE you should all think that there are many versions to the same story and to assume anything makes YOU the jerk.
The sad part is I have seen "hobo’s" stand outside for hours and collect all kind of money then walk around the back of the plaza they just loitered and get into a brand new car! I feel bad for those who truly are homeless, I have been there myself, but c’mon people it’s a harmless kids costume… Lighten up! Just be a good parent and teach your child better then to "make fun" of less fortunate.
Am I the only person who finds this totally offensive? I know Hallowe’en is a time to face the things that frighten you, and there isn’t much that frightens most of us parents more than the idea of having to raise our children on the streets, but I think this cuts a little close to the bone at a time when so many people are, in fact, homeless.
I saw a man with a sign and went and got him a couple of burgers and fries off the dollar menu at McDonalds and guess what? He told me he didnt want it that he wanted MONEY ONLY! to get what drugs or Beer! People need to think of this as a joke! it is halloween! Maybe if we find this offensive we should stop dressing up as the dead or like the devil becasue many might find that offensive.
There's no need to go shopping or worry about what you want not being available (great for a last minute costume idea.) You can also adjust your attire to the weather so that you are more comfortable.
Kind of like those old Saturday Night Live skits with "Pat." The ideas below will work great for a hobo, bum, vagrant, or vagabond.
If you plan on adding stuffing to make yourself look heavier, you'll need to find clothing that is roomy — perhaps one size too big.
Handmade, Elaborate, Very Beloved Child Costume: Doesn’t matter what the actual costume is, if you made it yourself with your bare hands, I’m going to resent you when I’m scouring the toddler costume shelves at Target on October 30th because I’m a working mom who can’t juggle her life properly.
if it's in good condition, make it appear worn by tearing parts of it and patching it with a flannel material.
(We even have a wagon to pull around some of us in!) But I can't really find any good ideas online, aside from ripped up clothes/shoes/hats etc.
for pants i wore ripped jeans because it was to a party and i wanted to look kind of styyyylin.
This year my friends and I want to go as a group of hobos.
i wore a big flannel shirt with a ripped and stained under shirt that i made.
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Using items you already have on hand or that you purchased at a local thrift store, use the following steps and you can make this cute costume in an afternoon.
1955 Halloween costumes by mcudeque, via Flickr – These were what the children who could afford to buy costumes would wear.
We always went as Hobos, using burned cork for makeup.
Kelly, in the role of “Weary Willie,” first introduced the hobo clown to American audiences, who found his underdog antics to be instantly lovable, and sometimes, even relatable.  To learn more about Emmett Kelly and Weary Willie, do a quick Google search.
They can be from potential employers, former lovers, innocent little sisters who may or may not still be alive, mothers who believed in you back when you still had a shot at being something big, or the Archduke of France – but every self-respecting hobo needs an oft-folded missive of some sort that is pulled out and stared at wistfully during moments of relative calm.
Inexplicable totems – such as carefully whittled figurines of long-dead statesmen (William Jennings Bryan, Daniel Webster, et al) or bent forks worn on a string around the neck – are excellent conversation pieces and can provide a wonderful excuse for a knife fight when touched without permission.
But dressing like a hobo – as opposed to a disgusting, friendless slob – requires energy, discipline, and a number of other things we pretend to console ourselves with when we no longer have money.
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Product Description Life on the streets is nothing to poke fun at… unless it’s your sweet tooth that left your life in ruins.
If your child is a diehard candy kind of kid (and whose aren’t…) give him a go in this Will Work For Candy Costume.
Those sweet sugary indulgences can burst both your belt line and your bank account.
He’s certainly not at all concerned about the abuse he’s going to get! Although, to be fair, this costume is only going to be demeaning to children in certain parts of the United States; luckily, there are also Union soldier costumes available to parents who want to humiliate their kids in the deep south.
Seriously though, what’s with this theme of food? You don’t see kids running around dressed as hot dogs or cartons of milk, so who thought it would be appropriate for toddlers? Look at the expression of the child in the photo; even he realizes how stupid he looks.
Is your child not old enough to understand what Halloween is? No problem! There are tons of costumes available for infants, and they’re all designed to make them look cute so proud parents can nauseate their friends by showing them off repeatedly.
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California Costumes Little Hobo Toddler Costume includes Stripe Jacket with patch, matching Jumpsuit, adorable Hobo Hat, Vinyl Little Hobo Boots, Matching Yellow with black polk-a-dots Bowtie, and Red Pattern Handkerchief (Stick not included).
> Toddler Lil' Hobo Clown Costume Toddler Lil' Hobo Clown Costume Toddler Lil' Hobo Clown Costume This hobo is living free and riding the rails! Child's hobo or clown costume includes jacket, jumpsuit, hat, vinyl hobo boots, bowtie, and handkerchief.
Toddler Size 3T-4T Boys Costumes – This Toddler and Child Little Hobo Costume includes the jacket, jumpsuit, hat, vinyl hobo boots, bow tie, and the handkerchief.
Toddler 4T-6T Boys Costumes – This Toddler and Child Little Hobo Costume includes the jacket, jumpsuit, hat, vinyl hobo boots, bow tie, and the handkerchief.
We've never seen a cuter hobo! The Toddler Lil Hobo Costume is a 6 piece set that includes a jacket, jumpsuit, hat, vinyl hobo boots, bow tie, and handkerchief.
Your child will be so cute in the Toddler Lil' Hobo Costume featuring a black striped jacket and a black jumpsuit.
Little Hobo Costume for Toddler's costume includes: striped jacket, jumpsuit, hobo hat, vinyl hobo boots, yellow polka dot bow tie and the red plaid handkerchief (stick not included).
The costume includes a black hobo hat with a yellow band and flower applique, a matching bow tie, a red plaid handkerchief and oversized vinyl hobo boots with the hobo's dirty toes sticking out.
A cute Lil Hobo Child costume includes so many details: Jacket, jumpsuit , hat, vinyl hobo boots, bow tie and handkerchief.
#00063Give this Lil' Hobo a home this Halloween.The Lil Hobo Costume includes a black, vertically striped jacket and jumpsuit with black plaid pants.
LIL' HOBO COSTUME INCLUDES: JACKET JUMPSUIT HAT VINYL HOBO BOOT COVERS BOW TIE HANDKERCHIEF (for knapsack, does not include stick) Cute costume for a little boy or girl.
A black hobo hat with a yellow band and a flower applique, a matching bow tie, a red plaid handkerchief and oversized vinyl hob boots with the toes sticking out make for one terrific costume.
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Another homemade Mother Nature Halloween costume (including a Mother Nature Maternity Halloween costume you can make if you’re pregnant), along with lots of Mother Nature costumes for adults and kids that you can buy.
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One of my favorite slasher villian costumes…Hobo Meyers just has such presence.
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Great job; I’m envious! You gonna put on a long wig and beard under the mask too? That’s be the cherry on top.
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Kids Yellow Clown shoes – Clown Costumes – These Kids Yellow Clown shoes are a bright, cheerful yellow in color and feature an oversize, rounded shape and bright rainbow laces.
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and as for sexualizing little girls, swim suits do show more than those costumes and go to any halloween store you will see other costumes that are just as bad……… plus if you go to a bar costume party you will find pregnant nuns, Tampon Man, Big hairy guys dress as prostitutes, childrens favorite cartoons portrayed in a sexual manner, and all other kinds of tasteless costumes.
She has also been a pink poodle made from those fluffy mesh bath loofahs, “lil miss priss” ( a baby beauty queen complete with titled sash), and last year she was a shaggy dog (she’s a dog lover).
I remember my mom making me a flapper costume when I was I’ was in first grade…..way more provocative than a clown and I won the contest! It was a hit because most know halloween is about FUN and kids don’t think sexual anyhow.
Some of these are precious and very clever – home made costumes are the best! I had this pinned, but now that I see your page I’m taking it down – sexualizing little girls is awful (you have actually seen the California Gurls video, right?), and I don’t think making fun of homelessness is okay either.
I made my 3 y/o and 6 month old daughters the clown costume last year.

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