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Not only that, it stays blended til I reach the bottom of the mug! I heard about this through an acquaintance and he suggested putting a drop of dish soap in the Cocomotion and running it to clean it.
Ordinarily, we heat the milk and chocolate in the microwave and then use an old fashioned egg beater to mix it up to a froth.
This thing makes the greatest hot chocolate and it is so fast and easy.
You pour in the cold milk, add about three tablespoons of cocoa per cup.
(This also improves it’s appearance, better for gifts!) To make cocoa, add 1/3 cup mix to every 2/3 cup water, and let the Cocomotion do the rest.
Clean up is easy as well, I just rinse it out and then give it a wipe with a soapy paper towel, and rinse again.
The included recipies are good and fun to try, but we usually go with the super easy milk & Hershey’s recipe.

After sampling the watery mixture, I decided to see if Amazon had listings for a more gourmet version of the beverage, and after literally hours of reading, discovered that there was a wonderful drink out there, far superior to pre-packaged cocoa mixes called DRINKING CHOCOLATE! After hours of comparing the machines, the mixes, and reviews, I decided to buy this machine.
I was lucky in my choice, because having burned through the 12 ozs of the Ghirardellit product, I decided to follow some recommendations I saw online, and was sadly disappointed in my next Drinking Chocolate purchase, HOWEVER, this is the JOY of this machine; With some reading, you can enter into a world of MANY choices of chocolate, and proceed to find your own favorite, KNOWING it has been prepared PERFECTLY by this machine.
TO BE CLEAR; This machine can easily make a wonderful mug of hot cocoa, however, since it was designed to make DRINKING CHOCOLATE, a beverage containing large amounts of calories and fat, and intended to be consumed in small amounts, the user needs to be careful and above all, aware of the differences in beverage type.
Having said all this, I must confess that when I got the machine, unpacked it, plugged it in and attached the top to the base, put in the agitator, added my milk and my fancy chocolate, turned the impossible knob to "2 minutes" and got over the amazing amount of fury that is immediately unleashed, I was HOOKED.
I purchased the Ghirardelli Chocolate Set with Drinking Chocolate and Ceramic Mugs along with the machine, and it proved to be an very good choice.
I have to put this down to American users making HUGE batches of product in the machine, instead of the tiny serving sizes a properly made drinking chocolate demand.
I was very happy that the Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Set with Drinking Chocolate and Ceramic Mugs that I purchased with the machine kind of informed me as to what an appropriate serving size is.
I absolutely their drinking chocolate (I don’t drink coffee) and decided to get a machine so I can still enjoy it here in the States.

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Our retail location in the Seattle area features tons of accessories and nearly a hundred espresso machines, coffee makers and grinders, available for hands-on demonstration and sampling.
Is coffee too bitter for a sweetheart like you? Indulge your sweet tooth or purchase the perfect kid-friendly hot beverage accessory from our selection of brewing systems designed especially for hot chocolate aficionados.
Seattle Coffee Gear was amazingly prompt with our order, answered questions when we asked.

The Sims 3: Generations expansion pack added a new coffee maker, the Air-o-matic Hot Beverage Machine, which has an energy rating of 4.
The Sims 3: World Adventures expansion pack contains a new coffee maker called the Juspresso XTi-French Beverage Maker.
The Sims 3: Late Night expansion pack contains a new coffee maker called the Elitissimo At-Home Barista.
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No, making cold chocolate milk is not the Bialetti Hot Chocolate Maker’s primary function.
Can you make cold chocolate milk, and not sure the heat function.

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Awesome Coleman Camping Coffee Tea Hot Chocolate 10 Cup Maker No Outlet Needed is currently unavailable.

With sweet dates for flavor and whole rolled oats for texture, this naturally gluten-free, vegan recipe allows you to skip the excessive processed sugars and butter of traditional recipes.

Though a hot chocolate maker may seem like an additional, unnecessary kitchen gadget when hot chocolate can just be made in the microwave or on the stovetop, many people enjoy these hot chocolate makers and find them to be a good purchase.
The most basic designs of hot chocolate makers allow the user to simply add milk and shaved chocolate, cocoa powder, or chocolate syrup, and the machine will do the rest.
Hot chocolate maker machines make hot chocolate using milk and cocoa powder.
Some beverage makers use pods or small single-use cups to make a chosen drink, and the different pods may be able to make coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.
This type of gadget may be more versatile for everyday use, but it will probably not perform as well at each individual task as a designated coffee or hot chocolate maker.
Some hot chocolate makers will also whistle when they need more milk or water added.
A hot chocolate maker is capable of making smooth, creamy, cafe-style hot chocolate that is difficult to make at home.
A hot chocolate maker is a small kitchen appliance used for making homemade hot chocolate quickly and easily.
Even though I’ve never used a hot chocolate maker before, from reading this article, it definitely seem a lot more beneficial than making your own hot chocolate.
A hot chocolate maker also allows the addition of extra flavorings, such as hazelnut, for different hot chocolate recipes.
It is particularly difficult to make smooth hot chocolate when using cocoa powder because it requires constant stirring.

The 3 liters machine same with 5 liters and easy to remove bowl for restore for next days.
It is so easy to make a cup of hot drink, Just set up suitable temperature (60 degree), then waiting for 20-30 min, and you will get hot chocolate drink to serve for your guests.
You can find Cheapest Hot Chocolate Machine Made by Stainless Steel here.
Categories: Drinking Hot Chocolate Machine, Prices:$100-$999.

I had no idea! I just looked up some reviews and they were varied – it seems like the Back to Basics model is the most popular, but some people said it broke after a lot of use, was difficult to clean, and somebody said part of the plastic melts into the chocolate?! Any experience with any of this? Another model that is completely different is the bonjour from Williams Sonoma.
Thank you everyone for info on the BtoB cocoa maker – I was thinking of hot chocolate makers for gifts for out of town kids I send gifts to.
I was the happy recipient of of the Back To Basics in the last swap..My BOYS used it twice a day every day for atleast 2 weeks when it first arrived..It’s not difficult to clean..but you do have to NOT let the "leftover" that doesn’t make it down the drain not sit in there to long, or you’ll need to scrub a bit more..I use a toothbrush every now and then to run around the inside edge.

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For an easy warm treat, simply fill the clear upper chamber with milk and shaved chocolate, cocoa, or powder and watch as the mixture is heated, blended and frothed to a delectable perfection.

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After a few drinks, I talked to everyone within earshot about the beautiful glass bottles, and I must have been pretty enthusiastic, since many kind folks even gave me their souvenir bottles.
These bottles were the first thing that came to mind when I made this pot of Homemade Chocolate Syrup.
This chocolate syrup stirs seamlessly in with warm milk, and just a small spoonful delivers a subtly sweet and rich chocolate flavor.
So make a big pot of this syrup and funnel into pretty glass jars for a beautiful homemade Christmas gift.
The tables were set with clusters of tiny vintage glass bottles with fresh picked wildflowers.


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Since both the Keurig and Tassimo brew a perfect cup of coffee, the essential difference between the two brewing machines is the extra cost for the ability to brew lattes and espressos.
Tassimo claims their bar-coded brewing system assures a perfect brew each time, but since the point of all single-serve brewers is the perfect cup of coffee, any advantages provided by the bar-coded brewing method are limited to the ability to brew lattes, espressos, etc.
Starbucks fans who want a branded cappuccino should check out the Tassimo models, while coffee fans looking to save a few dollars and aren’t interested in frothy coffee drinks will be happiest with a Keurig.
This wasn’t just a horrible smell it was a persistent horrible chemical taste (and we went through at least nine different packages of tea, coffee, hot chocolate before we insisted that Tassimo do something about our machine.
Both companies offer a whole host of popular coffee brands for their brewers, with Tassimo winning the battle for Starbucks fans as the Seattle brewer’s wares are available on T-Discs.
The following a comparison article between two popular brands of single-serve coffee makers — Keurig and Tassimo.
While their models are more expensive, the Tassimo brewers provide more functionality, since they brew lattes, cappuccinos and espressos in addition to the standard coffees, teas and cocoas provided by both machines.
At the core of both brewing systems is the single-serve container called a K-Cup for the Keurig models, and a T-Disc for the Tassimo models.

W e currently wholesale our pre-packaged ice cream sandwiches, pints, and hand-dipped ice cream bars to gourmet grocers and retailers around the country.
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Great contest…Hot Chocolate is wonderful for these cold winter nights…especially when it starts snowing up here at night.

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