how to buy a car below msrp

Before you head for the dealership you will have already done your homework, so you will know the dealer’s invoice price, whether rebates or dealer incentives are available, and your target price, as well as where you plan to start bidding.
Say: "This is the invoice price for the car I want with the equipment I want." Show him your printout.
At this point, the salesman is likely to say something like: "I think this is way too low, but I will take your offer to my sales manager and see what I can do for you." He or she may not even intend to talk to the sales manager, but plans to keep you waiting in the glassed-in office to pressure you into a higher offer before even seeking approval.

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If you’re not getting the treatment that you expect, or you don’t think you’re getting the appropriate information, find the manager or someone else to help.
DON’T consider trading in your car unless the dealer guarantees (in writing) they will pay off the payment as requested by the bank.
Getting quotes from TrueCar, Car Clearance Deals, Yahoo Autos, Invoice Dealers, Cars Direct and Edmunds, will provide you with the necessary information regarding rebates.
Get price quotes from TrueCar, Car Clearance Deals, Yahoo Autos, Cars Direct, and Edmunds.
TrueCar, Car Clearance Deals, Yahoo Autos, Invoice Dealers, Cars Direct and Edmunds.
Again the services that offer the best prices: TrueCar, Car Clearance Deals, Yahoo Autos, Cars Direct, and Edmunds.
The first thing you have to do is visit TrueCar, Car Clearance Deals, Yahoo Autos, Cars Direct, and Edmunds – fill in your information, the car you want and the equipment.
(Many to multiple sources!) TrueCar, Car Clearance Deals, Yahoo Autos, Cars Direct, and Edmunds will protect your privacy – and offer good hassle-free shopping.
Combining the hidden holdback with many rebates offered by the manufacturer, there can often times be a difference of $2000 or $3000 between the invoice price and actual dealer cost.
Three important pricing terms are commonly used in new-car buying: sticker price, invoice price and True Market Value price.
This means that a dealer could sell a car at invoice price, tell the customer that’s he not making one penny on the deal and still get a check from the manufacturer a month later for $500.
Kelley Blue Book Price: There’s one last term car buyers often hear and that’s the Kelley Blue Book price or, more simply, a car’s " blue book value." It’s important to understand that these two terms mainly apply to used-car shopping.
People toss around phrases like "invoice price" and "sticker price" all the time.
But most of the time, TMV — the price you actually pay for the car — will be between sticker and invoice.
True Market Value (TMV) Price: created the TMV price to be the one car-buying number you need to know.
Here’s why the invoice price is only "roughly" what the dealer paid for the car.
The dealer would like you to negotiate using the sticker price as the starting point.
Sticker price is the highest figure, invoice price is the lowest and somewhere in between is the TMV price.
The holdback is a percentage of the sticker price or invoice price.
You, on the other hand, should consider making the invoice price your starting point, and work up from there.
Other Times, There’s More Potential for Savings If sales are slow or you are buying last year’s model, the Fair Purchase Price might be far below MSRP and close to what the dealer pays (Invoice).
Please note: We only show vehicles with enough historical sales to calculate a Fair Purchase Price.
Down to the specific make and model, Fair Purchase Price pricing reports offer a new car’s typical selling price, its typical range of selling prices and the market conditions affecting those sales.
The Fair Purchase Price is not a number influenced by dealers or manufacturers — it is actual transaction data representing a range of what people actually paid for specific vehicles.
Updated weekly, the Fair Purchase Price is the industry’s most reliable new vehicle pricing tool.
A quick check on the new car pricing report for the Honda Civic demonstrates that the standard options simply increase with each model — as does the price — and the company offers very few non-standard options as a result.
These values are provided in new car pricing, and include invoice, MSRP and Fair Purchase Price.
To remain competitive with the high-volume best sellers, many manufacturers offer packages with groups of options, such as power windows, alloy wheels and CD players, while keeping the total price lower than it might be otherwise.
Probably the most helpful thing about obtaining the dealer’s invoice price is to help determine the lowest level a dealer can go and still make a gross profit on the sale.
The dealer invoice price for a vehicle is the cost that the dealer actually pays to the manufacturer for a particular make and model new car or truck.
In order to find dealer invoice pricing on a new car truck simply visit websites like Kelley Blue Book or CarsDirect; both of these sites are excellent sources for finding the actual dealer invoice price on a particular model car or truck.
By doing this, you may be able to save and an additional $500 or $1000 on the purchase of your vehicle and buy the vehicle below the dealer invoice price.
If you know the approximate holdback amount on a vehicle you are considering, the dealership will respect your research and may dip into the holdback to get the price below invoice.
While you will probably not be able to purchase one vehicle at the actual fleet price, you may be able to make a deal somewhere in between the normal invoice price and the discounted fleet price.
Not every manufacturer allows dealerships to sell one or two one vehicle at a fleet price; however, there are many manufacturers that give dealerships the leeway to do this in order to close a sale.
While determining destination charges may be difficult, you can easily find the dealer invoice price for most vehicles.
When you are attempting to purchase a new car below dealer invoice cost, you will need to be able to properly determine what the actual dealer cost for the vehicle is.
Once the dealership understands you know how much the vehicle cost them, they will probably be more willing to negotiate a lower selling price.
"I wound up paying $5,972 BELOW INVOICE! (The next best bid was $3,000 below.) I left the dealership with my car, and they had a check from me for the $69,239 Out-the-Door price! Not a cent more! Just imagine the difference if I would have received that great ‘deal’ of a dealer accepting my $70k, + 6% FL sales tax, + tags, registration, etc.
In fact, these dealers had a little war over my business, each trying to undercut the other! The end result is that I paid $68.56 over invoice, and they delivered it to my front door for free! My dealer even paid for his return flight out of his own pocket because he needed that extra sale at the end of the month to reach his bonus target.
Note: All prices reported by our customers are those negotiated above or below the TOTAL DEALER INVOICE PRICE and exclude any cash incentives in effect.
"We used the ‘fax/email attack’ to get our Chrysler Town & Country LXi FWD right at the dealer invoice price.
"Best $40 I’ve ever spent! I paid $962 below the dealer invoice for my Toyota Prius II.
We settled on a sale at the dealer’s invoice price and could not be more pleased.
Using the ‘fax/email attack’, I purchased my new red Mustang for $278 above dealer invoice.
"This is the 3rd time I’ve used Fighting Chance, and it was awesome! The sticker price on our Hyundai Elantra Coupe was $24,035, and the invoice total was $22,915.
Deal price: $34,500, $2,252 below invoice, excluding a dealer incentive of $1,000 which he did not have to give me, I was told.
"I got my Infiniti G25x AWD with Sunroof for $1,846 under dealer invoice – amazing! Thanks so much for your advice.
The other price proposals were $1,190 under invoice,$1,000 under, $500 under and $140 under.
"I wanted an Acura MDX base model with an MSRP of $43,815 and a dealer invoice of $40,596 (including a $300 regional advertising fee).
Sure, that's why it's called Manufacturer's "Suggested" Retail Price! Some lesser demand vehicles are usually advertised at a few hundred dollars over invoice, which typically translates to substantially less than MSRP.
I recently took a test drive in one of Tesla’s luxurious Model S electric cars and toured its R&D labs, where it’s developing its battery and recharging technology.
The company’s innovative battery and charging technology has given it a substantial lead in making batteries cheaper and recharging quicker, and it’s also helping Tesla lower costs faster than its competitors.
Tesla also wants to make electric cars more practical by building a nationwide network of charging stations that can deliver 200 miles of charge in about half an hour—compared to several hours to charge an electric car at an ordinary station today.
The company’s chief technology officer, JB Straubel, showed me versions of Tesla’s Roadster, its first car, and a Model S with everything removed but the frames, wheels, and the electrical propulsion system (which includes the battery, the motor, and the electronics that control them).
BMW builds most of its cars in Germany, but the automaker opened an assembly plant in South Carolina in the mid-1990s that has, over the years, been utilized for both its entry-level 3-Series and its X3 and X5 range of crossovers.
 3-Series sedan, coupe and convertible line and its X3 crossover, but the automaker also offers models more clearly aimed at enthusiasts like the Z4 roadster, with its folding metal hardtop, and the potent M4 coupe.
Although BMW's humble beginnings were in aviation, the automaker now has a full range of premium passenger cars and SUVs, not to mention motorcycles.
At the top end of the range, BMW has had considerable success broadening its appeal by focusing on its tech-laden 7-Series luxury sedan, but it has never ventured into the uppermost reaches of the premium realm like cross-Germany rival Mercedes-Benz.
Known to many for its ultra-smooth inline six-cylinder powertrains, BMW has begun adapting to increasingly stringent global emissions standards by focusing on downsized turbocharged engines, svelte aerodynamic bodies and even electric propulsion.
While I paid cash for the last three new cars I bought, I’d have considered financing if the rate had been below tax-adjusted interest on a high yield savings or a CD.
The reason is that if the interest rate on the car loan is higher than the interest you’d earn managing the money yourself in savings accounts or investments, it’s not a good deal.
As a rule of thumb, if you have a long credit report (more than two different kinds of debt) and very few negative marks (like late payments), your credit is very good and you’re likely to get a low interest rate on your loan.
I’m not a very savvy investor type, but my understanding is that if you’re going to get good returns on mutual funds (or anything with stocks in the mix) you have to buy and hold – like for 10 years or more.
Also to comment on the never paying 100% down on something that depriciates that quickly, I’ve always hear “Never pay interest on something that depreciates.” In other words the only loan you should ever take out is on real estate.
If your credit report is trash – with lots of bills turned over to collection agencies and so on – you’ll either get a very bad interest rate on your loan or no loan at all.
If you have 40% saved up and can get an astoundingly low interest rate with only paying 20%, you don’t have to cough up that extra 20% – keep it for your emergency fund or for saving for the next car you’ll have to buy.
I know you don’t advise leasing cars, but how would your answer change for a lease? I plan to lease my next car, and I instinctively want to make a big down payment to keep the monthly payment lower, but I’ve heard that doesn’t necessarily make sense for a lease.
The same car costs over 80,000 USD here in Denmark, so 10-20% down and a 7 year low interest (~6,5%) loan is what I’d do ;P Of course, the bigger the down payment, the better.
In the past 10 years I’ve owned a number of Toyotas (a 1987 LE van that I drove for 4 years without even looking at the engine,( not even an oil or filter change) and it had 275000 kilometers on it when I bought it – it just wouldn’t die! Three pre- 1990 Tercels all with 200K+ km’s on them and didn’t burn a drop of oil and started every morning.
“As reported last year by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, current production capacity for electric vehicle battery packs outstrips demand by over 10GWh, equivalent to around 400,000 pure battery electric vehicles, and the gap is on course to widen to 17GWh by the end of 2013.
While a typical battery for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with a 40-mile electric range cost $12,000 in 2008, we’re on track to demonstrate technology by 2015 that would reduce the cost to $3,600.
Then there’s the impact of predominantly coal generated electricity to charge the batteries of electric cars in the US.
For example: electric cars, solar panels, bikes, energy efficient appliances and electronics, and green smartphone apps.
Are electric cars your thing? Good, this is a page packed full of electric car facts, including electric cars for sale in 2014 in the US and their prices.
“Batteries are one of the biggest drivers of the cost of electric vehicles, and hence of their uptake,” Michael Liebreich, chief executive of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, commented.
“Super-cheap new car prices automatically bring down the value of used versions,” says James Bragg, consumer advocate and author of the "Car Buyer’s and Leaser’s Negotiating Bible." Toprak agrees that “GM and Chrysler resale values will be extremely volatile for the next few years,” while NADA’s Taylor sees a 20 to 30 percent reduction.
Toprak says he sees discounts from Chrysler and GM ranging from 20 to 40 percent below MSRP, “with the best prices, generally, in the metro areas” —and the deepest discounts from Chrysler, since they are feeling the most pressure.
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City/Hwy MPGe Electric 110/99&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;" , "bullet": "no-bullet" } ], "ctas": [ { "text": "Build & Price", "link": " ", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Vehicle", "link": " ", "style": "exploreVehicle" } ] } , "specialty": { "text": "Specialty Models", "vehicles": [ { "year": "2014", "name": "<b>Focus</b> ST", "id": "st5door", "icon": " ", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "trimID": "st5door", "vehicleID": "Focus2014", "vehicleSegment": "cars", "isFuture": "false", "hidePrefixYear": "false", "topItems": [ { "name": "Starting &lt;span id=’pricingutils-43’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt;", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-44′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;23,625&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "Seating for", "value": "five" } , { "name": "EPA-Est.
800A.X1R…..RETAIL.SVT.]", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Model", "link": " ", "style": "exploreModel" } ] }, { "year": "2015", "name": "FUTURE 2015 <b>F-150</b>", "id": "F-1502015", "icon": "", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "trimID": "", "vehicleID": "F-1502015", "vehicleSegment": "trucks", "isFuture": "true", "hidePrefixYear": "true", "topItems": [ ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "Aluminum alloy used in the body/bed", "bullet":"on" } ,{ "text": "Available 3.5L V6 EcoBoost&reg; engine", "bullet":"on" } ,{ "text": "Available eight-inch productivity screen", "bullet":"on" } ], "ctas": [ { "text": "Explore Model", "link": " ", "style": "exploreModel" } ] } ] } } ,"TransitVanWagon2015": { "nameplate": { "year": "2015", "name": "Transit", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "topItems": [ { "name": "Starting &lt;span id=’pricingutils-97’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt;", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-98′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;29,565&lt;/span&gt;" } ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ ], "ctas": [ { "text": "Build & Price", "link": " ", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Vehicle", "link": " ", "style": "exploreVehicle" } ] } , "specialty": { "text": "", "vehicles": [ { "year": "2015", "name": "Commercial Model", "id": "TransitCommercial2015", "icon": "", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "trimID": "", "vehicleID": "TransitCommercial2015", "vehicleSegment": "commercial-trucks", "isFuture": "false", "hidePrefixYear": "true", "topItems": [ { "name": "Starting &lt;span id=’pricingutils-99’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt;", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-100′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;29,565&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "itemID": "gvwr" ,"name": "Max.
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Mpg Base City/Hwy 16/22&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;" , "bullet": "no-bullet" } ,{ "text": "3.5L EcoBoost&reg; engine", "bullet": "on" } ,{ "text": "Available Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD)", "bullet": "on" } ,{ "text": "Available BLIS&reg; (Blind Spot Information System) with cross-traffic alert", "bullet": "on" } ], "ctas": [ { "text": "Build & Price", "link": " ", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Vehicle", "link": " ", "style": "exploreVehicle" } ] } } , "addOns": { } }, "trucksAndVans": { "bottomLinks": [ {"text": "All Trucks & Vans", "name": "overview", "link": " "}, {"text": "Certified Pre-Owned", "name": "certified", "link": " "}, {"text": "Future Vehicles", "name": "future", "link": " "} ] ,"TransitConnect2014": { "nameplate": { "year": "2014", "name": "Transit Connect", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "topItems": [ { "name": "&lt;span id=’pricingutils-89’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt; Range", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-87′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;22,000&lt;/span&gt; – $&lt;span id=’pricingutils-88′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;29,000&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "Seating for", "value": "two – seven" } ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "EPA-Est.
.K3A…..NON.SPO.]", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Model", "link": " ", "style": "exploreModel" } ] }, { "year": "2015", "name": "FUTURE 2015 <b>Edge</b>", "id": "Focus2015", "icon": "", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "trimID": "", "vehicleID": "Edge2015", "vehicleSegment": "crossovers", "isFuture": "true", "hidePrefixYear": "true", "topItems": [ ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "Available adaptive steering*", "bullet":"on" } ,{ "text": "Available SYNC® with MyFord Touch&reg;", "bullet":"on" } ,{ "text": "Available front 180-degree camera", "bullet":"on" } ], "bottomItemsDisclaimers" : "*Available spring 2015.", "ctas": [ { "text": "Explore Model", "link": " ", "style": "exploreModel" } ] } ] } } ,"Flex2014": { "nameplate": { "year": "2014", "name": "Flex", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "topItems": [ { "name": "&lt;span id=’pricingutils-78’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt; Range", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-76′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;29,015&lt;/span&gt; – $&lt;span id=’pricingutils-77′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;37,600&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "Seating for", "value": "six – seven" } , { "name": "Tow up to", "value": "4500 lbs&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;3&lt;/sup&gt;" } ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "EPA-Est.
Mpg Base City/Hwy 28/36&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;" , "bullet": "no-bullet" } ], "ctas": [ { "text": "Build & Price", "link": " ", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Vehicle", "link": " ", "style": "exploreVehicle" } ] } , "specialty": { "text": "Specialty Models", "vehicles": [ { "year": "2015", "name": "<b>FIESTA</b> ST", "id": "st", "icon": " ", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "trimID": "st", "vehicleID": "Fiesta2015", "vehicleSegment": "cars", "isFuture": "false", "hidePrefixYear": "false", "topItems": [ { "name": "Starting &lt;span id=’pricingutils-38’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt;", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-39′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;20,945&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "EPA-Est.
.P0S…..99U.NONFLEET.]", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Model", "link": " ", "style": "exploreModel" } ] } ] } } ,"Mustang2015": { "nameplate": { "year": "2015", "name": "Mustang", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "topItems": [ { "name": "&lt;span id=’pricingutils-56’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt; Range", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-54′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;23,600&lt;/span&gt; – $&lt;span id=’pricingutils-55′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;36,100&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "Seating for", "value": "four" } ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "EPA-Est.MPG City/Hwy 17/28&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;" , "bullet": "no-bullet" } ], "ctas": [ { "text": "Build & Price", "link": " ", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Vehicle", "link": " ", "style": "exploreVehicle" } ] } } ,"C-MAX2015": { "nameplate": { "year": "2015", "name": "C-Max", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "topItems": [ { "name": "&lt;span id=’pricingutils-59’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt; Range", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-57′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;24,170&lt;/span&gt; – $&lt;span id=’pricingutils-58′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;31,635&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "Seating for", "value": "five" } ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "EPA-Est.MPG Base 42/37&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;" , "bullet": "no-bullet" } ,{ "text": "EPA-Est.
.P3L…..HAT.RET.ST.]", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Model", "link": " ", "style": "exploreModel" } ] }, { "year": "2015", "name": "FUTURE 2015 <b>Focus</b>", "id": "Focus2015", "icon": "", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "trimID": "", "vehicleID": "Focus2015", "vehicleSegment": "cars", "isFuture": "true", "hidePrefixYear": "true", "topItems": [ ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "SYNC®", "bullet":"on" } ,{ "text": "Rear view camera", "bullet":"on" } ,{ "text": "Available heated steering wheel", "bullet":"on" } ], "ctas": [ { "text": "Explore Model", "link": " ", "style": "exploreModel" } ] } ] } } ,"Fusion2015": { "nameplate": { "year": "2015", "name": "Fusion", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "topItems": [ { "name": "&lt;span id=’pricingutils-49’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt; Range", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-47′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;21,910&lt;/span&gt; – $&lt;span id=’pricingutils-48′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;36,500&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "Seating for", "value": "five" } ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "EPA-Est.
Mpg Base City/Hwy 18/25&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;" , "bullet": "no-bullet" } ], "ctas": [ { "text": "Build & Price", "link": " ", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Vehicle", "link": " ", "style": "exploreVehicle" } ] } } ,"Explorer2015": { "nameplate": { "year": "2015", "name": "Explorer", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "topItems": [ { "name": "&lt;span id=’pricingutils-81’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt; Range", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-79′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;30,600&lt;/span&gt; – $&lt;span id=’pricingutils-80′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;42,670&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "Seating for", "value": "five – seven" } , { "name": "Tow up to", "value": "5000 lbs&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;3&lt;/sup&gt;" } ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "EPA-Est.
City/Hwy MPGe C-MAX Energi 95/81&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;" , "bullet": "no-bullet" } ,{ "text": "Gas engine/electric motor", "bullet": "on" } ,{ "text": "Lithium-ion battery", "bullet": "on" } ,{ "text": "Regenerative brakes", "bullet": "on" } ], "ctas": [ { "text": "Build & Price", "link": " ", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Vehicle", "link": " ", "style": "exploreVehicle" } ] } } ,"Taurus2015": { "nameplate": { "year": "2015", "name": "Taurus", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "topItems": [ { "name": "&lt;span id=’pricingutils-62’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt; Range", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-60′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;26,790&lt;/span&gt; – $&lt;span id=’pricingutils-61′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;40,105&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "Seating for", "value": "five" } ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "EPA-Est.
Mpg Base City/Hwy 20/28&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;" , "bullet": "no-bullet" } ], "ctas": [ { "text": "Build & Price", "link": " ", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Vehicle", "link": " ", "style": "exploreVehicle" } ] } , "specialty": { "text": "", "vehicles": [ { "year": "2014", "name": "Commercial Model", "id": "TransitConnectCommercial2014", "icon": "", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "trimID": "", "vehicleID": "TransitConnectCommercial2014", "vehicleSegment": "commercial-trucks", "isFuture": "false", "hidePrefixYear": "true", "topItems": [ { "name": "Starting &lt;span id=’pricingutils-90’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt;", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-91′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;22,000&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "itemID": "gvwr" ,"name": "Max.
Required 93-octane premium fuel.", "ctas": [ { "text": "Build & Price", "link": " ", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Vehicle", "link": " ", "style": "exploreVehicle" } ] } , "specialty": { "text": "Specialty Models", "vehicles": [ { "year": "2015", "name": "<b>Explorer</b> Sport", "id": "sport", "icon": "", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "trimID": "sport", "vehicleID": "Explorer2015", "vehicleSegment": "suvs", "isFuture": "false", "hidePrefixYear": "false", "topItems": [ { "name": "Starting &lt;span id=’pricingutils-82’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt;", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-83′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;42,670&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "Seating for", "value": "five – seven" } , { "name": "EPA-Est.
Mpg Base City/Hwy 20/28&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;" , "bullet": "no-bullet" } ], "ctas": [ { "text": "Build & Price", "link": " ", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Vehicle", "link": " ", "style": "exploreVehicle" } ] } } ,"Edge2014": { "nameplate": { "year": "2014", "name": "Edge", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "topItems": [ { "name": "&lt;span id=’pricingutils-73’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt; Range", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-71′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;28,100&lt;/span&gt; – $&lt;span id=’pricingutils-72′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;37,600&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "Seating for", "value": "five" } ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "EPA-Est.
Mpg Base City/Hwy 22/31&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;" , "bullet": "no-bullet" } ], "ctas": [ { "text": "Build & Price", "link": " ", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Vehicle", "link": " ", "style": "exploreVehicle" } ] } } ,"TransitConnectWagon2014": { "nameplate": { "year": "2014", "name": "Transit Connect", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "topItems": [ { "name": "&lt;span id=’pricingutils-70’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt; Range", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-68′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;24,525&lt;/span&gt; – $&lt;span id=’pricingutils-69′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;29,000&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "Seating for", "value": "five – seven" } ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "EPA-Est.
GVWR" ,"value": "5270 lbs&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;3&lt;/sup&gt;" } ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "Available 2.5L DOHC Duratec<sup>&reg;</sup> I-4 or 1.6L EcoBoost<sup>&reg;</sup> DOHC I-4 engine", "bullet":"on" } ,{ "text": "6-speed SelectShift<sup>&reg;</sup> automatic transmission", "bullet":"on" } ], "ctas": [ { "text": "Build & Price", "link": " ", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Model", "link": " ", "style": "exploreModel" } ] } ] } } ,"F-1502014": { "nameplate": { "year": "2014", "name": "F-150", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "topItems": [ { "name": "&lt;span id=’pricingutils-94’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt; Range", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-92′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;25,025&lt;/span&gt; – $&lt;span id=’pricingutils-93′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;50,985&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "Seating for", "value": "three – six" } , { "name": "Tow up to", "value": "11300 lbs&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;3&lt;/sup&gt;" } ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "EPA-Est.
.P0L…..99U.NONFLEET.]", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Model", "link": " ", "style": "exploreModel" } ] }, { "year": "2015", "name": "<b>FUSION</b> ENERGI TITANIUM", "id": "titaniumenergi", "icon": " ", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "trimID": "titaniumenergi", "vehicleID": "Fusion2015", "vehicleSegment": "cars", "isFuture": "false", "hidePrefixYear": "false", "topItems": [ { "name": "Starting &lt;span id=’pricingutils-52’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt;", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-53′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;36,500&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "Seating for", "value": "five" } , { "name": "EPA-Est.
.P2K…..NON.VS8.]", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Model", "link": " ", "style": "exploreModel" } ] } ] } } , "addOns": { } }, "crossoversAndSuvs": { "bottomLinks": [ {"text": "All Crossovers & SUVs", "name": "overview", "link": " "}, {"text": "Certified Pre-Owned", "name": "certified", "link": " "}, {"text": "Future Vehicles", "name": "future", "link": " "} ] ,"Escape2015": { "nameplate": { "year": "2015", "name": "Escape", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "topItems": [ { "name": "&lt;span id=’pricingutils-67’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt; Range", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-65′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;22,610&lt;/span&gt; – $&lt;span id=’pricingutils-66′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;29,020&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "Seating for", "value": "five" } ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "EPA-Est.
400A.P4G…..~YZKAA.ST.]", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Model", "link": " ", "style": "exploreModel" } ] } ] } } ,"Focus2014": { "nameplate": { "year": "2014", "name": "Focus", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "topItems": [ { "name": "&lt;span id=’pricingutils-42’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt; Range", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-40′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;16,810&lt;/span&gt; – $&lt;span id=’pricingutils-41′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;35,170&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "Seating for", "value": "five" } ], "bottomItemsBullets": "no-bullet", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "EPA-Est.
.K8G…..LF.SP.]", "style": "bp" }, { "text": "Explore Model", "link": " ", "style": "exploreModel" } ] } ] } } ,"Expedition2015": { "nameplate": { "year": "2015", "name": "Expedition", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "topItems": [ { "name": "&lt;span id=’pricingutils-86’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt; Range", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-84′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;43,390&lt;/span&gt; – $&lt;span id=’pricingutils-85′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;60,600&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "Seating for", "value": "one – eight" } , { "name": "Tow up to", "value": "9200 lbs&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;3&lt;/sup&gt;" } ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "EPA-Est.
{ "segments": { "cars": { "bottomLinks": [ {"text": "All Cars", "name": "overview", "link": " "}, {"text": "Hybrids & EVs", "name": "hybrids", "link": " "}, {"text": "Certified Pre-Owned", "name": "certified", "link": " "}, {"text": "Future Vehicles", "name": "future", "link": " "} ] ,"Fiesta2015": { "nameplate": { "year": "2015", "name": "Fiesta", "contentImage": " ", "nameplateURL": " ", "topItems": [ { "name": "&lt;span id=’pricingutils-37’&gt;MSRP&lt;/span&gt;&lt;sup class=&#39;globalDisclaimerLink&#39; &gt;1&lt;/sup&gt; Range", "value": "$&lt;span id=’pricingutils-35′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;13,865&lt;/span&gt; – $&lt;span id=’pricingutils-36′ class=’shop-pricing-price’&gt;20,945&lt;/span&gt;" } , { "name": "Seating for", "value": "five" } ], "bottomItemsBullets": "on", "bottomItems": [ { "text": "EPA-Est.
I’ve seem my mom buy her last two cars in cash and been frustrated by the decision – what’s worse is they were new! I would have gotten the loan and paid off more than the minimum each month so as to reduce the interest on the car as well as get rid of the balance faster.
Interesting… I keep seeing those 2 something % car loans advertised, and remembering that there were 0% car loans, about 10-12 years ago I think? At the time a relative of mine got a loan for a car she could easily have paid cash for, saying “its like getting free money!” That is when I will look into an Evil Car Loan, if 0% ever comes back.
If you don’t have to pay any interest on the loan, why not span it out and not shovel all of that cash out? People with good credit that use it wisely always end up paying less for many things and pay for them over small spans of time.
JVC makes a good product and these wireless headphones were no different good sound lightweight and comfortable to wear adj vol and scan butons on headset for best wireless reception static free.
This is a great time to take yourself over to, plug in the model and year and package info, and see: 1) the MSRP (what you would pay for this car if you just showed up like a yokel and handed them your money no questions asked) 2) the invoice price (probably what the dealer paid for the car and will basically never go below – I mean, it can happen, but I’m not a WIZARD) and 3) what other people in your area have wound up paying for this car.
Scenario Two: Both dealers will have gone through the basically inevitable step of saying “I have to go talk to my GM to see if I can go any lower on this car.” (Spoiler alert: when the alternative is losing the sale to another dealer, the GM will tell them they can go lower on this car.) At which point, they will say to you “I am authorized to do whatever it takes to beat the other dealer.” This is great! This is not helpful, however, to your dance.
When I tried to buy a (used) car a year ago, the dealerships I contacted (by phone, no less) were so unhelpful even though I was basically saying to them,"Hey, I want to give you money and I don't know what I'm doing, please take advantage of my naïveté," that I just gave up and moved to New York.

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