homemade cat toys

You can make your own scratching post similar to a perch by purchasing a round or square piece of wood to use as the post.
You then need a flat piece of plywood, cut to size such as 3 x 3 feet square, and a square round post two feet high.

Examples of suitable baby toys include: clear plastic balls with spinners inside that twirl when the ball stops rolling, or small stuffed animals that rattle.
Cats to play and cat lovers can spend many hours lost in the pursuit of keeping kitty amused.
Making cat toys is child’s play, so involve the kids, find the resources about the house, and don’t waste any more time worrying about entertaining your cat, as he or she is sure to enjoy these homemade toys! Just see Step 1 below to get started.
For a tail, use pieces of ribbon or string and attach them to the other side of the tennis ball.
Empty toilet paper rolls make great toys on their own, or with items stuffed inside them.
Find a piece of string that is long enough to be fed through all the rolls and glue it inside each of the paper towel rolls to connect them.
It can be easy for kitty to run into things when using a flashlight for prey, so be sure to play where it’s safe.
A three-or-more-feet-long piece of that fabric twisted-cord from the fabric department, with a knot tied tightly at each end, allows you to interactively play "string" with your feline.

Awesome lens! Home made cat toys will save you money, and I noticed that my cats seem to enjoy them more than store boughten ones.
Awesome lens! Home made cat toys will save you money, and I noticed that my cats seem to enjoy them more than store boughten ones.
Some really great ideas in this lens! My cats died many years ago but I’m thinking about getting a new one from the animal shelter.
My cats figured out that the pizza box is a super comfortable place to lounge in and any small toys chucked into the open hole are great fun to fish out from inside the box.
These are great ideas; I’ll be sure to make some of these cat toys for my cats.
This is awesome and I love all the ideas – I have 6 cats and to be honest their favorite things to play with are bags and boxes – I make many fun Box Houses for them to play in.
Wonderful Lens on Homemade Cat Toys and your Cats.
Nice! cats seem to love the homemade toys better.
Great lens! My kittens love cardboard boxes – I cut a couple of holes in them so they can jump in and out and they have a great time.
I think this is a great lens because cat toys really are overpriced and silly when i have yet to find a cat that doesn’t like boxes.
My 4 cats loved this lens, and they said to give you a great big star.
I love cats! I have many homemade toys for mine.
You are so right, pet toys cost way to much and most of the time my cats ignore them and play with something they found around the house.
My cats favorite homemade toys are definitely boxes and old pill bottles.
Thanks for all the great ideas! Have to keep these cats amused.
I think my cats will love this lens as soon as I share it with them.
Awww some absolutely adorable cats!! This is the cutest lens and cool ideas, too.
My girlfriend’s cats won’t touch store-bought toys, but when there is a loose bottle cap or piece of string around they go nuts.
My cats are cork hunters:they love toss them up in the air, grab, play with then hanging in a line… If you want to make thing cuter,you can paint paws and mouse faces in those.

Pick a toy and click for instructions.

Tape the flaps closed and then toss some toys inside such as small fuzzy mice, ping pong balls, Mylar balls, or even some dry cat food or treats.
Secure a small toy to one end (fuzzy mouse, a feather, or whatever other small, lightweight toy you happen to have), and then create a little handle for yourself by duct-taping a Popsicle stick to the other end.

27 Useful DIY Solutions For Hiding The Litter Box Cats are the best, but living with a litter box isn't exactly an aesthete's dream.
27 Useful DIY Solutions For Hiding The Litter Box Cats are the best, but living with a litter box isn't exactly an aesthete's dream.
Get inspired with these real projects that range from simple IKEA hacks to complex custom designed furniture.
Get inspired with these real projects that range from simple IKEA hacks to complex custom designed furniture.

Cats love the smell of catnip, and there’s no shortage of toys for sale that allow you to place catnip inside them.
If your cat likes to sit in or play with toys in boxes, take it to the next level: find two or three boxes and tape them together to make a kitty super-fort.
If you’ve ever left an empty soda can box around, or caught your cat sitting in your open board game box, you know that cats love playing with boxes.
Cut holes in a cardboard box and put some toys inside, or put a ping-pong ball or walnut inside an empty tissue box and watch the fun.
Take some yarn or an old guitar string, punch a hole in a ping pong ball, pull the yarn through and knot it, and tape the other end of the yarn to a popsicle stick.
But when it comes to cats and their toys, simple items you already have around your house can be just as intriguing as store-bought toys.
Americans spent $53B on their pets in 2012, from vet care to toys to grooming and boarding.
Take one of those socks (a baby’s sock or small workout sock is best), fill it with some catnip, and stitch it closed with a sewing machine or needle and thread.

Feeling crafty? Homemade cat toys are an inexpensive, creative way to keep your cat amused—and they can be way better than anything you buy in a store! We assembled the best homemade cat toys on the web.
Transform glue, catnip, yarn, and Styrofoam balls into irresistible homemade cat toys.

It’s only slightly more complicated, but I have faith in my directions and the intelligence of Catster readers, so follow along! My favorite part about this toy is how crazy my cats get trying to retrieve the treats from inside the ball.
Tip: Creating a profile and avatar takes just a minute and is a great way to participate in Catster’s community of people who are passionate about cats.
Everyone who shares her life with a cat knows that store-bought cat toys are nearly always shunned in favor of found objects like straws, milk jug rings and wadded-up paper balls.
Loves pre-adolescent boy humor, puns, making up parody songs, and thinking about cats doing people things.
And I know the cats don’t care, but I found entertainment in decorating the ball with smiley faces and other fun shapes.
They’re nice and light so my cats can toss them into the air and Phoebe even carries the little rings around in her mouth.

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All three toys were made out of things we had around the house, are non-toxic and cost way less than any plastic toy in the pet aisle.
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this is how to make the home made cat toy out of a tollite paper tube.
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Want to see more? Browse Etsy for awesome items.

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From social media cat toys that can actually tweet the owner when the object is being played with to feline exercise equipment that will engage your cat’s mind and body, these creative cat toys will surely offer up some unique ways to engage your cute kitty companions.
If you’re looking for something new and exciting to engage your furry feline companions, then these creative cat toys will definitely offer up some great options on what to occupy your cute kitties with.

cute cat!  what a strange idea, but my cats love my own hair balls, so i guess it makes sense!  However, my cats hate being brushed, and that toy looks exactly like what my boy cat throws up on a regular basis.

Resources: 16mm/5BU Hourai Shine Bell in Silver, and 1-by-7-mm Jump Ring in Silver, Toho Shoji, 212-868-7465.
Using templates as guides, cut out one large and one small feather from two pieces of different colored medium-weight wool felt.
Slip end of a 1-yard length of satin cord through jump ring.
Medium polyester satin cord (SIC-3100, color #34), Shindo, 212-868-9311.
What cat wouldn’t love this fun feather toy to play with? Made of wool felt, they’re simple to create.

Reward your cat with a special treat! At a small cost, you can grow your own catnip, with enough to supply the whole neighborhood, make a home-made scratch post so your cat doesn't claw your furniture, and make cat toys out of things you already have in your house.

Made with cotton or wool string, the homemade cat toys are safe, and you can make a big collection to share with your kitty or give as gifts to your other cat lady friends.
Work your scissors through the looped sides of the string and cut, creating the pom-pom kitty toy.
Instead of paying big money for cat toys that are made with questionable materials, make your own from bits of string that are so fun for your kitty.

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Common household items, anything from fabric softener sheets to citronella candles, can harm your cat or dog.
Spoil your pet with homemade cat and dog toys made from everyday household items.
Stop spending money on expensive toys for your pet! You already have everything you need for easy-to-make toys that are just as fun for play.

According to Kelly, other items from around your home that make great cat toys are "any piece of string or ribbon that you can dangle or drag across the floor — empty cardboard boxes, empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls — and hallways and doors for playing hide-and-go-seek." For the curious cat, open a cardboard box, lay the box on its side, cut a hole in the top and set it on the floor.
"Adult cats get bored more quickly, so hiding little toys in new places for them to discover can be fun, or constructing differently shaped cardboard tunnels are good options for the jaded adult cat." He also recommends tossing ping-pong balls into the bathtub; cats love the clattering sound.

But don’t spend money at the pet store on high dollar toys and scratching pads only to have your cats play with the box they came in–instead check out these DIY projects for some fun for your kitty cats.
Those of us who live with cats know that they require regular play, stimulation, exercise, cuddle time, high spaces on which to perch and to leap from and on and on.

When I moved into my last apartment, I put all the cat toys in a basket on the floor of my living room, figuring I’d pull a few out at a time for the cats to play with.
Our cats go out (I’d love to keep them in but we live in 2 tiny rooms and imprisoning them in here would for sure warrant a call to the ASPCA if we were in the US) so their favorite toys are the creatures they hunt – mice, snakes, geckos, and big cockroaches and grasshoppers.
We call them “Sparkle balls” and they’re indispensible! and dispensible! Every cat loves them! I also grab handfuls of paper covered straws from Starbucks and wedge those into the shelter cats cages or the cats on display at the petco and petsmarts so they have something with some resistance to chew on.
oh, and of course APPLE HEADPHONES!!!! ergh!!! What do they put in that plastic that makes them so delectable for cats? I posit here and now I suspect nefarious dealings at the plastics factory- the secreting of high grade catnip into the mix perhaps? That would really redefine the term “built-in obsolescence.” Luckily, I started returning all my chewed through earphones when I realized they were actually under warranty.

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my father shows you in this video how to build the best cat toy on earth.
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Use a bit of hot glue to adhere the initial yarn pieces to the catnip covered ball.
All we’ll need are styrofoam balls, catnip, an excessive amount of yarn, and a good wrapping sense.
Work in one direction for a few turns, then have the yarn switch directions and angles to hit another space on the catnip ball.
I’ve had an image of little kittens playing with yarn balls running through my head ever since my grandmother bought me on of those cat-a-month calendars when I was a little girl.
I find that he mostly plays with the golf ball size yarn balls.
When ball is completely covered and layered twice in yarn, tuck the end piece into the yarn ball (and tie into a knot if you’d like) to adhere.
It’s best to allow the catnip and glue to dry slightly, just so your hands won’t be a sticky mess when wrapping the balls.
There are too many yarn balls that he can’t decide which one to play with first.
Note: keep an eye on your cat when they play with these yarn balls.
After glueing the initial pieces of yarn, you won’t need much hot glue.
Note: keep an eye on your cat when they play with these yarn balls.

Last of all you can place light up toys in paper bags or catnip and let your cat discover how to get inside them, this will be messy so its advisable to place this somewhere were the mess won’t become an issue.
If you don’t have a fishing pole though, an available substitute is to tie the jingle bell on to the loose end of the ball of yarn and let the kids throw that about instead.

Providing them with legal opportunities keeps them from countertop cruising, clawing furniture, playing gravity experiments with your fine breakables, or otherwise getting into furry trouble.
Reserve a length of rope or use ribbons to tie cat toys onto some of the lower rungs as well, for additional cat paw-pat fun.
Cats want resting spots above the floor (higher the better!), and they prefer upholstered/carpeted to smooth surfaces.
You can make an inexpensive “cat playground” she’ll love using a wooden ladder, which has all the attributes your cat loves.
A variety of commercial cat toys are available that tickle the fancy of the most jaded feline fanatic.
Warmth also gets their motor going, so positioning near a sunny window doubles the cat’s pleasure with lookout entertainment and sunbathing potential.